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OpenAI's Whisper models converted to ggml format

Available models

Model Disk Mem SHA
tiny 75 MB ~390 MB bd577a113a864445d4c299885e0cb97d4ba92b5f
tiny.en 75 MB ~390 MB c78c86eb1a8faa21b369bcd33207cc90d64ae9df
base 142 MB ~500 MB 465707469ff3a37a2b9b8d8f89f2f99de7299dac
base.en 142 MB ~500 MB 137c40403d78fd54d454da0f9bd998f78703390c
small 466 MB ~1.0 GB 55356645c2b361a969dfd0ef2c5a50d530afd8d5
small.en 466 MB ~1.0 GB db8a495a91d927739e50b3fc1cc4c6b8f6c2d022
medium 1.5 GB ~2.6 GB fd9727b6e1217c2f614f9b698455c4ffd82463b4
medium.en 1.5 GB ~2.6 GB 8c30f0e44ce9560643ebd10bbe50cd20eafd3723
large-v1 2.9 GB ~4.7 GB b1caaf735c4cc1429223d5a74f0f4d0b9b59a299
large 2.9 GB ~4.7 GB 0f4c8e34f21cf1a914c59d8b3ce882345ad349d6

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Models trained or fine-tuned on ggerganov/whisper.cpp