Fine-Grained Tasks: natural-language-inference
Languages: Tagalog
Multilinguality: monolingual
Size Categories: 100K<n<1M
Language Creators: found
Annotations Creators: machine-generated
Source Datasets: original
Licenses: unknown
newsph_nli / dataset_infos.json
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{"default": {"description": " First benchmark dataset for sentence entailment in the low-resource Filipino language. Constructed through exploting the structure of news articles. Contains 600,000 premise-hypothesis pairs, in 70-15-15 split for training, validation, and testing.\n", "citation": " @article{cruz2020investigating,\n title={Investigating the True Performance of Transformers in Low-Resource Languages: A Case Study in Automatic Corpus Creation},\n author={Jan Christian Blaise Cruz and Jose Kristian Resabal and James Lin and Dan John Velasco and Charibeth Cheng},\n journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.11574},\n year={2020}\n }\n", "homepage": "", "license": "Filipino-Text-Benchmarks is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0", "features": {"premise": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "hypothesis": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "label": {"num_classes": 2, "names": ["0", "1"], "names_file": null, "id": null, "_type": "ClassLabel"}}, "post_processed": null, "supervised_keys": null, "builder_name": "newsph_nli", "config_name": "default", "version": {"version_str": "1.0.0", "description": null, "major": 1, "minor": 0, "patch": 0}, "splits": {"train": {"name": "train", "num_bytes": 154510599, "num_examples": 420000, "dataset_name": "newsph_nli"}, "test": {"name": "test", "num_bytes": 3283665, "num_examples": 9000, "dataset_name": "newsph_nli"}, "validation": {"name": "validation", "num_bytes": 33015530, "num_examples": 90000, "dataset_name": "newsph_nli"}}, "download_checksums": {"": {"num_bytes": 76565287, "checksum": "544823dffe5b253718746ecc66d34116d918deb9886a58077447aeafe9538374"}}, "download_size": 76565287, "post_processing_size": null, "dataset_size": 190809794, "size_in_bytes": 267375081}}