Task Categories: text-classification
Languages: Spanish
Multilinguality: monolingual
Size Categories: 1K<n<10K
Language Creators: found
Annotations Creators: found
Source Datasets: original
Licenses: unknown
muchocine / dataset_infos.json
{"default": {"description": "The Muchocine reviews dataset contains 3,872 longform movie reviews in Spanish language,\neach with a shorter summary review, and a rating on a 1-5 scale.\n", "citation": "", "homepage": "", "license": "CC-BY-2.1", "features": {"review_body": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "review_summary": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "star_rating": {"num_classes": 5, "names": ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5"], "names_file": null, "id": null, "_type": "ClassLabel"}}, "post_processed": null, "supervised_keys": null, "task_templates": [{"task": "text-classification", "text_column": "review_body", "label_column": "star_rating"}, {"task": "text-classification", "text_column": "review_summary", "label_column": "star_rating"}], "builder_name": "muchocine", "config_name": "default", "version": {"version_str": "1.1.1", "description": null, "major": 1, "minor": 1, "patch": 1}, "splits": {"train": {"name": "train", "num_bytes": 11871095, "num_examples": 3872, "dataset_name": "muchocine"}}, "download_checksums": {"": {"num_bytes": 55556703, "checksum": "2be1333c903613402effa85ca629a66541093702c92e079c438b6eb5d84260a5"}}, "download_size": 55556703, "post_processing_size": null, "dataset_size": 11871095, "size_in_bytes": 67427798}}