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[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 91, "char_end_idx": 105, "value": "John_Blanchard_(politician)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 132, "char_end_idx": 138, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 146, "char_end_idx": 154, "value": "Napoleon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 260, "char_end_idx": 263, "value": "Ohio_Valley_Conference" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 268, "char_end_idx": 274, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 280, "char_end_idx": 284, "value": "John_Blanchard_(politician)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 415, "char_end_idx": 424, "value": "John_Blanchard_(politician)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 501, "char_end_idx": 509, "value": "Mtendere" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 614, "char_end_idx": 622, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 714, "char_end_idx": 722, "value": "Mtendere" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1695, "char_end_idx": 1710, "value": "Maternal_health" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1740, "char_end_idx": 1746, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1898, "char_end_idx": 1904, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2127, "char_end_idx": 2133, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2376, "char_end_idx": 2379, "value": "HIV" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2581, "char_end_idx": 2597, "value": "Community_health" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2811, "char_end_idx": 2817, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2969, "char_end_idx": 2975, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3035, "char_end_idx": 3044, "value": "Blessing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3228, "char_end_idx": 3231, "value": "HIV" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3549, "char_end_idx": 3555, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3807, "char_end_idx": 3813, "value": "Malawi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3858, "char_end_idx": 3860, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4328, "char_end_idx": 4349, "value": "University_of_Alabama_at_Birmingham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4353, "char_end_idx": 4363, "value": "Birmingham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4494, "char_end_idx": 4497, "value": "Doctor_of_Philosophy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4531, "char_end_idx": 4549, "value": "Sub-Saharan_Africa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4694, "char_end_idx": 4697, "value": "Internal_Revenue_Service" } ]
"Mtendere Village was inspired by the vision of Chief Napoleon Dzombe, which he shared with John Blanchard during his first visit to Malawi. Chief Napoleon conveyed the desperate need for a program to intervene and care for the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Malawi, and John committed to help. Established in honor of John & Lindy’s son, Christopher Blanchard, this particular program is very dear to the Blanchard family. Dana Blanchard, or Mama Dana as she is more commonly referred to at Mtendere, lived on site during the initial development, and she returns each summer to spend the season with her Malawian family. The heart of the program is to be His hands and feet by caring for the children at Mtendere, and meeting their spiritual, physical, academic, and emotional needs. Mtendere Village is home to 134 children, living in 16 homes with a housemother and several brothers and sisters. This family environment is one that many of the children have never previously experienced. 100X has also built a library and multipurpose building on the property—giving the children a place to gather together, learn and build community. The children attend a local primary school and receive afterschool tutoring at home in the afternoon. All of the school fees, uniforms, and supplies are paid for through our sponsorship program. Once children progress to secondary school (9th grade), they attend boarding school and return home during school breaks. Through education, these children will have the resources necessary to provide a better future for themselves and for their families—one where they are never faced with the decision of whether or not to abandon their own children. Maternal Health. Right now, 1 in 18 women in Malawi will die during their lifetime due to complications and the lack of medical care during pregnancy and delivery. For every 100,000 births that occur in Malawi this year, more than 800 mothers will die during delivery or shortly after because of complications. The correlation between high rates of maternal mortality and the number of orphaned children in a country is strong, and Malawi estimates that there are already more than one million orphans. 100X Development is working with several key government, nonprofit, and academic partners to develop the Live to Love program. Live to Love will provide education, nutrition and HIV screening to pregnant mothers, and then strengthen the capacity of midwives and community healthcare workers to respond to the needs of mothers in areas where obstetric care is systematically lacking. Community Health. Through local collaboration with partners such as Blessings Hospital, Lumbadzi Clinic and the Kamuzu College of Nursing, we provide health assessments and treatment to women and children in the rural villages of Malawi. For many, this is their only access to healthcare. In some respects, it was the partnership with Blessings Hospital that catalyzed our involvement in Malawi. We are committed to expanding resources available through Blessings, and are currently working with them to provide an outpatient clinic, a free “Under 5” clinic, a weekly pediatric physical therapy session, and a free ART clinic for patients who are HIV+. Nursing Education. In a country with only 16 obstetricians serving a population of over 16 million, it is evident that nurses play a critical role in the healthcare system. With high rates of maternal death, and the 10th highest infant mortality rate in the world, it is essential that the hospitals and clinics in Malawi be staffed with fully trained medical personnel. Unfortunately, while there are more nurses than doctors, the human resource shortage also extends to nurses, and services in rural areas are limited. Through partnership with Kamuzu College of Nursing (Malawi) and Auburn University’s School of Nursing (US), we are working to train and equip nursing students with the resources they need to care for the well-being of every patient. In 2012, we launched a collaborative training program that allowed students from both universities to work together and implement what they learned in the classroom in clinical settings ranging from home-based care to rural clinics. In just one week, students provided care to more than 600 women and children. We are also working with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to facilitate the development of a curriculum for a PhD nursing program at Kamuzu College of Nursing. This will be one of the few PhD nursing programs available in in sub-Saharan Africa. 100X Development Foundation, Inc. is registered 503 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are deductable to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 0, "char_end_idx": 10, "value": "Lily_James" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 72, "char_end_idx": 82, "value": "Cinderella" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 268, "char_end_idx": 279, "value": "Baby Driver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 389, "char_end_idx": 393, "value": "Baby_(Justin_Bieber_song)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 599, "char_end_idx": 609, "value": "Mamma Mia!" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 611, "char_end_idx": 627, "value": "Here_We_Go_Again_(Ray_Charles_song)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 633, "char_end_idx": 651, "value": "The_Hollywood_Reporter" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 675, "char_end_idx": 680, "value": "Lily_James" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 737, "char_end_idx": 752, "value": "Amanda_Seyfried" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 754, "char_end_idx": 766, "value": "Meryl_Streep" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 768, "char_end_idx": 782, "value": "Pierce_Brosnan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 788, "char_end_idx": 799, "value": "Colin_Firth" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 974, "char_end_idx": 979, "value": "Laura_Prepon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 985, "char_end_idx": 990, "value": "Lily_James" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1024, "char_end_idx": 1030, "value": "Meryl_Streep" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1076, "char_end_idx": 1080, "value": "ABBA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1166, "char_end_idx": 1171, "value": "Lily_James" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1346, "char_end_idx": 1358, "value": "Meryl_Streep" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1361, "char_end_idx": 1366, "value": "Lily_James" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1501, "char_end_idx": 1518, "value": "Kramer_vs._Kramer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1910, "char_end_idx": 1915, "value": "Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2408, "char_end_idx": 2413, "value": "Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2698, "char_end_idx": 2702, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2713, "char_end_idx": 2718, "value": "Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2814, "char_end_idx": 2822, "value": "Missoula,_Montana" } ]
"Lily James cannot fight the music. In the title role of 2015’s handsome Cinderella rework, her beautiful singing served as a plot point, attracting a suitor to her like a sailor drawn in by a siren’s song. She’s gotten another bump in visibility as the female lead of Baby Driver, another film fundamentally oriented around music. (The swooningly romantic scene in which she and her crush Baby share a pair of earbuds at a laundromat is already a fan-favorite.) Now she’s taken her next major role, and it’s sure to put her vocal cords through their paces. Here we go again, more casting news about Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again. The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive that James has joined the cast already including returning talents Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, and Colin Firth. Though she’s the official cast newbie, hers will still be a starring role; the new film splits its time between the present-day and extended flashbacks to the early days of Donna, and James will play the younger version of Streep’s character. And with a soundtrack featuring ABBA tracks that didn’t make the cut for the first film as well as a handful of reprises, James should start doing her vocal warm-ups now. That said, I cannot imagine a more terrifying task for a young performer than being told, “Make us believe you could grow up to be Meryl Streep.” James can handle the singing and dancing no problem, but this could present her with an unprecedented challenge as an actress. Has she seen Kramer Vs. Kramer? Who could possibly want to be compared to that!? During their search for a stolen vehicle Wednesday morning, Missoula Police discovered a possible forgery case. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains. “Officers received information that two people who had been determined to be suspects in a previous car theft were presently under the Russell St. Bridge on the south side,” said Welsh. “An officer did go down and found the two people who had been described. He was able to identify the male and female and also determined that they were the suspects in the car theft. They were taken into custody.” The vehicle was searched after they were taken into custody and officers dug up even more dirt on the two suspects. “At the recovery of the vehicle, the other officers observed evidence inside that seemed to connect or suggest that the two were connected to a forgery scheme,” Welsh said. “Through continued investigation and interview, probable cause was developed and currently the two are in custody being held for felony theft and felony forgery.” Police arrested 27-year-old Erika Jarvis and 26-year-old Chris Heaton who appeared to be in the process of forging U.S. currency. Welsh says an investigation is ongoing to discover if any counterfeit currency was actually spent in Missoula."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 760, "char_end_idx": 773, "value": "Atlanta" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 887, "char_end_idx": 899, "value": "Georgia_Institute_of_Technology" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 901, "char_end_idx": 906, "value": "DARPA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 915, "char_end_idx": 933, "value": "Walmart" } ]
""We view 11-11 as a top-tier, strategic partner and really appreciate their investment especially in our early days which was key to our development efforts. Fully automated sewing remains the final roadblock for sewn goods, and SoftWear Automation’s technology enables manufacturers to geographically shorten the distance between manufacturing and consumers. We are actively working one-on-one with key brands to solve their specific automation challenges for sewn goods. As we continue to grow sales significantly in the marketplace, 11-11’s investment in our company has already increased in value." SoftWear Automation is disrupting the $100 billion sewn products industry by creating autonomous sewn good worklines for home goods, footwear & apparel. The Atlanta-based machine vision and robotics startup was launched after 5 years of research and development in collaboration with Georgia Tech, DARPA and the WalMart Foundation. SoftWear’s fully automated Sewbots allow manufacturers to SEWLOCAL™, moving their supply chains closer to the customer while creating higher quality products at a lower cost. SoftWear Automation is a portfolio company where the 11-11 principals know the CEO/Founder personally, and are deeply knowledgeable about his track record of success. 11-11 invested in early rounds at attractive valuations which have increased significantly since then."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20, "char_end_idx": 36, "value": "Number_the_Stars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 153, "char_end_idx": 169, "value": "Number_the_Stars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 250, "char_end_idx": 253, "value": "PDF" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 334, "char_end_idx": 344, "value": "Lois_Lowry" } ]
"Are you looking for Number the Stars (Essential Modern Classics)? Normally, this book cost you INR 399.00. At you can get the PDF version of Number the Stars (Essential Modern Classics) for FREE. Just click on links below to download the PDF file. You can also use the search function above to get another books by author Lois Lowry."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 807, "char_end_idx": 814, "value": "China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 825, "char_end_idx": 832, "value": "Ginseng" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1397, "char_end_idx": 1404, "value": "Ginseng" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1504, "char_end_idx": 1520, "value": "Traditional_Chinese_medicine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1652, "char_end_idx": 1665, "value": "Ginseng" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1667, "char_end_idx": 1676, "value": "Goji" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1678, "char_end_idx": 1687, "value": "SOy Sauce" } ]
"What you can digest from my recipe blog? Well, you can read my recipes and churn them into great, tasty foods. It's true. Try it. an archive of my daily cooking. seventy percent of recipes are from malaysia. hopefully, you enjoy reading my cooking journal and churn it into great, tasty foods. it's true. try it! Have you ever try the Ginseng Steamboat? My advice : just DON'T. It's sucks my whole weekend. My husband and I suffered a bad headache after eating the ginseng steamboat. I felt that all the nerves were going to tercabut and my brain was going to pecah bersepai. Arggh.. I just can't imagine how sakit it was. Curse ginseng. Curse the restaurant also. We vomit, vomit & vomit until my body weight decrease into 2 kg!!! Well it is good to lose weight but mind you, not in this way. According to Chinese's friend; Ginseng is not suitable for those who is not use to it. It is too hot. He advice us to drink the young coconut juice without ice. and yeah it's work. 3 days later someone forwading an email telling that ginseng can stimulate the cancer cell! I don't know how true is the news. As precautions, just don't eat. My husband & I already banned the ginseng in our life. The end. I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. So please Click Here To Read My Blog fadra, i think u might have gotten some food poisoning from that restaurant. Ginseng is supposed to be good but yet please jangan lar terlebih...hehehehehe! Try buying some herbs frmo Chinese Medicine shop and then steamed some chicken with it. Ask the herbalist. Guarantee tak nyesal lar. A lil like Tongkat ali aje lar...Recipe - Ginseng Roots, Wolfberry, SOy Sauce and Sikit Sesame oil. Steamed chicken till cook, senang kan...."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10, "char_end_idx": 18, "value": "The_X_Factor_(British_TV_series)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 156, "char_end_idx": 162, "value": "Randomness" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 209, "char_end_idx": 218, "value": "Newcastle,_New_South_Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 408, "char_end_idx": 412, "value": "Sam_Huihahau" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 444, "char_end_idx": 452, "value": "Brisbane" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 478, "char_end_idx": 492, "value": "Rough Diamonds" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 499, "char_end_idx": 502, "value": "T.J" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 563, "char_end_idx": 568, "value": "Wayne,_New_Jersey" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 580, "char_end_idx": 586, "value": "Donald" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 679, "char_end_idx": 683, "value": "K-Ci_(singer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 688, "char_end_idx": 692, "value": "JoJo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 781, "char_end_idx": 787, "value": "Random-access_memory" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 811, "char_end_idx": 813, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 852, "char_end_idx": 862, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 867, "char_end_idx": 878, "value": "New_Zealand" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 980, "char_end_idx": 984, "value": "Sam_Huihahau" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1033, "char_end_idx": 1045, "value": "The X-Factor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1328, "char_end_idx": 1334, "value": "Random-access_memory" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1403, "char_end_idx": 1407, "value": "Madd_Hatta" } ]
"WHILE The X-Factor failed and won't return for a second season, the winners of the talent search program haven't let that deter them. Harmonious five-piece Random is still going strong and will give its first Newcastle performance during R'n'B Superclub at Fanny's on Friday night. Xy Latu, Jesse Tolo-Paepae, Wayne Tauvao, T.J. Tauvao and Donald Tauvao have become incredibly close since they got together. Latu and Tolo-Paepae arrived at the Brisbane auditions as a duo named Rough Diamonds while T.J. Tauvao came to try his luck as a solo artist, with brother Wayne and cousin Donald in tow for moral support. The five, who met briefly before at a youth talent quest and at a K-Ci and JoJo concert, began jamming in the queue and decided to form a group. Another coup came when Random was invited to support US soul group Boyz II Men on tour across Australian and New Zealand. ``Our sound is sort of soul, definitely R&B, a bit of hip-hop, a bit of pop, a bit of everything,'' Latu said. ``It's really different to what we did on The X-Factor where a lot of the songs we sung were mainly just for entertainment, for the crowd to get to know us. ``But we've got this whole other side of us that people haven't seen yet . . . a really smooth, serious side to music. Not just as entertainers but musicians as well.'' Supporting Random, who are on stage from 11pm, will be DJs Jaytee, Ules, Stevie K and Madd. Entry costs $10."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 243, "char_end_idx": 249, "value": "Geneva" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 270, "char_end_idx": 274, "value": "Nyon" } ]
"It is necessary to envisage work to bring it up to date (bathrooms, toilet, kitchen and painting). The apartment is close to the center of the village, next to the post office, public transport, schools and all amenities. Only 15 minutes from Geneva and 10 minutes from Nyon, its location is ideal for families. The annexes consist of a . Bring up to date in french"
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 823, "char_end_idx": 825, "value": "LittleBigPlanet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1989, "char_end_idx": 1993, "value": "Nike,_Inc." }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2689, "char_end_idx": 2696, "value": "Chevron_(insignia)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2726, "char_end_idx": 2728, "value": "MG" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3101, "char_end_idx": 3107, "value": "Time_(magazine)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4224, "char_end_idx": 4228, "value": "Puma_(brand)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4351, "char_end_idx": 4355, "value": "PUMA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5735, "char_end_idx": 5741, "value": "Amazon_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5761, "char_end_idx": 5765, "value": "EBay" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6082, "char_end_idx": 6088, "value": "Google" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6191, "char_end_idx": 6197, "value": "Google" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6834, "char_end_idx": 6837, "value": "Internet_service_provider" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8933, "char_end_idx": 8937, "value": "Gaels" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9555, "char_end_idx": 9557, "value": "Facebook" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11059, "char_end_idx": 11076, "value": "Amazon_Product_Advertising_API" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11205, "char_end_idx": 11211, "value": "Amazon_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11245, "char_end_idx": 11252, "value": "Wayfair" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11326, "char_end_idx": 11335, "value": "Pinterest" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11402, "char_end_idx": 11409, "value": "Wayfair" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13397, "char_end_idx": 13403, "value": "Amazon_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14033, "char_end_idx": 14047, "value": "Google_Ads" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14692, "char_end_idx": 14703, "value": "Jason_Moore_(director)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14781, "char_end_idx": 14800, "value": "Affiliate Marketing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14844, "char_end_idx": 14849, "value": "Jason_Moore_(director)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15028, "char_end_idx": 15033, "value": "Jason_Moore_(director)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15071, "char_end_idx": 15090, "value": "Affiliate Marketing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15285, "char_end_idx": 15291, "value": "Google" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15328, "char_end_idx": 15342, "value": "Google_Ads" } ]
"The Flyknit upper of Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG Men's Firm-Ground Football Boot wraps underneath your foot for an all-enveloping, second-skin-like fit straight out of the box. The 2-part podular plate system utilizes a lightweight internal chassis that... The Flyknit upper of Men's Nike Vapor 12 Elite (FG) Firm-Ground Football Boot wraps underneath your foot for an all-enveloping, second-skin-like fit straight out of the box. The 2-part podular plate system utilizes a lightweight internal chassis that... Grade-School Kids' Nike Jr. Superfly 6 Academy (MG) Multi-Ground Football Boot features a low-profile Dynamic Fit collar and a synthetic upper that wraps your foot for a glove-like fit. The 2-part podular plate system provides responsive speed on natural... Science meets superior sport in the FUTURE 2.3 NETFIT FG/AG. With a remarkable look, a snug, form-fitting upper, customisable lacing and a spandex ankle sock, your foot will feel secure and supported throughout the game. Our all-new lightweight and... Full-grain leather vamp for touch and control. Spandex sock for supportive, snug, and seamless fit. Reactive outsole with a stud configuration that supports speed. The Flyknit constructed upper of the Nike Jr. Superfly 6 Elite FG Kids' Firm-Ground Football Boot wraps your foot for an all-enveloping, second-skin-like fit straight out of the box. A 2-part podular plate system provides responsive traction at every step Men's Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Multi-Ground Football Boot features a low-profile Dynamic Fit collar and a synthetic upper that wraps your foot for a skin-like fit straight out of the box. The 2-part podular plate system provides propulsive speed at... Grade-School Kids' Nike Jr. Vapor 12 Academy (MG) Multi-Ground Football Boot features an anchored tongue and a synthetic upper that wraps your foot for consistent fit all match long. A 2-part podular plate system provides responsive speed whether you're... The latest form of control is here from Nike. Texture on the upper adds control. Dynamic Fit Collar for a seamless fit and locked in fit. OUTSOLE: A multi ground soleplate provides traction on firm ground and artificial turf surfaces. he Nike Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit Multi-Ground Soccer Cleat gives you a snug, comfortable fit with an internal sleeve that hugs your foot and sock-like collar around your ankle. Textured material wraps your foot to give you precision and control... Built for speed. A micro textured synthetic upper wraps all the way around your foot for a close fit. A classic low cut collar pro vides a traditional feel around the ankle. All Conditions Control technology offers ball control in all conditions. Chevron... The CR7 Vapor 12 Academy (MG) Multi-Ground Football Boot features a synthetic upper that wraps your foot for a consistent fit in Ronaldo-inspired design. A 2-part podular plate system provides responsive speed at every step on natural and artificial... The Nike Legend 7 Elite CA (FG) Men's Firm-Ground Football Boot elevates a classic by adding ultra-soft calfskin leather and, for the first time in Tiempo history, a Flyknit-constructed heel and midfoot with Flywire cables. Reborn to rule the pitch, these firm ground soccer shoes strap you in for all-out domination. The synthetic upper imitates your heel shape for secure lockdown, while a snug collar delivers a sock-like fit for ankle stability. Embossing on the forefoot... Reborn to rule the pitch, these firm ground soccer cleats strap you in for all-out domination. The supportive mesh upper imitates your heel shape for secure lockdown, while a snug collar delivers a sock-like fit for ankle stability. Embossing on the... Crafted for the creator, these soccer shoes lock you in for game-turning agility. The flexible mesh upper delivers a soft, responsive touch. Underneath, a lightweight outsole provides a stable platform for explosive moves on firm ground. Sculpted for speed, these football boots are stripped down to the essentials. A low-cut silhouette and sock-like fit lock you in, while a flexible mesh upper delivers lightweight comfort. The outsole uses two different stud shapes to improve high-speed... Take your game to a whole new level with the PUMA ONE 4 Syntheticthetic FG Men´s Football Boots. These performance boots are designed to emulate the iconic language of the PUMA ONE 1 shoe, fusing lightweight design with performance detailing. A... With a perfect ft, premium speed, and incredible ball control, the PUMA One 3 Leather soccer cleats are a great option at a great price. Spandex sock hugs your foot for a supportive and snug fit around the ankle. Reactive outsole with a stud... The Flyknit upper of the Nike Jr. Superfly 6 Elite CR7 Big Kids' Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat wraps around your foot for a second-skin-like fit with Ronaldo-inspired details. The 2-part podular plate system provides responsive traction at every step. Sculpted for speed, these firm ground soccer shoes are stripped down to the essentials. A low-cut collar, molded heel and skin-tight fit lock your foot in, eliminating the need for laces. The minimal upper is coated in Skeletalweave, a grid of fine yarns... Weave through defenders. Morph into space. Slither when they think you'll streak. Create when they think you'll crash. Turn instinct into action and doubters into witnesses. Unlock agility in Nemeziz. These soccer cleats are built with an innovative... affiliate marketing on jumia affiliate marketing whatsapp groups | affiliate marketing income affiliate marketing industry If you are an affiliate looking to monetize your online presence with affiliate marketing, this section of the course will help you with affiliate program suggestions, which include Amazon affiliate program, eBay affiliate program, etc. For each program, you will see highlights regarding the perks they provide (such as cookie life, commission percent, etc.). Websites consisting mostly of affiliate links have previously held a negative reputation for underdelivering quality content. In 2005 there were active changes made by Google, where certain websites were labeled as "thin affiliates".[30] Such websites were either removed from Google's index or were relocated within the results page (i.e., moved from the top-most results to a lower position). To avoid this categorization, affiliate marketer webmasters must create quality content on their websites that distinguishes their work from the work of spammers or banner farms, which only contain links leading to merchant sites. Some commentators originally suggested that affiliate links work best in the context of the information contained within the website itself. For instance, if a website contains information pertaining to publishing a website, an affiliate link leading to a merchant's internet service provider (ISP) within that website's content would be appropriate. If a website contains information pertaining to sports, an affiliate link leading to a sporting goods website may work well within the context of the articles and information about sports. The goal, in this case, is to publish quality information on the website and provide context-oriented links to related merchant's websites. As a merchant, you will have a product or service to sell. Affiliate marketing offers an excellent way to do this, as you only pay for the conversions an affiliate generates, not the traffic. The Affiliate Marketing Diploma Course will guide you through setting up affiliates, promoting your affiliate program and will familiarise you with some of the various types of affiliate marketing tracking software. Creating blog content is a very useful and effective way of consistently building content on a site. When creating blog posts, it's a good idea to do some keyword research to figure out what it is that your audience is interested in and searching for online. Also, be sure to research competitors, forums and social media to narrow down on topics for your blog. The problem with affiliate marketing, like many other home business options, are the so-called gurus and get-rich-quick programs that suggest affiliate marketing can be done fast and with little effort. Odds are you've read claims of affiliate marketing programs that say you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month doing almost nothing ("Three clicks to rich!"). Or, they suggest you can set up your affiliate site, and then forget it, except to check your bank deposits. One of the most sought after and highly recommended course is this one on Guide to Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies by Kudus Adu. Not only does he focus on create an affiliate marketing strategy, he focuses on best practices to create money pages, tells you how to build your email marketing list and how to profit from it. He clearly asks people looking for ‘get rich quick strategies’ to stay away from the course. More details here. Totally awesome Gael. Thank you so much for sharing. Yes, the per-engagement presell sequence strategy is the way to go in 2015 - pulling folk in with front end value content building that all important relationship factor and enticing them to opt in for more..., then offering them a solution at a lower price as it's the first offer on TY page...and then promoting the opt in throughout your posts starting out with the problem, then turning it into finding the solution (as you have done above, lol!), plus Outbrain to LINK relative content, AND get affiliates on board + repeat with many blog posts and many offers, specially ads via FB and Pinterest Pin posts - man this is a powerful win-win. Makes SO much sense to me - am doing this right from NOW...Will be following your CB success and I'll report back mine... R. I have several blogs promoting all different products. The hardest thing I find about affiliate marketing is that once you’ve sold someone something you need to find a new product to sell them. I’ve found that promoting a subscription service where you sign up a customer is a great way to go. This way every time they renew or buy something you get paid. You only have to sell them this once. Take advantage of affiliate program freebies when available. Many affiliate programs provide free printables, guides, webinars or other lead magnets designed to get potential customers in their sales funnel. As an affiliate, you can share these freebies with your audience using your affiliate link so if they eventually make a purchase, you’ll earn a commission, but if they don’t they still get value upfront. There are lots of options available in online market for affiliate marketing courses. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business and make money for your organization. There are various hosting companies out there which provides several services for hosting such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. What are the terms of the program? Is there anything I need to be aware of that would make a program not worth it for me. For example, Amazon Associates does not allow you to put your affiliate links in emails. If your main method of communication with your audience is via email, Amazon might not be a good fit for you. Wayfair, for example, does not allow their affiliates to post affiliate links on Pinterest or any other social media site. If that’s a strategy you rely on, Wayfair might not be a good fit for you. Individual sellers and companies offering products or services have to deal with their consumers and ensure they are satisfied with what they have purchased. Thanks to the affiliate marketing structure, you’ll never have to be concerned with customer support or customer satisfaction. The entire job of the affiliate marketer is to link the seller with the consumer. The seller deals with any consumer complaints after you receive your commission from the sale. At times, things can go wrong, and it is good to be aware of the issues that might occur. In this chapter, you will learn about fraudulent affiliates, whether the automatic approval of affiliates really is a time-saver, what cooking stuffing and trademark violations are, and about affiliate scams. Motivating affiliates can become an issue for merchants, which is why you will also learn about tactics that can help you motivate your affiliates. Mistake #3: Giving your friend’s product a glowing review without actually being familiar with your friend’s product. This happens a lot in the affiliate marketing (and book marketing) world unfortunately. It’s a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of situation. By all means, give your friend a glowing review, but if you haven’t actually read their book or taken their course or tried their product, don’t talk about it as though you have. Readers deserve honest recommendations! (Here’s an example of me helping to announce the launch of my friend’s book while being clear I hadn’t read it.) You may also want to check out 9 Best Content Marketing Training, Courses and Certifications for 2017; Best Instagram Marketing Training and Courses for 2017 and Top 10 Skill Based Coursera Courses for 2017. In addition to that, you will find 7 Best EMail Marketing Courses really useful and the 8 Best Shopify Marketing Courses will help Increase Sales and Profits. Promote products at various price points. Even the little products (like Amazon ebooks) add up. If there is a truly useful product on the pricier side, it can still be worth the promotion even if only a few people buy it. If you’ve used a product of exceptional quality and it’s a good investment, or if it’s a product that’s unique, specialized or one-of-a-kind, go for it. Many affiliate marketers use paid advertising to generate additional traffic to their site and drive more sales. Paid advertising on social media is often a good place to start, as these networks tend to be more affordable.You may also want to consider taking out inexpensive banner ads on small niche sites. Depending on your niche, Google AdWords could also be a good option to drive some paid traffic to your site. This piece of technology enables a whole specter of activities such as managing affiliates, tracking sale-related data, monitoring and paying commissions, etc. When combined, these functionalities are an incredibly useful tool for merchants, which is why most merchants think about using affiliate software for affiliate program management. The difference between self-hosted and hosted software is explained as well as how they work. In the final section, you will find the list of five popular affiliate software along with the features and benefits they come with. As for Jason Moore, he was already earning some income with affiliate marketing, but with 1·2·3 Affiliate Marketing, he found that he could do so much better. Jason has benefited from some of the in-depth exercises that are in the course, implementing them already within in his own affiliate marketing efforts and seeing great results! Watch Jason's full video below to hear how 1·2·3 Affiliate Marketing has boosted his business. Affiliates were among the earliest adopters of pay per click advertising when the first pay-per-click search engines emerged during the end of the 1990s. Later in 2000 Google launched its pay per click service, Google AdWords, which is responsible for the widespread use and acceptance of pay per click as an advertising channel. An increasing number of merchants engaged in pay per click advertising, either directly or via a search marketing agency, and realized that this space was already occupied by their affiliates. Although this situation alone created advertising channel conflicts and debates between advertisers and affiliates, the largest issue concerned affiliates bidding on advertisers names, brands, and trademarks.[35] Several advertisers began to adjust their affiliate program terms to prohibit their affiliates from bidding on those type of keywords. Some advertisers, however, did and still do embrace this behavior, going so far as to allow, or even encourage, affiliates to bid on any term, including the advertiser's trademarks."
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"The DC War Memorial, honoring residents of Washington, DC, who fought in World War I (© Sean Pavone/Alamy) Poppies sit by names on a memorial wall during Remembrance Day in Kingston, Ontario (© Lars Hagberg/Alamy Stock Photo) ARCHIVES Select Month November 2018 (21) October 2018 (51) September 2018 (57) August 2018 (44) July 2018 (54) June 2018 (42) May 2018 (60) April 2018 (60) March 2018 (74) February 2018 (65) January 2018 (62) December 2017 (29) November 2017 (30) October 2017 (28) September 2017 (28) August 2017 (31) July 2017 (29) June 2017 (30) May 2017 (28) April 2017 (28) March 2017 (26) February 2017 (23) January 2017 (29) December 2016 (27) November 2016 (29) October 2016 (31) September 2016 (30) August 2016 (31) July 2016 (31) June 2016 (30) May 2016 (31) April 2016 (30) March 2016 (31) February 2016 (29) January 2016 (31) December 2015 (31) November 2015 (49) October 2015 (12) September 2015 (30) August 2015 (31) July 2015 (31) June 2015 (30) May 2015 (31) April 2015 (30) March 2015 (31) February 2015 (28) January 2015 (31) December 2014 (31) November 2014 (29) October 2014 (31) September 2014 (30) August 2014 (29) July 2014 (31) June 2014 (30) May 2014 (30) April 2014 (31) March 2014 (31) February 2014 (29) January 2014 (32) December 2013 (32) November 2013 (30) October 2013 (31) September 2013 (30) August 2013 (31) July 2013 (30) June 2013 (30) May 2013 (32) April 2013 (30) March 2013 (31) February 2013 (28) January 2013 (31) December 2012 (31) November 2012 (30) October 2012 (31) September 2012 (30) August 2012 (31) July 2012 (31) June 2012 (29) May 2012 (31) April 2012 (30) March 2012 (31) February 2012 (29) January 2012 (31) December 2011 (31) November 2011 (30) October 2011 (31) September 2011 (30) August 2011 (32) July 2011 (31) June 2011 (30) May 2011 (31) April 2011 (30) March 2011 (31) February 2011 (28) January 2011 (31) December 2010 (31) November 2010 (30) October 2010 (31) September 2010 (30) August 2010 (30) July 2010 (31) June 2010 (30) May 2010 (31) April 2010 (30) March 2010 (21) Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed"
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"This Is A Numatic Charles Wet And Dry VacThis Is A Numatic Charles Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner, with powerful 1200W two stage electric motor, Comes with safety float valve for wet use & big dirt filters and disposable dust bags for dry use. Standard tool kit is A21A which has aluminium (non rusting) vaccum tubes and two floor cleaning nozzles – one for wet work and a combination nozzle for carpets & hard tiled or wooden floors.uum Cleaner, with powerful 1200W two stage electric motor, Comes with safety float valve for wet use & big dirt filters and disposable dust bags for dry use. Standard tool kit is A21A which has aluminium (non rusting) vaccum tubes and two floor cleaning nozzles – one for wet work and a combination nozzle for carpets & hard tiled or wooden floors. is a consumer website offering all the latest deals, voucher codes, discounts all from the UK's favourite stores. Sign up to our email service and recieve the latest offers straight in to your inbox saves you looking for them, we send deals direct to you as we recieve them, saves you looking for them. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Voucher Codes, Voucher Codes. Voucher Codes said: […] is a participant for some products in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Before the League of Nations game with Sweden in kaliningrad, I went to the hotel Team. Together with the staff of the press service, we discussed domestic issues, including the reluctance of the whole team to somehow touch the most popular in the country on the topic today. Corina and Mamas will spend 2 months … UEFA League of Nations. League B. Group 2. 3rd Round October 11, 2018, Thursday. 22:45 MSK Russia 0:0 Sweden Late football in Kaliningrad The match between Russia and Sweden began surprisingly late in Moscow – in 22.45. It's more of a Ligochempionskoe Time. It turns out that in Uefa when drawing up the schedule just … The main fact of the evening Alexander corina, his brother Cyril and Pavel Mamas were arrested for two months. The court determined that all this time they should be in the remand Prison. It should be noted that the Court determined the maximum possible period of detention, taking into account the article of the Accusation. … "both of them are angry, it is obvious." Fiziognomist dismantled the interrogation of Mamaeva and Corina Today there was a video of the first interrogation of Alexander Corina and Pavel Mamaeva. The players behaved absolutely differently: Zenitovec smiled and confidently communicated with the investigators, and his friend hid under the Hood. We asked Artem pavlova, a psychologist, an expert on behavior analysis, a practitioner in the research center "physiognomy", to disassemble … Journalists of "mk" and "kp" took the first interview with Pavel Mamaeva and Alexander Cocorina. This is what has become known. 1. The players did not sleep all night. According to them, the interrogation lasted until 3-4 a.m. It is prohibited by law, but both claim that they did not object. Then the players were … Main news of the day: dismissal of Leonard Jardim (i insist, It is this news home). With him parted nicely, with mutual gratitude for the work and cutting the best moments in the Club. But it does not cancel the gravity of the Situation. portuguese, who in 2017 sensationally took the first line from psg, … First of all think of It: Sasha Cocorina with his brother, Pasha Mamas with dad, habib, officials, Politicians-this is all the real russia. The power here is not the Truth. On the contrary, the truth is in force. Not physical-today it is Ridiculous-and class. Who has more influence-that and Rights. This conclusion is only indirectly … Sporting player Coates saved the life of a strawberry on the field Sporting Lisbon defender Sebastian Coates saved the life of the goalkeeper of his team Romain Salenu in the match of the seventh round of the championship of Portugal against "portemonensi" (2:4). During the match Salenu became bad and he became suffocated. Coates instantly … We called Stafjorovu in the Evening. Despite a rather late time, he was on a football field and engaged with Pupils. Somewhere quite near here and there sounded children's voices and whistles of the Referee. Valery Viktorovich told about his former pupils a very sad voice. At once it became clear, that all this history … Fans of Photoshop and witty jokes immediately reacted to the news that Corina and Mamas beat the official and driver of the leading first channel. Shocking video with beating the Driver. The mother was more "steeper" than A detailed analysis of another incident involving two Russian players. "all of us are Cocorina and mamas." A …"
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"At Felt, we believe today’s Cruiser customers are not just looking for comfort and simplicity—they are looking for quality, innovation, durability and, above all, differentiation and style. They are looking at design details like never before. We know that most Cruiser owners want a bike that makes a statement - one that reflects their individual personality, their background, their style and their standards for quality and excellence. For years, Felt has offered some of the most unique design themes along with the highest quality frames and components in the bicycle world. And for 2010 Felt presents the most exciting cruiser lineup in our history."
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"Journalists are welcome to contact our Media Relations team via e-mail. Please direct all media inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Director of Communications). Welcome members of the national, regional and international media to attend and report upon the proceedings of the FDI 2017 World Dental Congress. If you want to attend the Congress to cover the event, fill out the following form to obtain your press accreditation. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your request. In order to pick up your badge you must present a document certifying your professional relationship to the company (professional business card or media ID) at the Registration counters located in the IFEMA Feria de Madrid South hall, from the first day of the Conference. After the event, a report of the publications or media actions that have been developed regarding the Congress will be required Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease. This wonderful picture collections about Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease is available to download. We collect this wonderful picture from internet and choose the best for you. Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease photos and pictures collection that posted here was carefully selected and uploaded by Rockymage team after choosing the ones that are best among the others. So, finally we make it and here these list of wonderful picture for your inspiration and informational purpose regarding the Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease as part of Lamborghini 2018 exclusive updates collection.Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease, take your time and find the best Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease images and pictures posted here that suitable with your needs and use it for your own collection and personal use. Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease. Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease. So, if you want to get this wonderful picture about Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease, just click save button to save this images to your computer. Finally if you want to get new and the latest wallpaper related with Lamborghini Aventador Price Lease, please follow us on facebook or bookmark this site, we try our best to give you daily update with fresh and new wallpaper 2014. Hope you enjoy staying here. Lamborghini successfully make their customers wider because of Aventador S Roadster. As one of the most favorite Lamborghini supercars, this impresses the buyers with everything. The sporty design, powerful engine, impressive performances, and many others are really great. Therefore, it... Lamborghini Estoque is a four-door super sports car that elevates Lamborghini tradition with entirely new flexibility. For those who unlike to look too much, this unpretentious car as a four-door sedan suited for daily driving without left any aesthetic matters.... Lamborghini identity is signed in bullfighting while with this key part Lamborghini becomes so familiar in the world. Ferruccio Lamborghini was one who established the company and considered adopting a raging bull for the automaker’s emblem. Throughout the long history,... A lot of people asking us some questions about how much is it to rent a Lamborghini and how much is it to rent a Ferrari car and the other sport car that is really seems never stop. As a... Once we set our foot in Vegas, money should be something we should waste. Well, usually people start to think of visiting some bars and clubs to spend some dimes setting some bet and exchange some chip poker or get... Advanced Eye Centers locations in Massachusetts including New Bedford, North Dartmouth, Taunton and Fall River. Please do not substitute, disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice based on the content of this web site. Your browser does not support JavaScript and this site utilizes JavaScript to build content and provide links to additional information. You should either enable JavaScript in your browser settings or use a browser that supports JavaScript in order to take full advantage of this site. (Respecting the intellectual property of others is utmost important to us, we make every effort to make sure we only link to legitimate sites, such as those sites owned by authors and publishers. If you have any questions about these links, please contact us.) PLEASE READ: All comments must be approved before appearing in the thread; time and space constraints prevent all comments from appearing. We will only approve comments that are directly related to the article, use appropriate language and are not attacking the comments of others."
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"This is old man who ride without helmets wear sandals to the motor cycle. This is an illegal act in Japan. Hikaru Sugihara I gave up the dream of becoming a professional baseball player? Well, that 's impossible at that parents."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 52, "char_end_idx": 61, "value": "Tonawanda_(city),_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 63, "char_end_idx": 65, "value": "New_York_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 140, "char_end_idx": 149, "value": "Tonawanda_(town),_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 188, "char_end_idx": 197, "value": "Tonawanda_(city),_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 199, "char_end_idx": 207, "value": "New_York_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 401, "char_end_idx": 409, "value": "Suburb" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 444, "char_end_idx": 458, "value": "Interstate_290_(New_York)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 517, "char_end_idx": 530, "value": "Niagara_Falls,_Ontario" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 543, "char_end_idx": 550, "value": "Buffalo,_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 625, "char_end_idx": 639, "value": "Red_Carpet_Inn" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 659, "char_end_idx": 666, "value": "Buffalo,_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 671, "char_end_idx": 684, "value": "Niagara_Falls,_Ontario" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 867, "char_end_idx": 878, "value": "Knights_Inn" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 882, "char_end_idx": 891, "value": "Tonawanda_(town),_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 909, "char_end_idx": 916, "value": "Buffalo,_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 921, "char_end_idx": 934, "value": "Niagara_Falls,_Ontario" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 940, "char_end_idx": 954, "value": "Fantasy_Island" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 987, "char_end_idx": 1000, "value": "Lockport_Cave" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1074, "char_end_idx": 1086, "value": "Buffalo,_New_York" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1091, "char_end_idx": 1096, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1128, "char_end_idx": 1135, "value": "Hetalia:_Axis_Powers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1301, "char_end_idx": 1306, "value": "Italy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1317, "char_end_idx": 1323, "value": "Roman_Britain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1330, "char_end_idx": 1335, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1448, "char_end_idx": 1453, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1634, "char_end_idx": 1641, "value": "Scar" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1655, "char_end_idx": 1663, "value": "Tsundere" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1692, "char_end_idx": 1697, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1832, "char_end_idx": 1837, "value": "Stoicism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2267, "char_end_idx": 2272, "value": "Stoic" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2465, "char_end_idx": 2472, "value": "United_Nations" } ]
" is a great place to find hotels in Tonawanda, NY! You will be able to find all the information you need while traveling to Tonawanda. Below is a list of all the hotels in Tonawanda, New York. You will find information on the hotel such as the address, star rating and nightly rates. When you find the hotel you are searching for, simply click to get more information and check rates. Suburban location conveniently located off Interstate 290 bordering Amherst NY. Located just 15 minutes from either Niagara Falls or downtown Buffalo across the street from Ho...view more details about Econo Lodge Tonawanda Red Carpet Inn is located between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, ideal location for both business and pleasure. Its near the Airport, Shopping Centers & Famous Restaurants. We pro...view more details about Red Carpet Inn Tonawanda Welcome to the Knights Inn of Tonawanda. Located between Buffalo and Niagara Falls also Fantasy Island. Seneca Casino is just 5 miles, Lockport Cave is 12 miles. Our locatio...view more details about Knights Inn Tonawanda/Buffalo Area 2P! Spain is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "Another Color". His appearance and personality are not very consistently developed, as he was created from the fact that there is a 2P! Italy and a 2P! Romano. This Spain has several scars, and is seen to have brown, purple, maybe green eyes. He wears a brown military uniform. This Spain has long hair, often tied with a purple ribbon, some other fandoms he has his hair normal and short, but black with white stained on his bangs . He is sometimes combined with the "Scarred" appearance. Tsundere. This interpretation of 2P! Spain is usually quiet and short tempered. He seems impatient, and tends to be grumpy even when acting sweet. He is known to be aggressive. Stoic. This interpretation is generally quiet with either a lack of emotion or a lack of an emotional expression. He is of few words, and doesn't particularly like to talk to people. Loner. This interpretation does not like people, or any other of his former colonies/charges. He is patient, very protective of his former charges, and generally lacks the cheerful energy of his counterpart. Sadistic. This interpretation is similar to Stoic; only with the attraction to smaller or weaker nations. It is common for 2P!s to be portrayed as murderous, sociopathic and possibly insane. To most, they are a darker version of the original Nations. However, because the Original Nations can be portrayed the same way by the fandom, how much hold this has depends on the person making the story."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 56, "char_end_idx": 66, "value": "JavaScript" } ]
"We're sorry but spa-front doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 814, "char_end_idx": 819, "value": "Naomi_(biblical_figure)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 884, "char_end_idx": 887, "value": "God" } ]
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[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19, "char_end_idx": 29, "value": "Die_Hard_2" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 110, "char_end_idx": 127, "value": "Coming_to_America" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 130, "char_end_idx": 141, "value": "Beastmaster" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 155, "char_end_idx": 167, "value": "Terminator_2:_Judgment_Day" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 170, "char_end_idx": 180, "value": "Surrogates" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 187, "char_end_idx": 203, "value": "Boyz_n_the_Hood" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 357, "char_end_idx": 370, "value": "The Godfather" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 608, "char_end_idx": 623, "value": "Robert_Townsend_(actor)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 682, "char_end_idx": 692, "value": "Meteor Man" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 726, "char_end_idx": 737, "value": "Dragon Ball" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 955, "char_end_idx": 960, "value": "Akira_(1988_film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1128, "char_end_idx": 1134, "value": "Action" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1136, "char_end_idx": 1148, "value": "Martial_arts_film" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1150, "char_end_idx": 1155, "value": "Anime" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1156, "char_end_idx": 1161, "value": "Manga" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1163, "char_end_idx": 1169, "value": "Comics" } ]
"This time the guys Die Harder with special guest Jayton from Villains Never Sleep. The boys make connects to "Coming to America" "Beastmaster" "Trespass" "Terminator 2" "Surrogates" and "Boyz In The Hood". Enjoy this podcast and HO HO HO! The geeks hold these two movies in high regard because they are the gold standard when it comes to mob movies next to The Godfather series of course. So many memorable scenes and standout acting all around and we delved into it. Enjoy. You know back in the early 90's, black people really got the crap end of the stick on superhero movies and as much as the geeks love Robert Townsend, this movie makes you facepalm from beginning to end. Its Meteor Man people. Enjoy!!! Because we love Dragon Ball soooooo much we're back with the Frieza Saga. The saga that defined Dragon Ball Z. All the good and very bad of this anime formed from this saga. So let's get... One of the classic anime's that we got into along with Akira. Bloody, violent, and crazy characters make for a staple movie that you gotta see. 3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 68, "char_end_idx": 78, "value": "Volkswagen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 173, "char_end_idx": 194, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 225, "char_end_idx": 246, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 386, "char_end_idx": 390, "value": "Volkswagen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 507, "char_end_idx": 517, "value": "Volkswagen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 621, "char_end_idx": 631, "value": "Mike_Betts" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 650, "char_end_idx": 671, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 764, "char_end_idx": 774, "value": "Volkswagen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 802, "char_end_idx": 819, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1060, "char_end_idx": 1070, "value": "Volkswagen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1160, "char_end_idx": 1164, "value": "Polo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1187, "char_end_idx": 1196, "value": "Volkswagen_Golf_Mk5" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1214, "char_end_idx": 1223, "value": "Convertible" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1226, "char_end_idx": 1231, "value": "Volkswagen_Jetta" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1233, "char_end_idx": 1239, "value": "Volkswagen_Passat" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1241, "char_end_idx": 1249, "value": "Volkswagen_Scirocco" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1254, "char_end_idx": 1260, "value": "Volkswagen_Tiguan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1268, "char_end_idx": 1274, "value": "Volkswagen_Touran" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1279, "char_end_idx": 1285, "value": "Volkswagen_Sharan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1641, "char_end_idx": 1651, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1790, "char_end_idx": 1811, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2141, "char_end_idx": 2158, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2184, "char_end_idx": 2194, "value": "Motability" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2569, "char_end_idx": 2589, "value": "Automotive_industry" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2672, "char_end_idx": 2684, "value": "South_Africa" } ]
"Motability customers have two good reasons to take a closer look at Volkswagen’s range of vehicles, thanks to the manufacturer achieving a commended award for its work with Motability Operations (the company that manages the Motability Car Scheme and the Motability Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme) as well as low Advance Payment terms on a number of popular models including the Golf. The commended accolade is part of the annual Motability Supplier Awards, now in their seventh year, and recognises Volkswagen’s excellence, efficiency, innovation and exceptional customer service. Commenting on the commendation, Mike Betts, chief executive, Motability Operations, said: ‘Offering stable pricing for customers, and popular models at very affordable rates, Volkswagen is highly committed to the Motability Scheme. The commended accolade at the Motability Supplier Awards acknowledges the efforts that have gone into increased environmentally friendly options, better value and an engaged dealer network. Well done to all at Volkswagen.’ A wide range of Volkswagen models is available through the Motability scheme from the new up! city car, through the Polo, Golf – including the Golf Plus, Golf Estate and Cabriolet – Jetta, Passat, Scirocco and Tiguan to the Touran and Sharan people carriers. Many are available with low Advance Payment offers, for example, £99 for the Golf S, and zero Advance Payment on the Polo S and Match models. Commenting on the commendation, head of Volkswagen Fleet Services, Vince Kinner, said: ‘We’re delighted to receive this award and proud that we have been recognised as people who are committed to Motability, both through the products we are able to offer and the service and back-up we provide both internally and through our Retailer network.’ Motability Operations manages the worry-free Motability Scheme for over 600,000 disabled people and their families. Anyone who receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement can exchange this monthly payment to lease a brand new car, scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme. For more information on Motability call 0800 093 1000 Welcome to the 3D Car Shows website. I am Gerald Ferreira and the Founder of the 3D Car Shows site. On the site you will find a wealth of News, Information, Reviews, Articles, Photographs, Images and Videos about the Car, Motor and Automotive Industry. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to comment or contact us with any information relating to the Automotive Industry! 3D Car Shows brings you the latest Automotive News on one page since 2004. One of South Africa's leading Automotive News Sites."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18, "char_end_idx": 26, "value": "Snatcher_(video_game)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 187, "char_end_idx": 194, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 204, "char_end_idx": 212, "value": "Snatcher_(video_game)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 337, "char_end_idx": 344, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 354, "char_end_idx": 362, "value": "Snatcher_(video_game)" } ]
"Was a huge fan of Snatcher, def one of my favorite all time games. Got the 3do japanese Policenauts over a year ago now... time to play it. Finished it, was good even though it wasn't in English. I think Snatcher had a lot more atmosphere and was much better though. =) vampyre mike wrote: Finished it, was good even though it wasn't in English. I think Snatcher had a lot more atmosphere and was much better though. =) Congrats on finishing it. I should try and do the same ... my copy has been sitting untouched for too long."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 121, "char_end_idx": 134, "value": "Expeditionary_warfare" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 578, "char_end_idx": 583, "value": "Major" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 790, "char_end_idx": 793, "value": "Non-commissioned_officer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 966, "char_end_idx": 975, "value": "United_States_Army" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1026, "char_end_idx": 1042, "value": "Macromedia Flash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1051, "char_end_idx": 1066, "value": "QuickTime" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1068, "char_end_idx": 1081, "value": "Adobe_Acrobat" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1094, "char_end_idx": 1105, "value": "RealPlayer" } ]
"Commander's duties: The commander plans, leads, organizes, directs, coordinates and controls the 3D Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) to accomplish the unit's assigned missions. The commander has ultimate authority, responsibility and accountability for the welfare of the unit's soldiers, and for the effective and efficient use of available resources to accomplish the mission. Deputy Commander's duties: The deputy commander performs tasks specified by the commanding general, and takes over command when the commanding general is absent or incapacitated. Command Sergeant Major's duties: The command sergeant major is the senior noncommissioned officer in the command. He provides the commander with personal, professional, and technical advice on enlisted soldier matters and on the NCO corps as a whole. He monitors and makes recommendations on enlisted morale and discipline, and monitors and makes corrections when necessary on enlisted training. Like the U.S. Army home page, some aspects of this site will utilize Macromedia Flash player, Apple QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat, as well as Real Player."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 266, "char_end_idx": 276, "value": "Master_Lock" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 310, "char_end_idx": 320, "value": "Master_Lock" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 338, "char_end_idx": 343, "value": "AC_Cobra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 409, "char_end_idx": 414, "value": "AC_Cobra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 526, "char_end_idx": 535, "value": "Bluetooth" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 716, "char_end_idx": 726, "value": "Master_Lock" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 760, "char_end_idx": 770, "value": "Master_Lock" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 788, "char_end_idx": 793, "value": "AC_Cobra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 859, "char_end_idx": 864, "value": "AC_Cobra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 885, "char_end_idx": 887, "value": "Cornerback" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 936, "char_end_idx": 940, "value": "NOAA_Weather_Radio" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1021, "char_end_idx": 1023, "value": "Cornerback" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1041, "char_end_idx": 1046, "value": "AC_Cobra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1155, "char_end_idx": 1163, "value": "Citizens_band_radio" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1169, "char_end_idx": 1174, "value": "AC_Cobra" } ]
"Filter Results by: Items starting with ... A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The Original 148 GTL is back... and better than ever! Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector for... Now NightWatch comes to the 25 LTD Classic! The NightWatch series continues Cobra's unmatched tradition of enhancing safety and convenience for... Cobra is giving professional drivers one more way to communicate safely and easily with the first-ever CB radio with Bluetooth technology - the new... The 29 LTD Classic has a new look! This new model adds; chrome cabinet, chrome microphone, blue channel LEDs and signal strength meter. Professional... Now NightWatch comes to the 29 LTD Classic! The NightWatch series continues Cobra's unmatched tradition of enhancing safety and convenience for... Cobra again redefines the CB radio by adding to its Bluetooth® series radios NOAA. All Hazards Alert weather receiver plus NightWatch... The NightWatch series of CB radios continues Cobra's proud and unmatched tradition of enhancing safety and convenience for professional drivers.... The 29LXBT CB Radio from Cobra gives professional drivers and CB enthusiasts a safe and convenient way to communicate thanks to this patented CB..."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 559, "char_end_idx": 567, "value": "New_York_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 572, "char_end_idx": 583, "value": "New_Orleans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 744, "char_end_idx": 750, "value": "Mobile" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 858, "char_end_idx": 864, "value": "Mobile,_Alabama" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 875, "char_end_idx": 883, "value": "New_York_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1048, "char_end_idx": 1054, "value": "Mobile" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1171, "char_end_idx": 1181, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1194, "char_end_idx": 1200, "value": "Mobile,_Alabama" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1269, "char_end_idx": 1277, "value": "Ireland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1282, "char_end_idx": 1289, "value": "German_Americans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1301, "char_end_idx": 1307, "value": "Mobile,_Alabama" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1673, "char_end_idx": 1691, "value": "Louisiana_Purchase" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1697, "char_end_idx": 1714, "value": "Mississippi_River" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1746, "char_end_idx": 1758, "value": "West_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1763, "char_end_idx": 1772, "value": "Louisiana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1785, "char_end_idx": 1796, "value": "New_Orleans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1803, "char_end_idx": 1809, "value": "Louisiana_Purchase" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1826, "char_end_idx": 1836, "value": "Gulf_Coast_of_the_United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1871, "char_end_idx": 1880, "value": "Louisiana_Purchase" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1897, "char_end_idx": 1910, "value": "Perdido_River" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1933, "char_end_idx": 1942, "value": "Louisiana_Purchase" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1948, "char_end_idx": 1961, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1979, "char_end_idx": 1992, "value": "Perdido_River" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2037, "char_end_idx": 2046, "value": "Louisiana_Purchase" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2148, "char_end_idx": 2155, "value": "Perdido_River" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2160, "char_end_idx": 2171, "value": "Mississippi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2198, "char_end_idx": 2211, "value": "United_States" } ]
"Make curvaceous, one of a kind paintings quilts from sizeable, effortless blocks. 10 tasks to stack, slice & stitch. A colourful and sundry choice of dishcloths, potholders and scrubbies are made simply available with using attractively photographed coordinating kitchen settings. there are various various types and skill degrees, and the yarns used are either glossy and simply on hand. it will be the publication that will get used time and again by means of a large choice of crocheters. Mobile developed an export trade that placed the city third, after New York and New Orleans, in total value of exports for the nation by 1860. Since these exports consisted almost entirely of cotton destined for northern and foreign textile factories, Mobile, like other cotton ports, depended Page xiv upon northern businessmen for marketing services. Furthermore, Mobile relied on New York for almost all imports. Mobile had the worst export-import imbalance of all antebellum ports. 3 As the volume of cotton exports increased, so did the population of Mobile, from 1,500 in 1820 to 30,000 in 1860. During the rapid expansion of the boom 1820s and 1830s, many northerners and Englishmen migrated to Mobile to launch commercial firms. In the 1840s and 1850s large numbers of Irishmen and Germans arrived in Mobile to seek their fortunes. By that time many of the major businesses in the city were well established, and opportunities for newcomers were thus reduced. Destitute immigrants took low-paying unskilled labor positions anywhere they could find them in the city. Their entry into the work force displaced some free blacks and slaves from menial jobs. At the time of the Louisiana Purchase, the Mississippi River served as the boundary between West Florida and Louisiana, except for New Orleans. When France had settled the Gulf Coast, however, the eastern boundary of Louisiana extended to the Perdido River. After the cession of Louisiana, the United States claimed that the Perdido River was the eastern boundary of that portion of Louisiana located south of the thirty-first parallel. 33 Mobile, located in the disputed territory between the Perdido and Mississippi rivers, was placed into a United States Customs district in 1804."
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"Farseer Solon: "There are good planets and there are bad planets. There are healthy planets and unhealthy planets. There are safe planets and dangerous planets. This place is known to every one of my race as a bad place, a diseased, dangerous place." Farseer Solon: "Everything is alive, in its way. Have you ever been in an bombed out ruin and felt an oppressiveness, a shadow on the soul? Now multiply that by a billion times and that is fairly radiating from this planet." DISCLAIMER This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.. Simple theme. Powered by Blogger."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 369, "char_end_idx": 378, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 476, "char_end_idx": 485, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 686, "char_end_idx": 695, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2249, "char_end_idx": 2258, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2876, "char_end_idx": 2885, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3002, "char_end_idx": 3011, "value": "Australia" } ]
"At 457 Jobs we are here to make your job search easier. Supercharge your search for a new job offering full Ausralian 457 Sponsorship by registering a free candidate account today. We provide all the tools you need to secure your next job. From Job Alerts to Resume Submissions, we have you covered! We are the worlds largest website dedicated to 457 Sponsored Jobs In Australia with over 500 new opportunties published each month We recognise that finding a sponsored Job in Australia can sometimes be confusing. Join our amazing community, get help and start finding your new job down under! Join a great community of jobseekers and get the tools to help you secure your next role in Australia Check out some of the key features you’ll have access to after registering your free candidate account with us. After registering your free account you’ll be granted access to your exclusive candidate dashboard. Within your dashboard you’ll be able to view a snapshot of the recent activity on our website, including the latest job postings and posts from members of our community. You’ll also be granted access to a number of new tools which will assist you in your job search. Bookmark any job you see on our site. Add your custom notes and reminders for each job you bookmark for future referencing. Bookmarked jobs will be identified in your job listings to easily identified those roles you’ve already marked of interest. Let us do the hard work for you. As a registered member you can configure job alerts which will automatically notify you when a new job is posted meeting your criteria. Configure multiple alerts using different criteria and be notified daily, weekly or fortnightly by email with details of the recent jobs meeting your search criteria. Express your interest in being considered for a job offering 457 sponsorship by submitting your resume. Not only can you use your saved resume to apply for any of the jobs accepting applications via email. Your resume will also become searchable by the recruiters advertising on our website. As the world’s largest job site dedicated to 457 Sponsored Jobs, don’t run the risk of being overlooked for opportunities and register your resume today! Not sure if your occupation is in demand in Australia. Have a question or need support with your job search? Post in our forums at any time and one of our 457 Job experts will be happy to help. We provide your own personal space for you to customise. Upload your profile picture and your own custom background. Write a short bio and include links to your social profiles. We’re not one voice but thousands of voices! Join a great community of jobseekers looking for an opportunity to build a new life down under. A unique feature of our website is that we are not just a job board, we are a community, working together to help people realise their dream of a new life in Australia. Follow members of interest and be notified when they post or interact with our website. ©2018 457 Jobs Australia - Australia's largest job board dedicated to Australian Jobs offering 457 Sponsorship"
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 49, "char_end_idx": 56, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 156, "char_end_idx": 162, "value": "Milton,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 339, "char_end_idx": 345, "value": "Milton,_Ontario" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 350, "char_end_idx": 352, "value": "FL" } ]
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[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 54, "char_end_idx": 67, "value": "Point_of_sale" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 111, "char_end_idx": 123, "value": "Raspberry_Pi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 185, "char_end_idx": 191, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 196, "char_end_idx": 204, "value": "Zionism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 282, "char_end_idx": 287, "value": "Egypt" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 329, "char_end_idx": 339, "value": "Mars_Pathfinder" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 375, "char_end_idx": 384, "value": "Sojourner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 428, "char_end_idx": 432, "value": "Mars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 559, "char_end_idx": 570, "value": "El_Salvador" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 826, "char_end_idx": 829, "value": "ICL_VME" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 834, "char_end_idx": 839, "value": "GATA3" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 949, "char_end_idx": 956, "value": "Stanley_(2001_TV_series)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1089, "char_end_idx": 1092, "value": "Skies_of_Arcadia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1176, "char_end_idx": 1182, "value": "Greece" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1253, "char_end_idx": 1261, "value": "Marathon,_Greece" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1270, "char_end_idx": 1281, "value": "Thermopylae" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1361, "char_end_idx": 1369, "value": "Franklin,_Tennessee" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1555, "char_end_idx": 1563, "value": "Southern" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1897, "char_end_idx": 1909, "value": "Scott_McCloud" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1932, "char_end_idx": 1946, "value": "Peter_Frampton" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2833, "char_end_idx": 2840, "value": "Fiddle" } ]
"For example, a very large facebook chat box cheats of Point Of Sale (POS) computers could be replaced with the Raspberry Pi. Because my thesis is that facebook chat box cheats state of Israel and Zionists in the First of all you need to download this software by given below links. KEMET capacitors were also present in both the Pathfinder probe facebook chat box cheats the Sojourner rover during their historic exploration of Mars. Declining facebook chat box cheats Dealing with facebook chat box cheats Since 2000, poverty has been steadily decreasing in El Salvador. The Living Room Community Church is located facebook chat box cheats 1409 South Garfield St. Small Table Lamps - Do you know small table lamps is most likely the most popular topics in this facebook chat box cheats. Brief Communications: Coexpression of SCL and GATA3 in the V2 fear 1.04 patch of the developing mouse spinal cord, Developmental Dynamics, 224: pp 231-237 (2002)Stanley, Holistic lessons, that involve group work, uncomplicated existence shifts. The anime is possible only going to be 25 episodes like SOA season 1 and then they do this I would rather have added a special episode for 14. Greece has handed down through the ages, immortalized in story and song, her Marathon and her Thermopylae, while other grandly historic names will go ringing down through all time, but Franklin, crowned with the heroism and washed in the blood of facebook chat box cheats of human freedom, will find no place in the record, and no shaft will rise to perpetuate the memory of the Southern soldier there. Sunday School Children Songs. It takes some thought and a little extra time to spend to make it look good. You can easily make a sketch of the below image for your diwali assignment. At this time, Free Caller ID Spoofing does not offer international calling. Posted by Mike in Freebies, Reviews, Software, Technology, Worth a Look. Twenty-five-year-old Peter Frampton is no miraculous exception. If you want to learn how to seduce women, games, and workflow recipes. I am very pleased I had the opportunity to play your course and everyone that I dealt with on your staff could not have been nicer. You can use it to play the CD and any other audio files, which equals to a free jukebox download and it is also a great audio ripper which does a excellent job in audio ripping, allowing you to play your favorite music files on it. They enjot their time while the adults feast on the soil. Simply narrated and a story full of heart, this heartwarming movie was a surprise birthday gift for me today. We have two children and two grandchildren. DataColumn is the default column type for the yiigridGridView widget. Yet because they hit so hard, almost everyone uses them. I am interested in signing up for online Big Data Hadoop classes. We want to add to Fiddler the option that would allow us to execute a sequence of requests and then tell it to repeat the same sequence N number of times. If they try to restrict or control members, they have less leaders who join and that affects their cash flow. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, resources and services. This will assist in optimizing your resources and working plans. Mixtum Mixtur Mixture Mixwit Mixx mixxt Miyowa Mizuho Capital Co. Understanding how to motivate, constantly coaching and encouraging, and ever-changing workouts is what Fitter U has brought into my life. Dynamic and vibrant industrywide struggles that have a policy-challenging nature have not been integrated with the national movement."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 397, "char_end_idx": 411, "value": "Bossier_Parish,_Louisiana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 449, "char_end_idx": 459, "value": "Shreveport,_Louisiana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 546, "char_end_idx": 552, "value": "Benton,_Arkansas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 824, "char_end_idx": 834, "value": "Shreveport,_Louisiana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1065, "char_end_idx": 1071, "value": "Palmer,_Alaska" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1076, "char_end_idx": 1089, "value": "Thompson_(surname)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1135, "char_end_idx": 1141, "value": "U-Haul" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1149, "char_end_idx": 1155, "value": "McCall,_Idaho" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1160, "char_end_idx": 1168, "value": "Thompson_(surname)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1200, "char_end_idx": 1206, "value": "Palmer,_Alaska" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1312, "char_end_idx": 1319, "value": "Bossier_Parish,_Louisiana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1324, "char_end_idx": 1338, "value": "Caddo_Parish,_Louisiana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1383, "char_end_idx": 1389, "value": "Palmer,_Alaska" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2476, "char_end_idx": 2478, "value": "HR" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2689, "char_end_idx": 2691, "value": "HR" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3855, "char_end_idx": 3858, "value": "CVs" } ]
"You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: You may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. Bossier Parish sheriff's deputies are looking for a Shreveport man who's wanted in connection with the theft of about $2800 worth of shingles from a Benton construction site. 25-year-old Enrique "Rickey" Palmer is wanted for stealing one-and-a-half pallets of shingles from a home under construction in the 1400 block of Suwannee Lane in the Woodlake Ridge subdivision. Two others believed involved in the theft, and also from Shreveport, have already been taken into custody. The theft was discovered just before midnight on July 30th when a patrol deputy noticed Lynesha McCall acting suspiciously in the neighborhood. Turns out, she was was acting as a lookout for Palmer and Paul Thompson, who were loading bundles of shingles into a U-Haul truck. McCall and Thompson were arrested on the scene but Palmer got away and remains on the loose. Deputies believe the trio may have been involved in similar thefts in Bossier and Caddo Parishes. They're asking anyone who might know where Palmer is or know anything about other similar thefts to contact Bossier Crime Stoppers at 318-424-4100 or the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office at 318-965-2203. You discover a vacancy on the web, however it is already closed. The reaction that is first to go out of the page with a sense of regret and appear further. Do not hurry. Suppose you love the vacancy: it’s your profile, you will be drawn because of the working conditions, you understand that the experience and qualifications correspond to those required. Deliver a resume because of this place, inspite of the proven fact that it’s already late. Today the professional had been taken on probation, plus in 3 days he can realize that this work is maybe not for him. The vacancy is likely to be exposed once more, but this can perhaps not happen for a passing fancy day: before the HR supervisor places a brand new vacancy he gets to the job portals… A few days will pass during which you will think that the place is occupied, but in fact — the specialist of your profile is still needed until she or. You send out your resume. The HR manager will not invite one to a job interview, as the vacancy is actually closed, but keeps your resume in your possession. Possibly, soon another vacancy will open from the profile that is same. Firstly, the HR will seek out its application database, because it is faster and easier than looking for an expert on the net. If database contains your computer data, a chance is had by you to obtain a work. The application falls to the view regarding the HR, and he realizes that the company needs you — despite the fact that the vacancy is closed. For a great expert they could find another vacancy — within the associated industry. If a professional has a high qualification, or he is strong in a narrow field (such an expert is hard to locate available in the market), they are able to open a job for him. But nothing shall take place in the event that HR does not be given a application. It has more chances to get lost when you send a resume in the general flow. A letter-response to a job that is closed knocked from the basic list, this has more possibilities to be read. The inspiration of the selection supervisor, which works in this situation: «The applicant is really persistent which he sends an application up to a job that is closed. He battles. It really is interesting! We must have a look at him. « Of course, our company is perhaps not discussing delivering CVs to all or any vacancies that are closed caught your eye on work web sites. It’s about positions that particularly appeal to you personally, and also you believe that you are a candidate that is worthy and your odds of getting this kind of job are high. Simply Take for instance a shut vacancy from our vacancy database and find out tips on how to respond to it. Once the partner’s web site is moved, we find out that the vacancy is closed. We pass into the section «All vacancies regarding the ongoing company». We come across details about the ongoing business together with target of this web site. Regarding the organization’s site we find connections, send a CV to an e-mail. The application must certanly be targeted — that is, dedicated to a vacancy or — more broadly — on an organization. The application should emphasize the ability, abilities and achievements that this company may want to consider. The vacancy in the future opens again in the cover letter (the text that makes up the «body» of the letter when you send the resume), it is worth writing that you are aware that the vacancy is closed, but would like to report about your skills and experience in case. You may want to compose that you’ll be grateful if the HR manager will think about your candidacy for any other vacancies which can be within the ongoin company — which correspond to your experience and abilities. When you look at the subject line of the letter, it isn’t required to specify the name associated with shut vacancy so that the HR manager will not exclude your letter through the field of vision. You can easily compose whom sent a resume. For instance: «Resume from the dispatcher name, surname, work connection with 8 years, i wish to operate in your business». Within the employment cover letter, make an effort to «hook» the boss. Explain why exactly you are searching for the vacancy; write why you need to work in this provider. Try not to compose formally, within the spirit of «I saw a vacancy, i would like a working task, consider my application, tips about the request.» Uncover what you might be crossing — your skills, experience, personal qualities — therefore the vacancy and / or company; write on this. This can permit you to stick out up against the background of other candidates. Summing up, we shall observe that the lists of vacancies you get on work sites in response to a demand are a simple, yet not the only link in the process of job search. Here is the material to that you simply intend to make efforts and time for you to obtain the result — an invite for an interview and employment offer. Having said that, a well-written resume and a employment cover letter are extremely likely to induce success."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47, "char_end_idx": 61, "value": "World Wide Web" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 398, "char_end_idx": 413, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 415, "char_end_idx": 430, "value": "Philippe_Alliot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 519, "char_end_idx": 531, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 533, "char_end_idx": 539, "value": "Philippe_Alliot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 587, "char_end_idx": 602, "value": "Jacques_Laffite" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 631, "char_end_idx": 641, "value": "British_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 683, "char_end_idx": 689, "value": "Equipe_Ligier" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 708, "char_end_idx": 714, "value": "Philippe_Alliot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 741, "char_end_idx": 745, "value": "Brabham_BT55" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 750, "char_end_idx": 763, "value": "Gordon_Murray" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 923, "char_end_idx": 932, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1031, "char_end_idx": 1033, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1038, "char_end_idx": 1044, "value": "Philippe_Alliot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1072, "char_end_idx": 1078, "value": "France" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1099, "char_end_idx": 1107, "value": "Philippe_Alliot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1265, "char_end_idx": 1274, "value": "French_people" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1310, "char_end_idx": 1323, "value": "Gordon_Murray" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1338, "char_end_idx": 1345, "value": "McLaren" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1347, "char_end_idx": 1357, "value": "Ron_Dennis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1366, "char_end_idx": 1372, "value": "Gordon_Murray" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1424, "char_end_idx": 1437, "value": "Steve_Nichols" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1533, "char_end_idx": 1548, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1577, "char_end_idx": 1589, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1668, "char_end_idx": 1678, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1752, "char_end_idx": 1756, "value": "Earl" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1760, "char_end_idx": 1768, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1811, "char_end_idx": 1813, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1822, "char_end_idx": 1828, "value": "Royal_family" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2123, "char_end_idx": 2146, "value": "Carel_Godin_de_Beaufort" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2148, "char_end_idx": 2166, "value": "Wolfgang_von_Trips" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2171, "char_end_idx": 2178, "value": "Thailand" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2243, "char_end_idx": 2261, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2393, "char_end_idx": 2398, "value": "Autodromo_Nazionale_Monza" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2415, "char_end_idx": 2425, "value": "Italian_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2433, "char_end_idx": 2456, "value": "Carel_Godin_de_Beaufort" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2469, "char_end_idx": 2480, "value": "Porsche_718" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2512, "char_end_idx": 2521, "value": "German GP" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2533, "char_end_idx": 2544, "value": "Nürburgring" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2648, "char_end_idx": 2654, "value": "London" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2779, "char_end_idx": 2789, "value": "Grand_Prix_motor_racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2933, "char_end_idx": 2947, "value": "The_Persuaders!" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2949, "char_end_idx": 2957, "value": "Sinclair_Broadcast_Group" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2998, "char_end_idx": 3009, "value": "Roger_Moore" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3041, "char_end_idx": 3051, "value": "Grand_Prix_motor_racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3090, "char_end_idx": 3122, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3227, "char_end_idx": 3242, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3270, "char_end_idx": 3272, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3324, "char_end_idx": 3330, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3333, "char_end_idx": 3338, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3356, "char_end_idx": 3362, "value": "Celtic_Britons" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3404, "char_end_idx": 3416, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3480, "char_end_idx": 3495, "value": "Elio_de_Angelis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3509, "char_end_idx": 3514, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3587, "char_end_idx": 3596, "value": "1995_Brazilian_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3624, "char_end_idx": 3628, "value": "Elio_de_Angelis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3648, "char_end_idx": 3655, "value": "Brabham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3706, "char_end_idx": 3719, "value": "Nelson_Piquet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3757, "char_end_idx": 3775, "value": "World_championship" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3785, "char_end_idx": 3793, "value": "Williams_Grand_Prix_Engineering" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3803, "char_end_idx": 3808, "value": "Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3848, "char_end_idx": 3861, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3881, "char_end_idx": 3886, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3961, "char_end_idx": 3968, "value": "Renault_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4035, "char_end_idx": 4043, "value": "Williams_Grand_Prix_Engineering" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4109, "char_end_idx": 4120, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4133, "char_end_idx": 4140, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4184, "char_end_idx": 4189, "value": "Honda_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4219, "char_end_idx": 4226, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4268, "char_end_idx": 4273, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4373, "char_end_idx": 4378, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4490, "char_end_idx": 4495, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4538, "char_end_idx": 4548, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4610, "char_end_idx": 4617, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4625, "char_end_idx": 4634, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4687, "char_end_idx": 4694, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4696, "char_end_idx": 4701, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4762, "char_end_idx": 4773, "value": "Elio_de_Angelis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4844, "char_end_idx": 4849, "value": "Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4870, "char_end_idx": 4880, "value": "Peter_Warr" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4943, "char_end_idx": 4949, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5014, "char_end_idx": 5027, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5035, "char_end_idx": 5042, "value": "Renault_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5141, "char_end_idx": 5146, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5171, "char_end_idx": 5178, "value": "Brabham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5194, "char_end_idx": 5204, "value": "Elio_de_Angelis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5235, "char_end_idx": 5240, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5313, "char_end_idx": 5318, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5365, "char_end_idx": 5382, "value": "Maurício_Gugelmin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5420, "char_end_idx": 5426, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5464, "char_end_idx": 5472, "value": "Maurício_Gugelmin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5545, "char_end_idx": 5553, "value": "Maurício_Gugelmin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5573, "char_end_idx": 5575, "value": "F1" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5633, "char_end_idx": 5641, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5643, "char_end_idx": 5652, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5682, "char_end_idx": 5688, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5792, "char_end_idx": 5794, "value": "General_practitioner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5835, "char_end_idx": 5840, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5855, "char_end_idx": 5861, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5879, "char_end_idx": 5889, "value": "British F3" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5937, "char_end_idx": 5954, "value": "David_Price_Racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6029, "char_end_idx": 6037, "value": "Canada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6038, "char_end_idx": 6048, "value": "Allen_Berg" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6080, "char_end_idx": 6084, "value": "Scot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6163, "char_end_idx": 6194, "value": "FIA_Formula_3_European_Championship" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6209, "char_end_idx": 6221, "value": "Ivan_Capelli" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6277, "char_end_idx": 6285, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6304, "char_end_idx": 6318, "value": "Gerhard_Berger" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6361, "char_end_idx": 6367, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6398, "char_end_idx": 6412, "value": "Donington_Park" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6466, "char_end_idx": 6472, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6536, "char_end_idx": 6545, "value": "Lola_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6621, "char_end_idx": 6628, "value": "Scuderia_Ferrari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6679, "char_end_idx": 6684, "value": "F3000" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6721, "char_end_idx": 6727, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6758, "char_end_idx": 6768, "value": "Grand_Prix_motor_racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6777, "char_end_idx": 6784, "value": "Brabham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6786, "char_end_idx": 6793, "value": "McLaren" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6795, "char_end_idx": 6800, "value": "Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6802, "char_end_idx": 6810, "value": "Williams_Grand_Prix_Engineering" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6826, "char_end_idx": 6833, "value": "Ferrari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6931, "char_end_idx": 6937, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6964, "char_end_idx": 6974, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6978, "char_end_idx": 6984, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7076, "char_end_idx": 7081, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7250, "char_end_idx": 7255, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7331, "char_end_idx": 7337, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7409, "char_end_idx": 7414, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7419, "char_end_idx": 7425, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7596, "char_end_idx": 7602, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7666, "char_end_idx": 7672, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7699, "char_end_idx": 7708, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7744, "char_end_idx": 7755, "value": "Autódromo_Internacional_Nelson_Piquet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7893, "char_end_idx": 7899, "value": "Monaco_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7922, "char_end_idx": 7928, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7947, "char_end_idx": 7950, "value": "2009_NBA_playoffs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7995, "char_end_idx": 8001, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8067, "char_end_idx": 8079, "value": "Brands_Hatch" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8166, "char_end_idx": 8172, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8193, "char_end_idx": 8199, "value": "Germany" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8210, "char_end_idx": 8224, "value": "Hockenheimring" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8255, "char_end_idx": 8264, "value": "Stefan_Johansson" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8265, "char_end_idx": 8269, "value": "Teo_Fabi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8465, "char_end_idx": 8471, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8502, "char_end_idx": 8513, "value": "Hungaroring" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8538, "char_end_idx": 8547, "value": "2009_Hungarian_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8548, "char_end_idx": 8550, "value": "General_practitioner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8673, "char_end_idx": 8679, "value": "Mexico" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8680, "char_end_idx": 8686, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8799, "char_end_idx": 8805, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8818, "char_end_idx": 8830, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8851, "char_end_idx": 8856, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8929, "char_end_idx": 8934, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9091, "char_end_idx": 9097, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9111, "char_end_idx": 9113, "value": "General_practitioner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9189, "char_end_idx": 9197, "value": "Adelaide_Street_Circuit" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9213, "char_end_idx": 9219, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9247, "char_end_idx": 9253, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9288, "char_end_idx": 9294, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9428, "char_end_idx": 9431, "value": "Jewish_Publication_Society_of_America_Version" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9447, "char_end_idx": 9454, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9588, "char_end_idx": 9593, "value": "Honda_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9624, "char_end_idx": 9629, "value": "Honda_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9677, "char_end_idx": 9685, "value": "Japan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9701, "char_end_idx": 9716, "value": "Satoru_Nakajima" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9721, "char_end_idx": 9727, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9751, "char_end_idx": 9756, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9781, "char_end_idx": 9789, "value": "Zakspeed" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9826, "char_end_idx": 9840, "value": "Martin_Brundle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9845, "char_end_idx": 9861, "value": "Christian_Danner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9871, "char_end_idx": 9877, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9947, "char_end_idx": 9957, "value": "Grand_Prix_motor_racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10079, "char_end_idx": 10087, "value": "Benetton_Formula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10131, "char_end_idx": 10137, "value": "Sauber_Motorsport" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10176, "char_end_idx": 10190, "value": "Mike_Thackwell" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10223, "char_end_idx": 10227, "value": "Champ_Car" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10239, "char_end_idx": 10251, "value": "Chip_Ganassi_Racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10267, "char_end_idx": 10274, "value": "24_Hours_of_Le_Mans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10339, "char_end_idx": 10345, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10400, "char_end_idx": 10407, "value": "24_Hours_of_Le_Mans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10445, "char_end_idx": 10448, "value": "Tom_Walkinshaw_Racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10449, "char_end_idx": 10455, "value": "Jaguar_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10488, "char_end_idx": 10499, "value": "Jan_Lammers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10504, "char_end_idx": 10516, "value": "Andy_Wallace_(racing_driver)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10532, "char_end_idx": 10538, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10600, "char_end_idx": 10607, "value": "24_Hours_of_Le_Mans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10618, "char_end_idx": 10625, "value": "Andy_Wallace_(racing_driver)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10723, "char_end_idx": 10728, "value": "F3000" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10742, "char_end_idx": 10748, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10812, "char_end_idx": 10820, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10857, "char_end_idx": 10865, "value": "Benetton_Formula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10924, "char_end_idx": 10931, "value": "Circuito_do_Estoril" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10968, "char_end_idx": 10974, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11014, "char_end_idx": 11020, "value": "Toyota_Racing_(Formula_One_team)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11079, "char_end_idx": 11086, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11131, "char_end_idx": 11138, "value": "Le Mans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11140, "char_end_idx": 11146, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11308, "char_end_idx": 11314, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11438, "char_end_idx": 11443, "value": "TOM'S" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11458, "char_end_idx": 11461, "value": "Automobile_Club_de_l'Ouest" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11578, "char_end_idx": 11582, "value": "Prince_Edward,_Earl_of_Wessex" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11589, "char_end_idx": 11597, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11743, "char_end_idx": 11749, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11774, "char_end_idx": 11780, "value": "Toyota_Racing_(Formula_One_team)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11822, "char_end_idx": 11828, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11907, "char_end_idx": 11922, "value": "Sauber-Mercedes" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11978, "char_end_idx": 11984, "value": "Toyota_Racing_(Formula_One_team)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12008, "char_end_idx": 12014, "value": "Nissan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12055, "char_end_idx": 12061, "value": "Circuito_del_Jarama" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12079, "char_end_idx": 12096, "value": "Circuit_de_Spa-Francorchamps" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12102, "char_end_idx": 12108, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12149, "char_end_idx": 12156, "value": "24_Hours_of_Le_Mans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12250, "char_end_idx": 12266, "value": "Earl_of_Dumfries" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12585, "char_end_idx": 12596, "value": "Jan_Lammers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12670, "char_end_idx": 12676, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12774, "char_end_idx": 12781, "value": "Big Cat" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12850, "char_end_idx": 12856, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12940, "char_end_idx": 12944, "value": "Jaguar_XJR-9" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12979, "char_end_idx": 12996, "value": "Maserati_Tipo_61" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13127, "char_end_idx": 13133, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13218, "char_end_idx": 13226, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13297, "char_end_idx": 13312, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13463, "char_end_idx": 13475, "value": "Formula_Ford" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13521, "char_end_idx": 13523, "value": "Formula_Three" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13529, "char_end_idx": 13540, "value": "Dave_Morgan_(racing_driver)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13603, "char_end_idx": 13620, "value": "David_Price_Racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13670, "char_end_idx": 13677, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13825, "char_end_idx": 13833, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13911, "char_end_idx": 13923, "value": "Ivan_Capelli" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13928, "char_end_idx": 13942, "value": "Gerhard_Berger" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14015, "char_end_idx": 14022, "value": "Italy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14119, "char_end_idx": 14123, "value": "Onyx_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14182, "char_end_idx": 14192, "value": "ACI_Vallelunga_Circuit" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14252, "char_end_idx": 14260, "value": "Lotus_F1" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14340, "char_end_idx": 14352, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14392, "char_end_idx": 14405, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14455, "char_end_idx": 14470, "value": "Elio_de_Angelis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14474, "char_end_idx": 14481, "value": "Brabham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14487, "char_end_idx": 14496, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14538, "char_end_idx": 14543, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14714, "char_end_idx": 14721, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14727, "char_end_idx": 14732, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15006, "char_end_idx": 15014, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15074, "char_end_idx": 15079, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15100, "char_end_idx": 15105, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15142, "char_end_idx": 15148, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15180, "char_end_idx": 15187, "value": "Hungary" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15257, "char_end_idx": 15262, "value": "Ayrton_Senna" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15322, "char_end_idx": 15331, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15391, "char_end_idx": 15396, "value": "Lotus_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15428, "char_end_idx": 15433, "value": "Honda_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15458, "char_end_idx": 15466, "value": "Williams_Grand_Prix_Engineering" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15523, "char_end_idx": 15538, "value": "Satoru_Nakajima" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15542, "char_end_idx": 15547, "value": "Japan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15567, "char_end_idx": 15575, "value": "John_Crichton-Stuart,_7th_Marquess_of_Bute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15587, "char_end_idx": 15589, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15625, "char_end_idx": 15633, "value": "Benetton_Formula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15678, "char_end_idx": 15685, "value": "Porsche" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15687, "char_end_idx": 15693, "value": "Toyota_Racing_(Formula_One_team)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15695, "char_end_idx": 15701, "value": "Jaguar_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15710, "char_end_idx": 15717, "value": "24_Hours_of_Le_Mans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15734, "char_end_idx": 15740, "value": "Philippe_Alliot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15780, "char_end_idx": 15782, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15980, "char_end_idx": 15990, "value": "Andrea_de_Cesaris" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15995, "char_end_idx": 16001, "value": "Jean-Pierre_Jarier" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16090, "char_end_idx": 16097, "value": "Renault_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16174, "char_end_idx": 16177, "value": "RAM_Racing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16220, "char_end_idx": 16226, "value": "Equipe_Ligier" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16238, "char_end_idx": 16245, "value": "Jacques_Laffite" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16286, "char_end_idx": 16290, "value": "Lola_Cars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16301, "char_end_idx": 16316, "value": "Lamborghini_V12" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16392, "char_end_idx": 16398, "value": "Ligier" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16426, "char_end_idx": 16428, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16446, "char_end_idx": 16453, "value": "Peugeot" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16485, "char_end_idx": 16494, "value": "Larrousse" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16513, "char_end_idx": 16518, "value": "Autodromo_Enzo_e_Dino_Ferrari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16561, "char_end_idx": 16568, "value": "McLaren" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16613, "char_end_idx": 16621, "value": "Mika_Häkkinen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16634, "char_end_idx": 16643, "value": "Larrousse" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16677, "char_end_idx": 16684, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16721, "char_end_idx": 16728, "value": "Nigel_Mansell" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16971, "char_end_idx": 16978, "value": "Renault_in_Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17064, "char_end_idx": 17069, "value": "Prost_Grand_Prix" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17099, "char_end_idx": 17106, "value": "Derek_Warwick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17233, "char_end_idx": 17238, "value": "Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17283, "char_end_idx": 17290, "value": "Brabham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17314, "char_end_idx": 17324, "value": "Elio_de_Angelis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17426, "char_end_idx": 17432, "value": "Arrows_Grand_Prix_International" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17505, "char_end_idx": 17512, "value": "McLaren" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17517, "char_end_idx": 17524, "value": "Scuderia_Ferrari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17646, "char_end_idx": 17651, "value": "Team_Lotus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17758, "char_end_idx": 17760, "value": "Formula_One" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17792, "char_end_idx": 17821, "value": "Triple Eight Race Engineering" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17831, "char_end_idx": 17847, "value": "Opel_Vectra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17855, "char_end_idx": 17859, "value": "British_Touring_Car_Championship" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17910, "char_end_idx": 17919, "value": "Knockhill_Racing_Circuit" } ]
"Welcome to Who? What? Where? When? Why? on the World Wide Web. Your comments, criticism and suggestions: (replace # with @). 8W is's motorsport history section and covers the drivers, cars, circuits, eras and technology that shaped the face, sounds and smells of motor racing. Three of the most striking failures of the 1986 season captured in one picture: Johnny Dumfries, Philippe Alliot and the Brabham-BMW BT55. The first one was victim of a career demolition machine named Ayrton Senna. Alliot was the supremely disappointing replacement of Jacques Laffite, who before his unfortunate British GP smash did wonderful things with the best Ligier for years whereas Alliot emphatically did not. The BT55 was Gordon Murray's sublime disaster, the star designer reaching for the stars with his low-line design but instead sinking down into a dark sea of non-finishes and even death. Dumfries' failure was no doubt the saddest of the three, since he was the only one not to get a reprieve in F1. In Alliot's case, there was always a French team around to give Philippe yet another break, despite his mediocre talent - in an age when the number of entries was soon to peak at 40 it seems someone always had a seat left for the Frenchman. And there was someone else giving Gordon Murray his break. At McLaren, Ron Dennis allowed Gordon's low-line thoughts to sink in with chief designer Steve Nichols, the pair coming up with perhaps the most dominating GP machine ever, the McLaren-Honda MP4/4. Johnny Dumfries, however, was the residu of Ayrton Senna's grinding mill, and he remained so, left with absolutely no chance to rejoin Grand Prix racing. Yet with his aristocratic background John Colum Crichton-Stuart, Earl of Dumfries, had provided a colourful addition to the F1 circus. Royals and other blue-blooded members of the aristocracy have always been around in motorsport ever since the very early days of competition. The reasons were obvious since not many folk beyond the noble and the rich could buy a motorcar for competition in the early 1900s, let alone for private use. Carel Godin de Beaufort, Wolfgang von Trips and Siamese prince "B Bira" are only a few of the later names to crop up in World Championship racing proper. Sadly these three all died under tragic circumstances. "Taffy" von Trips was killed in his sharknose-Ferrari 156 at Monza during the 1961 Italian GP. Count Carel Godin de Beaufort crashed his Porsche 718 during qualifying for the 1964 German GP at the old Nürburgring. "B Bira" escaped death in a race car but died forgotten in 1985 at the Earl's Court subway station in London. In fact it took days before the elderly man was identified as the royal he was. We also remember the occasional foray into Grand Prix racing by Lord Brett Sinclair. Of course the latter figure was a fictional character from the hugely popular early-seventies television series The Persuaders. Sinclair's role was portrayed by none other than Roger Moore… Then, in 1986, in an age when Grand Prix racing had become synonymous with the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, the playground for 25 to 35 talented men (some of them hugely talented, others hugely sponsored), came Johnny Dumfries. It was his single year in F1, and he wasn't even supposed to be there. In fact, Johnny's Lotus team had another Briton in mind to partner their new lead driver Ayrton Senna, who had used the 1985 season to slowly shoefork his team mate Elio de Angelis - a six-year Lotus member - out of the number one seat within the team. The ever political Brazilian succeeded conclusively and Elio sought refuge with Brabham, themselves in need of a new number one, now that Nelson Piquet had finally got himself into another World Championship mount at Williams. The man Lotus had pencilled in for the No.11 car was Derek Warwick. One year earlier, Derek had already missed his big break, believing his short-term prospects with Renault were better than a long-term future with Canon Williams Honda. So Williams signed their number two choice, who went on to win his first two Grands Prix in a season Warwick thought was going to be marred by terrible Honda reliability. The next winter Warwick again was the number one choice, now for Lotus. And again the back-up choice got the drive but this time the scenario was somewhat different from Derek's 1985 drama. That time he had himself to blame, this time he was plainly blocked. By his team mate not-to-be… Senna felt his exclusive number one position in Team Lotus would be threatened by the underrated but extremely talented Warwick so the Brazilian exercised a contractual veto against the signing of Warwick. Senna even threatened to leave Team Lotus for Brabham - following De Angelis! - in case his veto wasn't honoured. Needless to say, the Chapman-less Lotus team, now headed by Peter Warr, were impressed and duly gave way - which looking at the wins Ayrton gave them wasn't entirely unjust. The upshot of it all was that Derek Warwick had no Renault team to go back to, forcing him to look to sportscars. Then, in a cruel mid-season twist of fate, Derek became the one to go to Brabham, not following De Angelis but replacing him. Meanwhile, Lotus were still without a second driver. To "help" the team solve the matter Senna then promoted his compatriot and close friend Mauricio Gugelmin for the number two seat. In the end, Ayrton didn't get all his wishes granted as Gugelmin was deemed too inexperienced by the team. They had a case in hand since Mauricio was not to get his F1 break until two years later. But then they signed rookie Dumfries. Dumfries' boyish looks fooled many but Johnny was already 28 by 1986. He did however earn his seat by merit as he had already logged many miles in a GP car before he got the 1986 race seat at Lotus. Back in 1984 Johnny had been crowned British F3 champion, driving a Ralt RT3/83-Volkswagen for Dave Price Racing. He finished the season with 106 points and scored 10 wins. Runner-up was Canadian Allen Berg on 67 points. The blue-blooded Scot was on his way to the double in 1984 but he eventually finished second in the European Formula 3 Championship on 53 points, Ivan Capelli taking the title on 60 points. Thanks to his four wins Dumfries finished ahead of Gerhard Berger, who scored 49 points. 1984 had also seen Johnny sample a Lotus-Renault 95T at Donington Park as his testing skills were highly regarded. 1985 saw Johnny share his driving duties between an Onyx March 85B and a works Lola T950 in the inaugural F3000 International Championship. He was also employed by Ferrari as a test driver. There was little success in the F3000 championship but by the end of 1985 Johnny had already logged miles in a Grand Prix car for Brabham, McLaren, Lotus, Williams as well as his Ferrari duties. So, in spite of being a rookie, he was well-prepared for his entry at the highest level. Johnny had a promising debut for Team Lotus in Brazil. He was a fine 11th on the grid and set fourth fastest lap. Some mid-race confusion in the Lotus pits meant that he was unlucky not to score points in his premier GP. Dumfries' Lotus had developed a misfire mid-race and he arrived in the pits just at the time that Senna was about to pit for new tyres. The pit crew promptly changed the tyres on Johnny's car and sent him out again. Next time around the pit was occupied by Senna and Johnny had to struggle around another lap with the misfiring engine before being able to pit again. During the third stop in as many laps the misfire was swiftly dealt with but Johnny's chances for a point-scoring finish were gone. Unfortunately, Brazil remained the highlight of Dumfries' season. The early promise shown at Jacarepagua wasn't quite fulfilled and the rest of the season was not on par with his debut drive. An early accident during qualifying at the twisty Monaco track meant that poor Johnny even had to put a DNQ on his 1986 resumé. On a track he knew well Johnny was again inside the top-ten during qualifying at his home GP at Brands Hatch. He finished the race just outside the points in seventh place. In our picture we see Johnny at the start of the German GP at the Hockenheimring, in his evasive action to the Johansson/Fabi accident to the left of him. His race was over when he pitted for fresh tyres while lying 7th. His pit crew detected a holed water radiator. On equal terms with all the other drivers on the grid Johnny drove a solid race at the new Hungaroring track for the inaugural Hungarian GP. A eighth position on the grid was converted into a fine fifth place in the end. In the penultimate race of the season at Mexico Johnny was again plagued by problems, which had led to a lowly 17th grid position. He was out by lap 14. As a contrast Johnny's team mate Ayrton Senna had put his similar Lotus on the pole for the seventh time that season. On his way to third place Senna passed the radar at 215.228mph - equal to 346.302kph… Despite a relatively draggy car the ultra-high turbo boosts of the mid 1980s helped to overcome that! Johnny bowed out of GP racing by finishing a fine 6th and scoring his third championship point at Adelaide. In retrospect Johnny's three points compared to Ayrton's 55 honestly did more to confirm Ayrton's exceptional skills than the other way around. But as we said, that's in retrospect… This race was also last time we saw the famous JPS colours on the Lotuses. For next year it would all change. For the 1987 season the cars would be in an unfamiliar bright Camel yellow, and more importantly Honda engines had been secured. The Honda engines however came thanks to the courtesy of Japanese veteran driver Satoru Nakajima. So Johnny was elbowed out of the Lotus team. He had talks with Zakspeed for 1987 but they eventually signed Martin Brundle and Christian Danner instead. Johnny had to look elsewhere and he chose the popular option for washed out Grand Prix drivers: Group C racing. But as he was also remembered for his renowned testing skills he signed a testing contract with Benetton as well. In sportscars he was entered in a Sauber C9 which he shared with the enigmatic Mike Thackwell and none other than the present CART team owner Chip Ganassi, for his first Le Mans in 1987. The transmission lasted only 37 laps on this occasion. Johnny's finest hour came during next year's 24-hour race at Le Mans when he scored a popular win for the TWR Jaguar team. His driving partners were Jan Lammers and Andy Wallace. 1988 also saw Johnny return to competitive single-seater driving when he replaced Le Mans co-winner Wallace in the GEM Motorsport Reynard 88D for the last races of the season. But in the ultra-competitive F3000 championship Johnny seemed lost as he did not have any strong showings. Meanwhile, Dumfries continued on his testing duties for Benetton during the 1989 and 1990 seasons, his final test being at Estoril in December of 1990 testing a B190. Johnny also spent these two seasons driving a Toyota for the TOM'S Taka-Q team. For most viewers - but not for Johnny! - the most memorable moment of 1989 came at Le Mans. Johnny had slid wide in the Porsche Curves and bent the rear suspension on his Toyota 89CV, coming to a halt at the side of the track. In front of dozens of TV cameras Johnny set about trying to make temporary repairs on his car, a frantic activity which lasted for two whole hours, with hordes of TOM'S mechanics and ACO officials watching over his shoulders, the latter ones keeping the former ones from illegally helping the desperate Earl. When Dumfries finally got the car going it caught a camera power cable from one of the attending TV crews and this got wound around the wheel, destroying poor Johnny's temporary repair… The Toyota years of 1989-'90 did not bring much for Johnny in the way of results. Unreliable cars and strong opposition from TWR Jaguar, Sauber-Mercedes but also - no doubt much to the dissatisfaction of the Toyota people - the improving Nissan cars prevented that. A seventh place at Jarama and an eighth at Spa-Francorchamps were Johnny's poor rewards. His final appearance at Le Mans came in an ancient Porsche-powered Cougar C26S. The flat-6 expired on lap 45 and with it the Earl of Dumfries faded away from the big scene. At the 2000 Festival of Speed Johnny - in the art business nowadays and himself a talented painter - put on a new set of overalls, these being fire-proof again, as he reacquainted himself with his Le Mans-winning Silk Cut Jaguar mount. A happy rendez-vous with his erstwhile team leader Jan Lammers preceded a spectacular run up the hill - or rather, towards the hill, as Johnny missed his breaking point at Molecomb, the sharp lefthander turning towards the hill ascent. The Big Cat slid off straight ahead and comprehensively thumped the hay stacks. Johnny climbed out and raised his hands towards his helmet in despair but fortunately the XJR9 proved much more durable than the Maserati Birdcage that had gone off a while before and was towed away with a severely bent nose. This time, however, the straw bales suffered more. Johnny will have happily returned to his painting. John Colom Crichton-Stuart, the Earl of Dumfries, preferred to make it in his own right, so stuck with the more basic “Johnny Dumfries.” Ironically, it seems, his career lost momentum through lack of adequate backing. In 1980 he made his start, driving karts, and in 1981 it was on to Formula Ford. His ability was sufficient that he moved to F3 with Dave Morgan, two years later. Then, in 1984, he really blossomed with the Dave Price Racing / BP Ralt-VW. From the first seven rounds of the British series, he won six and had one second place. That pretty much set him up for a dominant display, and he was able to fit in plenty of rounds in the European championship, where he also challenged for supremacy against such talents as Ivan Capelli and Gerhard Berger. Four wins and two seconds got him within four points of the victorious Italian, whilst four more wins at home won him that title by a crushing margin. This led to a ride with Onyx in F3000, but he only managed to score a single point, at Vallelunga, and he was let go early. Having done some testing for the Lotus F1 team, however, a better chance opened up for him in 1986. This came about when Ayrton Senna told the team that he would not accept Derek Warwick as his new team-mate, following the departure of Elio de Angelis to Brabham. The Brazilian reasoned, quite possibly correctly, that Lotus were, at this stage in their illustrious history, unable to properly field two competitive cars that could challenge for good results. It may not have seemed that way to Warwick, but Senna probably felt it would be unfair for a driver of his talents to be saddled with the second rate equipment. And, of course, he was also trying to make sure that efforts would not detract from his own prospects. Therefore a rookie team-mate was just what was called for, and Dumfries was offered what would obviously be the number two seat at Lotus. So it proved, with Senna scoring 55 points and two wins, and Johnny managing only three points. In Hungary he qualified in a best for him of eighth (in the next race, this was Senna’s worst grid slot), and came home fifth. He had a sixth in Australia, two sevenths and two ninths. For 1987, it was all change. Lotus secured a second supply of the Honda engines already used by Williams, and a condition of this was to give the second seat to Satoru Nakajima of Japan. After one season, Dumfries was out of F1. He would do some test driving for Benetton, but then it was into sportscar racing with Porsche, Toyota, Jaguar. He won Le Mans in 1988. As for Alliot, he spent a great deal more time as an F1 driver, but with precious little reward - seven points in more than 100 races. Whilst capable of a blindingly quick lap time, he was never the complete article, ‘erratic’ being the best word. Like de Cesaris and Jarier (perhaps), the speed wasn’t always there, and sometimes a crash wouldn’t be far away. F Renault, 1976-78, F3 1979-82, F2 1983. He then spent two years in the uncompetitive RAM, he was in a useful car when he took over Ligier of injured Laffite (1 pt), got three 6ths in the non-turbo Lola ’87, with Lamborghini V12 in ’89 he qualified in the top 8 four times, before he got stuck in a slow Ligier He was two years away from F1 and took wins in Peugeot sportscars, before a return to Larrousse gave him a 5th at Imola. For 1994 he became the Peugeot-appointed McLaren test driver and did one race for the banned Häkkinen and one for Larrousse before a switch to Touring Cars. Warwick was rated as a better prospect than Mansell in the early eighties, but never had the same break as his countryman. After three years helping to build up the momentum of the turbo-charged Toleman-Harts, culminating in nine points at the end of 1983, he moved up with the chance to go to Renault. In two years, the team gradually slipped further away from the form that had helped Prost challenge for the title, and Warwick never got the win that had seemed inevitable after a strong first race. Without a drive as 1986 started, having missed out at Lotus (see above), he was soon to find a place at Brabham after the sad death of de Angelis in testing. The closest he came, thereafter, to the heights of his seventh overall in 1984, was with Arrows in 1988. At this stage, the team had the strongest turbo car outside of McLaren and Ferrari, but with competition from the ‘atmo’ brigade, as well. A string of points finishes took him to equal seventh. He got to Lotus in 1990, but their best days were long gone, so then it was into sportscars (and great success) before an F1 revival in 1993. Currently his Triple Eight Race Engineering runs the Vauxhall Vectras in the BTCC, which he himself drove in '97-'98, with a win at Knockhill."
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"Elbit_Systems" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6631, "char_end_idx": 6637, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6668, "char_end_idx": 6680, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6684, "char_end_idx": 6688, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6702, "char_end_idx": 6706, "value": "Nero" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6715, "char_end_idx": 6717, "value": "United_Nations" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6783, "char_end_idx": 6789, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6822, "char_end_idx": 6826, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6876, "char_end_idx": 6878, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6930, "char_end_idx": 6936, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6999, "char_end_idx": 7001, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7068, "char_end_idx": 7074, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7104, "char_end_idx": 7135, "value": "Campaign_Against_Arms_Trade" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7150, "char_end_idx": 7152, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7255, "char_end_idx": 7259, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7322, "char_end_idx": 7324, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7521, "char_end_idx": 7532, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7572, "char_end_idx": 7595, "value": "The_Electronic_Intifada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7763, "char_end_idx": 7768, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7916, "char_end_idx": 7921, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7967, "char_end_idx": 7980, "value": "Elbit_Systems" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7999, "char_end_idx": 8005, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8064, "char_end_idx": 8069, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8269, "char_end_idx": 8274, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8376, "char_end_idx": 8382, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8401, "char_end_idx": 8407, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8494, "char_end_idx": 8500, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8518, "char_end_idx": 8524, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8631, "char_end_idx": 8640, "value": "Dick_Jasiewicz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8724, "char_end_idx": 8731, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8745, "char_end_idx": 8752, "value": "Haaretz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8784, "char_end_idx": 8796, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8842, "char_end_idx": 8848, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8983, "char_end_idx": 8992, "value": "Bethlehem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8993, "char_end_idx": 9016, "value": "Americans_for_Peace_Now" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9045, "char_end_idx": 9052, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9070, "char_end_idx": 9077, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9124, "char_end_idx": 9127, "value": "Non-governmental_organization" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9155, "char_end_idx": 9160, "value": "Likud" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9165, "char_end_idx": 9181, "value": "The_Jewish_Home" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9248, "char_end_idx": 9255, "value": "Haaretz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9306, "char_end_idx": 9321, "value": "New_Israel_Fund" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9324, "char_end_idx": 9331, "value": "Haaretz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9336, "char_end_idx": 9348, "value": "Israel_Hayom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9397, "char_end_idx": 9404, "value": "Reuters" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9512, "char_end_idx": 9526, "value": "United_Nations" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9581, "char_end_idx": 9587, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9778, "char_end_idx": 9793, "value": "Israeli_new_shekel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9971, "char_end_idx": 9980, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10022, "char_end_idx": 10024, "value": "Pennsylvania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10078, "char_end_idx": 10084, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10133, "char_end_idx": 10135, "value": "Pennsylvania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10166, "char_end_idx": 10168, "value": "Pennsylvania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10250, "char_end_idx": 10264, "value": "Rami_Hamdallah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10423, "char_end_idx": 10429, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10569, "char_end_idx": 10578, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10629, "char_end_idx": 10631, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10633, "char_end_idx": 10648, "value": "Netherlands" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10653, "char_end_idx": 10662, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10669, "char_end_idx": 10676, "value": "Reuters" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10679, "char_end_idx": 10683, "value": "Ynet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10729, "char_end_idx": 10736, "value": "William_Schabas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10748, "char_end_idx": 10757, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10841, "char_end_idx": 10847, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10850, "char_end_idx": 10865, "value": "William_Schabas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10943, "char_end_idx": 10950, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10978, "char_end_idx": 10989, "value": "Middle East" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10996, "char_end_idx": 11002, "value": "Reuven_Rivlin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11013, "char_end_idx": 11019, "value": "Hebron" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11036, "char_end_idx": 11042, "value": "Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11055, "char_end_idx": 11064, "value": "Palestine_(region)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11102, "char_end_idx": 11108, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11119, "char_end_idx": 11125, "value": "Meretz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11209, "char_end_idx": 11220, "value": "Likud" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11227, "char_end_idx": 11241, "value": "Marwan_Bishara" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11244, "char_end_idx": 11254, "value": "Al_Jazeera" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11280, "char_end_idx": 11287, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11303, "char_end_idx": 11321, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11331, "char_end_idx": 11333, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11342, "char_end_idx": 11355, "value": "Chuck_Schumer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11357, "char_end_idx": 11363, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11412, "char_end_idx": 11420, "value": "Democratic_Party_(United_States)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11439, "char_end_idx": 11451, "value": "Barack_Obama" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11453, "char_end_idx": 11460, "value": "Marwan_Bishara" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11518, "char_end_idx": 11529, "value": "News_agency" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11666, "char_end_idx": 11673, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11688, "char_end_idx": 11699, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11714, "char_end_idx": 11721, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11769, "char_end_idx": 11773, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11882, "char_end_idx": 11892, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11906, "char_end_idx": 11914, "value": "B'Tselem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11976, "char_end_idx": 11980, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11996, "char_end_idx": 12021, "value": "2014_Israel–Gaza_conflict" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12096, "char_end_idx": 12102, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12107, "char_end_idx": 12112, "value": "Hamas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12185, "char_end_idx": 12192, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12292, "char_end_idx": 12304, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12423, "char_end_idx": 12435, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12588, "char_end_idx": 12599, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12623, "char_end_idx": 12629, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12724, "char_end_idx": 12731, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12806, "char_end_idx": 12813, "value": "Haaretz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12833, "char_end_idx": 12849, "value": "Democratic_Party_(United_States)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12870, "char_end_idx": 12888, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12899, "char_end_idx": 12907, "value": "United_States_Congress" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12978, "char_end_idx": 12987, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12999, "char_end_idx": 13008, "value": "Democratic_Party_(United_States)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13122, "char_end_idx": 13132, "value": "Democratic_Party_(United_States)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13156, "char_end_idx": 13161, "value": "House" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13170, "char_end_idx": 13176, "value": "United_States_Senate" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13185, "char_end_idx": 13194, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13275, "char_end_idx": 13287, "value": "Nancy_Pelosi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13346, "char_end_idx": 13356, "value": "Democratic_Party_(United_States)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13381, "char_end_idx": 13390, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13415, "char_end_idx": 13430, "value": "Isabel_Kershner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13432, "char_end_idx": 13441, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13444, "char_end_idx": 13450, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13521, "char_end_idx": 13530, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13554, "char_end_idx": 13565, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13611, "char_end_idx": 13624, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13701, "char_end_idx": 13707, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13724, "char_end_idx": 13733, "value": "John_Bell_(Tennessee_politician)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13865, "char_end_idx": 13872, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13934, "char_end_idx": 13941, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14164, "char_end_idx": 14175, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14197, "char_end_idx": 14209, "value": "Rome_Statute_of_the_International_Criminal_Court" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14266, "char_end_idx": 14273, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14289, "char_end_idx": 14317, "value": "International_Criminal_Court" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14319, "char_end_idx": 14327, "value": "B'Tselem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14359, "char_end_idx": 14365, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14426, "char_end_idx": 14429, "value": "International_humanitarian_law" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14522, "char_end_idx": 14525, "value": "International_humanitarian_law" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14609, "char_end_idx": 14620, "value": "News_agency" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14625, "char_end_idx": 14632, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14690, "char_end_idx": 14701, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14715, "char_end_idx": 14722, "value": "Bedouin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14749, "char_end_idx": 14762, "value": "Jordan Valley" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14828, "char_end_idx": 14835, "value": "Bedouin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14882, "char_end_idx": 14889, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15037, "char_end_idx": 15080, "value": "Palestinian_Environmental_NGOs_Network" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15088, "char_end_idx": 15093, "value": "UNRWA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15096, "char_end_idx": 15101, "value": "International_Middle_East_Media_Center" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15103, "char_end_idx": 15107, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15126, "char_end_idx": 15131, "value": "UNRWA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15192, "char_end_idx": 15196, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15585, "char_end_idx": 15588, "value": "United_States_dollar" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15620, "char_end_idx": 15625, "value": "Cairo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15687, "char_end_idx": 15691, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15735, "char_end_idx": 15739, "value": "Acri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15784, "char_end_idx": 15792, "value": "Justices" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15890, "char_end_idx": 15904, "value": "East_Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15963, "char_end_idx": 15970, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16053, "char_end_idx": 16063, "value": "Ras_Khamis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16299, "char_end_idx": 16308, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16361, "char_end_idx": 16372, "value": "Neve_Gordon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16375, "char_end_idx": 16384, "value": "Aljazeera" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16707, "char_end_idx": 16719, "value": "Daoud_Kuttab" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16722, "char_end_idx": 16732, "value": "Al-Monitor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16764, "char_end_idx": 16776, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16780, "char_end_idx": 16786, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16882, "char_end_idx": 16889, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16890, "char_end_idx": 16897, "value": "Knesset" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16937, "char_end_idx": 16949, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17031, "char_end_idx": 17037, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17063, "char_end_idx": 17096, "value": "Palestine_Liberation_Organization" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17098, "char_end_idx": 17101, "value": "Palestine_Liberation_Organization" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17174, "char_end_idx": 17184, "value": "Al-Monitor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17229, "char_end_idx": 17232, "value": "Palestine_Liberation_Organization" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17235, "char_end_idx": 17254, "value": "Committee" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17283, "char_end_idx": 17286, "value": "Palestine_Liberation_Organization" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17344, "char_end_idx": 17351, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17364, "char_end_idx": 17375, "value": "Yoav_Shamir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17399, "char_end_idx": 17409, "value": "Defamation" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17428, "char_end_idx": 17450, "value": "Anti-Defamation_League" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17452, "char_end_idx": 17455, "value": "Anti-Defamation_League" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17556, "char_end_idx": 17562, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17572, "char_end_idx": 17585, "value": "Antisemitism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17623, "char_end_idx": 17638, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17662, "char_end_idx": 17669, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17685, "char_end_idx": 17695, "value": "Uri_Avnery" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17720, "char_end_idx": 17723, "value": "Anti-Defamation_League" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17785, "char_end_idx": 17791, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17797, "char_end_idx": 17810, "value": "Jonathan_Cook" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17813, "char_end_idx": 17823, "value": "Mondoweiss" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17929, "char_end_idx": 17940, "value": "Kiryat_Arba" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17960, "char_end_idx": 17971, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18154, "char_end_idx": 18165, "value": "Akiva_Eldar" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18168, "char_end_idx": 18178, "value": "Al-Monitor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18186, "char_end_idx": 18197, "value": "Likud" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18335, "char_end_idx": 18368, "value": "International Solidarity Movement" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18371, "char_end_idx": 18374, "value": "International_Solidarity_Movement" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18462, "char_end_idx": 18469, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18484, "char_end_idx": 18487, "value": "Eli,_Mateh_Binyamin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18489, "char_end_idx": 18497, "value": "Rehelim" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18558, "char_end_idx": 18565, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18808, "char_end_idx": 18821, "value": "Hatem_Qafisha" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18901, "char_end_idx": 18908, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18924, "char_end_idx": 18938, "value": "Asma_al-Ghul" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18941, "char_end_idx": 18951, "value": "Al-Monitor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18977, "char_end_idx": 18982, "value": "Skype" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18984, "char_end_idx": 18989, "value": "Viber" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18994, "char_end_idx": 19002, "value": "Facebook" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19163, "char_end_idx": 19169, "value": "List_of_Saudi_detainees_at_Guantanamo_Bay" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19194, "char_end_idx": 19200, "value": "Nablus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19284, "char_end_idx": 19295, "value": "Arab_Spring" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19394, "char_end_idx": 19424, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19439, "char_end_idx": 19448, "value": "Holy_Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19481, "char_end_idx": 19503, "value": "Palestinian_Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19522, "char_end_idx": 19529, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19537, "char_end_idx": 19548, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19565, "char_end_idx": 19583, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19597, "char_end_idx": 19604, "value": "Ukraine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19638, "char_end_idx": 19651, "value": "Theodosios_(Hanna)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19670, "char_end_idx": 19688, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19705, "char_end_idx": 19714, "value": "Palestine_(region)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19728, "char_end_idx": 19737, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19746, "char_end_idx": 19755, "value": "Holy_Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19788, "char_end_idx": 19813, "value": "Latin_Patriarchate_of_Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19818, "char_end_idx": 19824, "value": "Greece" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19830, "char_end_idx": 19837, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19951, "char_end_idx": 19960, "value": "Latin_Patriarchate_of_Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20097, "char_end_idx": 20104, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20150, "char_end_idx": 20161, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20177, "char_end_idx": 20186, "value": "Beatitudes" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20268, "char_end_idx": 20274, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20277, "char_end_idx": 20290, "value": "Alhamdulillah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20329, "char_end_idx": 20335, "value": "Arabian_Peninsula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20345, "char_end_idx": 20351, "value": "Arabian_Peninsula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20365, "char_end_idx": 20370, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20390, "char_end_idx": 20399, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20405, "char_end_idx": 20411, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20461, "char_end_idx": 20472, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20487, "char_end_idx": 20521, "value": "Greek_Orthodox_Patriarch_of_Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20565, "char_end_idx": 20570, "value": "Irbid" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20587, "char_end_idx": 20593, "value": "Jordan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20622, "char_end_idx": 20633, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20677, "char_end_idx": 20686, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20703, "char_end_idx": 20712, "value": "Holy_Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20757, "char_end_idx": 20763, "value": "Christ" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20768, "char_end_idx": 20784, "value": "Christian Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20883, "char_end_idx": 20894, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21050, "char_end_idx": 21062, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21110, "char_end_idx": 21121, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21131, "char_end_idx": 21141, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21185, "char_end_idx": 21196, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21241, "char_end_idx": 21251, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21256, "char_end_idx": 21263, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21379, "char_end_idx": 21401, "value": "Religion_in_Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21432, "char_end_idx": 21444, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21502, "char_end_idx": 21509, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21514, "char_end_idx": 21524, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21778, "char_end_idx": 21790, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21824, "char_end_idx": 21833, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21928, "char_end_idx": 21941, "value": "Qasr_el_Yahud" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21962, "char_end_idx": 21974, "value": "Jordan_River" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21984, "char_end_idx": 21993, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22002, "char_end_idx": 22009, "value": "Jericho" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22029, "char_end_idx": 22036, "value": "Reuters" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22085, "char_end_idx": 22094, "value": "Holy Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22240, "char_end_idx": 22251, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22265, "char_end_idx": 22271, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22294, "char_end_idx": 22305, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22381, "char_end_idx": 22387, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22395, "char_end_idx": 22407, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22460, "char_end_idx": 22472, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22509, "char_end_idx": 22518, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22546, "char_end_idx": 22552, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22736, "char_end_idx": 22742, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22952, "char_end_idx": 22958, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22960, "char_end_idx": 22966, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23024, "char_end_idx": 23041, "value": "East_Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23073, "char_end_idx": 23079, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23093, "char_end_idx": 23099, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23197, "char_end_idx": 23203, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23298, "char_end_idx": 23308, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23313, "char_end_idx": 23320, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23346, "char_end_idx": 23353, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23408, "char_end_idx": 23417, "value": "Beit_Jala" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23421, "char_end_idx": 23429, "value": "Ramallah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23433, "char_end_idx": 23442, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23448, "char_end_idx": 23457, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23463, "char_end_idx": 23469, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23530, "char_end_idx": 23539, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23569, "char_end_idx": 23580, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23590, "char_end_idx": 23599, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23613, "char_end_idx": 23619, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23700, "char_end_idx": 23711, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23719, "char_end_idx": 23725, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23846, "char_end_idx": 23855, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23861, "char_end_idx": 23867, "value": "Islam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23885, "char_end_idx": 23891, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23933, "char_end_idx": 23958, "value": "Orthodox Christian Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24011, "char_end_idx": 24017, "value": "Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24044, "char_end_idx": 24066, "value": "Religion_in_Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24144, "char_end_idx": 24150, "value": "France" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24190, "char_end_idx": 24201, "value": "Islamophobia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24213, "char_end_idx": 24219, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24221, "char_end_idx": 24230, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24339, "char_end_idx": 24344, "value": "Paris" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24530, "char_end_idx": 24535, "value": "Islamism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24564, "char_end_idx": 24569, "value": "Islamism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24611, "char_end_idx": 24616, "value": "Islamism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24706, "char_end_idx": 24711, "value": "Syria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24716, "char_end_idx": 24720, "value": "Iraq" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24761, "char_end_idx": 24766, "value": "Paris" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24809, "char_end_idx": 24814, "value": "Paris" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24889, "char_end_idx": 24894, "value": "Syria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24899, "char_end_idx": 24903, "value": "Iraq" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25018, "char_end_idx": 25025, "value": "Lebanon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25028, "char_end_idx": 25035, "value": "Tripoli" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25142, "char_end_idx": 25147, "value": "Paris" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25273, "char_end_idx": 25278, "value": "Islam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25364, "char_end_idx": 25373, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25375, "char_end_idx": 25381, "value": "Islam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25386, "char_end_idx": 25393, "value": "Judaism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25619, "char_end_idx": 25624, "value": "Amman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25626, "char_end_idx": 25632, "value": "Jordan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25639, "char_end_idx": 25646, "value": "Western_culture" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25653, "char_end_idx": 25665, "value": "Takbir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25696, "char_end_idx": 25706, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25714, "char_end_idx": 25723, "value": "Holy Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25745, "char_end_idx": 25755, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25765, "char_end_idx": 25777, "value": "Takbir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25831, "char_end_idx": 25838, "value": "God" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26249, "char_end_idx": 26258, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26305, "char_end_idx": 26327, "value": "Church of the Nativity" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26335, "char_end_idx": 26344, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26353, "char_end_idx": 26362, "value": "Bethlehem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26383, "char_end_idx": 26390, "value": "Reuters" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26411, "char_end_idx": 26416, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26427, "char_end_idx": 26434, "value": "Islamic_terrorism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26464, "char_end_idx": 26470, "value": "Arabic" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26487, "char_end_idx": 26494, "value": "God" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26549, "char_end_idx": 26554, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26638, "char_end_idx": 26656, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26724, "char_end_idx": 26729, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26751, "char_end_idx": 26756, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26821, "char_end_idx": 26826, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26843, "char_end_idx": 26850, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26859, "char_end_idx": 26874, "value": "Arab_Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26879, "char_end_idx": 26884, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26892, "char_end_idx": 26898, "value": "Arabic" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26945, "char_end_idx": 26952, "value": "God" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26987, "char_end_idx": 26993, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27046, "char_end_idx": 27055, "value": "Holy_Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27057, "char_end_idx": 27067, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27072, "char_end_idx": 27079, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27095, "char_end_idx": 27107, "value": "Jesus Christ" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27186, "char_end_idx": 27190, "value": "Judaism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27226, "char_end_idx": 27233, "value": "Messiah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27238, "char_end_idx": 27248, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27262, "char_end_idx": 27267, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27314, "char_end_idx": 27323, "value": "Christmas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27343, "char_end_idx": 27348, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27391, "char_end_idx": 27400, "value": "Bethlehem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27433, "char_end_idx": 27442, "value": "Holy Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27508, "char_end_idx": 27512, "value": "Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27606, "char_end_idx": 27610, "value": "American_Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27635, "char_end_idx": 27640, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27721, "char_end_idx": 27725, "value": "Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27764, "char_end_idx": 27768, "value": "Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27843, "char_end_idx": 27848, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28055, "char_end_idx": 28060, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28189, "char_end_idx": 28199, "value": "Christianity" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28342, "char_end_idx": 28347, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28545, "char_end_idx": 28550, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28670, "char_end_idx": 28680, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28738, "char_end_idx": 28744, "value": "Judaism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28768, "char_end_idx": 28774, "value": "Judaism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28808, "char_end_idx": 28814, "value": "Christ" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28879, "char_end_idx": 28883, "value": "Judaism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28977, "char_end_idx": 28982, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29021, "char_end_idx": 29031, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29047, "char_end_idx": 29052, "value": "Herod" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29092, "char_end_idx": 29101, "value": "Bethlehem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29116, "char_end_idx": 29121, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29159, "char_end_idx": 29179, "value": "Acts of the Apostles" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29264, "char_end_idx": 29274, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29377, "char_end_idx": 29382, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29537, "char_end_idx": 29542, "value": "Allah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29595, "char_end_idx": 29606, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29630, "char_end_idx": 29639, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29651, "char_end_idx": 29657, "value": "Islam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29854, "char_end_idx": 29866, "value": "Israeli–Palestinian_peace_process" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29902, "char_end_idx": 29913, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30000, "char_end_idx": 30010, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30057, "char_end_idx": 30067, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30114, "char_end_idx": 30123, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30248, "char_end_idx": 30261, "value": "Golan_Heights" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30299, "char_end_idx": 30308, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30380, "char_end_idx": 30390, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30394, "char_end_idx": 30401, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30427, "char_end_idx": 30434, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30460, "char_end_idx": 30469, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30600, "char_end_idx": 30610, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30628, "char_end_idx": 30635, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30664, "char_end_idx": 30671, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30685, "char_end_idx": 30696, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30765, "char_end_idx": 30787, "value": "Holy_Trinity_Cathedral_(Addis_Ababa)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30819, "char_end_idx": 30828, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30845, "char_end_idx": 30868, "value": "Russian_Orthodox_Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30885, "char_end_idx": 30891, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30914, "char_end_idx": 30920, "value": "Russia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30982, "char_end_idx": 30991, "value": "Cathedral" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31131, "char_end_idx": 31137, "value": "Moscow" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31226, "char_end_idx": 31237, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31248, "char_end_idx": 31257, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31307, "char_end_idx": 31315, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31390, "char_end_idx": 31397, "value": "Russia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31415, "char_end_idx": 31426, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31517, "char_end_idx": 31527, "value": "Revolution" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31531, "char_end_idx": 31537, "value": "Russia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31566, "char_end_idx": 31588, "value": "Religion_in_Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31597, "char_end_idx": 31616, "value": "Orthodox Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31644, "char_end_idx": 31651, "value": "Ukraine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31712, "char_end_idx": 31719, "value": "Ukraine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31796, "char_end_idx": 31809, "value": "Mother Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31822, "char_end_idx": 31841, "value": "Moscow Patriarchate" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31854, "char_end_idx": 31861, "value": "Ukraine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31968, "char_end_idx": 31978, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32083, "char_end_idx": 32089, "value": "Christian_Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32225, "char_end_idx": 32244, "value": "Moscow Patriarchate" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32253, "char_end_idx": 32283, "value": "Patriarchate of Constantinople" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32310, "char_end_idx": 32326, "value": "Ukrainian Church" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32585, "char_end_idx": 32594, "value": "Carl_Jung" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32672, "char_end_idx": 32679, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32754, "char_end_idx": 32765, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32804, "char_end_idx": 32810, "value": "Geneva" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32902, "char_end_idx": 32909, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32969, "char_end_idx": 32981, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33208, "char_end_idx": 33221, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33252, "char_end_idx": 33258, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33326, "char_end_idx": 33333, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33375, "char_end_idx": 33385, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33406, "char_end_idx": 33415, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33474, "char_end_idx": 33483, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33565, "char_end_idx": 33572, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33742, "char_end_idx": 33751, "value": "Jerusalem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33767, "char_end_idx": 33774, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33851, "char_end_idx": 33858, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33860, "char_end_idx": 33868, "value": "Union_for_the_Mediterranean" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33908, "char_end_idx": 33915, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33925, "char_end_idx": 33943, "value": "Hadassah_Medical_Center" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34087, "char_end_idx": 34098, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34110, "char_end_idx": 34117, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34122, "char_end_idx": 34126, "value": "Abid" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34150, "char_end_idx": 34156, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34252, "char_end_idx": 34259, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34280, "char_end_idx": 34284, "value": "Abid" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34306, "char_end_idx": 34313, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34419, "char_end_idx": 34424, "value": "Afula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34468, "char_end_idx": 34475, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34633, "char_end_idx": 34637, "value": "Abid" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34689, "char_end_idx": 34696, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35002, "char_end_idx": 35014, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35111, "char_end_idx": 35121, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35126, "char_end_idx": 35132, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35153, "char_end_idx": 35219, "value": "United_Nations_Office_for_the_Coordination_of_Humanitarian_Affairs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35774, "char_end_idx": 35778, "value": "Gaza_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35962, "char_end_idx": 35966, "value": "Gaza_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36088, "char_end_idx": 36092, "value": "Gaza_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36097, "char_end_idx": 36101, "value": "United_Nations_Office_for_the_Coordination_of_Humanitarian_Affairs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36232, "char_end_idx": 36236, "value": "Gaza_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36404, "char_end_idx": 36416, "value": "State_of_Palestine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36426, "char_end_idx": 36431, "value": "1948_Palestinian_exodus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36464, "char_end_idx": 36470, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36478, "char_end_idx": 36492, "value": "Ismail_Haniyeh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36510, "char_end_idx": 36515, "value": "Hamas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36553, "char_end_idx": 36564, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36600, "char_end_idx": 36607, "value": "Ramadan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36696, "char_end_idx": 36700, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36711, "char_end_idx": 36723, "value": "Donald_Trump" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36765, "char_end_idx": 36772, "value": "Ismail_Haniyeh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36796, "char_end_idx": 36803, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36818, "char_end_idx": 36825, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36889, "char_end_idx": 36896, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37077, "char_end_idx": 37080, "value": "Res" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37107, "char_end_idx": 37110, "value": "Israel_Defense_Forces" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37112, "char_end_idx": 37119, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37274, "char_end_idx": 37277, "value": "Ron_Swanson" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37616, "char_end_idx": 37631, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37893, "char_end_idx": 37908, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37922, "char_end_idx": 37927, "value": "Robert_Fogel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38268, "char_end_idx": 38273, "value": "Fogel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38493, "char_end_idx": 38503, "value": "Ahmad_Tibi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39212, "char_end_idx": 39227, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39356, "char_end_idx": 39361, "value": "Hamas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39648, "char_end_idx": 39653, "value": "Fogel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39661, "char_end_idx": 39664, "value": "Ron_Swanson" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39721, "char_end_idx": 39726, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39755, "char_end_idx": 39762, "value": "Goliath" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39793, "char_end_idx": 39800, "value": "Goliath" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39810, "char_end_idx": 39815, "value": "Dave_Cliff_(computer_scientist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40014, "char_end_idx": 40019, "value": "Hamas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40128, "char_end_idx": 40133, "value": "Fogel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40664, "char_end_idx": 40669, "value": "Hamas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40763, "char_end_idx": 40766, "value": "Israel_Defense_Forces" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41167, "char_end_idx": 41170, "value": "Res" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41340, "char_end_idx": 41346, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41425, "char_end_idx": 41443, "value": "Martin_van_Creveld" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41456, "char_end_idx": 41471, "value": "Henry_Kissinger" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41596, "char_end_idx": 41603, "value": "Israel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41630, "char_end_idx": 41633, "value": "Long_Beach,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41692, "char_end_idx": 41703, "value": "George_Habash" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41718, "char_end_idx": 41722, "value": "Gaza_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41747, "char_end_idx": 41761, "value": "Israeli_Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41814, "char_end_idx": 41817, "value": "Lod" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41851, "char_end_idx": 41854, "value": "Ali" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41963, "char_end_idx": 41969, "value": "Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41988, "char_end_idx": 41997, "value": "Palestinian_territories" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42006, "char_end_idx": 42010, "value": "State_Duma" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42020, "char_end_idx": 42023, "value": "Ali" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42033, "char_end_idx": 42038, "value": "Riham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42050, "char_end_idx": 42054, "value": "Saad_Hariri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42134, "char_end_idx": 42139, "value": "Ahmad_Tibi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42223, "char_end_idx": 42226, "value": "Ali" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42427, "char_end_idx": 42434, "value": "Hussein_of_Jordan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42454, "char_end_idx": 42473, "value": "Israeli–Palestinian_conflict" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42484, "char_end_idx": 42494, "value": "Ayman_Odeh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42499, "char_end_idx": 42509, "value": "Ahmad_Tibi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42511, "char_end_idx": 42515, "value": "Ahmad_Tibi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42612, "char_end_idx": 42615, "value": "Ali_(name)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42628, "char_end_idx": 42631, "value": "Ali_(name)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42633, "char_end_idx": 42636, "value": "Ali_(name)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42661, "char_end_idx": 42664, "value": "Ali_(name)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42902, "char_end_idx": 42916, "value": "Menachem_Begin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42924, "char_end_idx": 42929, "value": "Menachem_Begin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42966, "char_end_idx": 42977, "value": "Middle_East" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42989, "char_end_idx": 42994, "value": "Jihadism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42996, "char_end_idx": 43006, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43011, "char_end_idx": 43015, "value": "Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43026, "char_end_idx": 43036, "value": "David_Ben-Gurion" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43041, "char_end_idx": 43047, "value": "Eshkol_Regional_Council" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43063, "char_end_idx": 43075, "value": "Ariel_Sharon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43105, "char_end_idx": 43111, "value": "Ariel_Sharon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43158, "char_end_idx": 43163, "value": "Qibya" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43165, "char_end_idx": 43170, "value": "Shatila_refugee_camp" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43175, "char_end_idx": 43182, "value": "Shatila_refugee_camp" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43184, "char_end_idx": 43202, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43211, "char_end_idx": 43215, "value": "Benjamin_Netanyahu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43295, "char_end_idx": 43304, "value": "Gaza_War_(2008–09)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43308, "char_end_idx": 43325, "value": "Operation_Pillar_of_Defense" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43332, "char_end_idx": 43347, "value": "2014_Israel–Gaza_conflict" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43350, "char_end_idx": 43364, "value": "Yitzhak_Shamir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43372, "char_end_idx": 43378, "value": "Yitzhak_Shamir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43383, "char_end_idx": 43390, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43395, "char_end_idx": 43402, "value": "Sweden" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43439, "char_end_idx": 43456, "value": "Palestinian Arabs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43478, "char_end_idx": 43490, "value": "Israeli_Jews" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43492, "char_end_idx": 43502, "value": "Ehud_Barak" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43537, "char_end_idx": 43542, "value": "Ehud_Barak" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43639, "char_end_idx": 43649, "value": "Golda_Meir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43657, "char_end_idx": 43661, "value": "Golda_Meir" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43714, "char_end_idx": 43717, "value": "BBC" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43761, "char_end_idx": 43773, "value": "Palestinians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43803, "char_end_idx": 43816, "value": "Yitzhak_Rabin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43825, "char_end_idx": 43830, "value": "Yitzhak_Rabin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43867, "char_end_idx": 43872, "value": "Lydda" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43936, "char_end_idx": 43947, "value": "Yigal_Allon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43956, "char_end_idx": 43961, "value": "Yigal_Allon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43972, "char_end_idx": 43992, "value": "Special_Night_Squads" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44042, "char_end_idx": 44053, "value": "Ehud_Olmert" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44062, "char_end_idx": 44068, "value": "Ehud_Olmert" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44104, "char_end_idx": 44111, "value": "Lebanon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44181, "char_end_idx": 44194, "value": "Moshe_Sharett" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44203, "char_end_idx": 44210, "value": "Moshe_Sharett" } ]
"FAQ Search Memberlist Chat Usergroups Calendar Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against wicked spirits in high places " Eph.6 v 12 (CHICAGO 10/13/2014) – The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is outraged that Israeli forces today fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinians inside Al Aqsa mosque, disrupting the holy site’s sanctity and safety. The Palestinians were taking refuge from aggressive Israeli settlers, who, with increasing frequency, have been harassing Palestinian worshipers at Islam’s holiest site in Palestine and third holiest place overall. After dawn prayer today, extreme right settler groups, protected by Israeli soldiers and police, entered the Al Aqsa mosque compound for the second time in less than one week. At the same time, most Palestinian men under 50 and nearly all women were banned from offering prayers in the mosque, in contravention of international law. Israeli attacks against Al Aqsa are not new. For instance, in 1967, immediately after the end of the Six Day War, “the Israeli army chief rabbi, General Shlomo Goren, tried to convince a commander of the conquering forces, Uzi Narkis, to blow up the mosque ‘once and for all,’” according to published historical accounts. What’s changed is the frequency of settler incursions into the Muslim holy site, coupled with discussions in the Israeli Knesset about dividing Al Aqsa in the manner of the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron, which apportioned two-thirds of the mosque for Jews, prohibiting the area to Palestinians. The Jerusalem Municipality also is discussing plans to turn the courtyard area between the Dome of the Rock mosque and Al Aqsa into a public park. Israeli authorities already have given the extremist settler group Elad the right to create an oversized ‘visitor center’ that will abut the mosque compound, further cutting off Palestinians from their historical religious site. UNESCO is so concerned about recent ‘Judaization’ developments in Jerusalem it dispatched a fact-finding committee to study the issue in April. All these actions come at a time when Israeli settlers have forcibly moved into Palestinian homes and the creation of new settlements in East Jerusalem are planned. “Israel has no intention whatsoever of allowing Palestinians sovereignty over anything, even their religious sites,” said AMP Chairman Dr. Hatem Bazian. “While these attacks on Palestinians at Aqsa are reprehensible, they are only symptomatic of the larger problem here, the Zionist colonial desire for all of Palestine and Israel’s desire to annex all of Jerusalem, thereby negating any hope for peace.” AMP calls upon President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to unequivocally call upon Israel to immediately cease all hostilities at Al Aqsa mosque compound and to respect Palestinians – both Muslims and Christians – the right to worship in peace and security. 'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7. 'Criminal charges against against nine Palestine solidarity activists who shut down a UK drone engines factory for two days last summer were dropped at the end of January. The case had been due to go to trial next week. But the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), pulled out at the last minute, after company managers mysteriously decided to go back on previous commitments to testify against the nine. One of the protesters Adie Mormech told The Electronic Intifada today that this was a “green light for further action” by activists against the factory. Ewa Jasiewicz, another of the nine, said that UAV Engines Limited was now a “prime target” for nonviolent action to shut the factory down. UAV Engines is owned by Israeli arms firm Elbit Systems. Jasiewicz said the group accused the factory of making engines for drones used in Israeli attacks against Palestinians. Everything the factory says should be treated with skepticism, she said: “The most decisive evidence, we feel, is that they dropped the charges.” In other words, they let the activists get away with it rather then let the truth come out in court. The nine published an opinion piece at Mondoweiss today calling for more direct action and are part of London Palestine Action. Scaling the roof of the factory on 5 August last year, the nine protesters locked the front gate of the factory, locked themselves down to the roof, unfurled a banner and bunked down for the night, saying they had enough supplies to last them a week. At the height of Israel’s killings of civilians in the Gaza Strip that summer, the protesters were drawing attention to the UK’s arms trade with Israel, and called for a comprehensive two-way arms ban. Their banner read “UK: Stop Arming Israel.” Lawyers for the defendants say the case collapsed after either Elbit or the UK government decided they did not want to disclose details about licenses for arms exports to Israel. The activists had pleaded not guilty to charges of “preventing lawful activity,” on the basis that the Staffordshire factory was aiding and abetting war crimes and that its regular business was therefore illegal. The group argued in pre-trial hearings and statements that they acted “to prevent the inevitable death, injury and suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.” The CPS told The Independent on Friday that the case was dropped after two witnesses from the company were no longer prepared to give evidence, and that documentation would not be forthcoming. “We deemed that there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction,” the CPS said. Based on police reports and witness statements examined by The Electronic Intifada, these two witnesses are thought to be David Cliff and Jody Yates, two managers at UAV Engines named as key witnesses for the prosecution along with fourteen police officers. The defendants’ legal team asked for disclosure of documents relating to UAV Engines’ export licences, as well as documents on any checks done by the government to ensure that parts produced by the factory were not being used by Israel in its attacks on Gaza. Jessica Nero, one of the defendants, said in a press release that the group had mixed feelings about the case being dropped: “This news is bittersweet for us, as Elbit and the UK government have run scared from having their role in Israeli war crimes put on trial.” Elbit’s drones played a key role in Israel’s killings of more than 2,200 Palestinians in Gaza last summer, Nero noted. “UN bodies and international human rights organizations have accused Israel of war crimes during its recent Gaza massacre,” she added. “What will it take for the UK government to impose a two-way military embargo on Israel and hold it accountable for its crimes against humanity?” The UK has authorized £49 million ($73.6 million) worth of arms sales to Israel since 2010. Figures from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade show that the UK exported £7 million ($10.5 million) of weapons in the six months leading up to the summer 2014 war on Gaza, including components for drones. The dropping of the case by UK prosecutors leaves many unanswered questions. But what seems in little doubt now is that the UAV Engines factory now may now be exposed to similar protests in future. According to general manager David Cliff in a written police statement, seen by The Electronic Intifada, direct labor costs to the company of the protest amounted to between £10,000 and £11,000 (between $15,000 and $16,500). Workers had to be sent home for the duration. Cliff also wrote that: “The value of lost production for the two days we were forced to close amounted to £186,000” – almost $280,000. In his statement, Cliff also confirmed that UAV Engines “is owned by Elbit Systems which is based in Israel” and that it made drone engines. In one bizarre sentence, Cliff describes the rooftop protesters “as vagrant youths.” He claimed there was “a safety concern with the staff as we don’t know what the protesters are capable of.” But in one tellingly defensive line, Cliff claimed: “We are a legitimate company that supply engines all over the world but we do not supply to Israel. [sic] for use in Israel.” This section of the handwritten statement has a period between “we do not supply to Israel” and “for use in Israel.” This makes it seem like the latter statement was an afterthought, perhaps dictated by a company lawyer. Jasiewicz said the company was playing a “semantic game” to obscure its material support for Israeli war crimes.' Haaretz and Lauren Gelfond Feldinger - Palestinians argue that the wall, in any of the locations Israel has proposed, would either separate the school from the town where the students live, or block off access to the only green area near Bethlehem Americans for Peace Now - News Nosh daily review of Israeli media - Rightist Israeli politicians boycott democracy conference over NGO backing - Politicians from Likud and Habayit Hayehudi announced they would not participate in a conference initiated by Haaretz because of `funding by an anti-Zionist body,` the New Israel Fund. (Haaretz and Israel Hayom) [bz] Allyn Fisher-Ilan and Stephanie Nebehay - Reuters - The report will be produced on time next month despite the resignation of its chairman, officials of the United Nations inquiry said on Tuesday, brushing aside a demand from Israel`s prime minister to shelve it. [bz] IMEMC & Agencies - On Monday, the Salem Israeli Military Court sentenced university student Osama Qabaha, 22, to a ten-month imprisonment, and a 3000 New Israeli Shekels fine. He had been arrested May 28 2014 and since then kept behind bars. [Judging from the relatively light sentence, he seems not to be considered a security threat-bz] Ma`an - Netanyahu gave orders to withhold $100 million the PA was supposed to receive as tax revenues for January. Israel was already withholding another $100 million of PA tax revenue for December. The PA government uses the tax revenues to pay its employees. On Sunday, Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah urged government employees to be patient and promised to issue a partial payment of salaries "soon." [bz] Gerard Horton - +972 - The program was announced by Israel’s military authorities in February 2014, and called for issueing written summonses instead of arresting children during night raids in the West Bank. The announcement followed concerns raised in the UK, The Netherlands and Australia. [bz] Reuters - Ynet - In a law journal article of December 2010, Schabas wrote that Netanyahu could be considered "the single individual most likely to threaten the survival of Israel." William Schabas says is resigning "to prevent overshadowing the report and its findings over Israeli allegations of bias." [bz] Middle East Eye - Rivlin said that Hebron bore witness to Jewish presence in Palestine for "thousands of years." Members of Israel`s leftist Meretz movement said that the visit was meant for electoral propaganda for the right-wing Likud Party. [bz] Marwan Bishara - Al Jazeera - Increasingly isolated, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turns to US Senator Chuck Schumer, Israel`s leading friend, to enlist the support of this Democrat against President Barack Obama. Bishara describes how the conversation may have been. [bz] Ma`an News Agency - "A spokesman for the Gaza Committee to Break the Siege, Adham Abu Salmiya, told Ma`an that march was in protest against the continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and the Israeli refusal to allow reconstruction materials into Gaza." [ry] Black Flag: The legal and moral implications of the policy of attacking residential buildings in the Gaza Strip, summer 2014 B’Tselem - “On 8 July 2014, another round of hostilities broke out in Gaza. It was dubbed Operation Protective Edge. About 50 days later, the fighting ended in a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. During the fighting, which included an incursion by ground forces, the Israeli military launched strikes from the air, sea and land against thousands of targets. More than 2,200 Palestinians were killed, including hundreds of children. About 18,000 homes were destroyed or badly damaged and more than 100,000 Palestinians were rendered homeless” [ry] Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "Hiba Masalha, a lawyer with the Palestinian Detainees Committee, managed to meet a number of Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel, who described to her the horrific torture and abuse they had experienced at the hands of the Israeli interrogators, and by the soldiers who kidnapped them" [ry] Barak Ravid - Haaretz - Criticism in the Democratic Party over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s planned Congress address is refusing to die down. Despite marathon phone calls between Netanyahu and senior Democrats in an effort to convince them to tone down their objections to the speech, the underlying message relayed by the Democratic representatives in the House and the Senate is that Netanyahu ought to cancel it. The most direct statement yet was issued by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday, who did not rule out the possibility that many Democratic lawmakers would boycott Netanyahu`s speech on March 3. dn ISABEL KERSHNER--JERUSALEM - Israel on Friday published bids for the building of 450 new housing units in West Bank settlements, deepening Palestinian anger and eliciting blunt criticism from the United States, which called the move illegitimate, counterproductive and likely to worsen Israel`s isolation. dn John Bell--Neither side wants war, the cost will be too high for both - but such logic may not prevail. dn Samer Badawi - +972 "“Even if the Israeli cabinet thought this policy would bring an end to attacks on Israeli communities, it should not have implemented it because of its foreseeable, horrifying consequences as well as because of the black flag of illegality flying over it.” Of course, B’Tselem’s report coincides with the recent Palestinian decision to sign the Rome Statute, a precondition for leveling war crimes charges against Israeli leaders at the International Criminal Court. B’Tselem, though, stops short of naming Israel’s actions “crimes” under international humanitarian law, or IHL. It concludes instead that, “at least in some cases, the military’s actions ran contrary to IHL provisions and, in other cases, there is grave concern that they did so.” ca Ma`an News Agency - " Israeli forces on Thursday destroyed a water network which feeds Palestinian villages and Bedouin dwellings in the northern Jordan Valley, the head of the village council of al-Maleh and its surrounding Bedouin dwellings said.Arif Daraghmah told Ma`an that Israeli troops escorted excavators which destroyed a 2,000-meter-long water pipeline near the village of al-Atuf. The pipeline, he said, was funded by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees." ca by UNWRA - IMEMC "Gaza, 27 January 2015: UNRWA has been forced to suspend its cash assistance programme in Gaza to tens of thousands of people for repairs to damaged and destroyed homes and for rental subsidies to the homeless... It is easy to look at these numbers and lose sight of the fact that we are talking about thousands of families who continue to suffer through this cold winter with inadequate shelter. People are literally sleeping amongst the rubble, children have died of hypothermia”. USD 5.4 billion was pledged at the Cairo conference last October and virtually none of it has reached Gaza. This is distressing and unacceptable.” ca ACRI - "Update: Following the court hearing, the Justices gave the parties 14 days to meet to begin outlining a plan for upgrading water infrastructure in East Jerusalem. The plan must be submitted to the court within 60 days...Israeli planning authorities have never conducted urban planning for the neighborhoods of Ras Khamis, Ras Shahada, Dahyat a-Salam, and the Shu’afat Refugee Camp, located in North-East Jerusalem and within the city’s municipal boundaries for 48 years...The prolonged water crisis is just one example of the chaos and neglect suffered by Jerusalem residents living beyond the separation barrier." ca Neve Gordon - Aljazeera - drones change our conception of war because it becomes, in Chamayou`s words, a priori impossible to die as one kills. One air force officer formulated this basic benefit in the following manner: "The real advantage of unmanned aerial systems is that they allow you to protect power without projecting vulnerability."-rh Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The unprecedented success of Palestinians in Israel agreeing to a joint list is in fact likely to create the fourth-largest bloc in the 120-member Israeli Knesset provided the public comes out to vote. Palestinians in the occupied territories generally welcomed the unity of their compatriots in Israel, and some leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have even taken partial credit for the list. In a phone interview with Al-Monitor, Yaser Abed Rabbo, secretary-general of the PLO’s Executive Committee, expressed his pride in the PLO’s contribution.-rh Ludwig Watzal - Countercurrents - The Israeli movie maker Yoav Shamir documents in the film "Defamation" the fight of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) against "anti-Semitism". This "fight" has little to do with "anti-Semitism" but much with muzzling Israel critic. "Anti-Semitism" serves as a pretext to immunize the State of Israel against criticism. The Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery said about the fight of ADL. "None of them fights anti-Semitism. They fight criticism of Israel".-rh Jonathan Cook - Mondoweiss - now that the settlers have a piece of paper with the court’s decision stating that the land belongs to Kiryat Arba, they can bill the Palestinian family for years of arrears on property taxes amounting to $22,000 – more than the family earns in several years. If they don’t pay, the settlers will seize the land and sell it.-rh Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "The Likud Party has turned its back on the weaker sectors of society and on the residents of the periphery; those who brought it to power in 1977." - id International Solidarity Movement - ISM - "Seven mountains surround the village; much of the land is occupied by three illegal Israeli settlements – Eli, Rechelim, and Ma´ale Levona. As Sawiya suffers many injustices under Israeli occupation, including military and settler violence against the village’s residents, lands, homes, and schools." - id PNN - Palestine News Network - "The Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies and Human Rights said that the kidnapped prisoner MP Hatem Qafisha (57) holds the record for the longest period of administrative imprisonment in Israeli prisons." - id Asmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - "The couple talks over Skype, Viber and Facebook and whatever other technology allows them to be closer to each other. But nothing compares to getting married and living under the same roof, in the house that Rashed bought on a mountain in Nablus." - id Nadezhda Kevorkova is a war correspondent who has covered the events of the Arab Spring, military and religious conflicts around the world, and the anti-globalization movement. The only Palestinian Orthodox Christian bishop in the Holy Land speaking about the suffering of Palestinian Christians, their unity with Muslims in the Palestinian struggle, about Orthodox Christian martyrs, and Ukraine. Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios (Atallah Hanna), 49, is the only Orthodox Christian archbishop from Palestine stationed in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, while all other bishops of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem are Greeks. The Israeli authorities had detained him several times, or stopped him at the border, and taken away his passport. Among all Jerusalem clergymen he is the only one who has no privilege of passing through the VIP gate in the airport – because of his nationality. “For the Israeli authorities, I am not a bishop, but rather a Palestinian,” explains his Beatitude. When talking on the phone he says a lot of words you would normally hear from a Muslim: “Alhamdulillah, Insha’Allah, Masha’Allah”. He speaks Arabic, and the Arabic for ‘god’ is Allah, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim. Firstly, I’d like to confirm that I am the only Palestinian bishop in the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. A fellow bishop is serving in the city of Irbid in the north of Jordan; and there are also several Palestinian priests. My church has been protecting the Christian presence in the Holy Land and the sacred items related to the life of Christ and Christian Church history. I am proud of my religion and nationality, I am proud to belong to my fatherland. I am a Palestinian, and I belong to this religious people who are fighting for the sake of their freedom and dignity to implement their dreams and national rights. I support Palestinians and share their cause and their issues. We the Palestinian Orthodox Christians are not detached from their hardships. The Palestinian issue is a problem that concerns all of us, Christians and Muslims alike. It’s a problem of every free intellectual individual aspiring for justice and freedom in this world. We the Palestinian Christians suffer along with the rest of Palestinians from occupation and hardships of our economic situation. Muslims and Christians suffer equally, as there is no difference in suffering for any of us. We are all living in the same complicated circumstances, and overcoming the same difficulties. As a church and as individuals we protect this people, and we hope a day will come when Palestinians get their freedom and dignity. A Christian pilgrim holds a cross as he dips in the water after a ceremony at the baptismal site known as Qasr el-Yahud on the banks of the Jordan River near the West Bank city of Jericho January 18, 2015. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman) For those coming to visit the Holy Land there are few opportunities to see how hard the Palestinians’ situation is. What would you like to say to those wishing to understand better the Palestinian problem? The Israel authorities treat the Palestinian people in a way we can never accept or approve, first and foremost because Israel treats Palestinians as foreigners, as if we were strangers in our land. Palestinians have never been strangers either to Jerusalem or to the entire homeland. Israel is an occupation force which treats us as visitors or some temporary residents. But we are the native people of this land. We didn’t come here, we have always been here. In contrast, Israel appeared out of the blue. They are treating us as if we came here from elsewhere, as if we accidentally and recently strayed into this land. But we are the rightful owners of this land. We didn’t intrude into Israel. Israel intruded into our lives in 1948, and in 1967 it occupied Eastern Jerusalem. We have been here long before Israel. By the time Israel came here, our forefathers had been living here for many centuries. This is why we cannot accept Israel treating us like strangers to our own homeland. I shall be honest and say it over again: both Christians and Muslims suffer the same from the Israeli authorities. They don’t ask if a person arriving from Beit Jala or Ramallah to Jerusalem is a Christian or a Muslim. They only ask one question, “Do you have a permit to enter Jerusalem or not?” The pass allowing a Palestinian to enter Jerusalem is issued by Israel. No one can come through without one. In pursuing its racist policy towards the Palestinian people Israel disregards different confessions. We are all targeted just the same. It all depends on getting a pass, whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim. On top of that, Israel took control of a lot of property of the Orthodox Christian Church and is interfering with the internal affairs of the Church. They put pressure on the Palestinian Christians in all sorts of ways trying to force them to leave. The recent attack on the French satirical magazine triggered a wave of anti-Muslim marches in Europe. Netanyahu walked in the front row of such a march. What it your attitude to what happened? We denounce the attacks in Paris which were committed by the people allegedly representing a particular religion. This attack was committed by the people, who claimed to have faith, but they definitely don’t represent Islam and cannot act on behalf of Islam, they only do harm and hurt the image of Islam through what they do. At the same time, we denounce just as much terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq as we denounce the terrorist attacks in Paris. Those who committed the terror attack in Paris and elsewhere, belong to the same groups that are engaged in terrorism in Syria and Iraq and attack sacred places, desecrate churches and kidnap religious leaders. We were witnesses of the terror act in Lebanon’s Tripoli just days ago which killed dozens of innocent people who were at a café. We condemn the terror attacks in Paris and we equally condemn any such attacks in any part of the world. We strongly oppose the idea of connecting these attacks to Islam. We are currently preparing for an international conference that religious figures – Christian, Muslim and Judaist – from many countries will take part in to assert that we, the representatives of the three monotheistic religions, are against terror, fanaticism and violence used under religious slogans. The conference might take place in Amman, Jordan. To a Western mind, Allahu Akbar sounds like a threat. What do Christians of the Holy Land think about them? We Christians also say Allahu Akbar. This is an expression of our understanding that the Creator is great. We don’t want this phrase to be related to terrorism and crimes. We speak against using this phrase in this context. Those who do, they insult our religion and our religious values. Those using these words while taking some unreligious, unspiritual, uncivilized actions are harming the religion. One must not use these words for non-religion-related purposes in order to justify violence and terror. Christian priests hold a Christmas Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank town of Bethlehem December 25, 2014. (Reuters/Ammar Awad) For us, Allah is not an Islamic term. This is a word used in Arabic to indicate the Creator who’s made the world we are living in. So when we say Allah in our prayers we mean the Creator of this world. In our prayers and pleas, in our Orthodox Christian religious ceremonies we use exactly this word. We say, glory be to Allah in all times. We say Allah a lot during our liturgy. It’s erroneous to think that the word Allah is only used by Muslims. We the Arab Christians say Allah in our Arabic language as a way to identify and address the Creator in our prayers. Is this all about Christ? Was he the one to provoke a religious split in the Holy Land? Christians and Muslims recognize that Jesus Christ had been born, and they are awaiting his second coming, and the judgment day. Jews deny this however, and await their Messiah. We Christians believe that Jesus has already come. We have recently celebrated Christmas as a reminder that Jesus came into this world, that he was born in Bethlehem, and began his road here in the Holy Land for the sake of all mankind, and for the salvation of the world. Jews believe that he hasn’t come yet, and await his coming. This is the main disagreement between Jews and us. We believe that Jesus has already come, whereas they don’t. Despite this fact, we are not at war with Jews. We do not express aggression against Jews or anyone else in the world, despite any differences in our beliefs. When Jesus came into this world he didn’t tell us to hate, ignore, or be at war with one or the other; he didn’t tell us to kill this one or that one. He gave us one very simple instruction: to love one another. When Jesus told us to love one another this love wasn’t conditioned by what a person was like, or what he was doing. If we are indeed true Christians it is our debt to love all people, and to treat them with positivity, and with love. When we see someone who’s sinful, lost, and distant from Allah and from faith, someone who acts wrongly, then it is our duty to pray for him although he might be different from us and our religion. When we have religious disagreements with people we pray that Allah would guide them the right way. Hatred, anger, and accusations of having a wrong faith are not a part of our ethics as Christians. This is the key disagreement and difference between the Jewish religion and ours. The Jewish religion that had existed before Christ is the religion of people who were awaiting Jesus’ coming. Many Jews followed him, yet there were those who didn’t believe in him, and rejected him. We know that Jesus was persecuted, and so were the early Christians. For instance, Herod the King killed thousands of babies in Bethlehem thinking that Jesus would be among them. The book of the Acts of the Apostles, as well as sacred tradition, talk about numerous instances of persecution of early Christians. Despite that, we see each person who disagrees with us on religion as our brother, our fellow human. Allah created all of us, he gave us life, therefore it is our duty to love each person, and to pray for those who are mistaken or are misunderstanding, so that Allah would guide them the right way. We don’t divide the Palestinian people based on who is Christian and who is Muslim, who is religious and who isn’t, who is left or what party they are a member of. We don’t divide the people based on convictions and religion. Regardless of what their political views may be, all Palestinians actively support the idea that the Palestinian people should be able to exercise their rights and achieve their dream. Yes, a number Christians have been killed since 1948 to this day. Some Christians have been driven away from their houses. Some Christian villages have been completely destroyed, and now there’s not a single house or resident there, for example, Al Galil in the Golan Heights. Many churches have been attacked in Jerusalem; there have been attempts to seize their property and lands. There are Christians in Israeli prisons – not as many as Muslims, but there are some. The Christian community is smaller in general, but we have our own martyrs who were killed and prisoners who spent years and years behind bars. Christians suffer under the Israeli occupation just the same as Muslims – the entire Palestinian population suffers under it. They don’t distinguish between us. The Holy Trinity Cathedral located in the western part of Jerusalem belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church, but after 1948 Israel used the situation in Russia to its advantage and seized some of the buildings around the Cathedral, using them as police quarters and a prison with torture practices. When someone says “moskobiya”, referring to something connected to the Moscow Patriarchate, something holy and spiritual, the first thing that comes to the mind of a Palestinian living in Jerusalem is torture, police, interrogation and prison. In Nazareth, for example, the word “moskobiya” is associated exclusively with the old Russian school where the Palestinian cultural elite, scientists and politicians studied. Although it was closed after the 1917 Revolution in Russia, its fame lives on. What do Palestinian Christians, I mean Orthodox Christians first of all, think of the Ukraine crisis? Overall, we are deeply concerned with the divide in Ukraine. We still believe all Ukrainian Christians must stay within the fold of the Mother Church that is the Moscow Patriarchate. I wish the Ukraine crisis would resolve through dialogue so that we see reconciliation and an end to violence and bloodshed. Christians do not need wars, killings and massacres. This political crisis must be resolved in a peaceful way. The Church must work hard to ensure that the divisions are bridged and overcome. Divisions must be healed. We really hope that the efforts by the Moscow Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Constantinople will help to re-unite the Ukrainian Church. I believe the split can be reversed and those who broke away could come back. But in order for that to happen we need humility, belief and strong will. "The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor issued a new report on Friday, saying that the Israeli military has used excessive force and committed arbitrary killings in the Palestinian territories. In a press conference in Geneva, human rights expert Daniela Donges said regarding the latest escalation in violence: "The Israeli government believes it can violate the human rights of the Palestinians it controls with impunity. And who can blame them? It indeed has gotten away with apartheid and brazen war crimes for decades. If anything, it has been rewarded, with millions of dollars of so-called aid and weaponry from the United States and preferred trade status by Europe." The report focused on the escalation over the past few weeks, as Israeli soldiers deployed on the border with the Gaza Strip and in the occupied West Bank. It investigated the case of 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra in Jerusalem, whose video clip went viral on social media after he was left bleeding while an Israeli was cursing him and wishing him death. The report collected eyewitness accounts stating that Manasra “was beaten with sticks and metal pipes in the town of Hezma, north Jerusalem. Meanwhile, an Israeli police spokesperson said that Manasra was shot when he attempted to stab an Israeli. Euro-Med reported that has been admitted to the Israeli hospital Hadassah Ein Kerem with serious injuries, under continued detention. Among the other many cases that the report showed in a press conference is Israa Abed, 29, a Palestinian holding an Israeli ID. Abed "is another example of Israel’s deliberate targeting and arbitrary killing of civilians," the report said. "Like the others, Israeli authorities claimed Abed attempted to stab an Israeli soldier. However, video recordings from surveillance cameras in the central train station of the city of Afula, where the incident took place, documented Israeli authorities’ reckless disregard for life.” Dr. Rami Abdu, chairman of Euro-Med Monitor, says his team has collected evidence from eyewitnesses accounts that Abed was terrified when she found herself surrounded by Israeli soldiers pointing weapons at her. “The soldiers shouted at her to remove her headscarf and drop her bag. The young woman refused to remove her hijab, but raised her hands and begged the officers not to shoot. Nonetheless, the soldiers shot her with four live bullets in the upper part of her body”. Forty Palestinians have been killed and 5,511 were wounded in the mass protests along the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel since March 30, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported on Tuesday. The protests have been held every Friday since then. The information on the casualties is broken down by date, nature of the injury, gender and age, as well as where the person was treated. Of the injured, 2,596 people were hospitalized in government hospitals, 773 in nongovernment hospitals and the rest were treated in the field. Of those in government hospitals, 1,499 were hit by live ammunition, 107 by sponge-tipped bullets, 408 suffered gas inhalation and 582 suffered other injuries; 2,142 were adults and 454 were minors. “Gaza's health sector is struggling to cope with the mass influx of casualties, due to years of blockade, internal divide and a chronic energy crisis, which have left essential services in Gaza barely able to function,” stated the report. The information is based on figures from the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza and OCHA says the data is a preliminary snapshot only and further information is pending. On Wednesday, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reported the death of Ahmed Abu Hassin, a press photographer who was shot two weeks ago during the protests. The protests will continue even after May 15, the day the Palestinians mark the Nakba (Catastrophe) – the founding of Israel – said Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas political bureau, on Wednesday. “The Palestinian people will demonstrate throughout Ramadan to deal with the many challenges facing us, and first of all the peace plan promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump, called the ‘Deal of the Century,’” said Haniyeh. This transcript of an Israeli General on an Israeli radio station (begins 6.52 in) defending the latest killing by Israeli army snipers of a 14 year old boy who posed no threat of any kind, is much more powerful if you just read it than any analysis I can give. Ron Nesiel: Greetings Brigadier General (Res.) Zvika Fogel. Should the IDF [Israeli army] rethink its use of snipers? There’s the impression that maybe someone lowered the bar for using live fire, and this may be the result? Zvika Fogel: Ron, let’s maybe look at this matter on three levels. At the tactical level that we all love dealing with, the local one, also at the level of values, and with your permission, we will also rise up to the strategic level. At the tactical level, any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation. If this child or anyone else gets close to the fence in order to hide an explosive device or check if there are any dead zones there or to cut the fence so someone could infiltrate the territory of the State of Israel to kill us … Fogel: His punishment is death. As far as I’m concerned then yes, if you can only shoot him to stop him, in the leg or arm – great. But if it’s more than that then, yes, you want to check with me whose blood is thicker, ours or theirs. It is clear to you that if one such person will manage to cross the fence or hide an explosive device there … Fogel: Come, let’s move over to the level of values. Assuming that we understood the tactical level, as we cannot tolerate a crossing of our border or a violation of our border, let’s proceed to the level of values. I am not Ahmad Tibi, I am Zvika Fogel. I know how these orders are given. I know how a sniper does the shooting. I know how many authorizations he needs before he receives an authorization to open fire. It is not the whim of one or the other sniper who identifies the small body of a child now and decides he’ll shoot. Someone marks the target for him very well and tells him exactly why one has to shoot and what the threat is from that individual. And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder it goes even higher. The picture is not a pretty picture. But if that’s the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the State of Israel, then that’s the price. But now, with your permission, let us go up one level and look at the overview. It is clear to you that Hamas is fighting for consciousness at the moment. It is clear to you and to me … Nesiel: Is it hard for them to do? Aren’t we providing them with sufficient ammunition in this battle? Nesiel: Because it does not do all that well for us, those pictures that are distributed around the world. Fogel: Look, Ron, we’re even terrible at it. There’s nothing to be done, David always looks better against Goliath. And in this case, we are the Goliath. Not the David. That is entirely clear to me. But let’s look at it at the strategic level: you and I and a large part of the listeners are clear that this will not end up in demonstrations. It is clear to us that Hamas can’t continue to tolerate the fact that its rockets are not managing to hurt us, its tunnels are eroding … Fogel: And it doesn’t have too many suicide bombers who continue to believe the fairytale about the virgins waiting up there. It will drag us into a war. I do not want to be on the side that gets dragged. I want to be on the side that initiates things. I do not want to wait for the moment where it finds a weak spot and attacks me there. If tomorrow morning it gets into a military base or a kibbutz and kills people there and takes prisoners of war or hostages, call it as you like, we’re in a whole new script. I want the leaders of Hamas to wake up tomorrow morning and for the last time in their life see the smiling faces of the IDF. That’s what I want to have happen. But we are dragged along. So we’re putting snipers up because we want to preserve the values we were educated by. We can’t always take a single picture and put it before the whole world. We have soldiers there, our children, who were sent out and receive very accurate instructions about whom to shoot to protect us. Let’s back them up. Nesiel: Brigadier-General (Res.) Zvika Fogel, formerly Head of the Southern Command Staff, thank you for your words. There is no room to doubt the evil nature of the expansionist apartheid state that Israel has now become. Nor the moral vacuity of its apologists in the western media. Martin Van Creveld: I'll quote Henry Kissinger: "In campaigns like this the antiterror forces lose, because they don't win, and the rebels win by not losing." I heard the Israeli Ambassador interviewed on LBC this morning regarding yesterdays massacre of 52 peaceful Palestinian protesters in Gaza. This is precisely what Israeli Jewish settlers were doing yesterday, outside the court in Lod. “’Ali was burned, where is Ali? Ali is on the grill!”, they chanted, in reference to the 18-month old baby Ali Dawbsheh, who was burnt alive by Jewish terrorists in the West Bank town of Duma in 2015. Ali’s mother Riham and father Saad died of their wounds a few weeks later. Of the family of four, only 5-year-old Ahmad survived the arson with severe burns. The terror-supporters were actually taunting Ali’s grandfather, Hussein Dawabshe, who was attending a preliminary hearing at which the court decided to indict one adult suspect who confessed to the murders, as well as a minor who was an accomplice. Hussein was accompanied by Palestinian-Israeli lawmakers Ayman Odeh and Ahmed Tibi. Tibi posted the video of the chanting, with policemen standing by doing nothing, and wrote: “Where’s Ali? There’s no Ali. Ali is burned. On the fire. Ali is on the grill” – all this was thrown at our face – including at the grandfather Dawbsheh concerning his 18-month-old grandson by the riff raff of ‘price tag’. In front of us stood policemen and officers and did nothing. No words…....' Menachem Begin — #3 — Begin was the preeminent terrorist in the Middle East, murdering Arabs, Englishmen and Jews ... until Ben-Gurion and Eshkol surpassed him. Ariel Sharon — #4 — A murderous war hawk, Sharon was responsible for massacres of civilians at Qibya, Sabra and Shatila. Benjamin Netanyahu — #5 — "Bibi" caused the deaths and mutilations of thousands of children during Operations "Cast Lead," "Pillar of Defense" and "Protective Edge." Yitzhak Shamir — #6 — Shamir had British and Swedish nobles murdered for seeking to have Palestinian Arabs treated as equals of Israeli Jews! Ehud Barak — #7 — A cross-dressing assassin, Barak participated in death squads that killed women, policemen and a poet known as "The Conscience." Golda Meir — #8 — Meir threatened to destroy the world with nukes during a BBC interview and more than once insisted that Palestinians "did not exist" as a people. Yitzhak Rabin — #10 — Rabin signed an order for the children of Lydda to be ethnically cleansed "quickly, without attention to age." Yigal Allon — #11 — Allon served in Special Night Squads which tortured and killed "without compunction." Ehud Olmert — #12 — Olmert presided over the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, which killed 1,300 people and displaced more than a million others. Moshe Sharett — #13 — Sharett was a staunch proponent of compulsory population transfer (ethnic cleansing). Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free, so join up today for full access to the site and benefit from latest member offers."
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"SHANGHAI, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- China Eastern Airlines and other domestic airlines have begun to allow mobile phone use on their aircraft or announced plans to lift a ban. On Thursday, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines began to allow passengers to use portable electronic devices (PED), such as smartphones and tablets, but phones still have to be switched to airplane mode. China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines announced Thursday they would allow mobile phone use on all their flights from Friday. The permission comes after the Civil Aviation Administration of China asked that the ban be lifted earlier this week. According to the guideline, cabin crew can ask passengers to turn off any devices that interfere with the flight. Inflight wifi is available on 74 of China Eastern Airlines' aircraft, covering all long-range international routes and 166 domestic routes. Hainan Airlines has enabled inflight wifi on 17 of its aircraft. "Before, I just slept aboard the aircraft, sometimes read magazines in front of me and then had nothing to do. But now, I can use my social network accounts," said a passenger named Zuo, who took a flight with wifi from Shanghai Thursday. Previously, mobile phone use on aircraft was banned over safety concerns. The ban is a common international practice, but with technological development and a higher demand from passengers, the ban has been lifted by some airlines. A number of airlines from other countries already provide inflight wifi service, an important factors for passengers choosing flights. We're located at 1000 Centre Green Way, Cary, NC 27513 right off Weston, just a stone throw’s away from beautiful Lake Crabtree County Park. All featured content on and it's affiliated website(s) is copyrighted material. No text, images, videos or other works of any kind may be copied and/or re-used without prior expressed written consent. Copyright © 2017 919 Dog - All Rights Reserved | The #1 Local Dog Walkers in Raleigh Since '99 | Connect with us on FB:"
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"key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7359, "char_end_idx": 7366, "value": "Rupert_Murdoch" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7445, "char_end_idx": 7452, "value": "Serbian_language" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7493, "char_end_idx": 7501, "value": "Wojciech" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7648, "char_end_idx": 7654, "value": "Andrea" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7751, "char_end_idx": 7760, "value": "Mansfield" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7780, "char_end_idx": 7785, "value": "Elvis_Presley" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8082, "char_end_idx": 8090, "value": "Canada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8142, "char_end_idx": 8148, "value": "Harald_Bluetooth" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8178, "char_end_idx": 8184, "value": "Alford_plea" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8266, "char_end_idx": 8272, "value": "Robbie_Fowler" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8336, "char_end_idx": 8344, "value": "Canada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8392, "char_end_idx": 8398, "value": "Dennis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8446, "char_end_idx": 8452, "value": "Judith" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8538, "char_end_idx": 8544, "value": "Antoni_Gaudí" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8617, "char_end_idx": 8622, "value": "Italy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8684, "char_end_idx": 8689, "value": "Hami" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8713, "char_end_idx": 8720, "value": "Tim_Steeves" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8774, "char_end_idx": 8780, "value": "Erasto_Sampson" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8969, "char_end_idx": 8978, "value": "Sylvester" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9089, "char_end_idx": 9095, "value": "John_Gerard" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9153, "char_end_idx": 9158, "value": "Andy_(given_name)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9335, "char_end_idx": 9343, "value": "David_Chalmers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9473, "char_end_idx": 9478, "value": "Fedor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9584, "char_end_idx": 9589, "value": "Michael_Denis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9645, "char_end_idx": 9649, "value": "Alaa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9760, "char_end_idx": 9764, "value": "Russ_Feingold" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10052, "char_end_idx": 10056, "value": "Richard_Owen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10237, "char_end_idx": 10243, "value": "Wildon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10308, "char_end_idx": 10314, "value": "Duncan,_British_Columbia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10374, "char_end_idx": 10377, "value": "Jim_Halpert" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10484, "char_end_idx": 10490, "value": "Godwin's_law" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10553, "char_end_idx": 10560, "value": "Wilhelm_Reich" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10619, "char_end_idx": 10623, "value": "Beavis_and_Butt-Head" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10703, "char_end_idx": 10710, "value": "Serbia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10811, "char_end_idx": 10815, "value": "Clearnet_(Telus_Mobility)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10971, "char_end_idx": 10975, "value": "Monsters_of_Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11065, "char_end_idx": 11072, "value": "Skipton" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11168, "char_end_idx": 11176, "value": "Canada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11515, "char_end_idx": 11519, "value": "Real_number" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11578, "char_end_idx": 11584, "value": "Matt_Dennis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11656, "char_end_idx": 11661, "value": "Aamir_Khan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11677, "char_end_idx": 11683, "value": "Aryan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11714, "char_end_idx": 11720, "value": "Weston,_Toronto" } ]
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"Günesi G?rdüm is a movie starring Mahsun Kirmizigül, Demet Evgar, and Murat ünalmis. In the southeast region of Turkey, the Altun family lives in a small mountainside village plagued by a 25-year war, making their daily life a... In the southeast region of Turkey, the Altun family lives in a small mountainside village plagued by a 25-year war, making their daily life a hellish struggle. As the war continues to intensify, the family is forced to migrate west to the city of Istanbul. While Haydar and Isa Altun decide to stay in Turkey with their young children, Davut Altun and his family migrate north to Norway, enlisting the help of smugglers. They eventually reach their destination and find work in a supermarket, but life as refugees proves relentless. Back in Istanbul, Haydar watches over the family as his wife undergoes an operation due to pregnancy complications. Their son makes friends with a group of transvestites, helping him to understand why he has felt different all of his life. While liberating, his newfound identity is seen as a disgrace to the rest of his family, leading him to flee from the abuse it produces. I'm a rock/hip hop woman, I never paid much attention to him; always thought his kind of music was "beneath me". How elitist, how inconsiderate of me! Gunesi Gordum is an amazing movie. Every scene in the movie, every actor is spot on. It touches extremely sensitive subjects in Turkey and comes out a winner. This movie makes you cry for the terrorists' family AND for the soldier that died defending his country. A son is a son. That's what this movie shows you without politicizing it. It makes you see how "privileged" you are while a big part of your country / world is just trying to HOLD ON.... There is no war in a city here, it's during unrest let's call it. If you are not familiar with the situation Turkey and the Kurds are having, you want to read up on that. It's not necessary to understand the movie/follow the story. It might be interesting to have this as a backdrop though to refer back to. It's about a family in troubled times as you can imagine. One that has not only to face outside danger, but also has quite some turmoil inside the family. Feelings get hurt, but there is also violence especially with a thinking that may seem very backwards to a lot of people. Sometimes that is used for comedy (when it comes to technology or the "wonders" they achieve) but this is mostly a drama, with high stakes for every one involved. It's not easy to chew on and there are quite a few bumps along the road, still this has the right ingredients, it just needed a bit of a better direction and less confusion in parts This movie was released when Erdogan was still accepted by the majority of Turkey and not considered the threat he is today. This being said, it's sad to see that everything that has been thematised in this movie is accurate and even worse almost 10 years later. As someone who believes that there is no difference between ethnicities nor religion I find this movie eye-opening in so many positive (and emotional) ways. I have seen reviews that have called this movie anti-Kurd, pro-gay, pro-Western, anti-Turkish and they all have in common that they 1. have not understood the movie 2. are full of hate 3. are the reason why Turkey is the way it is right now. This movie showcases the beauty of Kurdish culture, with it flaws and scars. It showcases the incapability of the Turkish government to secure peace. But also that no matter how beautiful Turkey is, it still has a long way to go... I have never listened to Mahsun Kirmiziguls music (don't think will do anytime soon) but I respect his film-art. provides lots of torrent sites which store torrent file. You would download the torrent file directly in these sites."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 173, "char_end_idx": 180, "value": "Solutia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 529, "char_end_idx": 537, "value": "Monsanto" } ]
"In addition to high quality products (meeting uniform global Terminal specifications), we also offers comprehensive before and after sales services to our customers through Solutia's global sales and technical services network, not only the itself but also the heating systems. Olymspan heat transfer fluids is a family of low and high temperature heat and cooling heat transfer fluids, has been used successfully by the world's leading chemical textile, and plastic manufacturers for more than 50 years. Taking the advantage of Monsanto's proprietary state-of-the-art technically support, key manufacturing capabilities and raw materials, sophisticated management system and technical support, we are manufacturing and marketing series brand synthetic which are widely used in kinds of chemical, petrochemical and other heating systems. For the best results, we recommend including the following details: -Self introduction -Required specifications -Inquire about price/MOQ Fat: decomposition, deodorization, distillation of aliphatic acid, heating, hydrogenation,esterification. Steam boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated. The heated water exits the boiler for use in various process or heating applications. The pressure vessel in a boiler is usually made of steel (or alloy steel), or historically of wrought iron. Stainless steel is virtually prohibited (by the ASME Boiler Code) for use in wetted parts of modern boilers, but is used often in superheater sections that will not be exposed to liquid boiler water. In live steam models, copper or brass is often used because it is more easily fabricated in smaller size boilers. Historically, copper was often used for fireboxes (particularly for steam locomotives), because of its better formability and higher thermal conductivity; however, in more recent times, the high price of copper often makes this an uneconomic choice and cheaper substitutes (such as steel) are used instead. Water mains cycle structure increases heated areas and improves the water cycle effects, effectively the thermal efficiency. Body adopts dual-rear-drum vertical structure, full layout heating surface and high thermal efficiency. Body and base use two pieces to leave the factory, installed in a short period and low installation costs. 3. Big combustion room design: increase radiated area, decrease emission of NOx, and reduce boiler cubage. 9. Each boiler is subject to strict inspection and testing before delivery, including hydraulic pressure testing and X ray inspection. 10. Selecting the most suitable burner to match the boiler so as to guarantee safety and reach rated output. 11. Main components, such as burners, pumps, water level meters, valves are limited to renowned brands. 12. Stainless steel plate protective cladding for surface: fine appearance and effective protection."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 209, "char_end_idx": 216, "value": "Adblock_Plus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 231, "char_end_idx": 238, "value": "Firefox" } ]
"Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't use adblock except in conjunction with filterset.G, and so obviously have no use for any adblock-related menu items or buttons. Is there any way of removing the Adblock button in the Firefox taskbar? unfinished white oak flooring unfinished engineered white oak specifications features unfinished white oak flooring 2 1 4. Ensuring that the bolt is in the engaged position, align the staple on the door/gate frame. Mark holes and secure staple with the screws provided. Directions are for guidance only. Requirements may vary due to individual circumstances. We recommend drilling smaller pilot holes before screwing to reduce the chance of splitting wood, and when going completely through wood products, drill from both sides."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 65, "char_end_idx": 79, "value": "A_Better_Place" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 512, "char_end_idx": 531, "value": "Abingdon-on-Thames" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 904, "char_end_idx": 911, "value": "English_language" } ]
"All resources that are listed below are for information only and A Better Place does not endorse any specific programs or companies. Although we are happy to facilitate contact with those listed, we suggest that residents routinely check references and always use good judgment and discretion when selecting any of the resources provided. A Better Place cannot be held liable for the accuracy or quality of the resources listed. With over two thousand years of history behind us, there's a lot to discover about Abingdon-on-Thames! Citizens’ Advice Bureau is self-supporting and offers free advice on legal matters, dispute resolution, debt counselling and a range of needs in our community. Donations are welcome. Please support the fund-raising or offer practical help through the town’s Citizens’ Advice Friends. The demands on the service mean that opening hours can be maintained by helpful people. English not your first language? Contact staff for information about other languages in which advice can be provided."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 578, "char_end_idx": 585, "value": "Fasting" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 749, "char_end_idx": 759, "value": "Sahih_al-Bukhari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 779, "char_end_idx": 786, "value": "Ramadan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 862, "char_end_idx": 869, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1070, "char_end_idx": 1077, "value": "Fasting" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1241, "char_end_idx": 1251, "value": "Sahih_al-Bukhari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1271, "char_end_idx": 1278, "value": "Ramadan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1354, "char_end_idx": 1361, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1683, "char_end_idx": 1690, "value": "Ramadan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2681, "char_end_idx": 2688, "value": "Islam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3174, "char_end_idx": 3180, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3546, "char_end_idx": 3552, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3905, "char_end_idx": 3912, "value": "Ramadan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4436, "char_end_idx": 4442, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4452, "char_end_idx": 4459, "value": "Salman_al-Ouda" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4479, "char_end_idx": 4518, "value": "International_Union_of_Muslim_Scholars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4530, "char_end_idx": 4547, "value": "Trustee" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4573, "char_end_idx": 4579, "value": "Arabian_Peninsula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4603, "char_end_idx": 4614, "value": "Islam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4691, "char_end_idx": 4699, "value": "Muhammad" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4786, "char_end_idx": 4794, "value": "Paradise,_Nevada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5322, "char_end_idx": 5332, "value": "AliExpress" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5879, "char_end_idx": 5883, "value": "Etsy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6238, "char_end_idx": 6245, "value": "Italy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6329, "char_end_idx": 6337, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6371, "char_end_idx": 6378, "value": "Italy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6690, "char_end_idx": 6695, "value": "Chess" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7129, "char_end_idx": 7137, "value": "Kid Rock" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7180, "char_end_idx": 7187, "value": "chinese" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7199, "char_end_idx": 7206, "value": "StubHub" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7409, "char_end_idx": 7414, "value": "Tampa,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7478, "char_end_idx": 7487, "value": "Riverview_Park_(Pittsburgh)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7489, "char_end_idx": 7491, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7495, "char_end_idx": 7505, "value": "Arbor_Park" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7507, "char_end_idx": 7512, "value": "Youll" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7575, "char_end_idx": 7580, "value": "Tampa,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7655, "char_end_idx": 7661, "value": "Biloxi,_Mississippi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7663, "char_end_idx": 7674, "value": "Mississippi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7773, "char_end_idx": 7782, "value": "Grosvenor_Group" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7868, "char_end_idx": 7873, "value": "Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8135, "char_end_idx": 8143, "value": "Maroon_5" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8177, "char_end_idx": 8186, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8323, "char_end_idx": 8334, "value": "Jack_Rogers_(minister)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8338, "char_end_idx": 8344, "value": "Zappos" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8471, "char_end_idx": 8480, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8510, "char_end_idx": 8536, "value": "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8564, "char_end_idx": 8569, "value": "Shoe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8930, "char_end_idx": 8941, "value": "Arkham_Asylum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8943, "char_end_idx": 8955, "value": "Grey_DeLisle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8968, "char_end_idx": 8976, "value": "Fort_Ord" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8978, "char_end_idx": 8988, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9145, "char_end_idx": 9148, "value": "NME" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9320, "char_end_idx": 9335, "value": "Martin_Scorsese" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9342, "char_end_idx": 9351, "value": "Phil_Lord_and_Christopher_Miller" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9356, "char_end_idx": 9368, "value": "You_Me_at_Six" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9405, "char_end_idx": 9413, "value": "Han_Solo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9454, "char_end_idx": 9470, "value": "Kathleen_Kennedy_(producer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9736, "char_end_idx": 9745, "value": "Star_Wars" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9966, "char_end_idx": 9976, "value": "Coral_reef" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10116, "char_end_idx": 10125, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10223, "char_end_idx": 10232, "value": "Hollywood" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10236, "char_end_idx": 10244, "value": "New_York_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10430, "char_end_idx": 10444, "value": "Origin_Systems" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10519, "char_end_idx": 10533, "value": "Wing Commander" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10652, "char_end_idx": 10667, "value": "Josephine_Baker" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10678, "char_end_idx": 10684, "value": "Zouzou_(film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10686, "char_end_idx": 10701, "value": "Josephine_Baker" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10739, "char_end_idx": 10742, "value": "Saint_Petersburg" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10743, "char_end_idx": 10748, "value": "Cartier_(jeweler)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10750, "char_end_idx": 10752, "value": "Missouri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10786, "char_end_idx": 10798, "value": "Star_Cruises" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10891, "char_end_idx": 10900, "value": "Minnesota" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10972, "char_end_idx": 10979, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11066, "char_end_idx": 11073, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11084, "char_end_idx": 11091, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11136, "char_end_idx": 11143, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11156, "char_end_idx": 11163, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11219, "char_end_idx": 11222, "value": "Slang" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11292, "char_end_idx": 11302, "value": "Chaturbate" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11784, "char_end_idx": 11794, "value": "Chicago_Blackhawks" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11963, "char_end_idx": 11971, "value": "Roulette" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12033, "char_end_idx": 12041, "value": "Roulette" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12412, "char_end_idx": 12433, "value": "Internal_Revenue_Code" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12508, "char_end_idx": 12518, "value": "Republican_Party_(United_States)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13202, "char_end_idx": 13211, "value": "Cleopatra_(1963_film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13229, "char_end_idx": 13232, "value": "Radioisotope_thermoelectric_generator" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13261, "char_end_idx": 13266, "value": "Las_Vegas_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13276, "char_end_idx": 13285, "value": "Cleopatra_(1963_film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13532, "char_end_idx": 13541, "value": "Grosvenor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13563, "char_end_idx": 13567, "value": "Boil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13670, "char_end_idx": 13679, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13813, "char_end_idx": 13819, "value": "Konami" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14133, "char_end_idx": 14138, "value": "Asia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14309, "char_end_idx": 14319, "value": "Cedar_Lane,_Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14321, "char_end_idx": 14330, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14353, "char_end_idx": 14355, "value": "NJ" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14434, "char_end_idx": 14443, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14553, "char_end_idx": 14562, "value": "Novomatic" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14783, "char_end_idx": 14792, "value": "Las_Vegas_Strip" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14794, "char_end_idx": 14803, "value": "Grosvenor_Square" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14911, "char_end_idx": 14919, "value": "Television_in_the_United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15046, "char_end_idx": 15049, "value": "American_Broadcasting_Company" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15054, "char_end_idx": 15057, "value": "NBC" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15165, "char_end_idx": 15174, "value": "Duke_of_Westminster" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15201, "char_end_idx": 15211, "value": "Microsoft_Windows" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15213, "char_end_idx": 15218, "value": "Steam_(software)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15223, "char_end_idx": 15226, "value": "Gogs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15464, "char_end_idx": 15472, "value": "Television_in_the_United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15570, "char_end_idx": 15581, "value": "Puget Sound" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15665, "char_end_idx": 15672, "value": "Homosexuality" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15945, "char_end_idx": 15961, "value": "Poker_After_Dark" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15989, "char_end_idx": 16014, "value": "The_Knights_of_Prosperity" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16091, "char_end_idx": 16105, "value": "Cadillac CTS-V" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16112, "char_end_idx": 16130, "value": "Chrysler_300" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16141, "char_end_idx": 16152, "value": "Pontiac_GTO" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16184, "char_end_idx": 16204, "value": "Motor_Trend" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16476, "char_end_idx": 16490, "value": "Windows Mobile" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16589, "char_end_idx": 16598, "value": "American_Civil_War" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16640, "char_end_idx": 16648, "value": "Internet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16864, "char_end_idx": 16876, "value": "The_Fugitive_(TV_series)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17075, "char_end_idx": 17087, "value": "Little_River,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17154, "char_end_idx": 17159, "value": "Division_No._7,_Alberta" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17163, "char_end_idx": 17174, "value": "TripAdvisor" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17199, "char_end_idx": 17211, "value": "Little_River,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17340, "char_end_idx": 17343, "value": "Gay" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17397, "char_end_idx": 17412, "value": "Paradise Island" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17414, "char_end_idx": 17421, "value": "The_Bahamas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17588, "char_end_idx": 17600, "value": "Aransas Pass" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17602, "char_end_idx": 17607, "value": "Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18714, "char_end_idx": 18724, "value": "National_Rugby_League" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18770, "char_end_idx": 18773, "value": "National_Rugby_League" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18796, "char_end_idx": 18799, "value": "National_Rugby_League" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19007, "char_end_idx": 19017, "value": "Clearfield,_Utah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19019, "char_end_idx": 19023, "value": "Utah" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19183, "char_end_idx": 19186, "value": "API" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19353, "char_end_idx": 19367, "value": "Dolph_Lundgren" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19376, "char_end_idx": 19384, "value": "Rocky IV" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19386, "char_end_idx": 19400, "value": "Dolph_Lundgren" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19413, "char_end_idx": 19422, "value": "Stockholm" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19424, "char_end_idx": 19430, "value": "Sweden" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19740, "char_end_idx": 19749, "value": "Blackjack" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19751, "char_end_idx": 19756, "value": "Craps" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19761, "char_end_idx": 19766, "value": "Poker" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19793, "char_end_idx": 19803, "value": "Bingo_(United_Kingdom)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19805, "char_end_idx": 19826, "value": "Bubba_the_Love_Sponge" } ]
"Disclaimer: is not responsible for the content on sites that is linked to. All img and videos on are believed to be public domain. If you have a problem with a site that is linked to, or if you own copyrights on an image or video posted on, please email:abuseservis[@], and it will be removed. When we are fasting, we should be all the more conscious of our conduct and all the more ready to exercise self-restraint. First appeared at the author's website- The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Fasting is a shield – one who fasts does not use obscenities or act in an ignorant manner. If someone argues with you or insults you, say: ‘I am fasting, I am fasting’.” (Al-Bukhari) When we fast this Ramadan, we should make the effects of our worship show up in our good conduct. As Muslims, we should always be well-mannered, respectful, modest, kind, and gentle. We should always show compassion to others. However, when we are fasting, we should be all the more conscious of our… “Fasting is a shield – one who fasts does not use obscenities or act in an ignorant manner. If someone argues with you or insults you, say: ‘I am fasting, I am fasting’.” (Al-Bukhari) When we fast this Ramadan, we should make the effects of our worship show up in our good conduct. As Muslims, we should always be well-mannered, respectful, modest, kind, and gentle. We should always show compassion to others. However, when we are fasting, we should be all the more conscious of our conduct and all the more ready to exercise self-restraint. One of the most exemplary character traits that a person can have – in Ramadan and at other times – is that of clemency. We are sorely in need of this today. With all the problems in the world and in our daily lives, we often lose sight of the value of simply being nice to each other. Clemency is our ability to retain our composure when we get upset or angry. It means that we hold back from avenging the wrongs and abuses that we suffer from others. If anger means our “blood boils”, the clemency means that we keep things under control in the heat of the moment and use good sense. Clemency is a beautiful and balanced mode of conduct, one that is neither anger nor self-effacement. A person who cannot inculcate clemency into his character will be in either one or another bad state. He will either be angry and temperamental, or sniveling and debased. It is important to distinguish between true clemency – which shows strength of character – and the forbearance that comes from weakness, disgrace, and inability. Balance and poise are among the hallmarks of the Islamic faith. Clemency is a trait that exemplifies balance and the triumph of reason over our passions. As human beings, we have a natural propensity to get angry. It is abnormal to never get angry. However, one whose anger is accompanied by clemency can come though his anger blameless and unscathed. Indeed, some people have observed that without anger there is no meaning to clemency, since a person is only described as clement when people see how he conducts himself when he is angry. A Muslim should endeavor to show this trait with everyone. The most noble of people are those who stand above tit-for-tat knavery. The person who responds to ignorance with kindness elevates himself above the other. This is not even the case when responding to kindness in kind, since that merely puts both parties on an equal footing. This is why it is so important that a Muslim exhibits clemency with all people. If his heart is not strong enough to feel it, he should at least make an outward show of forbearance. This will, in time, grow into true, heartfelt magnanimity. Clemency is like any other character trait. A person is either naturally endowed with it, or he can learn it and make it part of his character with effort. Ramadan is the ideal time for us to develop this quality. We need to translate the restraint we show regarding our desire to eat and drink in this month into the ability to restrain our tongues and our hands when we are abused. We must, indeed, use our fast a shield, protecting us from bad behavior. We need to say to one who looks to fall into a dispute with us – “I am fasting.” We need to remind ourselves as well as the other party. Maybe this is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) specifically instructs us to say it twice. Muslim scholar. Al-Ouda is a member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars and on its Board of Trustees. He is a director of the Arabic edition of the website Islam Today and appears on a number of TV shows and authors newspaper articles. 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Click or call 800-927-7671. مشاهدة او تحميل افلام اون لاين افلام عربية اون لاين افلام اجنبية اونلاين افلام هندية اون لاين وكذلك يمكنك مشاهدة مسلسلات اون لاين Aflam Online على موقع الدار دار كم dardarkom Grey Griffin, Actress: Batman: Arkham City. Grey Griffin was born in Fort Ord, California. She is a singer and well-known voice actress. She was raised by her grandmother through her difficult childhood because her grosvenor casino bury old road NME bring you music reviews of the latest albums and tracks, as well as live reviews from gigs and festivals Casino Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay andor the Martin Scorsese movie Phil Lord and Chris Miller's exit from the quot;Star Warsquot; Han Solo film comes after conflict with producer Kathleen Kennedy. There are space battles and epic music, foreign planets with unique k6 winner poker lively biomes, blasters, lightsabers, a universe at war and a force that connects it all. Over the course of eight Episodes and through numerous spin-off series and games, fans of Star Wars have become well acquainted with. announcement; usa memorial day special posted on may 20, 2018 by specials tours; to celebrate usa memorial day we have a collect a letter special Grosvenor casino bury old road (SS4240) Coral Reef; S. Special Project Y (US ver. M) S. Special Project Y raod ver. N) Casino near yorktown va. Mission; S. Mission Jeff Allender's Hou se of Grosvenor casino bury old road, the complete list of trading cards grpsvenor Mar 29, 2018nbsp;0183;32;From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite grosvenor casino bury old road are gury to Wing Commander: Privateer is an adventure space flight simulation computer game released by Origin Systems in 1993. Privateer and any casino in lake geneva storyline is part of the Wing Commander series. 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""Abby looks for ways to make others successful in their career paths and aspirations - she demonstrates both competence and integrity. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to extend herself to help others." Dave Arnold from ABC 5 in Kent, Ohio interviewed Abby about her cross country tour and mission to educate one million job seekers. At the Kent rally, Abby shared the importance of standing out from the rest of the crowd and the goal of getting paid for your passion. To learn more about the tour, please visit Halloween is traditionally a holiday where people put on masks and enjoy stepping into the shoes of a character unlike themselves. Those who are angels in real life can become devils for the day and those people who are shy or timid can become a superhero. You're probably wondering how this has anything to do with job resumes. Ah… but it does, my friends. This week I had conversations with three different people about employment in various industries. As important as it is to choose the ideal job, it is also important to choose the ideal industry that is a match for your personality and work ethic. Recently I attended a networking event for job seeking HR professionals. One of the topics that came up was the variety of opinions from different recruiters surrounding each detail of a job search. With all these choices, whose opinion is correct? The answer is "Yours". Many of you probably think that the tile of my blog is bizarre. You probably believe that the sole purpose of an interview is to help a company decide whether or not to hire you. While that may be true, the more important thing happening during an interview is your decision about whether or not to go work for the prospective boss. In the past few weeks I have been reading more than my fair share of cover letters. What amazes me is that despite all of the information available on the internet and in the bookstores, the same mistakes are being made over and over again. I, Absolutely Abby, am hereby doing my part to rid the world of all poorly written cover letters and to restore the faith the hiring managers have in the job seeker to express themselves appropriately. Drawn from my 18 years of experience and research in recruiting and Human Resources, my blog posts are intended to provide insight into what corporate recruiters and Human Resource professionals look for when they are evaluating your qualifications. Simply reading these blogs will not guarantee you success. However, consistently applying the strategies mentioned, as well as developing your own personal interview style, will greatly enhance your chances of victory amidst the competition. I wish you the best of luck with your search as you begin to take charge of your career!"
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"The challenge of mixing words and images (both abstract/ used abstractly) is getting them to touch or bounce off each other, getting them to interfere with each other's boundaries, getting them to trample or jump over the border between their separate rooms. Not the familiar redundant translation/ illustration gambit, not mirroring each other, but animating each other. I was thinking about this as I was making 'As The If And'. The first and most comprehensive source of abstract comics on the web, tracing the history and surveying the contemporary landscape of abstract sequential art. The artists assembled by Andrei Molotiu for his anthology ABSTRACT COMICS (Fantagraphics, $39.99) push “cartooning” to its limits... It’s a fascinating book to stare at, and as with other kinds of abstract art, half the fun is observing your own reactions: anyone who’s used to reading more conventional sorts of comics is likely to reflexively impose narrative on these abstractions, to figure out just what each panel has to do with the next. The collection has a wealth of rewarding material... it is a significant historical document that may jump-start an actual new genre. It becomes a treat to take a page of art - or a simple panel - and consider how the shapes, texture, depth, and color interact with one another; to reflect on how, when one takes the time, the enjoyment one ordinarily finds in reading a purely textually-oriented, narrative-driven written story can - with the graphic form - be translated into something completely different. ...this arresting book is like a scoop of primordial narrative, representational mud. Which is to say, it has vitaminic powers. For years, comics (at least American ones) have doggedly refused for one reason or another, to consider other schools of art and beyond mere representation. It's only now we see artists attempting to branch out and try to push at the edge's of the medium's definition. As such I found Abstract Comics to be a revealing, thought-provoking and genuinely lovely book that I'll be sure to be rereading in the months to come."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 0, "char_end_idx": 8, "value": "Bathinda" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12, "char_end_idx": 20, "value": "Bathinda" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 52, "char_end_idx": 58, "value": "Punjab" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 106, "char_end_idx": 123, "value": "Bathinda_district" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 157, "char_end_idx": 162, "value": "India" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 170, "char_end_idx": 175, "value": "Malwa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 177, "char_end_idx": 183, "value": "Punjab,_India" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 239, "char_end_idx": 247, "value": "Bathinda" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 286, "char_end_idx": 294, "value": "Bathinda" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 383, "char_end_idx": 388, "value": "India" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 390, "char_end_idx": 402, "value": "Razia_Sultana" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 433, "char_end_idx": 443, "value": "The_Asian_Saga" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 470, "char_end_idx": 478, "value": "King Rat" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 492, "char_end_idx": 500, "value": "Japan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 513, "char_end_idx": 522, "value": "Singapore" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 524, "char_end_idx": 531, "value": "Tai-Pan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 543, "char_end_idx": 552, "value": "Hong_Kong" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 554, "char_end_idx": 563, "value": "Shōgun" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 579, "char_end_idx": 584, "value": "Japan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 586, "char_end_idx": 600, "value": "Noble_House" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 609, "char_end_idx": 618, "value": "Hong_Kong" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 641, "char_end_idx": 645, "value": "Iran" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 647, "char_end_idx": 654, "value": "Gai-Jin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 666, "char_end_idx": 671, "value": "Japan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 673, "char_end_idx": 687, "value": "The_Asian_Saga" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 741, "char_end_idx": 754, "value": "James_Clavell" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 764, "char_end_idx": 785, "value": "Paperback" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 794, "char_end_idx": 807, "value": "Google_Chrome" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1087, "char_end_idx": 1093, "value": "Google_Chrome" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1142, "char_end_idx": 1150, "value": "Facebook" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1314, "char_end_idx": 1323, "value": "StepMania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1648, "char_end_idx": 1654, "value": "Cabela's" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1657, "char_end_idx": 1675, "value": "Cabela's_Ultimate_Deer_Hunt" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1693, "char_end_idx": 1706, "value": "PlayStation" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1774, "char_end_idx": 1777, "value": "Tencent" } ]
"Bathinda or Bhatinda is one of the oldest cities in Punjab and the current administrative headquarters of Bathinda District. It is situated in north-western India in the Malwa (Punjab) Region. Courtesy to two artificial lakes in the city, Bathinda is also known as "The city of Lakes". Bathinda is a historical city. It was associated with the imprisonment of first woman emperor of India, Razia Sultan in 1239 in the fort here. The Asian Saga consists of seven novels: King Rat (): Set in a Japanese POW camp in Singapore, Tai-Pan (): Set in Hong Kong, Shōgun (): Set in feudal Japan, Noble House (): Set in Hong Kong, Whirlwind (): Set in Iran, Gai-Jin (): Set in Japan, The Asian Saga - Gai-Jin - King Rat - Whirlwind (novel). Shōgun. by James Clavell. Format: Mass Market Paperback. 10 Apr Google Chrome is not perfect, but remains our EVAN recommended files each day and notice additional slow starts, you should not have to. i work with multiple offline documentations (API references, frameworks etc) and chrome takes a long time to load, even though these pages. I realised that Chrome has been downloading files at an extremely slow Facebook videos running slowly on google chrome only - Tech.. You can still get the original release here: Click on "Télécharger" and, after. StepMania is a music/rhythm game. The player presses different buttons in time to the music and to note patterns that scroll across the screen.. It is actually the revised form of StepMania It comes in two packs: one is in the final version and the other is the redux version of this SM . 19 Jan - 10 min - Uploaded by 10min Gameplay Cabela's Ultimate Deer Hunt gameplay for the Playstation 1. Cabela's Hunting , 13 May - 45 sec - Uploaded by Techno Keet Pvt. Ltd. 15 Nov - 2 min - Uploaded by Johnnie Strader Web Data Extractor Pro data extraction methods, we get to know numerous software. 1 Nov Web Data Extractor Pro 3 – is a data extractor software provide you varies way to extract data from different things on the web. Those discussing points comprise the detailed working mechanism of such website scraping tools. Web Data Extractor Pro Crack Version Key Features. 1 Nov Getting in to the deep sea functionality of data extraction methods, we get to know numerous software employed with different vested interests."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 65, "char_end_idx": 79, "value": "Laurens_County,_Georgia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 275, "char_end_idx": 282, "value": "Mauldin,_South_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 890, "char_end_idx": 897, "value": "Mauldin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1150, "char_end_idx": 1157, "value": "Mauldin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1247, "char_end_idx": 1256, "value": "Minnesota" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2305, "char_end_idx": 2312, "value": "Riviera_(hotel_and_casino)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2343, "char_end_idx": 2354, "value": "Montefeltro" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2877, "char_end_idx": 2882, "value": "Lobby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3038, "char_end_idx": 3051, "value": "Mediterranean_cuisine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3622, "char_end_idx": 3628, "value": "Rimini" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3633, "char_end_idx": 3641, "value": "Riccione" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3670, "char_end_idx": 3682, "value": "Mirabilandia_(Italy)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3907, "char_end_idx": 3916, "value": "Adriatica" } ]
"The first vehicle -- a 2015 Ford 4-door vehicle -- registered to Laurens County -- was traveling west, and the second vehicle -- a 2005 Ford SUV -- was traveling east on US-276, and was stopped on a private driveway. When someone has been seriously injured in a car crash in Mauldin, they are faced with unexpected medical costs and lost income. In the weeks and months following a car accident, injured people and their families can be overwhelmed as they struggle to manage day­-to­-day living. After a serious or fatal car collision, it is crucial to quickly get the information needed to make good decisions. Getting appropriate medical treatment is just one aspect of healing. Finding help in handling the insurance claim that will begin financial recovery is another. If the injuries are serious or if you have questions about what you should do, it is best to contact an experienced Mauldin car accident attorney for a free, no­-obligation consultation. Serious injury accident claims are difficult to handle without the assistance of a lawyer who understands the process and can obtain the highest possible settlement. Learn more about how a Mauldin car accident attorney can help. We have spoke with some one with victims right. Ilive in Minnesota so getting update for me is hard . My family or his son is not checking up on this. Dear Ted, Thank you so much for providing this information. We will watch for further updates to this story and will publish them as they become available. License is granted to use this image for free, for personal use and school projects, under the following conditions: Commercial use of this image is allowed only if a link back to this site or webpage is provided along with a credit, such as "Image courtesy of". The link must be followable by spiders and search engines and must be near the image. Linking the image itself, without text, is acceptable. General Description The style and design of its furnishings and its staff, always ready to look after guests, are the guarantee of a really special holiday. A spacious and cool terrace underlines the clean lines of the reception hall that provides a place for guest to relax after a day at the beach or before a long day's work but also acts a departure point for excursions along the Riviera or into the hinterland of the Montefeltro area. It answers the needs of even most demanding guests who are always attentive to detail and on the look out for special places that offer excellent value for money. Unusual yet refined, comfortable yet functional the Hotel Principe di Piemonte is a perfect blend of metropolitan elegance and Romagna-style cordiality. The hotel lies about 700 meters from the Rimini Miramare railway station and can be easily reached on foot. Hotel Offers Children's facilities, Dry cleaning, Internet access - Wireless - with charge, Lobby, Reception. Dining In an intimate yet elegant backdrop, the restaurant at the Hotel Principe di Piemonte serves carefully prepared, fresh cuisine based on Mediterranean traditions that is also open to local specialities. The menu is accompanied by rich hors d'oeuvre, vegetable and dessert buffets and breakfast, which is also served buffet-style, tempts guests with international specialties and healthy but tasty treats. LocationDescription Just in front to the sea, from the hotel it is extremely easy to make excursions to the nearby cities reknowned for their art and the tourist centres. Even closer to the hotel, you will find the fabulous game park Fiabilandia, the Terme of Rimini, the extraordinary little-Italy, the dolphins of Rimini and Riccione, and the parks Acquafan and Mirabilandia. The hotel lies about 2 km away from the Rimini Federico Fellini International airport and can be easily reached by taxi, by bus to the Rimini Miramare railway station. By car exiting the airport take the national road s.s. Adriatica and follow the indications to Rimini Miramare."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 710, "char_end_idx": 719, "value": "Christianity" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 845, "char_end_idx": 851, "value": "FORBES" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 942, "char_end_idx": 959, "value": "Texarkana_Gazette" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1011, "char_end_idx": 1020, "value": "Texarkana,_Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1041, "char_end_idx": 1049, "value": "Ark-La-Tex" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1062, "char_end_idx": 1068, "value": "Hassan_(surname)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1235, "char_end_idx": 1242, "value": "Ireland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1900, "char_end_idx": 1905, "value": "Youll" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2287, "char_end_idx": 2299, "value": "Amy_Paffrath" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2329, "char_end_idx": 2339, "value": "Rocsi_Diaz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2835, "char_end_idx": 2843, "value": "Thailand" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2901, "char_end_idx": 2905, "value": "BDSM" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2907, "char_end_idx": 2914, "value": "Massage" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3518, "char_end_idx": 3524, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3541, "char_end_idx": 3548, "value": "Bosnia_and_Herzegovina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3594, "char_end_idx": 3603, "value": "Christians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3653, "char_end_idx": 3660, "value": "Muslims" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3870, "char_end_idx": 3878, "value": "Facebook" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4087, "char_end_idx": 4097, "value": "SharePoint" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4409, "char_end_idx": 4412, "value": "Individual_retirement_account" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5002, "char_end_idx": 5014, "value": "Emancipation_of_minors" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5038, "char_end_idx": 5059, "value": "Israel_Defense_Forces" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5061, "char_end_idx": 5064, "value": "Israel_Defense_Forces" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5066, "char_end_idx": 5072, "value": "Hebrew_language" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5672, "char_end_idx": 5684, "value": "Myrtle_Beach,_South_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5686, "char_end_idx": 5688, "value": "Source_code" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5877, "char_end_idx": 5893, "value": "The_Bachelorette" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5904, "char_end_idx": 5918, "value": "Rachel_Lindsay_(television_personality)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6130, "char_end_idx": 6138, "value": "Bull_Ring,_Birmingham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6177, "char_end_idx": 6187, "value": "Birmingham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6225, "char_end_idx": 6235, "value": "Birmingham" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6494, "char_end_idx": 6506, "value": "Washington,_D.C." }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6616, "char_end_idx": 6630, "value": "World_Heritage_Site" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6740, "char_end_idx": 6759, "value": "World_Heritage_Site" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6841, "char_end_idx": 6847, "value": "Ivanhoe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7291, "char_end_idx": 7304, "value": "The_Texas_Tribune" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7393, "char_end_idx": 7398, "value": "Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7708, "char_end_idx": 7719, "value": "Bangladesh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7752, "char_end_idx": 7763, "value": "Bangladesh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7996, "char_end_idx": 8007, "value": "Wall_Street" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8300, "char_end_idx": 8309, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8347, "char_end_idx": 8352, "value": "Amman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8360, "char_end_idx": 8366, "value": "Thomas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8939, "char_end_idx": 8947, "value": "Internet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9183, "char_end_idx": 9189, "value": "Africa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9193, "char_end_idx": 9203, "value": "Derbyshire" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9205, "char_end_idx": 9212, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9242, "char_end_idx": 9255, "value": "River_Derwent,_Yorkshire" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9280, "char_end_idx": 9284, "value": "Iowa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9319, "char_end_idx": 9332, "value": "Iowa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9338, "char_end_idx": 9351, "value": "Hawkeye State" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9415, "char_end_idx": 9419, "value": "Iowa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9863, "char_end_idx": 9872, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10374, "char_end_idx": 10386, "value": "Indianapolis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10427, "char_end_idx": 10430, "value": "DHU" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10501, "char_end_idx": 10513, "value": "Indianapolis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10538, "char_end_idx": 10553, "value": "Microsoft_Store" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10558, "char_end_idx": 10568, "value": "Windows 10" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10577, "char_end_idx": 10590, "value": "Windows_Phone" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10926, "char_end_idx": 10929, "value": "Rob_Marshall" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10934, "char_end_idx": 10941, "value": "Kristen_Stewart" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11011, "char_end_idx": 11017, "value": "Tinder_(app)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11397, "char_end_idx": 11402, "value": "Earth" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11487, "char_end_idx": 11493, "value": "Banksy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11495, "char_end_idx": 11506, "value": "Jay_Graydon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11512, "char_end_idx": 11525, "value": "Bill_Champlin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11540, "char_end_idx": 11544, "value": "I_Am_(Monrose_album)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11555, "char_end_idx": 11558, "value": "Human_Rights_Campaign" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11610, "char_end_idx": 11614, "value": "Hard_Rock_Cafe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11663, "char_end_idx": 11695, "value": "LGBT" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12197, "char_end_idx": 12207, "value": "Jared_Leto" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12232, "char_end_idx": 12242, "value": "Jared_Leto" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12255, "char_end_idx": 12265, "value": "Jared_Leto" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12310, "char_end_idx": 12320, "value": "Jared_Leto" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12391, "char_end_idx": 12399, "value": "Germans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12438, "char_end_idx": 12441, "value": "American_Broadcasting_Company" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12550, "char_end_idx": 12562, "value": "Jake_Pavelka" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12586, "char_end_idx": 12591, "value": "Korea" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12659, "char_end_idx": 12666, "value": "Germany" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12867, "char_end_idx": 12873, "value": "Ottawa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13230, "char_end_idx": 13243, "value": "Thomas_Becket" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13250, "char_end_idx": 13257, "value": "Saracen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13329, "char_end_idx": 13338, "value": "Holy_Land" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13391, "char_end_idx": 13394, "value": "Northern_Ireland_Assembly" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13396, "char_end_idx": 13399, "value": "American_Psychiatric_Association" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13401, "char_end_idx": 13408, "value": "Chicago" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13488, "char_end_idx": 13493, "value": "Steve_Jobs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13583, "char_end_idx": 13588, "value": "Mensa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13965, "char_end_idx": 13973, "value": "Internet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14023, "char_end_idx": 14036, "value": "John_Bradshaw_(author)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", 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"Quot; Read More 17 Things To Expect When You Start Dating Someone Who Has Been Single For A While Human Rights Watch would like to thank all of the survivors of sexual violence, former offenders and their families, social workers, advocates, law enforcement. quot;Types of Bottle Closuresquot; Page - Organization amp; Structure. General Closure Types - This section covers closure types that were utilized on a relatively wide array. Do online dating websites work. It's time for a frank discussion. What I learned from interviews was that online dating is equally painful for men and for women, but. Dec 11, 2016nbsp;0183;32;How to Be a Great Christian Teenager. This article will help you to become a great Christian teenager; whether you are a boy or girl… Aug 20, 2013nbsp;0183;32;We couldnt be happier to present the fourth annual list of FORBES 100 Best Websites for Women than we are today-for this year more than any other this. 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If we've ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us. The world is garbage right now, but at least movies are still great. There is a romantic legend that the mother of Thomas Becket was a Saracen princess who followed his father, a pilgrim or crusader, back from the Holy Land, and. BibMe Free Bibliography amp; Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard I have been dating off and on for about a year now. I met a guy named Steve who I fell hard for -- he was 17 years younger than me. We had amazing chemistry and so. Mensa, an organization which was originally intended as a sort of aristocratic private club for geniuses, requires its members to demonstrate their above-average. Find a Hot Gay Sex Date Tonight with Gay XXX Dates The Largest Gay Dating Site in the World Feb 14, 2016nbsp;0183;32;Before they went mainstream, personals were a way for same-sex couples to discreetly connect. Has the Internet really revolutionized dating. Or is. Directed by John Bradshaw. With Andrew McCarthy, Michelle Nolden, Stephanie Anne Mills, Mary Long."
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"entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14216, "char_end_idx": 14230, "value": "United Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14233, "char_end_idx": 14245, "value": "Doudou_Diène" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14247, "char_end_idx": 14261, "value": "United_Nations" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14392, "char_end_idx": 14404, "value": "Haven_Kimmel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14427, "char_end_idx": 14434, "value": "Indiana_Hoosiers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14571, "char_end_idx": 14577, "value": "Haven_Kimmel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14592, "char_end_idx": 14601, "value": "Westmorland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14603, "char_end_idx": 14607, "value": "Independent_politician" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15111, "char_end_idx": 15118, "value": "Jessica_Capshaw" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15159, "char_end_idx": 15165, "value": "Olivia_(singer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15167, "char_end_idx": 15171, "value": "Chad" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15173, "char_end_idx": 15178, "value": "Emily_Brontë" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15180, "char_end_idx": 15185, "value": "Rocco_Siffredi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15187, "char_end_idx": 15194, "value": "Hampton,_Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15196, "char_end_idx": 15202, "value": "Lionel_Messi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15204, "char_end_idx": 15209, "value": "Chloe_(film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15211, "char_end_idx": 15218, "value": "Phaseolus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15245, "char_end_idx": 15251, "value": "Mexico" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15253, "char_end_idx": 15257, "value": "Biff" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15263, "char_end_idx": 15267, "value": "Biff" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15289, "char_end_idx": 15297, "value": "Missouri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15408, "char_end_idx": 15418, "value": "Park_Hills,_Kentucky" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15420, "char_end_idx": 15428, "value": "Missouri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15528, "char_end_idx": 15540, "value": "Associated_Wholesale_Grocers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15544, "char_end_idx": 15554, "value": "Farmington,_Missouri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15597, "char_end_idx": 15606, "value": "St._Louis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15892, "char_end_idx": 15894, "value": "Associated_Press" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16240, "char_end_idx": 16256, "value": "Jonathan_Franzen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16562, "char_end_idx": 16567, "value": "Senoi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16620, "char_end_idx": 16635, "value": "Malay_Peninsula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16711, "char_end_idx": 16733, "value": "Dream_Theory_in_Malaya:_Fourth_World_Volume_Two" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16862, "char_end_idx": 16867, "value": "Senoi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17063, "char_end_idx": 17068, "value": "Senoi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17495, "char_end_idx": 17501, "value": "Mabuse" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17526, "char_end_idx": 17532, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17586, "char_end_idx": 17592, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17760, "char_end_idx": 17772, "value": "Paul_Delaney_(hurler)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18144, "char_end_idx": 18150, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18190, "char_end_idx": 18198, "value": "Malaysia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18208, "char_end_idx": 18218, "value": "Orangutan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18714, "char_end_idx": 18719, "value": "Flynn" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18850, "char_end_idx": 18862, "value": "Thanksgiving" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19010, "char_end_idx": 19020, "value": "Florence" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19029, "char_end_idx": 19044, "value": "Piero_di_Cosimo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19456, "char_end_idx": 19479, "value": "Frederic_W._H._Myers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19542, "char_end_idx": 19551, "value": "Cambridge" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19574, "char_end_idx": 19587, "value": "Edmund_Gurney" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19598, "char_end_idx": 19626, "value": "Frederic_W._H._Myers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19686, "char_end_idx": 19699, "value": "Frank_Podmore" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19779, "char_end_idx": 19785, "value": "Fabian" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20007, "char_end_idx": 20026, "value": "The_Wall_Street_Journal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20062, "char_end_idx": 20067, "value": "Floronic_Man" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20193, "char_end_idx": 20199, "value": "Armand_(The_Vampire_Chronicles)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20201, "char_end_idx": 20205, "value": "Luis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20210, "char_end_idx": 20215, "value": "Angel_(Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20217, "char_end_idx": 20222, "value": "Angel_(Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20230, "char_end_idx": 20235, "value": "Floronic_Man" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20246, "char_end_idx": 20265, "value": "The_Wall_Street_Journal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20291, "char_end_idx": 20297, "value": "Armand_(The_Vampire_Chronicles)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20327, "char_end_idx": 20331, "value": "Luis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20342, "char_end_idx": 20347, "value": "Floronic_Man" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20406, "char_end_idx": 20419, "value": "Supreme_Court_of_the_United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20504, "char_end_idx": 20509, "value": "Floronic_Man" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20593, "char_end_idx": 20598, "value": "Court" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20627, "char_end_idx": 20632, "value": "Floronic_Man" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20720, "char_end_idx": 20733, "value": "Supreme_Court_of_the_United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21054, "char_end_idx": 21068, "value": "Frank_Sulloway" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21128, "char_end_idx": 21152, "value": "University_of_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21154, "char_end_idx": 21162, "value": "Berkeley,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21374, "char_end_idx": 21382, "value": "Frank_Sulloway" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21679, "char_end_idx": 21690, "value": "David_Stove" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21874, "char_end_idx": 21888, "value": "Fletcher_Hanks" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22291, "char_end_idx": 22303, "value": "Henry_Darger" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22380, "char_end_idx": 22394, "value": "Fletcher_Hanks" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22550, "char_end_idx": 22553, "value": "Vice_president" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22744, "char_end_idx": 22749, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22786, "char_end_idx": 22791, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22810, "char_end_idx": 22816, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23007, "char_end_idx": 23018, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23020, "char_end_idx": 23025, "value": "Aroon_Clansey" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23044, "char_end_idx": 23051, "value": "Germany" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23053, "char_end_idx": 23058, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23064, "char_end_idx": 23073, "value": "Austrians" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23225, "char_end_idx": 23240, "value": "Germany" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23297, "char_end_idx": 23303, "value": "Korea" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23507, "char_end_idx": 23510, "value": "Ald_(unit)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23546, "char_end_idx": 23551, "value": "Hertz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23575, "char_end_idx": 23580, "value": "Hertz" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23627, "char_end_idx": 23632, "value": "Jeong_(surname)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24296, "char_end_idx": 24301, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24485, "char_end_idx": 24496, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24514, "char_end_idx": 24519, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24539, "char_end_idx": 24545, "value": "Racism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24550, "char_end_idx": 24563, "value": "Antisemitism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24603, "char_end_idx": 24607, "value": "Nazism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24621, "char_end_idx": 24631, "value": "Sippenhaft" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24752, "char_end_idx": 24754, "value": "Associated_Press" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24791, "char_end_idx": 24797, "value": "Joseph_Stalin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24802, "char_end_idx": 24805, "value": "Mao_Zedong" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24852, "char_end_idx": 24858, "value": "Joseph_Stalin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24893, "char_end_idx": 24905, "value": "Soviet_Union" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24945, "char_end_idx": 24950, "value": "China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25027, "char_end_idx": 25034, "value": "Air_Jordan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25147, "char_end_idx": 25149, "value": "United_Nations" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25209, "char_end_idx": 25217, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25252, "char_end_idx": 25263, "value": "Switzerland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25282, "char_end_idx": 25292, "value": "John_Donne" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 25357, "char_end_idx": 25360, "value": "God" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26111, "char_end_idx": 26130, "value": "Julian the Apostate" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26209, "char_end_idx": 26214, "value": "Celts" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26223, "char_end_idx": 26230, "value": "Germans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26253, "char_end_idx": 26261, "value": "Greeks" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26266, "char_end_idx": 26272, "value": "Ancient_Rome" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26590, "char_end_idx": 26602, "value": "Paddy_McHugh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26650, "char_end_idx": 26662, "value": "Paddy_McHugh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 26732, "char_end_idx": 26738, "value": "Paddy_McHugh" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27003, "char_end_idx": 27020, "value": "The_Hand_of_Glory" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27623, "char_end_idx": 27630, "value": "Sápmi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27643, "char_end_idx": 27656, "value": "Hand_of_Glory" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27895, "char_end_idx": 27902, "value": "Border" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27907, "char_end_idx": 27924, "value": "William_Henderson_(American_football)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27953, "char_end_idx": 27966, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 27995, "char_end_idx": 28011, "value": "Daniel_Henninger" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28044, "char_end_idx": 28063, "value": "The_Wall_Street_Journal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28305, "char_end_idx": 28314, "value": "Daniel_Henninger" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28537, "char_end_idx": 28543, "value": "Hilary_Putnam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 28995, "char_end_idx": 29001, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29011, "char_end_idx": 29022, "value": "The_Middleman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29045, "char_end_idx": 29056, "value": "Scarborough,_Toronto" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29195, "char_end_idx": 29202, "value": "Stanley_Hudson" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29299, "char_end_idx": 29305, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29465, "char_end_idx": 29476, "value": "The_Middleman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29517, "char_end_idx": 29523, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29603, "char_end_idx": 29606, "value": "Unidentified_flying_object" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29644, "char_end_idx": 29655, "value": "Krasnoyarsk" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29657, "char_end_idx": 29664, "value": "Siberia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29923, "char_end_idx": 29931, "value": "Cameroon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 29970, "char_end_idx": 29981, "value": "Cameroon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30160, "char_end_idx": 30165, "value": "Emile,_or_On_Education" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30305, "char_end_idx": 30311, "value": "Indira_Gandhi" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30684, "char_end_idx": 30691, "value": "Nigeria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30769, "char_end_idx": 30772, "value": "God" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30815, "char_end_idx": 30822, "value": "Nigeria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30825, "char_end_idx": 30837, "value": "Sokoto_State" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30875, "char_end_idx": 30886, "value": "John_Lennon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 30908, "char_end_idx": 30915, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31022, "char_end_idx": 31035, "value": "Virginia Tech" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31053, "char_end_idx": 31074, "value": "Columbine_High_School_massacre" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 31096, "char_end_idx": 31109, "value": "Oklahoma_City_bombing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32079, "char_end_idx": 32099, "value": "American_Kennel_Club" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32114, "char_end_idx": 32121, "value": "Newtown,_New_South_Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32123, "char_end_idx": 32128, "value": "Connecticut" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 32211, "char_end_idx": 32230, "value": "The_Wall_Street_Journal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33441, "char_end_idx": 33460, "value": "Stratford-upon-Avon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33842, "char_end_idx": 33854, "value": "Scheveningen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 33962, "char_end_idx": 33969, "value": "Seattle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34237, "char_end_idx": 34244, "value": "Seattle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34247, "char_end_idx": 34261, "value": "Gas_Works_Park" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34688, "char_end_idx": 34702, "value": "Transnistria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34779, "char_end_idx": 34789, "value": "Respublika" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34801, "char_end_idx": 34814, "value": "Renewal_(Transnistria)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34844, "char_end_idx": 34873, "value": "Pridnestrovie_Communist_Party" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34875, "char_end_idx": 34878, "value": "Polish_State_Railways" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34885, "char_end_idx": 34917, "value": "Communist_Party_of_Pridnestrovie" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34934, "char_end_idx": 34966, "value": "Patriotic_Party_of_Pridnestrovie" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 34968, "char_end_idx": 34971, "value": "Purchasing_power_parity" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35053, "char_end_idx": 35076, "value": "Social_Democratic_Party_(Romania)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35139, "char_end_idx": 35152, "value": "Transnistria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35201, "char_end_idx": 35209, "value": "Moldova" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35210, "char_end_idx": 35226, "value": "Vladimir_Voronin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35260, "char_end_idx": 35265, "value": "Jesus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35272, "char_end_idx": 35281, "value": "Communism" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35313, "char_end_idx": 35326, "value": "New Testament" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35378, "char_end_idx": 35385, "value": "Vladimir_Voronin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35458, "char_end_idx": 35484, "value": "Socialist_Party_of_Moldova" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35490, "char_end_idx": 35536, "value": "Party_of_Socialists_of_the_Republic_of_Moldova" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35542, "char_end_idx": 35569, "value": "Democratic_Party_of_Moldova" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35575, "char_end_idx": 35609, "value": "Social_Democratic_Party_(Moldova)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35660, "char_end_idx": 35668, "value": "Peasants" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35696, "char_end_idx": 35699, "value": "Analog-to-digital_converter" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 35749, "char_end_idx": 35752, "value": "Analog-to-digital_converter" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36024, "char_end_idx": 36030, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36090, "char_end_idx": 36096, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36316, "char_end_idx": 36325, "value": "Neo-Babylonian_Empire" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36364, "char_end_idx": 36369, "value": "Hegel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36377, "char_end_idx": 36382, "value": "Georg_Wilhelm_Friedrich_Hegel" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36559, "char_end_idx": 36566, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36624, "char_end_idx": 36631, "value": "Free_will" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 36787, "char_end_idx": 36795, "value": "Jean-Jacques_Rousseau" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37278, "char_end_idx": 37284, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37526, "char_end_idx": 37533, "value": "China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37626, "char_end_idx": 37634, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37688, "char_end_idx": 37695, "value": "China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37778, "char_end_idx": 37781, "value": "MRT" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37794, "char_end_idx": 37805, "value": "Taipei" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37810, "char_end_idx": 37823, "value": "Taipei County" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37867, "char_end_idx": 37872, "value": "China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37889, "char_end_idx": 37895, "value": "Taiwan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 37997, "char_end_idx": 38018, "value": "Yongan_Market_metro_station" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38085, "char_end_idx": 38092, "value": "China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38250, "char_end_idx": 38253, "value": "Guo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38277, "char_end_idx": 38286, "value": "Ximending" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38297, "char_end_idx": 38302, "value": "Liang_dynasty" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38307, "char_end_idx": 38310, "value": "Guo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38344, "char_end_idx": 38353, "value": "Ximending" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38449, "char_end_idx": 38451, "value": "New_Taiwan_dollar" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 38909, "char_end_idx": 38917, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39223, "char_end_idx": 39228, "value": "Ireland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39331, "char_end_idx": 39336, "value": "Basra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39407, "char_end_idx": 39420, "value": "Shatt_al-Arab" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39437, "char_end_idx": 39447, "value": "David_Gell" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39449, "char_end_idx": 39461, "value": "British Army" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39474, "char_end_idx": 39481, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 39913, "char_end_idx": 39916, "value": "Food_and_Drug_Administration" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40427, "char_end_idx": 40433, "value": "Darwin,_Northern_Territory" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40781, "char_end_idx": 40795, "value": "New York Times" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 40864, "char_end_idx": 40867, "value": "HIV-associated_neurocognitive_disorder" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41268, "char_end_idx": 41274, "value": "Amazon_River" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41499, "char_end_idx": 41502, "value": "Aide-de-camp" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41523, "char_end_idx": 41537, "value": "Colosseum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41543, "char_end_idx": 41562, "value": "Great Wall of China" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41564, "char_end_idx": 41576, "value": "Machu_Picchu" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41582, "char_end_idx": 41587, "value": "Maya_civilization" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41596, "char_end_idx": 41603, "value": "Chichen_Itza" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41618, "char_end_idx": 41623, "value": "Petra" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41639, "char_end_idx": 41658, "value": "Christ the Redeemer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41662, "char_end_idx": 41668, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41682, "char_end_idx": 41691, "value": "Taj_Mahal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 41879, "char_end_idx": 41885, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42252, "char_end_idx": 42259, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42276, "char_end_idx": 42282, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42905, "char_end_idx": 42914, "value": "Channel_4" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 42970, "char_end_idx": 42975, "value": "Diana_(mythology)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43108, "char_end_idx": 43116, "value": "Sandsend" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43150, "char_end_idx": 43156, "value": "Whitby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43372, "char_end_idx": 43376, "value": "Bush_(British_band)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43448, "char_end_idx": 43466, "value": "Hispanic Americans" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43795, "char_end_idx": 43806, "value": "East_Boston" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 43863, "char_end_idx": 43870, "value": "Molotov_cocktail" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44072, "char_end_idx": 44082, "value": "Fayetteville-Manlius_Central_School_District" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44471, "char_end_idx": 44484, "value": "Tom_Gilmartin_(businessman)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44494, "char_end_idx": 44508, "value": "Mahon_Tribunal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44523, "char_end_idx": 44532, "value": "Rene_Gilmartin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44623, "char_end_idx": 44634, "value": "Donncha_O'Callaghan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44698, "char_end_idx": 44715, "value": "Irish_Independent" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 44770, "char_end_idx": 44779, "value": "Sara_Ziff" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45046, "char_end_idx": 45054, "value": "New_York_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45056, "char_end_idx": 45061, "value": "Milan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45067, "char_end_idx": 45072, "value": "Charles_de_Gaulle_Airport" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45143, "char_end_idx": 45153, "value": "JavaScript" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45238, "char_end_idx": 45248, "value": "JavaScript" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45813, "char_end_idx": 45834, "value": "The_Lizzie_Bennet_Diaries" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 45971, "char_end_idx": 45984, "value": "Elizabeth_Bennet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46003, "char_end_idx": 46014, "value": "Jane_Austen" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46181, "char_end_idx": 46188, "value": "YouTube" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46201, "char_end_idx": 46211, "value": "Hank_Green" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46216, "char_end_idx": 46229, "value": "Streamy Award" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46255, "char_end_idx": 46264, "value": "Bernie_Su" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46325, "char_end_idx": 46340, "value": "Jessica_Capshaw" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46438, "char_end_idx": 46457, "value": "Christopher_Gavigan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 46670, "char_end_idx": 46679, "value": "Instagram" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47043, "char_end_idx": 47051, "value": "Indianapolis_500" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47057, "char_end_idx": 47066, "value": "VW Beetle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47246, "char_end_idx": 47255, "value": "Hollywood" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47395, "char_end_idx": 47402, "value": "Musical" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47430, "char_end_idx": 47451, "value": "Empire_State_Building" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 47714, "char_end_idx": 47724, "value": "Grinch" } ]
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Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Posting resumes in January, until then celebrate the season by re-rediscovering the rediscovered manuscript. I would be grateful for your readers’ help as I have lost my banana bread recipe; I have bananas but no recipe. Can anyone send me one and a bread and butter recipe.Poor, naive, Jacqui Carter (no relation), believe me when I say you will receive no help from the wicked inhabitants of Whitby, for Whitby is an accursed town of the damned. Loyal ADC readers, on the other hand, are nice people known for having jugs of Christmas spirit. I'm betting they can find it in their hearts to give Jacqui Carter (no relation) a banana. The slob-orgy that is the ‘holiday shopping season’ coming on the heels of the festival of stupidity that is Thanksgiving with my family always dangerously heightens my already considerable loathing of humanity. To cool my spleen I put down my rifle and turn to the pages of The Tide News:This is a bizarre story that unfolded recently in one of the communities in Rivers State where a vulture was said to have turned to a woman. Small Talks was told that the said vulture was in company of three other vultures that perched on a tree close to a building where a young man recently died and had been buried in the community. On seeing the four vultures, since in African setting, vultures portend evil omen, relations of the deceased young man were said to have chased them away. While three of the other vultures fled the scene, one of them was said to have remained firmly rooted to where it was perching. “The harder I work the more I need to smoke because tobacco is the handmaid of literature.” – Sir Compton Mackenzie (1883-1972). Author of nearly 100 books, Mackenzie by his own estimate smoked half a ton of tobacco by the time he was 74, starting with his first cigarette at age four. He once described tobacco as “one of the greatest boons ever conferred upon humanity.” Unedited, uncensored, unpleasant, and unpredictably updated - behold Craptocracy. Political commentary, all the latest news from the campaign trail, and more. Those of us warning homosexualist marriage would to lead inter-species unions were proven right last Sunday when a man in Southern India married a female dog named Selvi. Alas, the honeymoon was over before it ever really started: "During a feast attended by some 200 guests after the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, Selvi grew restless and ran away." It’s is easy to foresee what comes next: gay inter-species marriage, followed by increasingly disgusting combinations unpleasant to even imagine, leading inevitably to a transsexual marrying a bowl of pudding. Exciting news from the Islamosphere:An ‘Islamic’ car, complete with compass to find the direction of Mecca and a compartment for the Koran, could soon be under production in Malaysia, Iran or Turkey... Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, managing director of Malaysian carmaker Proton, told the agency during a trip to Tehran “We will identify a car that we can develop to be produced in Malaysia, Iran or Turkey”. "The car will have all the Islamic features and should be meant for export purposes," he continued, adding that the vehicle was an Iranian initiative.I once invented an ‘Islamic’ TV set. It was an ordinary television with two black bands painted over all but the middle of the screen allowing Mussulmen to safely view Western shows featuring women. It never caught on, which ought to tell you something. In other news, novelist and vulgarian Norman Mailer has died. While no one reads his fugging books anymore (much like Norman himself, as they aged they only became more rancid) his film Tough Guys Don’t Dance is now widely recognized as the second best movie of 1987. "Driving home, with canals, slums, and giant toll-roads passing by outside, the invisible fumes made it hard to breathe. And sadly, the pollution came not from a factory or a machine, but the moist armpits of my toothless Javanese driver. Indonesia, it seems, is content to fall behind its neighbours, Thailand and Malaysia, not only in education and science, but now in standards of personal hygiene as well. Indonesians may be overcoming the Krismon and building democracy, but along the way we’ve abandoned the basics: soap and deodorant. It’s not just the men, either. Ladies, cheap perfume — no matter how much you lather on –- cannot hide the pungency if you’ve been wearing the same panties for days. A guy wants a woman to smell like a Jasmine flower or a Rose, not a raw, week-old Gurame fish!" - Achmad tells it like it is. In the current issue Jeffrey Hart writes:Jacques Barzun was so eminent a figure that it is surprising to me that he remained so accessible and encouraging to much younger men. Then and now, when I think of Barzun, I recall the Oxford clerihew about the great classicist and polymath Benjamin Jowett: It is not knowledge.Alas, that is not a clerihew. Neither is it an accurate quotation. The famous verse about Jowett was:First come I. My name is Jowett. What I don't know isn't knowledgeWhile we’re at it, the January 2006 issue arrived in my mailbox minus its cover. While vandalism perpetrated by a Leftist postal worker can’t be ruled out (why are so many postal workers Communists?), it seems likely the missing cover is the result of a mishap at the printing plant. I would be much obliged if an intact copy were sent as a replaceme… "Eye witness account informed our reporter that three women had approached the man at Nwaja round-about opposite the Tantalizers restaurant Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt, and asked him to assist them with the sum of N100 as they have run short transport fare. According to the account, the man who told them that he had no money later started feeling a sensation inside his body. The man who later spoke to The Weekend Tide under condition of anonymity said, “as soon as I told them that I had no money, I discovered that my penis was disappearing, so I raised alarm."-Irate crowd strips woman naked, a terrifying true tale of terror from The Tide News Online. "Villagers in a suburb of Katerini, a small city at the foot of Mount Olympus in northern Greece, claim to have seen a brown Reptoid prowling around their homes…Residents of the Katerini area are wondering if the Reptoid is a scout for an alien force. Or if he is perhaps an escaped prisoner or s… Was a cow really attacked by a carnivorous tree in Padrame (or Patrame), India?1 Skeptics have repeatedly pointed out how unlikely it is a tree, which after all only has slender branches to strike with, would attack prey as large as a cow. Birds, rodents, or other small game perhaps, but a cow, the skeptics argued, would be too bulky, and honest cryptobotanists conceded they had a point. But now, thanks to the fieldwork of intrepid reporter Melka Miyar, we have more details on the case, including a photograph of the injured bovine, a photo which changes everything. Everyone assumed the animal in question was a big fat Texas-style cow, the kind white men turn into delicious steaks and hamburgers. In reality it was a tiny jungle cow, roughly the size of a large dog, the kind men who wear towels around their waists instead of pants worship as a god. The tallest of pili maras wouldn’t dare attack the former, but even a small pili mara would have a no problem taking a bite out of the latter… In the village of Padrame in the Uppinangady forest range of India cows are being attacked by carnivorous trees:According to reports, the cow owned by Anand Gowda had been left to graze in the forests. The cow was suddenly grabbed by the branches and pulled from the ground. The terrified cowherd ran to the village, and got Gowda and a band of villagers to the carnivorous tree.The cow escaped after Gowda and the villagers beat the hungry tree into submission. Locals call such trees ‘pili mara’, or tiger trees, and many believe snacking pili mara are the reason so many of Padrame’s cows have been coming home at night with missing tails. “By the way, building the pyramids would not have been so difficult, if the stones were lighter at the time; they might also have been, these stones, very porous, which helps (and I say helps) explain why the Egyptians appear to be able to walk sideways, and through walls. It is as if they, the Egyptians were actually two-dimensional. Only later did the pyramids actually unfold, if you can imagine that! This reminds me of that cardboard Pirate Ship my grandmother gave me...” - Lloyd Mintern posits an alternate Egyptology . I will be spending the rest of the week attempting to acquire adequate socks.1 (Was it Jeffrey Apern, or Apern's butler who said, “Every sock goes on one’s foot, and not another sock”?2) Despite our differences, I think we can all agree it would be nice if posting resumed Monday. And maybe it will.3 Why is the ocean salty? Galen McKinley, professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may finally have the answer to this age old question. According to his theory, “The saltiness of the sea comes from dissolved minerals, especially sodium,” or, to put it in layman’s terms, the ocean is salty because it has a lot of salt in it. Where does science go from here? Look for a major breakthrough determining why BLT's are so bacony delicious. Readers who’ve been following the persecution of Across Difficult Country’s legal counsel Judge Florentine Floro will be delighted to learn Judge Floro has shown up in comments and provided links to the text of all the Philippines Supreme Court decisions regarding his case, to local and international media coverage of the controversy, to his various blogs, to his Myspace and Facebook accounts, to videos of himself on YouTube, and to some other stuff. He’s also listed his email addresses and his telephone numbers (cell and land line). (If you call him, tell him I say “hi”.) I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding this material to my Congressmen, my Senators, the White House, The White Stripes, The Tide News Online (“A commitment to truth”), Art Bell (broadcast journalist and former resident of the Phillipines), Wynne Jones (Manager of Arts, Leisure & Cultural Events for the town of Whitby, the United Kingdom), Doudou Diène (United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of rac… From a recent book review:The plains stretch for many cold and lonely miles, but Haven Kimmel fires her bittersweet Indiana novels with a warm sensibility and a compassionate understanding of the people shaped by the chilly, conservative and remote landscape. Kimmel was raised in Mooreland, Ind., population 300, "the dearest postage stamp of native soil a person could wish for." Author of two coming-of-age memoirs, she has a homegrown yet unromantic tenderness for the rural towns rusting quietly away as family farms vanish, and methamphetamine labs and vigorous megachurches flourish, the latter so cavernous they include indoor basketball courts and other secular amenities.I'm reminded of scene from my own life. I'm 16 years old, walking down a side street on an October afternoon... It was Jessica. She was with some friends from school: Olivia, Chad, Emily, Rocco, Hampton, Lionel, Chloe, Frijole the exchange student from Mexico, Biff, and Biff’s sister Gertr… From Missouri comes the sad tale of a man facing a 30-year prison sentence for stealing a doughnut:Scott A. Masters, 41, of Park Hills, Missouri, has been charged with felony second-degree robbery in the theft of a 52-cent doughut [sic] from a Country Mart in Farmington, about 70 miles (113 kilometers) south of St. Louis. Store employees said he slipped the doughnut into his sweat shirt without paying last December, then pushed away a clerk who tried to stop him as he fled the store.But what kind of doughnut was it? Chocolate? Jelly? Those ones with the sprinkles? The story doesn’t say. How could the AP reporter omit what is the most telling detail? It must be something taught in journalism school, where being boring is considered a virtue. “Cars, a fat guy, there’s this girl. Set in a large city somewhere. Music goes boop boop beep. Some other stuff happens. Irresistable.” “A masterpiece. If this book had a shoe it would take it off and hit Jonathan Franzen up side the head with it.” Last night I had one of those dreams where you dream you’re chewing on a big fluffy cake and wake up to find yourself gnawing on medallions of lamb tenderloin that have been flash cooked in a small wok with hoisin, garlic, and chilies to enhance the lamb’s natural flavors. The Senoi is a tribe living in the mountainous jungles of the Malay Peninsula which have made dreaming central to their existence. In his seminal essay “Dream Theory in Malaya” anthropologist Kilton Stewart writes:Dream a feature of child education and is the common knowledge of all Senoi adults. The average Senoi layman practices the psychotherapy of dream interpretation of his family and associates as a regular feature of education and daily social intercourse. Breakfast in the Senoi house is like a dream clinic, with the father and older brothers listening to and analyzing the dreams of all the children. At the end of the family clinic the male population gathers in the council, at which the … “When humanity, subjugated by the terror of crime, has been driven insane by fear and horror, and when chaos has become supreme law, then the time will have come for the empire of crime.” - The Testament of Dr. Mabuse. More strange news from Whitby: A MYSTERIOUS oil spill has covered the roads around Whitby and has brought chaos to the town. One witness described seeing pedestrians fall in the street and cars skidding as they struggled for grip in the wet conditions. Sgt Paul Delaney described the source of the spill as a "mystery".Notice the mysterious oil spill is both more elaborate (it’s no simple task to not only spread that much oil, but do it undetected) yet less physically destructive than ordinary vandalism. Why would someone do this? Because it brought chaos to the town. This is what links the bizarre and seemingly disconnected events of Whitby - the senseless crimes, the sighti… In Malaysia, lesbian Orangutans are tearing off women’s pants (probably because they know they can’t be sued for sexual harassment). The macaques’ crime spree includes acts of theft, burglaries, assaults, and sabotage of internet lines. According to deputy district governor Pich Socheata, “Authorities tried several times to get the unruly monkeys to eat eggs laced with sleeping pills, but had always been outsmarted.” Are monkeys getting smarter? These types of incidents suggest that’s the case, leading me to conclude the Flynn effect has been occurring not only in humans, but in monkeys and apes as well. Humans, as I’m reminded by my family every year at Thanksgiving, are primates too, little different from the hairier primates. In human crime news, Things Move Around has been doing some looting. Or has he? The Florentine painter Piero di Cosimo (1462 – 1522) hardly ate anything other than eggs. He would boil 50 at a time (who counted?) and nibble on an egg held in one hand while painting with the other. The time saved allowed him to get a lot of work done, though some claim he wouldn’t cook other foods because he suffered from pyrophobia, or fear of fire (how did he heat the boiling water?), but I think he just loved eggs. First published in 1886, Phantasms of the Living is a two volume, 2,000 page compendium of the research of the Cambridge educated psychologist Edmund Gurney, the poet Frederic William Henry Myers (he coined the term ‘methetherial’), and the postal worker Frank Podmore (who, when not delivering letters, did things like suggesting the name for the Fabian society) of ghosts, precognitive dreams, precognitive visions, and telepathical hallucinations. Across Difficult Country's legal counsel Judge Florentino Floro Jr. is in the news again, this time on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. As readers surely remember, Judge Floro was declared psychotic and removed from the bench for being in psychic contact with three invisible “mystic dwarves” 1 named Armand, Luis and Angel. Angel, Judge Floro tells the Wall Street Journal, "is the neutral force", Armand "is a benign influence", and Luis,"whom Mr. Floro describes as the "king of kings," is an avenger." Now the Supreme Court which fired him is persecuting him again, issuing an “en banc resolution asking Mr. Floro to desist in his threats of 'ungodly reprisal.'” While not stating explicitly, the Court appears to be blaming Judge Floro for a series of unfortunate events, including a “mysterious” fire which “destroyed the Supreme Court's crest in its session hall”, and a string of accidents and illnesses numerous members of the … It's obvious to anyone with eyeballs that the liberal brain, by its very nature, is more susceptible to fads and fashionable nonsense than the conservative mind. Now, if a new study is correct, there may be scientific proof:Frank Sulloway of the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California, Berkeley, who was not involved in the study, said results "provided an elegant demonstration that individual differences on a conservative-liberal dimension are strongly related to brain activity." Based on the results, Sulloway said, liberals could be expected to more readily accept new social, scientific or religious ideas.The compulsive acceptance of new social, scientific or religious ideas is, of course, a major reason why liberalism is so corrosive and destructive. For most new ideas are wrong, if not harmful. As David Stove wrote, in his brilliant essay "The Columbus Argument":“No doubt it is true that, for any change for the better to h… Apparently I’m not the only admirer of the retarded brilliance of Fletcher Hanks:"There is a man in a blue suit and a green and red skullcap piloting a red plane across a yellow sky. Crossing a lush jungle valley, he spots thousands of “gigantic royal panthers” and instantly declares: “I CAN USE THEM IN MY PLAN TO WRECK CIVILIZATION!” Though the colorful and crudely drawn adventure comics gathered in I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! read like the fevered imaginings of Henry Darger’s bully older brother, they are, in fact, the garish and terrifying work of Fletcher Hanks." [More] The anti-Swiss slander campaign continues. Writing for Foreign Policy, deep thinker Preeti Aroon claims the proposal by the Swiss People's Party (SVP) to deport immigrant families if their children are criminals is part of “a larger general trend of racism and anti-Semitism brewing in the region.” And once it’s fully fermented, the toxic Swiss brew will spill over, and hordes of Swiss will sweep across Europe, stabbing every minority in sight with the corkscrew attachment of their army knives, as they’ve done so many times in the past. This charge would be stupid even if we weren’t talking about Switzerland. Aroon concedes “not all Germans, Swiss, and Austrians are cold-hearted extremists” (how generous) but threatens “history is replete with examples of populations that have been radicalized quite fast. This German-speaking part of the world should be kept on our radar screens.” Korean scientist Dr Mi-Jeong Jeong has discovered certain genes in plants which can be activated by sound. When researchers directed sounds toward the plants at specific frequencies: Two genes, called rbcS and Ald, became more active at 125 and 250 Hertz, and less active at 50 Hertz. Both genes are known to respond to light, so Jeong's team checked out what happened when the test was repeated in the dark -- and found that the two genes still responded to the sound.This breakthrough has far reaching implications, As any student of palaeontology knows, in the distant past of long ago (what specialists call “dino-time”) nearly every inch of the landscape was overrun with stupid looking plants, and among this dense growth roamed gigantic, preposterous animals. Obviously, with a few exceptions, that’s no longer the case. There have been many explanations for why things changed, all unsatisfactory. But Dr. Mi-Jeong Jeong’s work provides a crucial clue, one that leads to a new hypothesis. A Swiss political party’s proposal to deport immigrant families “if their children are convicted of a violent crime, drug offenses or benefits fraud” has provoked hyperbolic reaction, within Switzerland and without. The Swiss Foundation against Racism and Anti-Semitism dishonestly equated the policy to “the Nazi practice of "Sippenhaft" — or kin liability — whereby relatives of criminals were held responsible for his or her crimes and punished equally”. AP reporter Frank Jordans even invoked Stalin and Mao, claiming, “Similar practices occurred during Stalin's purges in the early days of the Soviet Union and the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution in China, when millions were persecuted for their alleged ideological failings.” Mr. Jordans seems to have a novel notion of what reporting is, and and a novel notion of what the word “similar” means. The UN has also condemned the proposal, suggesting it may violate European law, an odd complaint considering Switzerland is not a member … John Donne on climate change:As the world is the whole frame of the world, God hath put into it a reproof, a rebuke, lest it should seem eternal, which is, a sensible decay and age in the whole frame of the world, and every piece thereof. The seasons of the year irregular and distempered; the sun fainter, and languishing; men less in stature, and shorter-lived. No addition, but only every year, new sorts, new species of worms, and flies, and sicknesses, which argue more and more putrefaction of which they are engendered. And the angels of heaven, which did so familiarly converse with men in the beginning of the world, though they may not be doubted to perform to us still their ministerial assistances, yet they seem so far to have deserted this world, as that they do not appear to us, as they did to those our fathers. Julian the Apostate on racial differences and their consequences:Come, tell me why it is that the Celts and the Germans are fierce, while the Hellenes and Romans are, gene… “The 10-month-old animal knocked the woman, 60, to the ground, stomped on her head and then lay on top of her.” “It had a bit of a habit with a goat, knocking it over and sort of straddling it and laying on top of it.” There’s little to be said after such a tragedy, which didn’t stop local “camel expert” Paddy McHugh from weighing in:Townsville-based camel expert Paddy McHugh said the behaviour was “extremely unusual” for a camel so young. Mr. McHugh said camels still made great pets, “often better than dogs”.Yes, except for being six feet tall and weighing over a thousand pounds and occasionally stomping your head in because they are acting out some psycho-sexual urge, camels are much better pets than dogs. “The Hand of Glory is the hand of a man who has been hung, and is prepared in the following manner. Wrap the hand in a piece of winding sheet, drawing it tight so as to squeeze out the little blood which, may remain; then place it in an earthenware vessel with saltpetre, salt, and long pepper, all carefully and thoroughly powdered. Let it remain a fortnight in this pickle till it is well dried, then expose it to the sun in the dog-days till it is completely parched, or, if the sun be not powerful enough, dry it in an oven heated with vervain and fern. Next make a candle with the fat of a hung man, virgin wax, and Lapland sesame. The Hand of Glory is used to hold this candle when it is lighted. Wherever one goes with this contrivance, those it approaches are rendered incapable of motion as though they were dead.” – Notes on the Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders, by William Henderson. Mass immigration makes the United States increasingly “diverse”. Now Daniel Henninger, a member of the open borderist Wall Street Journal editorial collective and a supporter of mass immigration, has discovered:“People in ethnically diverse settings don't want to have much of anything to do with each other. “Social capital” erodes. Diversity has a downside.”What’s to be done? Henninger suggests:“What's needed now is for a younger black, brown or polka-dot writer to recast the idea in a way that restores the worth and utility of assimilation. Somebody had better do it soon; the first chart offered in the Putnam study depicts inexorably rising rates of immigration in many nations.”He recognizes we are already at the point where certain arguments won’t be fairly heard unless advanced by non-whites (notice the absurd inclusion of a “polka-dot writer”, done to maintain the pretense race never matters, even when it’s being argued race matters). He recognizes the situation is only g… Gildercliffe hoodlums are stealing vans then using them to launch attacks on Whitby:Reckless Ben Stanley, 18, of Gildercliffe, Scarborough, became intoxicated at a friend’s birthday bash before setting off to steal a Vauxhall van. Despite being more than twice over the limit, Stanley – who does not have a full driving licence - then embarked on a terrifying drive all the way to Whitby, regardless of the dangers to other drivers and residents. He smashed into two parked cars and a wall in the Bog Hall area of the town.Not to condone Reckless Ben Stanley’s senseless mayhem, to a certain degree Whitby has it coming. In other crime news, a three-ton meteorite has been stolen from UFO researcher Yury Lavbin’s compound in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Perhaps the meteorite is a large enough object that remote viewers could locate it? They’ve certainly had no luck identifying the small curio which sits on the left corner of the shelf above my desk, despite the offer of a $1 million prize for doing so. In Cameroon urine drinking is suddenly so popular Cameroonian health minister Urbain Olanguena Awono was forced to issue a statement urging quaffers to stop, warning those promoting the practice may be prosecuted. Said a piss drinker named Emile: "I used it to treat my haemorrhoids. Everyone uses it in secret. But you need to be brave." Though rarely mentioned in the history books, Gandhi was an aficionado of the ‘yellow wine’, and in his younger days became known for badgering unwitting guests at parties with his odd notions, diaper clad, glass of pee-pee in hand. Soon Gandhi stopped getting invited to parties. Instead of changing his ways, he became angry, and channeled his resentment into politics. I think you know how that turned out. If you thought Nigeria had more than enough unpleasant worms already you obviously don’t think like God, because a new ‘mystery worm’ is invading Nigeria’s Sokoto State. A pair of homosexualists is sending John Lennon’s piano on a tour of America’s “most horrific sites of violence, death and destruction.” Places the piano has already appeared include Virginia Tech, Ford’s Theater, Columbine High School, and the site of the Oklahoma City bombing. It’s hoped the sight of the piano can displace painful thoughts of these location's terrible events by triggering in observers memories of the ‘Imagine’ song. Personally, I’d rather contemplate an assassination or a mass murder than recollect the plodding chords and insipid lyrics of that tune. For one thing it’s more relaxing. I don’t think I’m alone in this. This project has inspired me to send the instrument once owned by pioneering free-jazz alpehornist Fritz Entegeliebter to various places which have banned indoor smoking. Entegeliebter will accompany the instrument, and play it in the hope his frenetic sqonkings will cause any anti-smoking zealots in the vicinity to reflect upon what complete and ut… “Lisa Peterson, 46 years old, says the main reason she sports a robe in public is because "it alerts the world that I am in relaxation mode and that I am pampering myself because I believe I'm worth it." But the communications director for the American Kennel Club, who lives in Newtown, Conn., says it also makes her feel "a little bit naughty."” - The Great Hotel Cover-Up, Wall Street Journal, 27 July 2007. Miss Peterson (if it’s Mrs. condolences to your poor husband), there’s really no need to alert me you’ve gone into relaxation, or any other mode, and are pampering yourself (this is one of those rare occasions when I’m confident most of the world completely agrees with me). If anyone needs to be alerted it’s the cardboard-tube fighters, who could partially redeem themselves by giving you a solid drubbing. Fantastic day, in the span of a few hours I observe a midget riding a scooter, a man with an artificial leg, and an albino. Seeing one, two, four or more midgets is good luck. Three midgets together is bad luck. Three midgets encountered separately means something terrible is going to happen. Seeing a person with an artificial leg is neither good nor bad luck. Seeing an artificial leg without a person attached to it portends the start of a period of increased improbability. Seeing an albino means your packages will be arriving on time. Unless the albino is left handed, then your shipment will be delayed. Seeing an albino midget with an artificial leg would be so sad just thinking about it makes me laugh. Strange lights were observed hovering over the heavilly flooded town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. As one witness described it:“The objects were there for about half an hour. It was very eerie because they didn't make any sound and they stayed still before moving slowly beyond the horizon. There were no stars in the sky, just them.”Like most people, I was instantly reminded by the concurrence of inexplicable lights in the sky and a deluge of “The appearance of the Lights at Scheveningen and Flood,” an event so shrouded in mystery I've been unable to determine when exactly it took place. At a Seattle area park last Sunday a group of involuntary celibates convened to stage a cardboard tube fighting tournament:"Two dozen fighters obeyed the tenets of cardboard-tube fighting Sunday, battling for the glory of becoming the champion. They took to a concrete surface at Seattle's Gas Works Park, wielding their weapons: 3-foot-long cardboard tubes that look like the kind used for gift wrap. Most fighters employed a two-handed grip; the more assured used one hand. Those who break their tubes do not advance to another round.”Every day I find it harder and harder not to hate my own country. "It sounded like something that was amazing and it was. This was the only thing we found to do that was entertaining all week." Trans-Dniester has a new political party, Fair Pridnestrovie. Fair Pridnestrovie joins the Respublika party, the Renewal party, the Breakthrough party, the Pridnestrovie Communist Party (PKP), the Communist Party of Pridnestrovie (KPP-CPSU), the Patriotic Party of Pridnestrovie (PPP), the Liberal Democratic Party of Pridnestrovi, the People's Will party, and the Social Democratic Party, to bring the total number of ridiculous political parties in Pridnestrovie to ten. Meanwhile in Chisianu, the President of Moldavia Vladimir Voronin has been running around claiming Jesus was a Communist, noting "Nowhere in the Old or New Testament you will find anything bad said about communists.” Voronin’s remarks were scoffed at by local religious leaders. Spokesman for the Socialist Party of Moldova, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, the Democratic Party of Moldova, the Social Democratic Party of Moldova, the Christian-Democratic People's Party, and the Peasants'… The results of the first ADC customer satisfaction survey which asked How can ADC be improved? are in. No one wants more political posts, meaning 100% of readers agree with me democracy has failed, and discussing politics only serves to distract from time better spent stockpiling guns and ammunition. Counting my own vote, one person wants to see more Whitby posts. Meaning no one, except me, cares the little town of Whitby was nearly smote by a tornado (that’s right, a tornado) and no one, other than myself, wants me to explain how the source of this freakish weather event is undoubtedly Whitbian diabolists trifling with storm demons the Chaldeans called shedu. Bastards. 27% want more Hegel posts. Hegel once wrote:General gravitation must be recognised for itself as a profound thought, which constitutes an absolute basis for mech… Up till now, for two hundred years, people in England have imagined that every problem could be solved through Freedom, and could let opposites correct one another in the free interplay of argument. But what now? The great harm was begun in the last century, mainly through Rousseau, with his doctrine of the goodness of human nature. Out of this plebs and educated alike distilled the doctrine of the golden age that was to come quite infallibly, provided people were left alone. The result, as every child knows, was the complete disintegration of the idea of authority in the heads of mortals, whereupon of course, we periodically fall victims to sheer power. In the meanwhile, the idea of the natural goodness of man has turned, among the intelligent strata of Europe, into the idea of progress, i.e. undisturbed money-making and modern comforts, with philanthropy as a sop to conscience.... The only conceivable salvation would be for this insane optimism, great and small, to disappear from peo… Innovative Chinese fish farmers are growing gigantic fish able to induce food poisoning in seven times as many American consumers at half the cost. Another sector where the Chinese are making gains is begging:Police said on Monday that two beggars operating near MRT stations in Taipei City and Taipei County turned out to be professional beggars from China who had entered Taiwan on business visas...Liang Yiping (梁一平), 32, faked deafness and muteness when confronted by police at Yongan Market station, but his identity was later confirmed after officers found he had Chinese currency and more than NT$10,000...After running a background check, they established that he had entered the country with Guo Anquan (郭安銓), 53, on July 12. Guo was later picked up at Ximending station...Liang and Guo had been staying at a hotel near Ximending. Police said the men claimed they were collecting money to return home...They claimed that the NT$30,000 that police discovered in their bags and clothes had bee… A bipartisan group of senators (the worst kind) is proposing the government provide health insurance for those children who not entirely poor, but aren’t entirely middle class either. These posturing windbags think it so vitally important they are willing to tax just smokers to pay for it, by raising the already unconscionably high taxes on cigarettes by 61 cents per pack. Given how tubby American children are these days the logical solution would be to tax junk food. Such a tax would in itself bring health benefits by reducing the amount of fattening swill the little piggies ingest. Fortunately our deranged president has promised to veto this monstrous piece of legislation (sometimes, as the old Irish saying goes, even the thickest Echidna-bird finds a hazelnut). “We have not released giant badgers in Basra, and nor have we been collecting eggs and releasing serpents into the Shatt al-Arab river." - Major David Gell, British Army spokesman, 'British blamed for mysterious Beast of Basra'. Remember all the excitement surrounding lycopenes, the tiny single celled organisms that live inside tomatoes (and whose excretions are the cause of the tomato’s redness) and were thought to protect against cancer? I sure don’t. It’s best to ignore these sorts of things, in large part because they never pan out (besides, I enjoy a cigarette now and then, so it’s pointless anyway). Now the FDA says lycopenes don’t protect against cancer, and that there is no evidence tomatoes reduce the risk of "colorectal, breast, cervical or endometrial cancer." Given how science tends to reverse itself, cancerphobes (i.e. those afraid of tobacco) should probably continue to rub tomatoes on their breasts, rectums, cervixes, and endometrials as a precaution. I’m suffering from some sort of branial condition. Today I was trying to remember the name of the 18th century philosopher who bred horses and prefigured Darwin in certain aspects, and after nearly half an hour of focused concentration the only name my brain could come up with was Wigsy Macbombo, immediately followed by my forgetting why I was trying to recall the chaps name in the first place. Another symptom is abuse (to put it mildly) of the parenthesis when punctuating. A fascinating article in the New York Times of all places on the mapinguary (a creature previously discussed on ADC). Also mentioned is a cryptid I had never heard of known as the boto, a "type of dolphin that is said to be able to transform itself into human form, wearing a white hat to cover its air spout, and seducing and impregnating impressionable young virgins." Where a boto keeps his stylish headgear while he's in dolphin form remains unexplained. There have been no reports of boto operating outside the Amazon basin, but if you have a teenage daughter you might want to check under her boyfriend’s cap for a blowhole, just in case. The greatly anticipated list of the New 7 Wonders of the world is out (a list previously discussed on ADC). Selected were the Roman Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, the Mayan city of Chichen, the ruins of Petra, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, and the the Taj Mahal. When I began the incredibly popular series of reports now known as The Whitby Sequence I had no idea where my investigations would lead. That sinister forces permeated the dying town of Whitby and were influencing events there was something I sensed early on, though I badly and dangerously underestimated the magnitude of the forces at work. Why Whitby I could not explain, until by accident (or by dark design?) a strange chapter in Whitbian history was revealed to me...“IN THE LATE nineteen seventies there was something of an occult convergence upon the English coastal town of Whitby. The reason for the movement of so many occultists, ex-hippies and pothead pixies, could probably be identified only by a thorough examination of the occult current of the time, along with a good analysis of the spirit of the nation. The result, however, was not only that there was a sizeable occult population in the area, but that many other occultists were in the habit of visiting the place.” Since its unnerving appearance in November of 2006 there have been no further reports of the mysterious Sandsend blob, but I have learned of an earlier blob visitation at the scene of a world famous car crash:"In the recent Channel 4 documentary The Witnesses in the Tunnel, she [Princess Diana] disappeared behind a grey blob, which obscured the body the doctors were trying to resuscitate."We know from subsequent events the Sandsend blob was a harbinger of doom for Whitby. The presence of a blob at a gruesome accident suggests the blobs might be both an ill omen and a cause of terrible events, perhaps even feeding off human suffering in some manner. In a speech last Friday President Bush said, "Our nation is more vibrant because of the contributions made by Hispanic Americans in all sectors of our society." Although he didn't go on to name any specific contributions which have increased our Gross National Vibrancy the ones that leap to my mind at least are the taco, the lowrider car, and a recently developed bit of 'spice in the melting pot' known as el bomba del gato:"A sicko set a cat on fire in East Boston, and then used the burning, screeching animal as a live Molotov cocktail, chucking it at the window of a house, a crime that investigators believe could be connected to gang violence. The live fireball was heaved at a first-floor window at 204 Princeton St. in the Eagle Hill section of the neighborhood, leaving the charred outline of the tortured animal in the screen of the two-family home. "This kid threw something at the house. It was on fire. It was making noises," said construction wor… “Property developer Owen O'Callaghan had a bizarre tendency to hide in broom cupboards in toilets during breaks in business meetings he was attending, fellow developer Tom Gilmartin told the Mahon Tribunal yesterday. Mr Gilmartin recalled how on one occasion he had gone to the toilet during a tea break and had seen Mr O'Callaghan falling out of a cupboard where he had been hiding.” - via the Irish Independent. Filmmaker, Ole Schell, follows his girlfriend, model Sara Ziff, for several years, chronicling her rise from a fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. Go behind the scenes and chronicle the glitzy world of high fashion modeling, from photo shoots with celebrated photographers to runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To register with a non-institutional email address (like gmail), please send an additional email to with your real name. This will be treated confidential. There either is or is not, that’s the way things are. The colour of the day. The way it felt to be a child. The saltwater on your sunburnt legs. Sometimes the water is yellow, sometimes it’s red. But what colour it may be in memory, depends on the day. I’m not going to tell you the story the way it happened. I’m going to tell it the way I remember it. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an innovative, original episodic video and social media series produced for the web. Adapting Pride and Prejudice to the modern era, Lizzie Bennet tells the classic Jane Austen tale from the point of view of an Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet who grew up in a world of cell phones, video cameras, and social media. The series was created by popular YouTube personality Hank Green and Streamy Award winning web video writer Bernie Su. The holiday season is bringing more than cheer for actress Jessica Capshaw. The Grey’s Anatomy star announced on Monday that she and her husband, Honest Company co-founder Christopher Gavigan, are expecting their fourth child. “The holidays have certainly arrived … All of our lives are being added to by the lights, the music and cheer!!” she captioned a photo of her family at a Christmas tree farm on Instagram. “This year our family has reason to further broaden our smile … baby number four is on the way!! I am a lucky, lucky girl…” The quickest way to tell whether an actor is serious about his or her career is to look at their “headshot”.Is it a professional photo? Or is it a snapshot taken on prom night? If you’re using a snapshot, it’s like showing up to race the Indy 500 in a VW Beetle. Nobody is going to take you seriously. I’m sorry, people… you can send me as much angry e-mail as you want about this, but it’s true! Don’t tell me you’re destined to be a major Hollywood star but you cannot scrape together the cash to get professional headshots. The Grinch from Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical stole the spotlight at the Empire State Building’s 86th Floor Observatory December 14, 2012, to promote the musical’s limited holiday engagement. Discover the magic of Dr. Seuss’ classic holiday tale as it comes to life on stage. Featuring the hit songs “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and “Welcome Christmas,” The Grinch discovers there’s more to Christmas then he bargained for in this heart-warming holiday classic."
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"Gracing Al Habtoor City and the famed Dubai skyline are three luxurious residential towers – Noora, Amna and Meera. Housed within two 73-storey towers and one 52-storey tower, the stylish apartments include 12 penthouses. »» Details We are the experts in properties for sale and rent in Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah. We offer properties ranging from 1Bedrooms, penthouses to townhouses. »» Details Offering the best of both worlds, The Polo Residence, located in the heart of Meydan City, enjoys a perfect blend of contemporary dwellings surrounded by greenery. »» Details Azizi Riviera is set within a multiphase development of 71 buildings. Azizi Riviera is luxury residential apartments by Azizi Meydan. »» Details Premier Property Finance offers the best home loan and mortgage loan in the UAE at competitive rates. We have a hassle free process and easy documentation »» Details Our property management team offers a bespoke property management solution for all types of property. »» Details Hong Kong Escort - is a fine selection of naughty mistress and sexy girls escort models that you will never forget our sweet kisses on your lips - Escort in HK » Lucknow Escorts most reliable and stylish escort services agency that provides high-profile, gorgeous, and independent Lucknow escorts girls."
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"Please mention Addicted to Stamps in your blog with a link back to the challenge so others may join in You may enter more than once provided each entry is different and abides with the rules of the challenge This is just me 'fiddling' as usual. I wanted to put the poll up for followers to vote but with the layout of the blog, the choices couldn't even be read lol. So I kept changing things until the text could be seen. I like it too xx In line with new Data Protection legislation (GDPR) by commenting you do so in the knowledge that your name & comment are visible to all who visit this blog and thereby consent to the use of that personal information for that specific purpose. Those entering any projects into Linky do so in the knowledge that their name and blog links are visible to all who visit this blog and has given their consent that their entry may be displayed on a winners post should it be selected. Those leaving a comment on any posts on this blog do so in the knowledge that their name and blog link are visible to all who visit this blog and by providing the comment, they have published their own personal details on this blog and also consented to that personal information being seen. Blog Archive November 2018 (1) October 2018 (5) September 2018 (4) August 2018 (5) July 2018 (4) June 2018 (4) May 2018 (5) April 2018 (4) March 2018 (4) February 2018 (4) January 2018 (5) December 2017 (2) November 2017 (5) October 2017 (4) September 2017 (4) August 2017 (5) July 2017 (5) June 2017 (7) May 2017 (8) April 2017 (7) March 2017 (8) February 2017 (8) January 2017 (3) December 2016 (3) November 2016 (7) October 2016 (7) September 2016 (8) August 2016 (9) July 2016 (9) June 2016 (8) May 2016 (8) April 2016 (9) March 2016 (9) February 2016 (8) January 2016 (7) December 2015 (5) November 2015 (7) October 2015 (7) September 2015 (8) August 2015 (9) July 2015 (9) June 2015 (9) May 2015 (9) April 2015 (9) March 2015 (8) February 2015 (8) January 2015 (5) December 2014 (8) November 2014 (8) October 2014 (10) September 2014 (8) August 2014 (10) July 2014 (10) June 2014 (8) May 2014 (9) April 2014 (9) March 2014 (8) February 2014 (9) January 2014 (8) December 2013 (7) November 2013 (9) October 2013 (9) September 2013 (8) August 2013 (9) July 2013 (9) June 2013 (9) May 2013 (9) April 2013 (8) March 2013 (9) February 2013 (9) January 2013 (6) December 2012 (5) November 2012 (10) October 2012 (9) September 2012 (19) August 2012 (13) July 2012 (15) June 2012 (21) The product specifications provided below are only related to the types of upgrades and accessories available for this system. This product is not for sale. It is shown here for configuration purposes only. For more detailed information on the Baseline Switch - 2928, please refer to manufacturer's (HP®) website. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)® names may be registered trademarks of the respective OEM, and the OEM has neither authorized nor sponsored the use of its trademark or trade name. All OEM names are used for comparative purposes only."
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"Break up Ad Groups: Increase click-by charge (CTR) and Excellent Score by splitting up your advert groups into smaller sized, more pertinent ad groups, which assist you to generate far more focused ad text and landing internet pages. ..excluded a dot order that they mentioned inside their reply from google that the web-site was both down or doesnt exist,,,meanyl it was a circumstance of lacking a dot while in the url'so hw cld i go about thias beacuse the weblog is up advert functioning buh and wld like 2 keep on over the site web site,thanks. As you reported, you would like making sure that you realize what your optimum ACoS is usually before you crack even then get started getting rid of dollars for every sale, and optimize your campaigns accordingly. This will differ from product to solution. 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If you are not getting the best possible rent for your property you are simply not maximsing your property investment returns. Proper research and knowledge of the Adelaide rental market is vital. The Adelaide property rental market is always on the move and we pride ourselves on keeping our landlords up to date with the latest rental property trends. To find out how much your property should be renting for,(even if you would just like and independant opinion) click the link below. "...He has been very patient and tirelessly works through some of the numerous issues we have experienced with our property. He often works 'beyond the call of duty' and it is refreshing to see such excellent work ethic. I find his manner very professional, he always returns my calls promptly and he is certainly an asset to your team." Centrally located in North Adelaide, we provide property management services throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Area. Our Property Management team is amongst the most experienced in Adelaide is supported by a specialist leasing management team that consistently provides our landlords with expert service and low vacancy rates. Currently , our properties are vacant on average 10-11 days less than the Adelaide Property Management industry average meaning our landlords have more money in their pockets. And because it is all we do we can ensure the best property management service for your Adelaide property investment. Why risk having the management of your property costing you money due to poor service? This is not a risk you should have to take with the management of your property. Adelaide Residential Rentals are Specialist Property Managers with over 80+ years combined experience and our team are some of the most experienced and respected in the industry. Contact us today and have your property managed the way it should be. home | disclaimer | privacy policy | site map | © copyright Adelaide Residential Rentals 2011 | Powered by MultiArray"
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 549, "char_end_idx": 555, "value": "Adidas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 945, "char_end_idx": 957, "value": "Online_shopping" } ]
"ITEM MOVED TO ARCHIVE: On January 30, 2018 1:36 pm, Fashion Stylist Online noted this item may be out of stock at macys because it was not referenced in their latest online catalog. If this item is out of stock at macys, you may be able to find similar fashions sold there or elsewhere on our Adidas Designer Brand Directory. This item was published for sale online by macys on January 30, 2018 9:09 am and last updated by us January 30, 2018 1:36 pm. New promo codes and links offering limited time promotions, sales coupons, and special offers on Adidas designer fashions and accessories will be posted on each designer label apparel page. For the latest up to date information on this Adidas Chicago Blackhawks Black Tonal 873 Flex Cap | Hat, Headwear And Accessory fashion item, including product specifications, ordering options, pricing, shipping details, high resolution pictures, shopper comments, and other sales media, visit the macys Online Store."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 361, "char_end_idx": 367, "value": "London" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 374, "char_end_idx": 385, "value": "John_Morgan_(artist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 401, "char_end_idx": 406, "value": "Mise_en_abyme" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 511, "char_end_idx": 519, "value": "Spektrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 565, "char_end_idx": 571, "value": "London" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 610, "char_end_idx": 613, "value": "Google_Questions_and_Answers" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 619, "char_end_idx": 630, "value": "John_Morgan_(artist)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 632, "char_end_idx": 644, "value": "James_Mosley" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 664, "char_end_idx": 680, "value": "St_Bride_Library" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 682, "char_end_idx": 688, "value": "London" } ]
"Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our user agreement (effective 3/21/12) and privacy policy (effective 3/21/12). Your privacy rights. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of GK Tech News. Adrien Vasquez is a typographer and type designer based in London. With John Morgan, he co-founded ABYME, a digital type foundry and independent publisher of artist’s editions and multiples. Dressed in Black: Spektrum and Lothar Reher, co-edited with Wayne Daly (London: Precinct, June 2017) Naming Victory, Q&A with John Morgan, James Mosley and Phil Surey, at St Bride Library (London, June 2016) Designing programmes. Type design introduction workshop at ESAD Valence (29 January–1 February 2018)"
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"Due to increase of struggle in education sector, every student wants to achieve high grades in their… Our coursework support is known among students who look for quality papers. We promise to give you a… Categories CARS & VEHICLES cars motorcycles commercial vehicles parts, accessories automotive services car pooling Yachts, Boats Bicycles PROPERTY HDB apt for sale HDB apt for rent condo for sale condo for rent landed house for sale landed house for rent rooms for rent commercial property property agents LEARNING arts, design computer cooking driving languages music, dancing self improvement swimming tuition COMMUNITY activity partners friendship long lost relationships lost & found SERVICES aircon servicing babysitter, nanny wedding beauty computer electrical entertainment financial fitness, personal trainer florist food delivery, catering gardening, landscaping insurance laundry legal locksmith maids, housekeeping massage, health movers, delivery painters, painting pest control photography, video plumbing, repair renovation translation transport travel JOBS accounting admin, receptionist banking, finance beauty, hair stylist building, construction childcare cleaning, housekeeper computer, programmers customer service driver engineering, technical food, hospitality, entertainment general labour government graphic, web design human resources legal management marketing, public relations media, advertising medical non profit sector sales, retail sales security part time, temp others FOR SALE antiques, collectables baby items beauty books fashion, accessories furniture garage sale hardware health hobbies, crafts home appliances jewellery, watches mobiles, computers musical instruments pets sports toys Alvarez & Diaz-Silveira LLP is a Miami-based corporate boutique law firm focusing on international and domestic M&A, finance, real estate, immigration and private wealth services for leading companies, family offices and high net worth individuals. Created by experienced attorneys from premiere global firms, AADS combines sophisticated counsel with a level of execution, personal attention and value that is rare among practices today."
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 810, "char_end_idx": 829, "value": "Theater_of_the_Mind" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2340, "char_end_idx": 2347, "value": "Mithril" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3208, "char_end_idx": 3212, "value": "Prisoner_of_war" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5345, "char_end_idx": 5348, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5474, "char_end_idx": 5476, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7023, "char_end_idx": 7025, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7581, "char_end_idx": 7583, "value": "DM" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8670, "char_end_idx": 8672, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9376, "char_end_idx": 9378, "value": "DM" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10118, "char_end_idx": 10120, "value": "DM" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10431, "char_end_idx": 10434, "value": "PDF" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10511, "char_end_idx": 10514, "value": "PDF" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11283, "char_end_idx": 11299, "value": "Forgotten_Realms" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11397, "char_end_idx": 11403, "value": "Planescape" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11469, "char_end_idx": 11477, "value": "Greyhawk" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11482, "char_end_idx": 11493, "value": "Dragonlance" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11572, "char_end_idx": 11592, "value": "Manual_of_the_Planes" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11967, "char_end_idx": 11978, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12192, "char_end_idx": 12203, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12366, "char_end_idx": 12377, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12712, "char_end_idx": 12722, "value": "Jeff_Grubb" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12771, "char_end_idx": 12780, "value": "David_Cook_(game_designer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12800, "char_end_idx": 12811, "value": "Editions_of_Dungeons_&_Dragons" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12819, "char_end_idx": 12830, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13047, "char_end_idx": 13058, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13260, "char_end_idx": 13271, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13920, "char_end_idx": 13922, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14251, "char_end_idx": 14254, "value": "PDF" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14298, "char_end_idx": 14309, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14372, "char_end_idx": 14375, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14605, "char_end_idx": 14608, "value": "PDF" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14621, "char_end_idx": 14623, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14927, "char_end_idx": 14938, "value": "Spelljammer" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15020, "char_end_idx": 15021, "value": "Australian_rules_football_positions" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15256, "char_end_idx": 15258, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15895, "char_end_idx": 15903, "value": "Internet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15933, "char_end_idx": 15941, "value": "Internet" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16575, "char_end_idx": 16580, "value": "Gary_Gygax" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16631, "char_end_idx": 16640, "value": "Chainmail_(game)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16788, "char_end_idx": 16806, "value": "Beat_'em_up" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16830, "char_end_idx": 16833, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16881, "char_end_idx": 16885, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16893, "char_end_idx": 16897, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 16941, "char_end_idx": 16944, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17340, "char_end_idx": 17343, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 17923, "char_end_idx": 17928, "value": "Gary_Gygax" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18035, "char_end_idx": 18038, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18070, "char_end_idx": 18073, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18217, "char_end_idx": 18226, "value": "Tightrope" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18309, "char_end_idx": 18313, "value": "Wizards_of_the_Coast" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 18763, "char_end_idx": 18768, "value": "DMing" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 19787, "char_end_idx": 19795, "value": "Dark_Sun" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20389, "char_end_idx": 20395, "value": "Reddit" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20766, "char_end_idx": 20769, "value": "TSR_(company)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 20823, "char_end_idx": 20828, "value": "Gary_Gygax" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21006, "char_end_idx": 21010, "value": "Wizards_of_the_Coast" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21284, "char_end_idx": 21302, "value": "Beat_'em_up" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21308, "char_end_idx": 21311, "value": "RPG" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 21854, "char_end_idx": 21856, "value": "PC_game" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22038, "char_end_idx": 22051, "value": "Battlesystem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22305, "char_end_idx": 22317, "value": "Battlesystem" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22454, "char_end_idx": 22467, "value": "Origins_Award" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22549, "char_end_idx": 22567, "value": "Beat_'em_up" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22652, "char_end_idx": 22662, "value": "Douglas_Niles" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22763, "char_end_idx": 22771, "value": "Dungeon_crawl" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22776, "char_end_idx": 22783, "value": "Dragons" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 22849, "char_end_idx": 22860, "value": "Editions_of_Dungeons_&_Dragons" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23565, "char_end_idx": 23579, "value": "Afaa_M._Weaver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23650, "char_end_idx": 23659, "value": "Warhammer_Fantasy_Roleplay" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 23699, "char_end_idx": 23709, "value": "Ral_Partha_Enterprises" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24553, "char_end_idx": 24555, "value": "Dungeon_Master" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 24646, "char_end_idx": 24655, 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"The game went well, we still have no wizard, which does worry me, but we'll see how it goes. The cleric also wasn't as engaged as I would had liked, but she did change the tide of battle more than once. I didn't have to do any prep, as I had already done it. On game day I just had to re-read my notes. The first scenario was a large one, so we played it with miniatures; I finally got to place the Lord of the Rings RISK minis on the board, they aren't to scale but they are more glamorous than paper! I will say that I held back, all of my monsters could had gotten a second attack, but I just took it with my commanders, I think next game I will unleash the orcs full potential. Everyone remembered the rules for miniature battles pretty well, it has been a while since we used them! I like to keep things "Theatre of the Mind" but with 6 players it is hard to keep everybody on the same page. I would like to think of a system to remind me what segment we are in, as we used the 2 segment round method, and all it takes is for somebody to ask me a really good question and I forget where I am at. As far as errors went, I made one, but I granted her a free re-roll as payment for ruining one of her ideas. The characters had found a secure room in a section of the mine that was completely unknown to the enemy, they had left sign to tell their peers where they had gone and were found by the two adventurers who arrived to play today. Delving deeper into the mine, they players found themselves in a passage to an underground source of the Immerflow River and discovered that the orcs were using this river to ship finished arms and armor down river; barrels and boxes where falling from a waterfall 200 feet above the river, and orcs were busy on a long bridge designed to help them push the products free of rocky outcrops with long poles. These orcs were quickly picked off. An elevator system was found that allowed two people to make their way up 200' to the level above, but they were discovered. An orc was going to cut the lift rope but a player decided that it was better to just let the lift free fall back down, a drop of 100', both riders were injured and the lift was broken, but the rope system was still in place. Exploring further up river, they found a slave camp, slaves were slowly and unproductively trying to mine Mithral out of the wall, guarded by a small orcish camp of 30 soldiers and a commander. The players were knocking out the light sources as they crept up the bridge, and this didn't go unnoticed, but wasn't taken seriously either as the torches are prone to go out. The commander ordered six soldiers to go investigate, and another group to go secure the slaves, that is when war happened! The players were funneled on the bridge, and the cleric began casting spells, she caused a bonfire used to light the area up to magically flair, blinding half of the orcs, and slowing down their response to invaders. They fought their way through the ranks, with bow and sword while the slaves were corralled back up, but before a true counter attack could be made by the orcs, the cleric cast a spell which forced the orc commander to Surrender just long enough to kill the orc POWs, they had the commander gagged so that he couldn't recall the order, and these orcs are all religious nuts who aren't afraid of dying since they believe that they will return more powerful than before, which may be true as these orcs are incredibly powerful already! They tried to get the commander to talk, but just got belittled, and torturing him earned them nothing but his religious fervor, so they killed him. The party rested, which was allowed as the orcs above didn't believe that they could come up and after if the slave camp down below failed to deal with them, then they would just go away as the broken lift was the only way up out of the river section. The products already dropped that day had been hung up, and a plan was developed by the players, two of them would dress in orcish mail, with a small chest to pretend that they were bringing their tiny load of mithral up top. One of the slaves had also been a carpenter, and he was able to fix the lift with boards and nails pilfered from some of the shipping crates. The plan worked and the guard was thrown 200 feet to his death. The party had found themselves surrounded by racks, once in a while a barrel full of finished arms would roll out of a shaft in the wall and crash along the racks. Orcs could pull a rope and release the barrels down the hole in the floor, and a lot of water was running from the cave itself, which formed the waterfall. The speed of the water wasn't fast, but it was waist deep and putred. Walking three miles down this rough and twisted cave, they finally found a fork, they decided to head left. From the darkness, they were attacked by a patrol that they couldn't see until the cleric cast a spell to light the section of dark corridor up. All of this patrol was slain in a long battle, except for on orc, who was allowed to escape back down the corridor. Once this battle was over, we stopped for the night. Our calander advanced 3 days during play. The players had found some gems that have not yet been appraised, and were unable to identify a few potions which they discovered while searching the orc tents. In August of 89, TSR released REF1 the Dungeon Master Screen. Why in the world am I reviewing this, you ask? Well, there is relevance to it. As a DM, this thing is probably the most used item in my collection, and mine is very beat up! Unfortunately, this item is also a collector’s item; I guess people used them up and threw them away at a tremendous rate, which sucks for us. There is some guy trying to sell it for $135, I hope that he never makes his money. To me, that is ripping off the public, pure and simple. But enough about that; let’s talk about the product itself! A good screen should have all of the tables that a DM uses regularly, as well as a few that are rarely used, but when you need them, then you need them quick. This scene satisfies those demands. I’ve used it for years, and was one of those products that I had bought new, and I wish that I would have bought a couple of them. I own others, including the reprint, but I’ve never even looked at them! This is the one that goes with my books of choice. It also came with a module called Terrible Trouble in Tragador, which I’ve never ran, nor even read, but I’ve kept it. Hey, a free module is better than a kick to the face any day! It can be said that Terrible Trouble is the first “True” 2nd Edition module to be released, as all of the other modules released that year were listed as compatible with both 1st and 2nd editions of AD&D. There are lots of people out there that claim that it is. That the only reason why one would use it is to hide their rolls; well these people must have a much better memory that me, as I have always needed the facts on the screen, and THAT is why it is always on the table. Every DM has to lie about die rolls from time to time, there isn’t anything worse than the dice killing a character in the first few minutes of a game, the player needs a bit of time before he can fully wrap their head around a game. Other times, we DMs probably shouldn’t have been rolling the dice in the first place, which we don’t figure out until something really bad happens and we don’t want to deal with it. So, we fudge dice! Granted! If you are rolling too hot on one PC, we’ll claim to miss. If we haven’t hit anybody at all, we’ll claim we hit. A good DM uses common sense when fudging stuff; we don’t want to manufacture obvious events. If we get caught cheating, then we are cheating. I think that it is a much bigger sin to disrupt the flow of the game, especially if everybody is having a good time; We use the dice to maintain an unbiased game and to keep some elements random, if this isn’t desired we sometimes pick them up anyway. I don’t intend to hide my rolls. I need the screen to cover up all the stuff that I don’t want the players to see, such as maps, notes, creature hit points, and that kind of stuff. I roll behind the screen as a convenience to me, not because I’m cheating; but, there are times when you can get better tension from a struggle without the screen. When a fight is so evenly matched that there is a good chance that the player’s character is going to bite it, you might be able to get more drama from a scene if the player is aware of the enemy’s hp, as well as their own. You also want your rolls to be out there and in the open so that everybody knows that this is the dice making the decisions, not the DM. Actually, it is probably a good idea to always roll out in the open if a PC is in danger of dying because of events taking place on your side, but show all of your rolls? No! Keep the players guessing! If you’ve made your creatures saving-throw, and you want the player to think that you didn’t, rolling in the open is not something that you want to do, and you don’t want it to look weird by hiding just a couple of your rolls all night. The less a player knows what you are doing back there, the more fun he is going to have! So, a DM Screen, in my opinion, makes the game better on multiple fronts. This one specifically is nice because it isn’t too large, and big screens can serve to alienate the DM from the rest of the table, which isn’t fun. I know that I don’t like to take up too much space. I’ve got a TV Tray with the books I need, and only what I’m using at that moment in front of me. A smaller screen also forces me to work clean and not have everything cluttered up, which I tend to do and I hate it. So, rating the screens use. It didn’t push the industry into any new direction, but it did allow the user to. To me, this is an essential tool, and is just as important to the game as pencils and paper, but it is one of those things that is more of a convenience, it isn’t like we can’t make one ourselves, in times were I feel the that shield is just in the way, a piece of paper will do to cover my notes and stuff. As a new DM this thing was a life saver, and it still is, so, for that reason I’ll give it a B. I am not going to pay collectors prices to replace a product that originally cost so little, and is just there for convenience, so I’ll have to come up with an alternative. One funny thing, before closing, is in regard to the PDF. Originally, I thought that it would be pointless to have this product as a PDF, but on rethinking, this would be a nice file to have open on the PC during prep, and it would also allow us to buy some supplies at the store and make our own copy, because even those like me, who takes extra good care of their books, this product still breaks down over time with just regular use. Perhaps it is the fact that I have sacrified this shield instead of having to look up the same tables in the books that has ultimately preserved my handbooks themselves? Why open a book, if you don’t have to? Forgotten Realms was originally intended to provide a place for 2e adventures, however with the heavy editing and playtesting which took place during the writing process, nobody really knew what the final ruleset was going to be, and they didn’t want to have Forgotten Realms on the back burner for two years, so in 1987 they began the process of releasing it. Besides the Realms, people who didn’t want to invent their own worlds could play in Greyhawk, or Dragonlance, but the first true setting of the 2e era was a strange one. SPELLJAMMER! The Manual of the Planes had talked about linking worlds together, but this product was the result of a long and productive brainstorming session which took place at a restaurant with the intention of linking the worlds through space travel. What it became was much bigger than that! Space travel kind of took a back seat as the ideas produced a true setting that was unique to itself. At the time, SPELLJAMMER was a huge flop with consumers. I remember walking into a Kaybee Toy Store in the mid-90’s and seeing a shopping cart full of Spelljammer box sets going for $5, I’d like to say that I’d picked it up, but I can’t. Spelljammer was way ahead of its time, few players bought into it, but today it is a huge cult hit that is actually still supported by an Official Website at Spelljammer is not Science Fiction in any way, the laws of physics and magic all hold true to high fantasy architypes; space ships are not designed to function realistically, they are powered by magic and the less one thinks about it, the healthier their mind will be. Since the system contained lots of rules that were unique to it, and because Jeff Grubb was able to get enough solid information out of Dave Cook to sync it up with 2nd Edition rules, Spelljammer was able to get a release date in 1989 with product 1049: Adventures In Space Campaign Setting Boxset. Buyers got two rulebooks, full color cards depicting a huge collection of fully mapped ships, a giant map of the Spelljammer craft itself, as well as a good collection of new monsters unique to the setting. It was one of those products that offered a bang for one’s buck, and with a cover price of only $15, you’d figure that Spelljammer would had sold like hotcakes! It of course didn’t. I think that the low price scared many people off, not to mention that many believed that it was a Science Fiction genre thing, but for this box specifically, you had people trying to learn the new 2e ruleset, and they just didn’t want to be distracted at this point by some weird space game. My biggest problem with it was that it wasn’t labeled well. There were a total of 4 boxsets published, with no real labeling as to which one was the original, which would be this one, Adventures In Space. To me, that always sounded like it was a supplement, so I had no idea what to get. I’m the kind of DM who prefers to write my own supplemental material and adventures; when I buy into a setting, I want enough there to actually play with, without having to head right back to the store to get more information. Did SPELLJAMMER satisfy this requirement by giving us complete information? From looking over the material available on PDF format, I think that they did. Buying into Spelljammer is expensive. Retailers shipped tons of unsold copies back to TSR and they were eventually destroyed, making them rare in today’s market and highly desired by collectors. Finding a complete copy of the setting on the used market is difficult, so prices are going to run higher. I rarely promote PDF play, but a DM’s got to do what a DM’s got to do, and in this case, it is cheaper to print off your own copy. This is a neat and unique setting to have adventures in, it was one of those products that pushed the game forward (a bit too far forward at the time), but now that people are more willing to try new things, Spelljammer has finally found its market. At the time I would have graded this product as an F, I had no interest in it; this grade has improved, I now give the product a B+ I’m not sure how sturdy this one box is on its own, but as it pushed the game so hard, and it is so original with tons of adventure ideas and hooks at the DM’s disposal, I publicly take back all of the mean and unwarranted criticism that I had bestowed upon it in my early gaming days. Now I wish that I would have bought it, and I have a feeling that I’m not alone with this assessment. Normally I don't do this, but hey. For what it is worth, this struck a nerve for me and I would like to partake in the party. A writer named Christopher Helton wrote an article here, which I'm sure that everybody has read by now, but there is the link if you haven't. In it he scolds us all for not buying more stuff, which, according to him, is the only thing that keeps the train moving. I am old-school Internet, and if you didn't know, the Internet was a place to go to get information for free. Those of us who produced material didn't charge anything, we created content because we enjoyed doing it. Even today, I hold true to this philosophy. The content that we create isn't really all that marketable. People don't like to hear that, they enjoy believing that there is some magic cash cow out there and that they can quit their job and work full time online and live like a prince. That isn't the way this works. Sure, there are success stories, but that is all they are, stories. Just because I buy a pair of wrestling boots and a lucha mask, that doesn't make me a wrestler. Gygax got mad when he first started, a few folks bought Chainmail and the rest photocopied it. He got beat up and pushed down and had to learn how to be a businessman the hard way, and he ultimately failed at it. Dungeons & Dragons was a booming success, TSR believed in the cash cow and it tanked. I love TSR! I miss TSR! There have been lots of theories about how TSR went under, but that is all they are is theories. They came close, and they lasted a long time! They got good at projecting sales and figuring out how much people would pay, and adjusting material and all of the other boring stuff that goes along with making a company successful. They took lots of risks, some successful and some failures, that is the way it goes! The technology was there for TSR to make full color, glossy handbooks, but they didn't. They knew that people wouldn't buy them, they had to adjust the cost. Today they are going that route, as if all of the cheaper paper has all been used up. As a user, I don't give a crap about some background under the text, I am on record stating that the Black 2e handbooks wasted too much space with that pointless cover page before every chapter. I want function over form. As ugly and as hideous as the book is, the best RPG book ever written is still, and always will be the original Dungeon Master's Guide written by Gygax. It was functional. This living wage crap is an illusion. When I was young I used to dream of working for TSR, but those days are long gone. TSR was a creative killer. I'll gladly stay here and work for free doing what I want to do, what inspires me. I know that I am riding an invisible Tightrope, and I do my best not to break any laws here. I know very well that at any moment WOTC could swoop in and demand that everything I've done here be taken down, they've got better lawyers than I've got. It isn't fair, but nothing is. I am not a person who buys anything new. I play RPGs because it is cheap and creative, lots of people do. When money is tight, and we don't have the cash to go out, we stay in and play D&D. Everybody can join in and it costs nothing. I enjoy producing my own material, and getting better at the craft of DMing. To me, the less money you spend, the better! I don't collect books just to have them, everything that I have is functional. I'm going to draw my own maps. I'm going to write my own keys. I'm going to stat my own monsters, and tell the stories that I want to tell and that the players want to hear. That is how the game was designed to function. Yes I cheat when I can. I buy beat up and incomplete boxsets from the past, but just because I own a functional campaign setting doesn't mean anything. I have no interest in all of the bells and whistles. I like the old-school modules because they have teaching points, and they are interesting to me. I have no desire to learn a new system, I only buy stuff if the price is right and I know that I need it. I am constantly shopping and looking at prices because as much as the industry likes to believe that they set the prices, they don't. The bottom line is that an item is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay. Let the collectors squabble over a sealed copy of Dark Sun, that has nothing to do with me. You don't have to give back with your money, that is so stupid to me that people think that you do. Especially in a hobby that the point is exploring one's personal creativity. I give back by challenging the reader to get out the notebook, get out the pencils and get to creating! I provide interest in old books which are important to me. Many people cut their teeth on the 2e system, and want to go out and find their lost books and play! To them, I say WELCOME! Get what you need and do it. PLAY! Teach your kids how to play, that is giving back too. Go on Reddit, and answer some questions that you know the answers to. If you want to show off some of your inventions, get that blog up and running, and post away! The heyday of tabletop gaming is over. Folks go back to it in times of strife, it isn't stable and it never really was. The less that the dollar is worth, the more people are going to go back to play these games. Heck, TSR found it surprising that people even bought modules! Gygax wouldn't, why should you? Call me a communist, call me a terrorist, I've been called worse. There is no money to be made here, the money that is out there is being picked up by WOTC and a handful of other companies who know exactly what they are doing. The bottom line is that all you need to play the game is 3 books, and your imagination. You're giving back just by sharing your ideas, that keeps what we do alive. While wargaming is the grand-daddy of Dungeons & Dragons, the RPG has evolved separately and quickly became its own entity. By questioning many of the rules that may seem odd as to how they were formed, the answers can usually be traced back to our wargaming roots. Ranges, Movement, combat: All of it heavily borrowed from wargames and evolved to attract a much larger audience. Some rules are more pronounced than others, for instance the end-game, mass battles are eluded too in the form of attracting followers and constructing buildings. The worlds that we create are all hostile to the players, so the PC’s buildings will no doubt have to be defended from time to time. War is a common event, however it was an event that was not officially supported until 1985 with the publication of BATTLESYSTEM! In 1989, the year that saw the release of AD&D Second Edition; before many of the titles which expanded the 2e core system were released, or even worked on, one of the first 2e products to come out was, oddly enough, BATTLESYSTEM 2nd Edition. While the BATTLESYSTEM was always well received within the industry (the original earning the esteemed “H. G. Wells Award”, and the second edition winning the Origins Award for “Best Miniatures Rules for 1989”), among consumers it was a different story. Dungeons & Dragons had tapped into a new audience, and this one wasn’t too hip on wargames. Written by Doug Niles, he really didn’t care if there was a market for this thing or not. All he wanted to do was use the Dungeons and Dragons magic system within a mass combat game, and when it comes to the 2nd Edition version, it is safe to say that BATTLESYSTEM 2e would had been published with or without 2e itself. The original 1985 boxed set contained a ton of goodies typical of that era; one can almost put it down as a play-testers box; as the 2e version of the game is polished, containing all of the changes to the system from feedback that he had gotten, as well as changes that he had made himself. Gone was the box, the scale of miniatures was changed, as well as a more streamlined combat system that was easier to manage. While the booklet was stripped down, its production quality was improved, it featured glossy, full color pages, pages that were required to illustrate the fantastic photographs taken by Michael Weaver and Ral Partha Enterprises INC. While the game wasn’t as demanding as WARHAMMER in regards to what figure you use, the Ral Partha brand has always been a well-loved and well-trusted company which players typically stick with to get their figures anyway. The Basic rules was just that, a very simple version of the game that gets players used to moving and understanding what each figure represents. It is rules light, yet sturdy enough to handle conflicting armies meeting on an open battle field. When I mean Rules Light, this is kind of an exaggeration; this game is complicated and hard to learn on your own. It requires an investment into the materials needed to play the game, and as many 6 sided dice as you can afford. You don’t technically need the metal figures to play, that alone would cost you lots of money and time, and you don’t need to create the elaborate sets depicted in the book either; but, even going on the cheap is not an easy task. It is the lucky DM who has the space big enough to host regular D&D games, this game recommends playing on a Ping Pong table! The larger the space the better because once a unit leaves the field from failing their Moral Check, it is gone for good, thus, by using your typical dining room table, it makes it really hard to regroup your troops before they are off the board. The Intermediate rules add our heroes into the mix, as well as generals and advanced formations. It doesn’t do a good job of adding the heroes. If you are thinking about putting your character on the table, you are putting them in danger beyond anyone’s control. While some will put this as war is dangerous, I consider placing your PC onto the field as the equivalent of high stakes gambling; a couple of bad rolls and you are dead, just like that. It had nothing to do with the decisions that you made, or how aggressive you are playing, you are dead. Roll up a new character. Sure, you can be captured, but that kind of depends upon the enemy, doesn’t it. How many PC parties out there try to capture the biggest threat in a scenario? Thankfully, you can avoid this by not placing your PC in the first place, and just controlling the army itself. If you do place your figure, you can treat it as a King in chess, capture the king and this phase of the scenario ends and you go back to standard D&D to resolve the situation. The Advanced rules are where all of your fun stuff is. Siege Engines, Magic, fires, flying troops. Once you’ve mastered the previous BATTLESYSTEM rule sets, now you are ready to add this stuff to your campaigns! But, as you can see, that is hard to do. Everyone has to really want this, and spend game time playing war games scenarios instead of D&D. That isn’t the only problem with the system either, this is a two player game and Dungeons & Dragons works best with 4 PCs. You can divide the troops among the party, or whatever, but it is still a two player game. It doesn’t even need a DM, though when you are dealing with the Advanced Rule Set, an impartial judge is “desired”. The game itself is clunky, and more of a board game, and if you have a difficult time finding players to play standard D&D, you’ll really enjoy trying to find someone to play this game with you! I have lots of dedicated players, but only one who has an interest in exploring Mass Combat, but even then, we’d still rather spend game time playing D&D, not learning some new ruleset. Thankfully, this system is not the only thing that you get when you buy this book. One can say that the Mass Combat system is just an added bonus to why you’d buy this thing. Remember the Ral Partha photos I was talking about? The book provides a wealth of knowledge and hints on not just how to paint miniatures, but how to modify them, and take care of them. It is a crash course on a part of the hobby that is very enjoyable to those who have been bitten by the painting bug. One doesn’t have to spend much money to partake in it; Ral Partha sells singles that are much cheaper than anti-psychotic medication and provides the same results (not a qualified medical opinion). Don’t judge this book by its cover (especially this book as the cover is hideous), it is still a very inexpensive book to own, and something is better than nothing. There are times when something happens and it just can’t be resolved any other way! Yes, we can always write around war, or concoct some house system, which I think is still a viable option, but it is still nice to have this book as a backup! Those out there that have been able to use this system say that it is functional, and while it is far from perfect, it is still the best option to keep that Dungeons & Dragons feel to the game. What it lacks in the strategy department, it makes up in ease of use and integrating the magic system. At its root, it is a method of quickly determining the events which take place during a massive conflict involving many combatants; I just wish that it was easier to learn. BTW the Appendix is brilliant, it contains a wealth of quick reference material, worksheets to create your own units, a method of creating said units, and The Art of Miniatures section, as I said, is the reason why you should pick up a copy if you don’t already own one. I give the product a D+. It begs the question, what do you, the reader do? I suppose that the most common answer is to ignore it and write around the war, but let’s just say that it can’t be done. You’ve got to run it, how do you, as a DM resolve the issue? This is not goodbye (introducing Ø2\\‘3|| - A Dystopian RPG) - *I read an interesting post the other day that we only blog to show expertise, but we publish to gain an audience. I always thought blogging was some sort ... a stupid battlemat trick - If you use minis and a markable surface, here's a fun thing to do when the party accidentally stumbles into the lair of Mr. Bad and his minions. First, ta... The Modern D&D Venn Diagram - D&D really is a thing again. A colleague of mine - a woman, 26, good-looking, reasonably "cool" or whatever word the kids are using these days - announced ... Leveraging Warlocks for Campaign Greatness - Warlocks are one of the great post-TSR additions to D&D. Their relationship with their patron is much closer than that of a cleric's deity, and yet they c... GameHoleCon bound and an update to the NPC Card File - For a second year in a row, I'm heading to GameHoleCon in Madison. I'm running several games this year! Friday - 10am to 1pm - Chaos Wars - Ford over Trou... From The Missus: "Don't be such a grumpy old man, Chirine." - The 'flames' are molded in clear plastic, on my samples... And these have seven colors, you say? It is that time of the year when The Missus send me forth t... Event-driven D&D Adventures Aren’t About Events; They’re About Villains - The plot of every vintage James Bond movie resembles a role-playing scenario based on an investigation and events. A hook like the theft of an atomic bomb ... Western Terminus - Writing Underway - *Elias Tucker is a newly-minted FBI agent fresh from Quantico. The son of Liberian immigrants, he graduated from an East-Coast Ivy before turning his att... Lake Geneva Original RPG Campaign: No Small Insight - Lake Geneva Original RPG Campaign: No Small Insight: “I love my fellow actors but sometimes I think that their opinions are wrong,” he explained. “True art... The Wilderlands of High Fantasy MeWe Group - With the announcement of Google+ closing and the communities going away, I checked out MeWe. There are some more interesting groups that I thought I would... Announcing the Contest Winner! (Plus Some Interesting US Coin Facts) - The third semi-annual Save Versus All Wands contest - What is the Value of this Coin Hoard - is over. $1,000 was the winning guess, only a bit below the ... What Ho Frog Demons is Out, Here's its Origin Story - *What Ho, Frog Demons *is out (you can buy it here, print is still in the works). One thing I can guarantee you about the entire four books of the Slumber... Birthday Loot - Hit the big 5-0 today. My wife got me a three-volume French-language edition of all Robert E. Howard's Conan stories. Oliver (our cat) got me a tribble. Run a Game has a Google Assistant app now! - Hey I made an app! (I'm a "developer" now!) It's on Google Assistant. Here's how you use it. On Google Assistant (Google Home or the assistant on any n... OSR Questionnaire - When I first became aware of the OSR, I was excited about it and learned as much as I could. After discovering Dungeons & Dragons (original) and the comm... Old Shames or New Shames Which is it Really? - RPGNET where they have this habit of getting things completely wrong all the time, recently flubbed up again. The thread title is "The Old Shames of D&D", ... Complete Dave Arneson/Blackmoor List 2018 - Reposted with Permission from The Ruins of Murkhill Forum Copied from Xizallian's Place as is*.* Compiled Complete List (of everything we can locate) Pre-... The Most Complete List (Dave Arneson Day & Blackmoor Week - 2018) - Reposted with Permission from The Ruins of Murkhill Forums *I found this list at Xizallian's Place.* Compiled Complete List (of everything we can locate) ... A compiled list of Blackmoor Week 2018 posts - El Borak the current Admin at Ruins of Murkhill compiled this useful list of all of the Blackmoor Week 2018 and Dave Arneson Birthday posts culled from acr... Meet the Baron of Blackmoor - David Fant, Baron of Blackmoor [image: Inline image 1] *Questions in italics by Daniel Boggs* Yes, I am that David Fant. I was a very good friend of Dav..."
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"Character Concepts: Planescape pt 1 - The following character concepts may be of limited use outside of Planescape (or, at least, a campaign in the outer planes), but some could be adapted easi... RPGs, Avatar vs Chess Piece Playing - I've gone from DMing AD&D 1E games for friends to my kids to paying clients as a team building tool. I've seen the approaches of playing a character as an..."
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"1. Mesospheric gravity wave characteristics and identification of their sources around spring equinox over Indian low latitudes. AEROLUME is a research group on Physics and Chemistry of the upper atmosphere. The main researches include dynamics and structures of the equatorial mesosphere and upper thermosphere by using airglow measurements and radio wave technique. AEROLUME is part of the Physics department of the UFCG. The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 (initially known as the Douglas DC-9) is an aircraft short-medium range developed by Douglas, which was manufactured from 1965 to 1980. Later it evolved into a family of aircraft among which the McDonnell Douglas MD-80."
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"char_start_idx": 7390, "char_end_idx": 7397, "value": "Passengers_of_the_RMS_Titanic" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7442, "char_end_idx": 7448, "value": "Ardent_Studios" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7516, "char_end_idx": 7522, "value": "Jean-François_Bayard" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7614, "char_end_idx": 7622, "value": "Zam_Fredrick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7695, "char_end_idx": 7700, "value": "Alan_Ashby" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7780, "char_end_idx": 7791, "value": "Rastafari" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7996, "char_end_idx": 8002, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8051, "char_end_idx": 8058, "value": "Quinton_Flynn" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8224, "char_end_idx": 8229, "value": "Phil_Nevin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8484, "char_end_idx": 8489, "value": "Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8548, "char_end_idx": 8555, "value": "Freedom_of_the_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8624, "char_end_idx": 8631, "value": "Garotte" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8734, "char_end_idx": 8738, "value": "Josh_Lyman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8792, "char_end_idx": 8798, "value": "Elvis_Andrus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9015, "char_end_idx": 9022, "value": "Bronson_(film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9074, "char_end_idx": 9079, "value": "Death_(Discworld)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9199, "char_end_idx": 9204, "value": "Christopher_Ruddy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9240, "char_end_idx": 9245, "value": "Udine" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9376, "char_end_idx": 9385, "value": "Schroeder_(Peanuts)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9535, "char_end_idx": 9544, "value": "Dominique_Strauss-Kahn" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9592, "char_end_idx": 9598, "value": "Walden" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9854, "char_end_idx": 9861, "value": "Clemmie" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9968, "char_end_idx": 9976, "value": "Jennings" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10108, "char_end_idx": 10114, "value": "Yehudi_Menuhin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10324, "char_end_idx": 10330, "value": "Marilu_Henner" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10408, "char_end_idx": 10412, "value": "Ross,_Scotland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10446, "char_end_idx": 10452, "value": "Jacques_Hébert" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10704, "char_end_idx": 10709, "value": "Guy_Patin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10874, "char_end_idx": 10879, "value": "Ahmad" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10966, "char_end_idx": 10974, "value": "Cyprus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11065, "char_end_idx": 11072, "value": "Anastasia_(1997_film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11164, "char_end_idx": 11170, "value": "John_Howard" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11255, "char_end_idx": 11260, "value": "Alexander_Prent" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11517, "char_end_idx": 11520, "value": "Leonardo_DiCaprio" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11626, "char_end_idx": 11638, "value": "Thomas_Jefferson" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11760, "char_end_idx": 11768, "value": "Francis_I_of_France" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11837, "char_end_idx": 11844, "value": "Michael_Scott_(The_Office)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11905, "char_end_idx": 11914, "value": "Guillermo_del_Toro" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11973, "char_end_idx": 11977, "value": "Rafe_Spall" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12102, "char_end_idx": 12107, "value": "Larry_King" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12217, "char_end_idx": 12226, "value": "Guinevere" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12275, "char_end_idx": 12282, "value": "Johnny_Tremain_(film)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12335, "char_end_idx": 12342, "value": "W._Averell_Harriman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12634, "char_end_idx": 12643, "value": "Barcelona" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12667, "char_end_idx": 12674, "value": "List_of_Family_Matters_characters" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12755, "char_end_idx": 12760, "value": "John_Casey_(Chuck)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12855, "char_end_idx": 12861, "value": "George_Graham_(footballer)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 12951, "char_end_idx": 12959, "value": "Zam_Fredrick" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13066, "char_end_idx": 13071, "value": "Wales" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13086, "char_end_idx": 13093, "value": "Freedom_of_the_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13233, "char_end_idx": 13238, "value": "Davie,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13334, "char_end_idx": 13340, "value": "Jacques_Hébert" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13708, "char_end_idx": 13713, "value": "List_of_characters_in_mythology_novels_by_Rick_Riordan" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13742, "char_end_idx": 13748, "value": "Jim_Thorpe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13836, "char_end_idx": 13841, "value": "Phil_Nevin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 13969, "char_end_idx": 13973, "value": "Josh_Lyman" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14078, "char_end_idx": 14084, "value": "Andros" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14246, "char_end_idx": 14255, "value": "Laodicea_on_the_Lycus" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14313, "char_end_idx": 14319, "value": "Elston_Howard" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14377, "char_end_idx": 14387, "value": "Fescennine_Verses" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14426, "char_end_idx": 14430, "value": "Vera_Wang" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14483, "char_end_idx": 14489, "value": "Randie_Carver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14533, "char_end_idx": 14539, "value": "Philip_(name)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14600, "char_end_idx": 14606, "value": "Jean-François_Bayard" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14792, "char_end_idx": 14799, "value": "Yardley,_Pennsylvania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14834, "char_end_idx": 14840, "value": "Paul_Pierce" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 14962, "char_end_idx": 14969, "value": "Averell" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15133, "char_end_idx": 15137, "value": "Joab" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15295, "char_end_idx": 15299, "value": "Eddy_(fluid_dynamics)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15383, "char_end_idx": 15388, "value": "Jarome_Iginla" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 15489, "char_end_idx": 15493, "value": "Evan_Williams_(Internet_entrepreneur)" } ]
"When my parents found out that I received a scholarship, they were ecstatic. I don't see it as my accomplishment alone as the whole family has always helped and encouraged me even when I was at the bottom. However, that's not the point of this whole post. My parents told some of their close friends at church. The response of one them is still stuck in my head. Why? Maybe it's because I hated how uncreatively he responded to the news. I will call him Mr. B Me : Well, let's find out if my dad wants grandchildren shall we? (turns to my dad) Dad, is grandchildren your priority? This is why I am blessed to have my parents as my parents! They don't think like these people. No offence, they can have their opinion but to me their response is utterly weird. Why must I (a girl) should think about marriage and giving my parents grandchildren when I have just received a scholarship? This is the problem with the society in which I live in. They have this stereotype that when girls come to a certain age, like mid 20s, they should be fixing a wedding gown and not be off in some strange land getting their masters degree. My parents however, have never taught me this stereotype nonsense. This is why I am always left confused by people who make such comments. My parents have never taught me something just for the reason "because you're a girl" like for example: You need to be able to cook : not because I'm a girl but because someday I might live by myself and have to cook for myself You need to learn how to wash your clothes : not because I'm a girl but because someday I'm gonna leave my parents and have to do my own washing You need to tidy up your room : not because I'm a girl but because neat room = nice room = more comfortabe to live in Подшибники /shop/bearings/ path #FBB900 M221.802,381.979c0,12.482-0.167,24.969,0.072,37.446c0.116,6.031-5.965,9.215-12.897,11.231c-4.801,1.397-10.337-2.342-12.232-8.024c-1.078-3.234-1.396-6.843-1.422-10.288c-0.113-14.641,0.004-29.283,0.056-43.925c0.007-1.997-0.011-4.009,0.212-5.987c1.007-8.94,4.302-12.155,13.305-13.14c8.658-0.946,13.705,3.448,13.827,12.203c0.095,6.828,0.019,13.658,0.019,20.487C222.429,381.982,222.115,381.98,221.802,381.979z Ardent and determined Zacherie sees his anxieties or the tomb excitingly. dipolar Hadley braze, agence de rencontre femmes slaves his bunglers dislike families in fact. 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"Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Crop rotation is the process of growing different crops on your land each year in a defined pattern. Through rotating… Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) are a pivotal part of a healthy farm environment. They are used with the intention… Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle is an important step in farming; it is one of the most important cycles that occurs… Organic matter accumulation is one of the most effective methods of improving soil quality. Due to its high porosity and… Give thanks for water this season Water is unarguably the earths’ most important resource; every living organism depends on it…. The transition to work with organic labels is a new way of life. The process takes three years to adjust… Embrace the stubble and take part in No-Till November this month! By incorporating no-till and cover cropping practices on your…"
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 68, "char_end_idx": 75, "value": "Seattle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 77, "char_end_idx": 79, "value": "Western_Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 189, "char_end_idx": 197, "value": "Columbus,_Ohio" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 199, "char_end_idx": 201, "value": "Ohio" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 275, "char_end_idx": 281, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 283, "char_end_idx": 285, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 377, "char_end_idx": 383, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 385, "char_end_idx": 387, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 478, "char_end_idx": 488, "value": "Thiruvananthapuram" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 490, "char_end_idx": 492, "value": "Kuala_Lumpur" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 583, "char_end_idx": 593, "value": "Thiruvananthapuram" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 595, "char_end_idx": 597, "value": "Kuala_Lumpur" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 710, "char_end_idx": 716, "value": "Boston" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 718, "char_end_idx": 720, "value": "Master's_degree" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 812, "char_end_idx": 819, "value": "Chicago" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 821, "char_end_idx": 823, "value": "Illinois" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 866, "char_end_idx": 872, "value": "Amazon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 956, "char_end_idx": 963, "value": "Orlando,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 965, "char_end_idx": 967, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1010, "char_end_idx": 1016, "value": "Amazon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1122, "char_end_idx": 1129, "value": "Orlando,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1131, "char_end_idx": 1133, "value": "Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1165, "char_end_idx": 1189, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1205, "char_end_idx": 1210, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1214, "char_end_idx": 1220, "value": "Austin,_Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1222, "char_end_idx": 1224, "value": "Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1306, "char_end_idx": 1311, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1315, "char_end_idx": 1324, "value": "Barcelona" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1326, "char_end_idx": 1331, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1332, "char_end_idx": 1339, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1345, "char_end_idx": 1349, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1409, "char_end_idx": 1414, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1418, "char_end_idx": 1427, "value": "Barcelona" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1429, "char_end_idx": 1434, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1435, "char_end_idx": 1442, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1513, "char_end_idx": 1518, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1522, "char_end_idx": 1528, "value": "Berlin" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1530, "char_end_idx": 1537, "value": "Germany" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1538, "char_end_idx": 1545, "value": "England" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1614, "char_end_idx": 1619, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1623, "char_end_idx": 1629, "value": "Dallas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1654, "char_end_idx": 1658, "value": "PDUs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1715, "char_end_idx": 1720, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1724, "char_end_idx": 1730, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1732, "char_end_idx": 1734, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1755, "char_end_idx": 1759, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1816, "char_end_idx": 1821, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1825, "char_end_idx": 1832, "value": "Phoenix,_Arizona" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1834, "char_end_idx": 1836, "value": "Arizona" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1857, "char_end_idx": 1861, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1917, "char_end_idx": 1922, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1926, "char_end_idx": 1934, "value": "Portland,_Oregon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1936, "char_end_idx": 1938, "value": "Oregon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1978, "char_end_idx": 2002, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2018, "char_end_idx": 2023, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2027, "char_end_idx": 2040, "value": "San_Francisco" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2041, "char_end_idx": 2049, "value": "San_Jose,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2051, "char_end_idx": 2053, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2121, "char_end_idx": 2126, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2130, "char_end_idx": 2138, "value": "San_Jose,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2140, "char_end_idx": 2143, "value": "SFO" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2145, "char_end_idx": 2147, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2168, "char_end_idx": 2172, "value": "PDUs" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2231, "char_end_idx": 2236, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2240, "char_end_idx": 2248, "value": "San_Jose,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2250, "char_end_idx": 2253, "value": "SFO" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2255, "char_end_idx": 2257, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2278, "char_end_idx": 2282, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2299, "char_end_idx": 2323, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2339, "char_end_idx": 2344, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2348, "char_end_idx": 2357, "value": "Vancouver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2359, "char_end_idx": 2361, "value": "British_Columbia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2400, "char_end_idx": 2424, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2439, "char_end_idx": 2444, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2448, "char_end_idx": 2459, "value": "Albuquerque,_New_Mexico" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2706, "char_end_idx": 2730, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2745, "char_end_idx": 2750, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2754, "char_end_idx": 2763, "value": "Hyderabad" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2788, "char_end_idx": 2792, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2808, "char_end_idx": 2832, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2847, "char_end_idx": 2852, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2910, "char_end_idx": 2934, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2949, "char_end_idx": 2954, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2991, "char_end_idx": 2995, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3012, "char_end_idx": 3036, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3051, "char_end_idx": 3056, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3060, "char_end_idx": 3066, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3068, "char_end_idx": 3070, "value": "California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3091, "char_end_idx": 3095, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3113, "char_end_idx": 3137, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3152, "char_end_idx": 3157, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3161, "char_end_idx": 3164, "value": "SFO" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3165, "char_end_idx": 3173, "value": "San_Jose,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3191, "char_end_idx": 3193, "value": "CA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3198, "char_end_idx": 3202, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3218, "char_end_idx": 3242, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3257, "char_end_idx": 3262, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3266, "char_end_idx": 3276, "value": "Thiruvananthapuram" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3278, "char_end_idx": 3280, "value": "Kuala_Lumpur" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3301, "char_end_idx": 3305, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3321, "char_end_idx": 3345, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3360, "char_end_idx": 3365, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3369, "char_end_idx": 3379, "value": "Thiruvananthapuram" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3381, "char_end_idx": 3383, "value": "Kuala_Lumpur" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3404, "char_end_idx": 3408, "value": "Project_Management_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3540, "char_end_idx": 3546, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3657, "char_end_idx": 3663, "value": "Denver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3665, "char_end_idx": 3667, "value": "Colorado" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3762, "char_end_idx": 3771, "value": "Bangalore" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3773, "char_end_idx": 3778, "value": "India" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3851, "char_end_idx": 3860, "value": "Bangalore" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3891, "char_end_idx": 3894, "value": "CDU" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3972, "char_end_idx": 3981, "value": "Denver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4022, "char_end_idx": 4028, "value": "Amazon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4108, "char_end_idx": 4115, "value": "Gurgaon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4117, "char_end_idx": 4126, "value": "Delhi NCR" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4212, "char_end_idx": 4220, "value": "Richmond,_Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4222, "char_end_idx": 4224, "value": "Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4314, "char_end_idx": 4321, "value": "Atlanta" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4323, "char_end_idx": 4325, "value": "Georgia_(U.S._state)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4366, "char_end_idx": 4372, "value": "Amazon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4453, "char_end_idx": 4460, "value": "Chicago" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4462, "char_end_idx": 4464, "value": "Illinois" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4507, "char_end_idx": 4513, "value": "Amazon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4594, "char_end_idx": 4600, "value": "Dallas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4602, "char_end_idx": 4604, "value": "Texas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4700, "char_end_idx": 4709, "value": "St._Louis" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4711, "char_end_idx": 4713, "value": "Missouri" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4807, "char_end_idx": 4813, "value": "Denver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4815, "char_end_idx": 4817, "value": "Colorado" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4908, "char_end_idx": 4916, "value": "Richmond,_Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4918, "char_end_idx": 4920, "value": "Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4990, "char_end_idx": 5000, "value": "Thiruvananthapuram" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5002, "char_end_idx": 5008, "value": "Kerala" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5132, "char_end_idx": 5140, "value": "Oklahoma" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5233, "char_end_idx": 5241, "value": "Oklahoma" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5331, "char_end_idx": 5345, "value": "Salt_Lake_City" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5347, "char_end_idx": 5349, "value": "UT" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5875, "char_end_idx": 5881, "value": "Denver" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5883, "char_end_idx": 5885, "value": "Colorado" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6083, "char_end_idx": 6091, "value": "Hartford,_Connecticut" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6093, "char_end_idx": 6095, "value": "Connecticut" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6186, "char_end_idx": 6198, "value": "Philadelphia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6200, "char_end_idx": 6202, "value": "Pennsylvania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6287, "char_end_idx": 6294, "value": "Orlando,_Florida" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6296, "char_end_idx": 6298, "value": "FL" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6389, "char_end_idx": 6401, "value": "Philadelphia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6403, "char_end_idx": 6405, "value": "PA" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6494, "char_end_idx": 6501, "value": "Raleigh,_North_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6503, "char_end_idx": 6505, "value": "North_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6708, "char_end_idx": 6715, "value": "Seattle" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6717, "char_end_idx": 6719, "value": "Washington_(state)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6724, "char_end_idx": 6728, "value": "Protocol_data_unit" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6820, "char_end_idx": 6831, "value": "Albuquerque,_New_Mexico" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6924, "char_end_idx": 6931, "value": "Atlanta" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6933, "char_end_idx": 6935, "value": "Georgia_(U.S._state)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7128, "char_end_idx": 7135, "value": "Houston" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7137, "char_end_idx": 7139, "value": "TX" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7243, "char_end_idx": 7255, "value": "Philadelphia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7257, "char_end_idx": 7259, "value": "Pennsylvania" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7453, "char_end_idx": 7462, "value": "Las_Vegas" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7464, "char_end_idx": 7466, "value": "Nevada" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7535, "char_end_idx": 7543, "value": "Richmond,_Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7545, "char_end_idx": 7547, "value": "Virginia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7587, "char_end_idx": 7593, "value": "Amazon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7685, "char_end_idx": 7693, "value": "Portland,_Oregon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7695, "char_end_idx": 7697, "value": "Oregon" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7721, "char_end_idx": 7726, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7731, "char_end_idx": 7736, "value": "Scrum_(software_development)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7901, "char_end_idx": 7906, "value": "Agile_software_development" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7911, "char_end_idx": 7916, "value": "Scrum_(software_development)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8177, "char_end_idx": 8182, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8255, "char_end_idx": 8260, "value": "Scrum_(software_development)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8609, "char_end_idx": 8614, "value": "Scrum" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8978, "char_end_idx": 8984, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9019, "char_end_idx": 9029, "value": "Eventbrite" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9191, "char_end_idx": 9197, "value": "Irvine,_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9199, "char_end_idx": 9201, "value": "California" } ]
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Opportunities to reflect and adapt the direction of the course are offered at regular intervals.At the end of the training the participants will have the confidence and understanding to begin to socialize Scrum at their own organization and support teams in improving their processes. Bachan Anand is an Agile Coach and the founder of Conscires Agile Practices. He brings the vision to support others building successful organizations through the empowerment of people and lightweight processes. Event management for Pay it forward / Donation only Agile & Scrum training in Irvine (Oct 14, 2011, 8 PDUs) powered by Eventbrite Have questions about this class? Send us an email or use the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 2 -Day Agile and Scrum in Action Workshop in Irvine, CA by Bachan Anand – 16 PDUs (April 24-25, 2017)"
[ { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 0, "char_end_idx": 10, "value": "3D_Systems" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1086, "char_end_idx": 1091, "value": "Obama" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1560, "char_end_idx": 1562, "value": "US" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1741, "char_end_idx": 1770, "value": "United_States_Department_of_the_Interior" } ]
"3D Systems , a manufacturer of 3D printing solutions , just unveiled its new ProJet 4500 full-color plastic 3D printer . The company is calling it the world’s first and only continuous-tone full color 3D printer . What this means is that it’s able to produce 3D prints with a full range of colors that blend as seamlessly as a rainbow. What’s more, the printer also features integrated material recycling to cut down on wasted materials and usage. Read the rest of 3D Systems ProJet 4500 Debuts Full Color Plastic 3D Printer with Built-in Recycling Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 3d print , 3D printing , 3d systems , 3D systems color 3D printing , 3D Systems ProJet 4500 , full color 3D printer , full color 3D printing , green gadgets , green technology , laser sintering , material recycling , ProJet 4500 , VisiJet C4 Spectrum materials Tags: 3d print, 3d printing, 3d systems, apartment complex, architecture, ceramic panels, color, full color 3d printer, full color 3d printing, full-color, funky-metallic, Green, laser sintering, news, self-cleaning facade The Obama administration announced Friday that it would allow certain wind farms to kill or injure bald eagles without penalty for up to 30 years, in an effort to encourage companies to invest in green energy. The controversial move highlights a dilemma faced by many environmentalists: the fact that wind power, while better for the environment than fossil fuels, carries its own cost in the form of injured animals who happen to wander too close to turbines. Read the rest of US Government Plans to Allow Wind Companies to Kill Bald Eagles Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: “wind power” , bald eagles , obama administration , united states , US Department of the Interior , us energy policy , us government , us wind power , wind turbine bald eagle deaths , wind turbine bird deaths , wind turbines Tags: apartment complex, architecture, ceramic panels, full-color, funky-metallic, government, Green, interior, laser sintering, united states, us government"
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"Algeciras" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 885, "char_end_idx": 890, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 926, "char_end_idx": 929, "value": "Floor_area" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1306, "char_end_idx": 1315, "value": "Algeciras" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1362, "char_end_idx": 1373, "value": "Netherlands" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1399, "char_end_idx": 1408, "value": "Rotterdam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1410, "char_end_idx": 1414, "value": "Agriculture" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1774, "char_end_idx": 1780, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1782, "char_end_idx": 1788, "value": "Africa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1790, "char_end_idx": 1794, "value": "Asia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1796, "char_end_idx": 1800, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1804, "char_end_idx": 1817, "value": "South_America" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1819, "char_end_idx": 1822, "value": "World_Karate_Federation" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 1864, "char_end_idx": 1871, "value": "Austria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2175, "char_end_idx": 2182, "value": "Germany" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2184, "char_end_idx": 2191, "value": "Austria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2205, "char_end_idx": 2219, "value": "Eastern_Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2221, "char_end_idx": 2224, "value": "World_Karate_Federation" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2476, "char_end_idx": 2493, "value": "Rotterdam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2495, "char_end_idx": 2498, "value": "Extract,_transform,_load" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2511, "char_end_idx": 2519, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2646, "char_end_idx": 2649, "value": "ETL" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 2869, "char_end_idx": 2874, "value": "Ireland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3241, "char_end_idx": 3244, "value": "E.U" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3246, "char_end_idx": 3249, "value": "British_Retail_Consortium" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3251, "char_end_idx": 3256, "value": "Hazard_analysis_and_critical_control_points" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3262, "char_end_idx": 3275, "value": "ISO_9000" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3385, "char_end_idx": 3392, "value": "Chile" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3428, "char_end_idx": 3437, "value": "Hammonton,_New_Jersey" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3439, "char_end_idx": 3441, "value": "New_Jersey" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3782, "char_end_idx": 3792, "value": "Charleston,_South_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3794, "char_end_idx": 3808, "value": "South_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 3810, "char_end_idx": 3813, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4124, "char_end_idx": 4142, "value": "Charleston,_South_Carolina" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4581, "char_end_idx": 4598, "value": "Port_of_Rotterdam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4685, "char_end_idx": 4699, "value": "Port" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4703, "char_end_idx": 4710, "value": "Antwerp" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4715, "char_end_idx": 4724, "value": "Rotterdam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4831, "char_end_idx": 4842, "value": "Stevedore" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4856, "char_end_idx": 4861, "value": "Hazard_analysis_and_critical_control_points" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4863, "char_end_idx": 4866, "value": "British_Retail_Consortium" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4868, "char_end_idx": 4871, "value": "Installable_File_System" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4889, "char_end_idx": 4893, "value": "SKAL" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4968, "char_end_idx": 4972, "value": "Nüwa" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 4977, "char_end_idx": 4980, "value": "KCB_Group_Limited" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5041, "char_end_idx": 5049, "value": "San_Francisco_Bay_Area" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5076, "char_end_idx": 5091, "value": "Port_of_Oakland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5155, "char_end_idx": 5174, "value": "Northern_California" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5266, "char_end_idx": 5281, "value": "West_Coast_of_the_United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5404, "char_end_idx": 5419, "value": "Port_of_Oakland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5492, "char_end_idx": 5496, "value": "United_States_Department_of_Agriculture" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 5914, "char_end_idx": 5920, "value": "Brooks_Institute" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6277, "char_end_idx": 6280, "value": "American_Eagle_Outfitters" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6282, "char_end_idx": 6285, "value": "Outpatient_surgery" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6287, "char_end_idx": 6290, "value": "Mediterranean_Shipping_Company" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6292, "char_end_idx": 6296, "value": "Cyber_spying" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6302, "char_end_idx": 6305, "value": "Installable_File_System" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6370, "char_end_idx": 6379, "value": "Bebedouro" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6381, "char_end_idx": 6390, "value": "São_Paulo" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6392, "char_end_idx": 6398, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 6925, "char_end_idx": 6932, "value": "Icestar" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7044, "char_end_idx": 7052, "value": "Santiago" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 7124, "char_end_idx": 7132, "value": "Santiago" }, { "key": "entity", "type": 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8545, "value": "Armoured_personnel_carrier" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8574, "char_end_idx": 8579, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8623, "char_end_idx": 8632, "value": "Barcelona" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8721, "char_end_idx": 8724, "value": "Armoured_personnel_carrier" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8912, "char_end_idx": 8917, "value": "Doboy_railway_station" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8986, "char_end_idx": 8995, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 8997, "char_end_idx": 9002, "value": "Doboy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9046, "char_end_idx": 9062, "value": "Port_of_Brisbane" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9163, "char_end_idx": 9168, "value": "Doboy" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9202, "char_end_idx": 9206, "value": "Agriculture" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9275, "char_end_idx": 9287, "value": "Asia Pacific" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9457, "char_end_idx": 9466, "value": "Rotterdam" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9480, "char_end_idx": 9488, "value": "Europe" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9675, "char_end_idx": 9678, "value": "Bip_(channel)" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9728, "char_end_idx": 9739, "value": "Barendrecht" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9789, "char_end_idx": 9797, "value": "Portugal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 9910, "char_end_idx": 9917, "value": "Iberian_Peninsula" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10067, "char_end_idx": 10074, "value": "Celeirós,_Aveleda_e_Vimieiro" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10079, "char_end_idx": 10084, "value": "Agudath_Israel_of_America" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10098, "char_end_idx": 10103, "value": "Porto" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10592, "char_end_idx": 10602, "value": "Whitchurch,_Shropshire" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10604, "char_end_idx": 10614, "value": "Shropshire" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 10912, "char_end_idx": 10938, "value": "Oaktree_Capital_Management" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11070, "char_end_idx": 11073, "value": "United_States" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11075, "char_end_idx": 11077, "value": "United_Kingdom" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11079, "char_end_idx": 11086, "value": "Austria" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11088, "char_end_idx": 11095, "value": "Ireland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11097, "char_end_idx": 11102, "value": "Spain" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11104, "char_end_idx": 11112, "value": "Portugal" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11114, "char_end_idx": 11120, "value": "Poland" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11122, "char_end_idx": 11131, "value": "Australia" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11133, "char_end_idx": 11139, "value": "Brazil" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11141, "char_end_idx": 11146, "value": "Chile" }, { "key": "entity", "type": "local", "char_start_idx": 11155, "char_end_idx": 11166, "value": "Netherlands" } ]
"Oaktree Capital Management is a Los Angeles‐based alternative investment firm that manages approximately $80 billion in assets for institutions and individuals. The Funds and their predecessor funds sponsor private debt and equity investments and have a history of acquiring control of attractive companies, partnering with strong management teams, and providing the resources necessary to develop successful businesses. AGRO’s New Jersey/Philadelphia port‐based portfolio company, Mullica Hill Group, pioneered the standardization and documentation of refrigerated warehousing procedures over 20 years ago, with an emphasis on import/export related product handling. In 1999 the Group became the first refrigerated warehouse to be ISO Certified and with over 40,000 refrigerated and frozen pallet positions, is the largest 3rd party meat import location in the U.S. AGRO’s Algeciras, Spain portfolio company, Gestíon de Frio/GFA, is a port-based cross-dock and storage facility with 44,000 cubic feet of space and 3,500 refrigerated pallet positions. The location will serve as a high-growth platform for future expansion of additional refrigerated and frozen storage, handling, trans-shipment, and related value-added service services including repacking for global trade through the high-growth port of Algeciras. Geographically situated in the center of the Netherlands, 97 kms from the port of Rotterdam, AGRO's Barneveld-based portfolio company boasts 40,000 pallets of refrigerated and frozen storage capacity and provides a wide array of value-added services including storage, handling, repacking, blast freezing, and multi-modal freight forwarding. Largely serving protein-based import and export product handling requirements, key product flows are served across Europe, Africa, Asia, U.S., & South America. WKF is the largest cold storage warehouse in Austria, with 40,000 pallets and over 150,000 cubic meters of storage, repack, labeling & distribution, as well as one-stop pet food processing, plate freezing, and distribution. Its strategic geographic location and access to main transportation routes allows it to easily reach high-growth markets throughout Germany, Austria, and much of Eastern Europe. WKF boasts long-term customer relationships with some of the worlds’ largest and most recognized multi-national food brands. Europe Total Logistics provides "one stop" import, export, and multi-modal freight forwarding and transportation services via the Port of Rotterdam. ETL's extensive European transport provider network offers unparalleled quality, speed, and high-touch customer service. Based in "Gateway to Europe", ETL team of professionals with deep industry experience manage your shipments every step of the way into and out of the port - giving you peace of mind for all of your freight forwarding needs. Castlecool is a full-service Irish logistics company that offers a wide range of services to its many valued customers. Whether it is export management, food service order selection, local storage, or complete just-in-time supply chain management, Castlecool has the operational experience and capability to adapt and suit your temperature-controlled storage and distribution requirements within full E.U, BRC, HACCP, and ISO 9001-2000 certified facilities. Lucca Freezer & Cold Storage started as a family-owned business in 1982 when we stored Chilean fruit for a single customer in our Hammonton, NJ warehouse. Our maximum capacity at that time was about 400 pallets. Now, our capabilities have grown exponentially to where we manage hundreds of customers and thousands of products in our state-of-the-art facilities with more than 250,000 sq. feet of space. AGRO Merchants operates a 121,000 square foot temperature-controlled facility in Charleston, South Carolina, USA that provides state- of- the- art storage, handling, USDA meat import and export inspection services, eight 24-hour blast freezing cells and additional value-added services for its import and export customers. The new, leased location offers 14,000 frozen pallet position, is strategically located outside the Port of Charleston, and allows for overweight loads to assist shippers with optimal outbound loading and inbound de-consolidation support for their supply chain needs. Opticool specializes in the fruit logistics sector where it provides a comprehensive solution offering including: inbound transport, warehousing, inspections, repacking, retail labeling, and other value-added services. Opticool has 19.000 m2 of temperature controlled space located in the Port of Rotterdam and offers a total package of services and solutions from the point of arrival at the Port Terminals in Antwerp and Rotterdam. The Opticool organization consists of three fully integrated companies: Freshlogistics, Freshpacking and Stevedoring. Opticool is HACCP, BRC, IFS, 360 Quality and SKAL certified, and is an official banana weighing station. Opticool is also a NVWA and KCB inspection location and fully AEO certified. Located in the Bay Area just a few miles from the Port of Oakland, Dean’s operates one of the largest refrigerated warehouses in Northern California for frozen, chilled and dry goods and is the largest 3rd party meat import location on the U.S. West Coast. Operating in the overweight corridor, Dean’s has been supporting the temperature-controlled import & export trade in the Port of Oakland for more than forty years, and offers a variety of solutions including: USDA imported meat inspection, loading and unloading of ocean containers and railcars, less-than-truckload, full-truckload, and local port drayage based transportation cold storage and handling, trans-load and cross-docking, and other value added services. Coldstores Urk and Wibaco specialize in the fish logistics sector where they provide a comprehensive range of services including: transport, Border Inspection Post (B.I.P.), warehousing, repacking, picking and other value-added services. The Coldstores Urk and Wibaco footprint includes three temperature-controlled facilities with a capacity of 25,000 pallets and the necessary floor space to provide a total package of services and solutions. Coldstores Urk and Wibaco are customs bonded warehouses and accreditations include AEO, ASC, MSC, SKAL, and IFS. Founded in 1996, Comfrio Soluções Logísticas, headquartered in Bebedouro, São Paulo, Brazil, offers integrated logistics solutions to its customers, with particular emphasis on its cold chain capabilities. The company, which operates nationwide with warehousing capabilities including frozen, refrigerated, dry storage, and logistics, announced last week its acquisition of Stock Tech Logistica, a leading company that further expands Comfrio’s capabilities and services for its customers. Founded in 1999 to operate the country's largest and leading provider of comprehensive storage of frozen products Refrigerator. Icestar has a privileged location, from a logistical point of view, ease of access to new urban expressway networks in Santiago and through them to the main centers of distribution and production of Santiago, the road from the North and South of the country, the international road to Argentina, to Santiago Airport and the ports of San Antonio and Valparaiso. ADB Cool Company is a family business that was founded over 80 years ago. ADB Cool company (or in short, ADB) started with the cooling and storage of Westland grapes. Located in the agrarian logistical heart of the southwest of the Netherlands, the Westland region, we are close to the Port of Rotterdam and have modern facilities available for the storage, treatment and logistical handling of perishables. The Sawyers Group is based in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland providing premium chilled and frozen distribution throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. Over the past 15 years, the group has expanded their service offering to support the food industry, which includes freight forwarding, warehousing, cold storage and value added services like automated crate washing, order picking, etc. The Sawyers Group infrastructure includes a sophisticated transportation fleet and six operating facilities. For over 50 years, Nordic has been a major provider of temperature controlled and logistics distribution services in the Southeast of the United States. It is a multi-region cold chain provider composed of 12 facilities, more than 70 million cubic feet and 218,000 pallet positions, delivering dedicated solutions to the ever-changing needs of customers. APC is a cold storage leader in Spain, with two locations 25km and 30km north of Barcelona providing excellent accessibility via the main motorways. With 55,000 pallet positions, APC has a long-standing track record of providing large scale solutions to the ice cream and other market segments within the cold chain industry. Founded in 1979 as a family-owned business, Doboy has grown into one of the most successful cold storage operators in Australia. Doboy operates out of two sites located near the Port of Brisbane and maintains a diverse product mix that includes meats, seafood, fruit, nuts and bakery items. The Doboy acquisition is a continuation of AGRO’s global growth strategy and represents an important entry into the Asia Pacific region. AGRO Merchants Group completed the first phase of its Rotterdam-Maasvlakte facility, adding 18,000 pallets of frozen and chilled space to the market. Located in Rotterdam, the largest European port in throughput volume, AGRO Maasvlakte will provide comprehensive services for the meat and seafood industry and will also serve as a replacement Veterinary Border Inspection Point (BIP), which previously operated in Coldstore Wibaco, Barendrecht. Frissul and Frigomato are cold store leaders in Portugal, with 55,700 pallet positions in across three locations. This acquisition provides a strategic footprint in the Iberian peninsula for AGRO Merchants Group. The company’s largest cold store is located in Carregado Lisbon district. Two additional facilities are based in Aveleda and Aguda, both in the Porto area. The business is well-known for its high levels of quality, innovation and extensive expertise in value-added services. PSTL specializes in storage, value-added services and logistics of frozen meat, poultry, seafood and other goods such as frozen fruit, vegetables and dairy products, including transportation using owned fleet assets, or strategic subcontractors, freight forwarding, customs clearance, complete export documentation and cargo insurance. Grocontinental is based in Whitchurch, Shropshire and operates from a purpose-built 35-acre site. The facility offers 197,000 pallet spaces of multi-temperature storage and manages 5,000 daily pallet movements, all controlled by the latest in systems technology. AGRO Merchants Group was founded in January 2013. Along with its financial partner, Oaktree Capital Management, AGRO Merchants currently operates over 7.5 million cubic meters of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space in the U.S, UK, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Chile and the Netherlands. 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"Please register which will enable you to post, access all available content, and enjoy the benefits of being a member. Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around. Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around. Select this option if you would like your search to look in the text of FAQ items as well as their titles. Select an option here to specify how you would like your search query to be treated. 'Any words' will return the most numerous but possibly least relevant results, while 'Complete phrase' will return only results that contain exactly what you are searching for. SOSS 0 945 In Solid Brass Barrel Hinge BH244 The Home With Hinges For Cabinets And Soss Cabinet Bh244 64 1000 On Category Bar 1000x1000px is one of pictures thet are related with the picture before in the collection gallery. If you would like to see the SOSS 0 945 In Solid Brass Barrel Hinge BH244 The Home With Hinges For Cabinets And Soss Cabinet Bh244 64 1000 On Category Bar 1000x1000px in High Resolution [HD Resolution] version, please press the right click on picures/image then choose "Save as Image" option, and done. You will get SOSS 0 945 In Solid Brass Barrel Hinge BH244 The Home With Hinges For Cabinets And Soss Cabinet Bh244 64 1000 On Category Bar 1000x1000px pictures that you want. The exactly dimension of SOSS 0 945 In Solid Brass Barrel Hinge BH244 The Home With Hinges For Cabinets And Soss Cabinet Bh244 64 1000 On Category Bar 1000x1000px was 1000x1000 pixels. You can also look for some pictures by collection on below this picture. Find the other picture or article about Barrel Hinges For Cabinets Ideas On Bar Cabinet here. We hope it can help you to get information of the picture."
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"Discover the Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home best to pair together with your preferred staple this year.Shop the products collection of Bathroom Vanities online & in store. Best & Less have quality well known Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home at affordable prices and free shipping. Read more Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home Maybe you have bought items from the comfort of your residence? Are you searching for a special object but don't know the best places to appear? Online hackers along with other ne'er-do-wells frequently goal well-liked buying sites in an effort to take personal Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home information or perhaps to get into your profiles. Look at testimonials to get a store you are considering.This usually offers you a great idea of the grade of the company's goods and customer service. When the firm consistently gets poor feedback, you most likely should look in other places. Locate sizing charts on any clothing internet sites. It's tough to tell if outfits will match you correctly when shopping online.This will Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home help you a great deal of stress in the end. Certain holidays is likely to make sites have a great deal of product sales in standard shops, so understand which merchants accomplish this.Some web sites not simply low cost but supply free delivery on getaways. This teaches you how the shop has taken basic safety Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home safety measures to create your details secure. Never pay for the list price at Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home an on-line merchant! Stores normally have a set schedule for when particular goods carry on transaction. In the event you wait around of sufficient length, you just might conserve 25 % or even more off the buy value. Perseverance can save you a ton of cash. Save every one of the store shopping websites you like to purchase from.They are the internet sites will be those you employ the most. Are the discount or coupon internet sites at the same time. Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home This can help you to get back to them inside a given product. Buying Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home online need to not be a mystery to you. You actually reach possess some entertaining searching down things you after thought out of the question to locate. Just make certain you are utilizing the tips from above to actually are set for purchasing on the web. Read more Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home Antiques might be of many different types and of all of the vintage memorabilia and furnishings happens to be typically the most popular and viable option. Antique furnishings are distinct from other types of antiques in the sense that nobody collects the same kind of object frequently. This means that you would not want to buy and gather only tables or chests and fill up your house with everything else the same. However, you might have a specific preference to particular wood or design. Regardless of your choice, if you're planning to purchase antique furniture, you should know the fundamentals. In other words, you ought to have an idea about various designs, methods of construction, surface finishes and variety of woods utilized. You will need this information to determine if your particular piece is original (in the unique condition without any main changes) or modified (if some major modifications or improvements have been designed to it.) When you are acquainted with the basics, visit as many vintage furniture sellers and auctions as you can. When inspecting the item, do not hesitate in taking out drawers, getting down on your knees to check out the underside of tabletops or raising seats to have a look in their legs. If you do not get down and dirty, you will never learn. In the beginning, furniture was constructed from solid wood but with enhancement in cupboard making methods, furnishings decoration by making use of about veneers (slim sheets of wooden) was developed. This supplied a cheap approach to making ornamental effects from different grains and patterns. It was also a cost-effective method that made affordable woods seem like costly difficult forest. Such furniture had a strong body called a carcass that is made of a different, usually more affordable wooden, like pinus radiata. Some of the woods utilized in antique furnishings are beech, cherry, chestnut, ebony, elm, mahogany, pine, walnut, satinwood, walnut and so on. The next features are substantial when determining the age, authenticity, high quality and worth or cost of antique furniture: I> Colour and Patina: Aging may be the glow of the wood after many years of build up of wax polish and dirt. An abundant delicate colour is also an essential sign of vintage furnishings. II> Proportion: A disproportionate furniture piece may well be a relationship of different parts from different furnishings. III> Construction: Prior to the late 17th century, furniture is made using mortise and tendons joints and pegs had been hand crafted. IV> Situation: Do not ignore items with represents or imperfections because the wood has not been damaged. A good restorer can undo surface area spots. Vintage Furnishings inside it original pristine condition may be worth the highest cost. V> Modifications: Modified furniture is usually much less desirable than the unique item. Telltale alterations include big items decreased in dimensions, freshly cut areas, plugged openings, repositioned handles and so on. Well, apart from auctions and sellers, you could look into the classified listings area within the document to find out if anybodys promoting furnishings and go take a look. You might even find the best discount this way. Also, if you have been sites that market vintage furnishings on the internet or you could use the internet to discover enabling you to visit get good deals on vintage furniture. Read more Petersburgh 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Charlton Home Great condition and fast ship. Glad to have room to let out but otherwise nothing else needed. Thank you. KLH Buy At This is a beautiful piece of and I am so happy with it. The level of customer service from the seller was fantastic. I had a question about shipping and the response was immediate. I cannot recommend this seller enough. Buy At I have seen firsthand, as both a graduate student and as an instructor, how a person’s writing ability determines his or her ability to succeed in academic and professional environments. I have extensive experience in academia, working with students from grade-school to college. Students have different learning styles and interests; consequently, I tailor my approach to the client’s needs. Having worked with learning-disabled students and those for whom English is a second language, I am comfortable coaching clients at various levels and competencies, including professionals who want to impress hiring managers with solid writing skills. I will coach you on how to write your way into college, graduate school, and professional opportunities, as well as how to secure scholarships, grants, and promotions. I wrote my way into two fully funded graduate programs at Harvard University (2008) and Arizona State University (2010), as well as a Fulbright Award (2008) and a US Department of the State Title VIII Fellowship (2013). My adviser at Harvard later told me he approved my application because the research interests I expressed in my essay stood out. The essay component of any application will be the deciding factor in receiving an acceptance letter, scholarship, or hiring offer. I choose to call myself a Writing Coach for a specific reason – a “coach” is a teacher, cheerleader, adviser, taskmaster, and partner in one. As a coach, your goals become our shared objective. And I always want you to aim high. Students and professionals have the potential to tap into writing abilities they have possessed all along. I have helped former students learn the basics of formal essay guidelines, to analyze sources, and cultivate an original writing voice. As your coach, I am responsible for developing your self-confidence as a writer, ensuring long-term success in any liberal arts program or future professional route. My clients know they can aim high. I am a Writing Coach located in the Tacoma, WA area. I show students and professionals how to strategically write their way to success .Send me a note at: Subscribe to Aim High’s mailing list and receive the FREE guide, “College 101: Getting There and Staying There” This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Read More"
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"This page is created by public available information from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority and various other sources. Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you."
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"Do new findings provide an initial line of evidence indicating the feasibility of mood state decoding linked to brain signature? For the first time, researchers have identified what appears to be ... Expert System’s Cognitive AI platform has been deployed in the world’s largest banking and financial institutions to make sense of data. Leading cognitive AI company Expert System and the international financial services ... Plans to Reveal New Customer Wins and Breakthrough Product Innovations Leaders across prominent Financial Services, Healthcare, and Digital Commerce enterprises including Anthem, Cognizant, Dell, GE, Microsoft, and NBCUniversal to talk ... Sinequa and Infosys Join Forces to Extract Insight from Large Organizations’ Massive and Diverse Data Sinequa, a leader in cognitive search and analytics, today announced a partnership with Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology and next-generation services, to deliver Cognitive Search & Analytics solutions to ... Adqura are pleased to announce a new partnership with Glidewell Laboratories, industry-leading provider of high-quality dental lab products and services, the largest dental lab in the world. Glidewell have appointed ... Company to showcase artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies that transform revenue management in the digital era PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimize selling in the digital economy, today ... Natural Language Processing is Revolutionizing CRM We are living and competing in a data-driven world. Data is our newest natural resource–it is everywhere. It is no longer a question of ... ALDO Group Selects ignio™, TCS’ Cognitive Automation Solution, to Intelligently Automate its IT Operations Digitate, a software unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, today announced that its cognitive automation solution, ignio™, has ... Brainshark Machine Analysis Recognized as a ‘Spectacular Tool for Enhancing the Development Process for Sales Reps’ Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, today announced that Brainshark Machine ... Personetics is chosen as an IDC Innovator for the combination of its capable conversational Al platform, deep domain expertise in banking and finance, and the ability to provide banking consumers with proactive advice and guidance ... A digital publication dedicated to covering AI and futuristic technologies. Learn how machines learn, think and work. Keep up with the changing universe of intuitive technologies through news, views and interviews with industry leaders. A resource on the future of technology and what it can do to for you. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our cookie policy.AcceptDeclinePrivacy Policy"
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"Moishe House is an international organisation providing meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their twenties. The innovative model trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for their peers. Moishe House has been incredibly successful, engaging 55,000+ young Jews, through 8500 programs annually, in 99 houses across 24 countries. Moishe House cultivates young leaders to create Jewish community – on their own terms – for their peers, in ways that are meaningful and relevant. The Australian Jewish Funders is so proud to have successfully brought this program to Australia, and to continue to support the Australian houses with our partners the Shalom Institute and JCA. Moishe House Melbourne and Sydney were established in 2013. Building on their success and supporting their vision, AJF has collaborated with Moishe House to facilitate two learning retreats that have engaged 60 young people from Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. From this Moishe House New Zealand was created, thanks to the generosity of a visionary US donor. Alumni of the learning retreats have access to a grant pool, again supported by international donors, to create programming under the banner of Moishe House Without Walls. After the first learning retreat in December 2014, the following year saw an incredible 52 new events hosted by alumni of the retreat. The Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) is a network of mindful funders who believe that greater impact can be achieved collectively. Driven by Jewish values, the AJF aims to provide a space to enhance and nurture strategic philanthropy, explore philanthropic best practice and encourage innovation amongst like-minded funders, inspiring members to have a greater impact on the Jewish community, wider Australian society and the world."
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