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"## Source: FALL 2016/161216 - Joscha Raue Final Essay.pdf"
"-Even if we are not aware of our exact inherent prejudices we have to acknowledge that we are biased by our background, our EDUCATION our culture"
"-I want to take this as an opportunity to reflect on parts of my essay when applying for the German Leadership Talent Scholarship at ESADE two years ago: What defines a good leader? In my eyes a leader has one basic responsibility: to figure out and to foster the shared objectives, which essentially are the heart of the team and the foundation of its identity as a team"
"-I do not aspire to pursue a “traditional” career within a corporation or in CONSULTING"
"-I need to acknowledge not only their opinions but also their needs, their PERFORMANCE etc"
"-Graduating from a top academic INSTITUTION and being blessed with incredible opportunities the vast majority of people I will interact with on a day-to-day basis may not be smarter than me"
"-I stumbled upon a TED talk by Robert Waldinger, who is the current supervisor of the longest STUDY on happiness, conducted by Harvard University"
"-This STUDY reveals that the most obvious takeaway is that the degree of intensity or our relationship strongly determines our level of happiness"
"-I have to allocate my resources wisely and throughout my life keep the balance between my PROFESSIONAL and personal life"
"-Knowing that happiness is closely related to the intensity of relationships, how can we foster relationships to make people happier? How can we give meaning to other people’s lives? How can we encourage others to reflect? As for my PROFESSIONAL life, I can apply the same principles and foster meaningful relationships within the company or any given PROFESSIONAL environment"
"-By challenging them, empowering them to come up with their own solutions, think critically and share their views I can assist in their personal and PROFESSIONAL growth"
"-It is my responsibility to challenge people to stretch their boundaries without putting too much PRESSURE on them or making them feel threatened"
"-This is so much easier said than done but I will incorporate it into my personal and PROFESSIONAL life"
"## Source: FALL 2016/Anna Chiapasco_Final Essay.pdf"
"-Through Socratic dialogue, I experienced reflection and introspection, necessary to select and combine in a fruitful way and in a consistent whole the tools and notions I had learned in 5 years of management EDUCATION"
"-Similarly, the TED talk “I am the son of a terrorist” centered on the importance of dialogue and interactions to contrast the stereotypes associated with an EDUCATION as a son of a terrorist"
"-As an example, I started thinking about the role of fear in our PROFESSIONAL lives and of how being afraid of making the wrong decision can be very beneficial"
"-This is why I felt nervous and under PRESSURE when in class we were asked this question; I felt I was going through a job interview"
"-I know I have difficulties in accepting this way of decision making; I acknowledged the time PRESSURE to make decisions, which made me feel inadequate too often because I was aware that I simply did not know enough to make an informed decision"
"-We are trained to be COMPETITIVE and ambitious and to pursue opportunities worldwide"
"-Increasingly, money is attached to the essential of a good life (decent healthcare, access to the best EDUCATION, political voice and influence)"
"## Source: FALL 2016/161216_SD_Final essay_02.pdf"
"-There were plenty of availabilities to train and observe role models (from personal encounters but also by looking at so called successful leaders in the media) and eventually I was proficient enough in debating so that it would benefit me for the most part in my daily personal and PROFESSIONAL life"
"-The next feelings I experienced were the feelings of guilt and fear: Guilty about having fallen in the “debate-trap” of my EDUCATION and my inability to escape from it and fear about doubting that I would ever actually be able to escape from it"
"-Thinking back of a conversation with an Italian STUDENT that I had just had the night before and that could have easily ended up in a debate since Socratic Dialogue Final essay 28"
"-2 How can I incorporate my learnings into my job as a manager? For my job as a manager I hope I will able to take with me the ability to dialogue myself but also the ability to encourage others to engage in dialogue even in the more COMPETITIVE and hectic settings of a workplace"
"-Finding myself in such a situation quiet frequently as a new STUDENT at ESADE, I would use the next one to try out the concept of paradoxical intention"
"-This comes form the idea that relationships are perceived as a burden to PROFESSIONAL development by men"
"-2 How can I incorporate my learnings into my job as a manager? My learnings from this session, that we need relationships even though we are currently in a transition period of where this need stems from and that businesses and society put particular PRESSURE on individuals to counter such a need (by i"
"-After years of moving from one place (and in many times even country or continent) to another, I noticed that I felt tired of meeting new people when I started my exchange semester at ESADE"
"## Source: FALL 2016/AndreFeldhuis_SocraticDialogue_FinalEssay.pdf"
"-Similar to what Nietzsche is arguing in the above quote, I think that we might hold certain believes (also shaped by EDUCATION, family, friends, role models and experiences) that at some point become our core values, we are still social animals in the sense that we have to belong in order to feel good"
"## Source: FALL 2016/Essay_Roell.pdf"
"-Incorporating philosophical concepts in a manager’s EDUCATION has a clear chance to make a positive impact for the society as a whole"
"-I did not understand how talking for example about a definition of thinking (like we did in the first session) could add to our EDUCATION in order to become a successful manager in the future"
"-In addition, it is important that your employees are happy as well in order to bring a good PERFORMANCE"
"-This described living in accordance with one’s meaning has to be incorporated in a PROFESSIONAL career"
"-If an employee feels his/her job is going against his/her meaning of life, he/she will become unhappy, which will lead to a PERFORMANCE decrease and/or the change of jobs in the long run"
"-What I mean is an EDUCATION in becoming more human again: To regain the ability to socialize, and to reflect on one’s and other’s actions"
"-ESADE and CEMS have already done a first step to educate future leaders in that direction, so that businesses will fulfill their responsibilities better so that they act in a way that “the maxim of (their) action can be made the principle of universal law” (Immanuel Kant)"
"-This skill will definitely continue to help me in my future personal and PROFESSIONAL life"
"-But it also has, at least in my opinion, strong implications on PERFORMANCE"
"-All in all, while I was skeptical about the importance of this class early on, it was one of the most interesting and life-­‐changing experiences during higher EDUCATION, and will clearly have an influence on further life, not only as a manager, but also as a citizen of the world in general"
"## Source: FALL 2016/Final Essay - Aleks.pdf"
"-Happy employees will result in happy organizations and happy bosses; higher overall morale will increase motivation, create a positive attitude towards life and, undoubtedly, improve employee PERFORMANCE at work"
"-We may not engage in as many rich and non-superficial discussions because people will not have the PRESSURE or guidance of a superior"
"-I laughed when Anna said: “BUSINESS SCHOOL makes me feel like a fish outside of water; you have to know what you want, and you have to convince everyone that you know when you don’t; it's fake”… I bet we all feel that way"
"-Aleksandra Jasinska: Final Essay 7 My Speech… Main Thoughts I feel like a more complete person when I am able to go more deeply into my thoughts I realise that we can do anything with our lives, but there's nothing more important than giving back I can't work for a corporation and realise someone's dream when I have so many of my own I think we all have a purpose in life, and what it is defines us  Who I am is defined by what I want  What I want has really changed over time     We only live once: what will we do with that one chance? Don’t miss out on it  There's no right way of living but you have to examine it  We have nothing to lose except opportunities to live differently  Remember to ask questions, and don't take things for granted  Questioning will allow us to be responsible leaders   This course is a reminder that we need to give ourselves time to stop and think  Looking back, it’s one of the best classes I ever took It allows me to understand why I think what I think   Going into the course, we didn't have any expected results – we just engaged in it  We trusted and waited to see what comes out of it  There was no bullshit, just truth – and that’s why we grew and learned so much  What is love? What is happiness? We share such personal things; we did not even know each other  We welcome perspectives to shape our own  We are in a journey of self-discovery, and that journey requires that we help for one another  Are we still in a BUSINESS SCHOOL? No we are in the school of life  Remember, you can do anything your mind desires, so just do it and do not be scared As I finished my speech I realized that everything that came out of my mind were not my words but those of God’s, and I felt so close to him and thankful to have him in my life"
"-Snippets of Other’s Speeches: Rafael: I want to be a leader  What I am perceived as on the outside is different than on the inside; I am full of contradictions  Who do I want to be? Find there puzzles and be happy with them   Ted talk every day leadership   Thank you for taking me on this journey  This course was really really special 'Redefine leadership' Anna  BUSINESS SCHOOL makes me feel like a fish outside of water; you have to know what you want, and you have to convince everyone that you know when you don’t; it's fake Business school has not helped me figure out who I am  This course for the first is something that can truly help me  Public speaking; convince others of things you are not convinced about  This class is wow – thank you because it's been a gift Charles  L'Oreal: is this comfort? I don't want it  Thanks everyone for being so honest  Build that circle of trust"
"## Source: FALL 2016/Final Essay_Socratic Dialogue_M. Akani-Guéry.pdf"
"-Malvina Akani-­‐Guéry – CEMS MiM SOCRATIC DIALOGUE – FINAL ESSAY What have I learned? How can I incorporate the philosophical theories that we have discussed in class into my job as a manager? And into my life in general? I chose this class based on the recommendations of previous students from my home school that came to STUDY in ESADE"
"-Going through the 1 Malvina Akani-­‐Guéry – CEMS MiM journey that this course has taken my classmates and I through, I will try to explain more deeply the impacts it has had and will have on my personal and my PROFESSIONAL life; as well as the main takeaways I got from it"
"-How can I incorporate all those learnings acquired in class in my personal and PROFESSIONAL life later as a manager? I believe this exercise of Socratic Dialogue is a way to become a good listener and to gather relevant information and insights from the people around us"
"-After my PROFESSIONAL experiences over the last years, I noticed a few times that sometimes the value added (or not) of a manager was its ability to clearly and completely listen to what its team had to say, without seeing it as a potential threat to question its authority but as a way to move forward and solve an issue altogether"
"-These abilities that we have thanks to our DNA, the structure of our mind, our EDUCATION or anything else, can then be flourished by the opportunities and the experiences we will have during our whole life"
"-I have always applied this principle in my life, especially PROFESSIONAL and want to keep on doing that and inspire people to do so"
"-Galvanized by this discovery, I am trying and will be trying in my PROFESSIONAL life to apply this principle to make, in my own way, the world a better place"
"## Source: FALL 2016/Final Essay Carmen Mattich.pdf"
"-SOCRATIC DIALOGUE FINAL ESSAY Sira Abenoza Socratic Dialogue: Philosophy and Narratives that improve our Management Skills Carmen Mattich CEMS International Management ESADE Business School Socratic Dialogue Introduction Final Essay I remember the moment when I was sitting in a philosophy course for the first time in my life"
"-But when a fellow STUDENT, who had been to ESADE Business School before and had attended Socratic Dialogue, told me that I absolutely had to choose this course, I made the decision to give philosophy another try and to face the callenge"
"-After having attended the philosophy course at ESADE, I have to admit that I would not want to have missed it! It made me think about many things I might never have thought about if I had not taken this particular course"
"-But as soon as I started with UNIVERSITY, I moved out from home and saw my family only on the weekend"
"-Futhermore, I went to STUDY abroad for a certain time as well as my sisters did"
"-I did not know what I wanted to do with my life – especially when it came down to my PROFESSIONAL life which makes up a large part"
"-One year ago, she had the same problem as I do have currently: after having finished UNIVERSITY, she did not know what to do in her life, 6 Socratic Dialogue Final Essay which path to take"
"-One short-term fear I am currently having is the fear about the upcoming end of my life as a STUDENT"
"-Ending my life as a STUDENT and starting my career will be a big change"
"-And I am getting nostalgic by realizing that there is only one term left to go as a STUDENT"
"-I have a great respect for all the people that manage to do so! Conclusion Six years ago, I could not really connect with philosophy as a UNIVERSITY course and felt that I was lacking in philosophical reflection"
"-Six years later, today, after having had another philosophy course during my UNIVERSITY career, I absolutely have changed my point of view"
"## Source: FALL 2016/GRAF_LittleBook.pdf"
"-ESADE 1 Reto Graf Socratic Dialogue 26 December 2016 Session 1: Know Thyself to become better and happier (and compared The topic of this first session is linked to Socrates first mantra, which also lies at the core of this class: questioning your thoughts through a dialogue until you start to understand your way of thinking and your underlying assumptions"

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