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"Does Abathur's Adrenal Overload buff his Monstrosity's attack speed?"
"You could of course try this on "try mode" : Go to shop Select Abathur Select "Try mode" Level up See if his attack speed is increased However, there already is some info on the battle net forums, with someone claiming (24/04/2015 - link): the 25% attack speed buff from adrenal overload does not work for the monstrosity when you control it with symbiote. tested in coop and try out mode - doesnt work."
"Does shooting people make them dislike me?"
"Yes, you'll lose some friendship, but not a lot. Each heart level is 250 friendship points. Shooting someone takes away 30 friendship points, or 12% of a heart level. (Source: Snooping in the source code with a decompiler)"
"Can you change your character without losing items?"
"You have vault where you can put your items. Then, die with your previous character or buy the next slot for your new character."
"Not getting progress towards dungeon level achievements"
"The Torchlight achievements are generally buggy. I had quite a few problems with them myself, most of the time exactly like you describe it - a counter stopped working. (In my case it was for sold items and killed trolls, if I recall correctly.) So you're not alone (look e.g. here), and there probably isn't much you can do. :( Edit: It just occured to me: saving achievements doesn't seem to work when you're offline. But somehow I presumed that would not be your case."
"Are any plot-trigger items dropped at the end of Tranquility?"
"There are no plot-relevant items as loot in this quest. (Usually, if a quest ends with cutscenes, there is nothing important to loot.) You can get Ser Alrik's letter from the Templar Lieutenant (Ser Bardel), but all it unlocks is the codex entry 'Templar Letter'. The rest is random loot. Also, remember you can always loot mid-combat."
"Why is there a tower of glass in my lake?"
"In 1.9 pre-3 some debug tools have been left on. One of which is glass towers coming out of the top of strongholds: Debug Features: 1x1 glass pillars to spot Strongholds If you follow this glass spire down, you should hit a stronghold."
"Are the location based achievements in BL2 bugged?"
"As Mufasa said in the comments, they don't appear to be. Last night, I got Arctic Explorer after finding that I'd missed the exact same location as Adeese in the answer to this question. So, just check all of the maps; if there are any areas which are undiscovered, head there. Once all areas are marked, whether they're named or not (as I recall, the location in question was NOT named), the achievement should trigger."
"Where to see a FULL Day9 casts list that is updated daily?"
"Try This is his main archive; this is the best source of vids. The one I think you are referring to is Day[9] Daily #252 - Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement"
"What is the teleporter and how does it work?"
"The teleport is a little blue box with an antenna that you can buy from shops or sometimes dig out of the ground. It's an item that you have to carry, it can't be thrown but it can be dropped. Press X when carrying it to teleport 8 squares in the direction that you're facing. What happens depends on the destination: An empty square will be teleported to. An enemy (including shopkeepers) will be telefragged :-D A dig-able square with space directly above or below will result in you appearing above or below it. The solid walls around the level will result in instant death. Once used to it it can help you travel round levels very quickly, but it can also result in your death very quickly."
"Do gifts to other players come from my inventory in Avengers Alliance?"
"I don't have an authoritative source for this, but based on my experience it seems like the gift system is separate from personal points as I've been able to gift and "return the favor" many times over when my balance is zero. (Not to mention the "Norton Shield" item, which is only available if someone gifts it to you.)"
"Can someone make the world larger in Console Edition"
"Not unless they update the game to have that feature (unlikely that they'll do that specifically since it only applies to the previous-gen consoles). From your link: Since not all Xbox 360s and PS3s ship with hard drives, these two consoles support limited worlds only. The big advantage with programming for consoles is that you can assume every console is the same. Allowing for completely different game systems (not just actual size, but the sort of virtual memory used on the PC) depending on console configuration would be a real inconvenience for development. Maybe if they expected Xbox 360 to provide a lot of sales going forward, they would consider it. But your question was as to if you could do it yourself, to which I'll just straight up say: Probably never."
"Liliana - Corrupt's destroy order"
"Cards get destroyed from the bottom up, so the last card to get destroyed is the 2nd from the bottom, so the one on top gets returned."
"Summoning a horse that has dyed horse armor"
"I summoned a horse and put blue leather horse armor on it. I then looked at it and pressed F3+I and got this command copied into my clipboard: /summon minecraft:horse 7.86 63.00 -142.70 {Brain: {memories: {}}, HurtByTimestamp: 0, Tame: 1b, Attributes: [{Base: 26.0d, Name: "generic.maxHealth"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "generic.knockbackResistance"}, {Base: 0.3144634919109718d, Name: "generic.movementSpeed"}, {Base: 0.0d, Modifiers: [], Name: "generic.armor"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "generic.armorToughness"}, {Base: 16.0d, Modifiers: [{UUIDMost: 7011061429969178561L, UUIDLeast: -6231576989739238927L, Amount: -0.012178698746547666d, Operation: 1, Name: "Random spawn bonus"}], Name: "generic.followRange"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "generic.attackKnockback"}, {Base: 0.7635032052473723d, Name: "horse.jumpStrength"}], Invulnerable: 0b, FallFlying: 0b, ForcedAge: 0, PortalCooldown: 0, AbsorptionAmount: 0.0f, Bred: 0b, FallDistance: 0.0f, ArmorItem: {id: "minecraft:leather_horse_armor", Count: 1b, tag: {display: {color: 3949738}}}, InLove: 0, EatingHaystack: 0b, DeathTime: 0s, HandDropChances: [0.085f, 0.085f], PersistenceRequired: 0b, Age: 0, Motion: [0.0d, -0.0784000015258789d, 0.0d], Health: 26.0f, LeftHanded: 0b, Air: 300s, OnGround: 1b, Rotation: [90.44398f, -3.7093549f], HandItems: [{}, {}], Variant: 773, ArmorDropChances: [0.085f, 0.085f, 0.0f, 0.085f], OwnerUUID: <my UUID>, Fire: -1s, ArmorItems: [{}, {}, {id: "minecraft:leather_horse_armor", Count: 1b, tag: {display: {color: 3949738}}}, {}], Temper: 15, CanPickUpLoot: 0b, SaddleItem: {id: "minecraft:saddle", Count: 1b}, HurtTime: 0s} After cleaning the command up a bit, you get this command: /summon horse ~ ~ ~ {ArmorItem:{id:leather_horse_armor,Count:1,tag:{display:{color:3949738}}}} Executing this command summons a tamed horse with a saddle and blue leather horse armor."
"Why do high level/professional junglers seem to 'kite'?"
"One of the main reasons why they keep moving (and i do this as well) is to stay active. If you stay active while doing jungle creeps, you are trying to keep your focus on the game and are ready for anything that might happen (which most of the time is a kill attempt). I don't think they do it for skillshot avoidance: If you keep moving, that might also mean you move into the skillshot. For mitigating damage, the actual kiting after the first attack has almost no effect on your hp. (Note: I play a lot more Dota 2 at the moment [Eep!], where both skillshot avoidance and damage mitigation from jungle creeps can be important and is used more) Lastly, All of these small things just add up to min-maxing of your time and staying active. Go into jungle camp, keep moving while attacking minions, find your next destination and get to the best position to move there, all the while you are staying active with the game. (I'm still kinda new to SE, so tell me if i messed something up) EDIT: I can't find the thread where a pro player mentioned they keep using the move command to keep active with the game, i can check later again. There are however some other threads about it. On the other side of the spectrum, your question was asked on the Dota reddit as well and got the same answers as on the LoL forums etc. I can't link more than two things at the moment appearantly, so i kept the most important ones"
"Differences between playing the same game on Steam and Origin?"
"The differences lie in the services that Steamworks and Origin offer. If you are only playing a game in singleplayer and you have no need for anything special, then they should both be identical experiences. However, if you do care for extra community features provided by Steam/Origin, ask yourself several things such as the following: Does Origin or Steam offer a better community? Does Steam or Origin have better support for achievements for this game? Does one support cloud saving while the other does not? Am I more invested in Steam or Origin? Steam has a larger catalog and it's been around for longer, which means it may be worth investing your online presence in Steam rather than Origin. However, if you're happy with the catalog that Origin offers and you want some of the games that are on Origin but not Steam, Origin may be the way to go. It really depends on how much you care about the external features provided by both services. It's likely better to primarily use one service, so if they are both equal for a specific game, buy it from the service that you have a larger presence in."
"Is cavalry best used to attack archers or flank infantry?"
"Both Most logical army compositions will consist of more than one cavalry - there is no need to charge your entire cavalry into a single combat zone. Use light/shock against archers: light since they can quickly reach the archers, reducing the amount of volleys you have to suffer before forcing them into melee; or shock, which can kill/route weak archers very quickly. Heavy can either break their infantry ranks (leaving them easier to kill) or flank them to break their morale. If they have more archer units than you do cavalry, you can charge your cavalry through one archer group into the other, resulting in both being engaged in melee and unable to shoot until they are repositioned. Most archers have very loose ranks which shock cavalry can easily charge through into the next unit. Or Go for Archers In the case where you only have a single unit or too few to charge both I suggest going for archers, since too few cavalry charging into the flank of infantry will not do enough damage/shock to break the enemy. However even a very small amount of cavalry can route high tier archers, which will also damage the morale of the enemy troops overall. Unless they can run But there is one exception which is your enemy fielding cavalry archers instead of foot archers. However light/strong your calvary is, the chase required to cut down their archers will buy their line too much time. In that case it will be better to just endure a few arrows and crush their ranks, forcing them to route. Even so, use your infantry to lure their archers to fire into your line instead of your calvary, so that after their line routes you'd still have cavalry to chase down their archers."
"Using the map item on Minecraft XBox 360"
"The map item on the XBox 360 version of Minecraft works similar to the PC version, with three main differences: XBox version gives you a free map at the beginning of the game. In the PC version, you must gather the necessary resources to craft a map item. The PC version world size is (essentially) unlimited. The entire world in the XBox version is less than 1024 x 1024 only 864 x 864. The PC version of the map extends to the edges of the paper, the XBox version has wider "margins": Every map crafted on the PC version is different; it covers a 1024x1024 area centered where the map was originally crafted. All crafted maps in the XBox cover the entire 864 x 864 world, centered at (x=0, z=0). In fact, each crafted map in the XBox version is an exact copy of your original map, including all mapped areas. Even if you throw your map in lava or lose it after respawning, any new map you craft will be populated with all areas you'd previously mapped. Regarding the other questions: How many game blocks make up a map pixel? 8 game blocks per map pixel. How big is the map/world? Now that the update has been released, we can confirm that the world is 864 x 864 (although you cannot mine or place anything in the outermost block, making it effectively 862 x 862). That makes the map 108 x 108 pixels. What does each color represent? Each pixel has a primary color based on what material is most represented in the 8x8 blocks (as visible from above). Most should be obvious (snow, ice, water, sand, grass, trees), but see the chart on this page for the materials that correspond to each base color. This base color is then shaded based on terrain elevation. How is it oriented?There are two conflicting evidences for orientation: if we assume that the top of the map is North, then the Sun on the XBox version actually rises in the North and sets in the South (in the PC version this was fixed in beta 1.9.4). Alternately, you could say that the Sun behaves properly (rises in the East and sets in the West), and that you are holding the map so that North is on the left (but this would be an unusual way to hold a map). As such, any discussions that use cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) should clarify which they mean. Is there any way to determine an approximate map location from (X, Z) coordinates?Since the game update was release on June 15, 2012, the map shows the coordinates of your current location. Here's a brief explanation: The center of map is (x=0, z=0) (the crosshairs are slightly below that point, don't use the crosshairs to determine the center point). Unlike normal integers, there is both a +0 and a -0. X coordinate is left-right on the map: right is positive, left is negative. Y coordinate is depth/height: 0 is the bottom-most bedrock layer. Z coordinate is up-down on the map: down is positive, up is negative Since the xbox map/world is only 864 x 864, that means that the max reachable coordinates are only +/- 432. In addition, the edge of the XBox world nearly always ends in the ocean (see map image above), so I suspect that some of these furthest outside blocks may not match those same locations in the PC map. Here is how maps work in multiplayer: Each player has their own, independently drawn map. If a player crafts a map, it becomes a copy of their own original map. You can "share" map contents with another player by giving them your map and having them view it. Both player's maps will update with all visited areas."
"What's the 3 minute countdown for after defeating the Beast fights?"
"It is over after 3 minutes, they colapse and die. But as stated it is a sort of easter egg. When their Beauty forms are advancing upon the player, not killing them for several minutes will result in transportation to an infinitely sized White Room, with a three minute timer. It is impossible to call Otacon or Rosemary while in this room. Equipping the camera will cause the Beauties to pose. If the player selects and de-selects the camera, they will change their pose. Equipping the iPod and playing "Oishii Two-han Seikatsu" will make them dance. When the timer expires, the Beauties collapse and die. Source"
"VoidRays vs Stalkers: die or try to retreat?"
"As a general rule, you always want to keep your more expensive units alive. If you know you are going to lose your ground force, run away with the void rays sooner. Void rays are more expensive and take longer to replace than the stalkers you have on the ground. If you can save the void rays to meet up with another stalker army, then you should do so. In your specific scenario (assuming similar/comparable army size), I would kite the void rays away until all your stalkers are firing on their stalkers. When that occurs, activate Prismatic Alignment and engage their stalker army. The ability will give you a damage boost to your Void Rays so that their stalkers will melt away with the help with the stalkers you have on the ground."
"What should I do if I am on fire?"
"Yes, "stop, drop and roll" still works after the Arkfall. And it does work on other Nano Effects. You can find this information in game in Intel -> Help -> Combat -> Dive Roll. I find Alt awkward to press rapidly with the normal WASD combination, and I tend to hit the Windows key instead, and have remapped it to an extra button on my mouse."
"What mod added this little yellow icon to Skyrim's HUD?"
"That is from the mod Clean up your Corpses, you can disable or move it via the mod configuration menu, "CUYC" and the widget tab there."
"What does TF2 mean by "obtained by activating a retail version of Team Fortress 2"?"
"To get the Proof of Purchase, you need to activate a PC retail version of the game, receive the game as a gift, or had TF2 before it went free to play. Unfortunately, your Xbox version won't count. By "activate", I'm referring to adding the CD-Key to your Steam account's library, which can be done by clicking "Add Game" in the bottom left corner of the Library tab: From the TF2 Wiki This hat is given to players who purchased Team Fortress 2 before the Über Update on June 23, 2011, those who receive a gift of the game, and those who activate a retail copy of the game."
"Hide Dota 2 Losses From Profile?"
"You could just win more games than you lose? But in all seriousness, no there's not a way to hide that from yourself. At least not through "standard" means. Might be some config file out there you can edit and hide it. One way to win more games and actually get better at the game is to play with friends. Having 2, 3, or even 4 other people to play with helps a ton. It allows you to really communicate and pick heroes which synergize well. Also, try to not play all pick. That's just asking to get terrible team compositions. Play single draft, random draft, or one of the captain modes."
"In BC2, which vehicle unlocks still work in a not-driver-position?"
"Alternative Weapon Package: if you're gunner on gunship, you have tracer darts as alternative fire Improved Warheads Package: according to specs increases damage on all vehicle weapons, thus should also work on gunner Active Armor Upgrade: vehicle should get upgrade if at least one player in it has the specialization. It's not cumulative (eg. you don't get 2 or more upgrades for 2 or more players with it)"
"Does similar equipment stack in Resident Evil Resistance?"
"Yes, equipment do stack. I confirmed using FMJ Rounds on Becca. Here my results after several tests on practice mode. Damage on zombies. FMJ Rounds II : Highest weapon damage was 446 FMJ Rounds III : Highest weapon damage was 462 FMJ Rounds II & III : Highest weapon damage was 503 As you can see, same equipment stack with each other. Iron Nails should be the same but on melee damage. I hope this helps."
"I can't let the iron flow out of my smeltery and my stencil table doesn't work!"
"To get liquid metals out of your smeltery, you need to use casts made of either gold or aluminum brass on a casting table that is placed under the seared faucet. To make the casts, first smelt either gold or aluminum, copper, and tin. While they are smelting, place the item you want to make a cast of (a pick head, a tool rod, etc. Ingots are the most useful, in my humble opinion) on to the casting table. When you right-click the faucet, the gold or aluminum brass will pour around the item on the table, making a cast once it cools. Right-click to take your item back, right-click again to take the cast. Once you have that, place the cast you want back onto the casting table. Smelt the metal you want in the smeltery. When it is done smelting, click on the faucet to fill the cast with the liqid metal of your choice. NOTE: Make sure to have enough of that metal in the smeltery to fill the cast. I.E. if it takes 8 cobblestone to make a hammer head on the stencil table, it will take 8 ingots worth of iron to make an iron hammer head."
"Anyone know how to help me with prologue?"
"This is likely a bug in the game. Since this is the the beginning of the game's first mission other options like "killing your character three times to skip the section" are unavailable. Your only option is to quit the mission, restart the game and check for game updates."
"What are the rules of Caravan?"
"You're right that both the in-manual and in-game introductions to Caravan are not very effective. This is what I figured out via a combination of trial-and-error and the instructions. (Also, I keep the Caravan rules card from the deck that comes with the special edition out when I play New Vegas. Very handy quick-ref for the face cards once you get used to the rest.) The basics: 2 players play the game. You can use any cards you want, as long as (a) you have at least 30 cards in your deck and (b) no two identical cards (EG, 2 of clubs) come from the same casino. (In real life, if you wanted to play, they couldn't be the same deck/brand. Unless you frequent casinos enough to have a collection. :) The game combines elements of blackjack, war, double-solitaire (that is, two player head-to-head solitaire) and even Uno. Each player is initially dealt 8 cards. Your first three plays to the board must set up your initial caravans -- you have three to set up. Give them each a numbered (ace through 10) card. During these plays, you can discard any cards from your hand that you like, drawing a replacement card from your deck. Cards you discard are gone from play -- so don't discard your good ones. Discarding at this stage is required if you are dealt eight face cards and/or jokers. Each of those caravans has a suit and a direction. The suit is the suit of the last numbered card dropped on the pile. The direction is either up or down from your starting point. An important thing to note (and I had to lose about a dozen hands before I learned this) is that the direction does not have to be sequential -- you do not, for example, have to follow a 10 with a 9, or a 5 with a 6. You can have the following sequence (which adds to 26): 10, 9, 7. To play a numbered card on one of your caravans, it must either be going in the appropriate direction, or it must be of the same suit as the last numbered card. However, under no circumstances can you play the same number twice in a row, no matter what suit they are. You're targeting a range of between 21 and 26 (inclusive) for each your three piles. Gameplay During the first three moves, when setting up your caravans, you do not draw replacement cards for those you lay out. Thus, when those turns are complete, you will have five cards in your hand. Players take turns playing one card each. If you cannot or do not wish to play, you can discard a card from your hand. In any event, once a card is played or discarded, you draw a replacement from your deck. If desired, instead of playing or discarding a card, you can discard an entire caravan. Play continues until "End game," below. Cards and Their Effects Ace: Always a value of 1. Consider a number card except when a Joker is involved. 2 - 10: Face value. Jack: Removes the target card and all face cards attached to it from the board. Typically played offensively against the other player. Queen: Reverses the direction of the caravan. Can be used offensively and defensively. Offensive example: reversing a descending caravan to ascending when the opponent is near enough the target (and at a high enough last number) that the direction switch prevents him from landing within the range. Rare, but very effective when you can pull it off. Defensive example: You've been ascending or descending and either can't go farther (at a ten or an ace), or you need to reverse direction in order to land in the target range. King: Doubles the value of the target card. Again, can be used both offensively and defensively. Offensive example: Double the value of a high-value card in your opponent's caravan when he's at the high end of the target range. Boom, now he's overloaded. Defensive example: Double your own card (typically effective early-game) to get a leg up on the competition. Joker: This one has different impacts depending on the card you play it against. Often ends up doing "collateral" damage -- that is, damage to you as well as your opponent. Use them wisely. Against an ace, removes all non-face cards of the same suit as the ace from the table, except the ace on which it's played. Against numbered cards, removes all cards of that value from the table, except the card against which it's played. End game: The game is over when all three Caravans are successfully sold. When a caravan is between 21 and 26 (inclusive), it is considered sold. However, you can continue to pile weight on a sold caravan, and your opponent can continue to outbid you. Whichever player has the highest bid (without going over) on two out of the three Caravans wins. Ultimately, the goal is to get two out of three caravans as high as possible (preferably 26) before the opponent does, and to prevent the opponent from outbidding you by using offensive maneuvers against him. Note that the comments refer to bugs regarding this behavior. I've not personally observed any bugs here; I've never personally seen the game end without three caravans being sold. However, not all three must be sold by the same player. For example, if we numbered our caravans 1 - 3, a game could end with one player having sold #s 1 and 2, and the other having sold #3. Whoever has sold at least two at the end of the game has won. But wait — there's more In case this wasn't quite clear/useful enough, there's an excellent explanation here. Building a Deck I'm not going to give many strategies on this, but just the basics. First off, as of the (what I assume are final) patches, cards you purchase or find seem to go in your deck straightaway. You will need to modify the deck you have in play before the game begins. (This is the part where you see all your cards in two rows on the screen.) For your deck, you want to think about the odds of getting the card you need when you need it. Really large decks allow you to survive even the most aggressive AI, but often don't provide the attack cards you need to keep the opponent from winning while you build out your plan. Really small decks often provide a card you need, but have no longevity against an opponent who relentlessly hits you with jacks and kings. Personally, I build what I call a Deck of Black Death: Exactly one of each Ace (heart, club, spade, diamond) At least 4 of the following (all clubs or spades): 2, 3, 7, 8 At least 3 of the following (all clubs or spades): 9, 10 At least 5 of the following (all clubs or spades): 4, 5, 6 At least 4 of the following (I try for all black, but can be any color): King, Jack, Joker Exactly 3 Queens (again, I try for all black, but can be any color) Why the emphasis on black? Because of Joker-on-Ace. In all my playings, I've never seen the AI play a Joker. Never. But I will use them very aggressively. And by keeping most of my deck contained in two suits, I know that I can always play a Joker on a red Ace, hurt the AI, and probably not hurt myself at all. (YMMV if you're playing with actual cards and actual people.) The other reason I emphasize black is to increase the odds that I can switch direction without playing a Queen. All of my value cards are either spades or clubs, making it more likely that I will get a matching suit when I draw, or already have one in-hand. Note that this is pretty flexible: "at least." The main thing is the general proportions -- don't go for too many high cards, because they reduce flexibility. By the same token, don't get too many low cards, because they delay your advancement. You need a lot of face cards, but you need them to be well-outnumbered by your value cards. The only inflexible bits are the Aces and Queens -- Aces because you only need one of each, Queens because they have very limited use, especially with limited suits."
"Zbots not working with Counter-Strike 1.6 steam version"
"zBot is a bot system that got basically ripped from Condition Zero, and AFAIK doesn't want to work with Steam version of CS 1.6. I personally use PodBot - this has always worked fine for me."
"Why won't Pokemon Go let me use my old Google Play Account?"
"You have to go into Google account and remove the device you're playing on. Then sign back in and reopen app... I literally messed around for 14 hours and missed so many at Disney because of this and it worked the first time, same problem, same phone..."
"Save battery on SNES Super Mario World cartridge?"
"Simply put, this is a counterfeit cartridge. That black spot contains a tiny chip under it which contains the ROM data. This was likely created (guesstimate) well after the lifecycle of the SNES. Also, I don't have a SNES cartridge near me at the moment but I think that case is not a legit donor case either. You didn't post images of the other side, but if we can see the label we could definitely confirm if it's 100% fake. Where and when did your friend get this? This would have never saved data."
"Dragon Head - What's its purpose?"
"You were correct in saying that except for your friends being jealous there is no point. It's just an awesome trophy (or killed one of your friends who had a skull). Also, when powered with redstone it will open and close it's mouth repeatedly."
"What's going on when it looks like a 6-damage attack knocked out 29 HP and killed me?"
"Speed is an important variable in Crawl and it is very possible for the enemies to get in multiple attacks between your moves. This can happen if they are hasted, or if they are an enemy that moves quickly (such as a bat). This can also happen if you make a move that takes a long time, such as climbing stairs or putting on/removing armour. From the messages in your morgue file, it appears that the orc wizard had a weapon of electrocution. Even though the attack did no damage, the electrocution effect went off and caused a great deal of damage (24 hitpoints, if my math skillz are working today). Then, before you were able to move again, he fired off a magic dart and killed you (or as noted in Ohmi's answer - there were 2 orc wizards). Ah, Crawl... where death is possible after every move! (Pro tip - run (don't walk) from orc priests...)"
"How do I delete a clash of clans village?"
"its very easy.... You just have to reinstall Clash of Clans on your device, and then tap login with G+. When it says, "Do you want to reload your previous village?" Hit cancel. Done, you have started afresh!"
"Are Memory Crystals new?"
"Memory Crystals are new for the global client. They have been around for quite a while in the Japanese client. The only memory crystals that have been released so far are Tidus, Wakka, Garnet, and Vivi. More memory crystals will be added to the game as events and dungeon updates occur. In order to obtain a memory crystal for a particular character, you need to fulfill a certain condition. So far, memory crystals appear to be given for completing a particular stage. For Vivi and Garnet, there are two stages in the Princess of Alexandria event that award their memory crystals upon completion. In tomorrow's dungeon update (6/16/15), the Bard memory crystal, should be a reward for completing the Base Missile elite dungeon in the FFVIII realm. In fact, the dungeon update should allow us to obtain the following memory crystals: Tyro, Cloud, Bard, Black Mage, Ranger, White Mage, Kain, and Rydia. Note: You can obtain a memory crystal at any time, however, you cannot use it on a character unless they have reached the level cap (in this case, 50). When you use a memory crystal, you will raise the level cap for that character to 65, unlock the ability to use record materia (additional perk that is equippable on a character), obtain the character's first record materia, and unlock the ability to obtain their second record materia (fulfill special condition with character in the party)."
"Influence an ally to build an oil well that destroys another improvement"
"AI players, including city states, will always upgrade strategic resources when possible- even if that'd mean removing a tile improvement. If the city state isn't building an oil well, it's because they don't have the technology they need. I'm assuming you're the only civ with biology; city states won't have access to it until a second player researches it. The easiest choice would of course be to invade the city state. Claim they have WMDs or you're bringing them freedom if it makes you feel any better."
"What is CRSH in Flywrench?"
"Been a while since I played this but I am pretty sure CRSH stands for crash, it counts how often you crashed (died) so far."
"What is strength for?"
"Strength has a (significant) impact on the amount of damage you can do (per second). To check this you can go to your Inventory and press Enter (for PC) to toggle your Character Stats to bring up the primary weapon dps (damage per second) and the secondary weapon dps. To demonstrate this, i started with equiping a piece with 41 strength. This gave me the following stats: After that, i equiped a piece with 55 strength, which gave me these stats: So an increase of 14 strength gave me a dps increase of 115 for my primary weapon and an increase of 120 for my secondary weapon. Furthermore, for the same strength increase, the impact will be bigger if your weapon has a bigger base damage. For example, the dps increase for a 198 - 226 base damage, fast secondary weapon was 120 dps (see above). But with the same strength increase, a 237 - 263 base damage, fast secondary weapon gave a dps increase of 141. I have not found the exact correspondence between Strength and weapon damage per second, but from what i stated above, it should be clear that stacking Strength is pretty profitable. That being said, it's also worth to note that Strength has no effect whatsoever on the damage done by your skills such as Teleport Slash or Harvest. Those skills are effected by the Arcane stat. (note: the piece i equiped to test the Strength increase had no critical damage on it, but i still got a significant dps increase. This is because critical damage is not used in the damage per second calculation. So if you find a piece with 1 more strength than you currently have but if you lose i.e. 30% critical damage it's not worth replacing your current piece, although the damage per second stat will increase.) Edit: To show my latest note isn't a made up thing, we start with a Juggernaut Talisman, giving 23% critical chance and 37% critical damage. We now have a primary dps of 3239 and secondary dps of 4591. We now switch to a Necromancer Talisman, giving us 23% critical chance and no critical damage. The dps remains 3239 and 4591. Does the same account for critical chance? Absolutely. We start with Possessed Armblades with no critical chance and a base damage of 410, (190+220) resulting in a dps of 3233. We switch for a Murderous Buckler with the same base damage of 410 (182+228), but with a 22% critical chance. The damage remains 3233. Now, one might wonder why the Primary weapon and Secondary weapon during my first example changed. This is simple because those stats are directly derived of the damage per second of the corresponding weapon. The dps of both of the weapons changed so naturally those stats increased aswell. As for the Defense stat, yes that changed aswell. It's sort of hard to find items that just differ in the stat you want to test, but i'm fairly sure it's safe to assume that Defense won't change anything about our Attack. And finally, it's worth noting that every stat is independent. An increase in Strength is not gonna change Critical Chance or Critical Damage or vice versa."
"What causes bosses to appear in Loop Hero?"
"As you place tiles in the world, there is a bar that fills up slowly from left to right, below the day's progress bar. When this bar is completely filled, the boss for that act will appear. You can use this to time your boss interactions if you're not ready on a certain loop. Placing any tile into the world directly adds a small amount to this bar"
"How can I optimize tech research?"
"In general it is more important to cover more fields of the tech by the techteam, then it is to have a high skill in the areas covered. So in the example you give, ZYX should finish the research faster than XYZ would. When the difference between skill becomes larger, and there's only one field missing from the more skilled team the situation changes, in that case the more skilled team will finish the job quicker. A Skill-8 team with 4 matching fields is usually faster than a Skill-6 team with 5 fields, for example. However, there are some exceptions. If you build a nuclear reactor or rocket test site those sites will add skill in nuclear/rocketry fields to any research team conducting research in those areas. So if you are researching technology that requires: nuclear skill nuclear skill nuclear skill mathematics skill organizational skill A tech team with just nuclear skill will outperform a tech team with math/organizational skill if you have no nuclear reactor, but if you do have a reactor the math/organizational team will be your preferred choice. There are several other factors which influence tech research speed like blueprints or the tech's historical year. A great article to read trough if you want to know more about the math behind research speeds is the article on the HOI 2 wiki about research If you want to figure out who is the absolute fastest team to get a certain tech I would recommend using a tool like the research tool as all the different factors which influence research speed can make making the right choice very hard."
"How to get NCR Ranger armor/gear in Fallout New Vegas?"
"As seen on the wiki, there are a few ways to get NCR armor: With a "liked" or higher reputation with the NCR, Colonel James Hsu will give the Courier a key to the NCR Ranger Safehouse. Inside are a set of NCR salvaged power armor, NCR Ranger patrol armor, and the NCR Ranger combat armor. There is also a reloading bench and some empty foot lockers, alongside a hunting revolver, assault carbine, and trail carbine. Note that all armors are in poor condition. This armor can be found on NCR Veteran Rangers throughout the game in areas occupied by the NCR (e.g. Camp Golf, the NCR Ranger Safehouse, Ranger Station Bravo, Camp Forlorn Hope, etc.) or if the Courier is labeled a terrorist by the NCR, as there will be ranger kill-squads sent to eliminate them. There are several dead NCR troopers wearing this armor at the Long 15 if you choose to nuke the NCR upon completion of The Apocalypse. (Lonesome Road) Although I'm assuming #3 doesn't apply to you so much."
"Auto-manage planets button has no apparent effect"
"I'm going to assume that given the details of what you did look at, you did not look at the resource stockpile. Without resources, your automated sector is unable to perform build actions even if it wants to. When you create an automated sector, you need to either give them resources (minerals and energy) directly, or put it in the shared stockpile pool which all automated sectors have access to. Automated sectors will only take from the shared stockpile when they don't have a personal stockpile. The stockpiles can be accessed via the Planets & Sectors menu. The shared stockpile is at the top of the list, the sector-specific stockpiles are in the sector list. Clicking this button is a frustrating experience, it feels like you just hired someone to twiddle his thumbs. Welcome to government. What I imagine should happen is it should start building/replacing buildings or maybe the same for districs (I just recently found out that there were also buildable districs, the UI hides this from us it's poor UI-design) or maybe (ideally!) both. This is what the sector automation actually does, once it has the resources to do so. Why not even auto-hire leaders if they die? Because you can't reasonably expect the AI to make the right trait decision for you. There's also other considerations such as the age of the applicants. Why not even auto-generate a sector and set it's mode when that becomes available? Because sectors that build sectors are liable to recursion issues. There are many non-trivial considerations here than a simple automation script cannot handle. How do you expect a sector to choose its own focus? Should it pick its focus based on what it can output the most of (modifiers etc)? Or should it pick its focus based on what your empire is lacking in? Whichever option you choose, any player who would prefer the other option would be endlessly annoyed by having the sectors make the wrong decision for themselves. Therefore, it's left up to the player to make key decisions that are much too complex for an algorithm to do in a way that everyone agrees with the decision logic. Also, sectors do mostly auto-generate since the latest update. A sector is defined by its first planet and automatically includes all other planets within 4 jumps from it. Also the button is just as effectively useless if the reason it does this is that it only takes effect after several years. There's an economy to be balanced and this is a matter that bears urgency. Usually, you shouldn't be automating sectors until you're at the point of having a stable economy. If you're still at the point where you need to keep a fine balance, the AI is never going to do an adequate job at that. Automation becomes practical when you no longer need to squeeze the blood from a stone and are just hoping to lessen the workload (by not having to click it all yourself) at the cost of some efficiency (the AI is never perfect)."
"Minecraft Command Block Help"
"Use a weighed pressure plate (gold or iron). Those take more entities to power it. More info on weighed pressure plates here. Another idea is the /testfor command. Here is an example: /testfor @p[r=1] Make sure (if you are using 1.9+) that the command block settings are set to, Always active and Repeat. If you are using 1.8.9 or earlier then power the command block with a clock circuit. In this example the command block will test for players in a one block radius. To make the command block power something else when it does find someone, you just have to connect the circuit to the command block with a comparator. For more info on the redstone comparator go to here. EDIT: Here is step by step instructions so no one gets confused: Build a command block that either is on repeat mode (1.9 up), or connect a clock to it (1.8.9 down), with the command /testfor @p[r=1] (for a longer radius change the 1). Place a comparator next to it so that the end with two torches is facing towards the command block. Connect the other end of the comparator to another command block either directly or with redstone between. Add the command /tellraw @p ["",{"text":"What you want to say.","color":"Color here"}] to the second command block. You can also use /title or any other command you need to use."
"How does the multiplayer matchmaking work in Shogun 2 Total War?"
"The advantage is actually not that great. If you play a lot you do get more retainers and more experience for your general but it's overall strategy and tactics that will win you the game. My general currently has 8 stars and I remember when I started off I beat a 7 star general without using any veteran units or retainers. As to how the players are matched, if you let the game manage it, it will try to find a player of your level if one is available, if not, it will keep searching for any available player of sufficiently close rank."
"Reduce scoreboard value instantly by the value of another score"
"Okay so if I understand correctly, you have a scoreboard objective let's call it damageTaken. Each player's score is set to how much damage they take. If this is the case then you should be able to do /execute if entity @a[scores={damageTaken=2..}] store success score @s damageTaken run scoreboard players operation @s health -= @s damageTaken This works as long as the damageTaken score is greater than 1 (just fix that by making the minimum damage 2 or make it multiples of 10 or something). It's just one command, it works for multiplayer, and it resets itself -cheers"
"What's the reward for collecting all the T.W.I.T coins?"
"I collected all the T.W.I.T coins, and the reward was a fourth tonic slot. Which I was initially confused by, since that's the reward he gave you after the BBQ. Except, in reality, he just gave me a tonic which unlocked a fourth slot, but the tonic itself consumes a slot, so the tonic is actually just useless. Nothing more than 2,500 Quill gag from Playtonic. I never actually used the fourth tonic slot tonic, but after collecting 200 coins and realizing what the gag was, I was able to confirm it via this achievements page."
"Save File Broken? - Agrarian Skies (FTB)"
"This seems to happen sometimes. You can download the map manually at and extract it into your saves folder."
"Is it possible to change language?"
"You can't change the language after you start the game. If you want to change the language, you will have to erase your save data and start over from scratch."
"How do I connect the huge solar panel on the crashed satellite?"
"Reading this discussion, it seems that you can't directly connect the solar panel to the base. You need to connect a rover to the solar panel, and then to connect the rover to your base. The final result should look like this:"
"Can I make Apex Legends run on DirectX 10?"
"I have tried running Directx11 games on my Directx10 PC. I had the GPU - Zotac Geforce 210. To run Directx11 games on directx10 gpus you need to emulate Directx11 using dxcpl. I have used it to run The Walking dead season 3. But it lagged like hell(given that i had 2 gb ram). dxcpl is unsuccesful in running Unreal Engine games. Here is a link to dxcpl - dxcpl Here is a tutorial on how to use it - Video"
"Can you call for a medic? How?"
"On PS3, you have to target a medic of your team (i.e. look at him with your crosshairs) and press Select. You're on PC and Q is the right key, so I'm guessing the problem is you didn't target a friendly medic with your crosshair first. They have to be close enough. If it works, you'll hear your guy screaming out for help."
"Why do top season crusaders on 4-person team leaderboards have dexterity and intelligence items?"
"In the Greater Rifts that top leader board players are running, every enemy will kill you very very quickly. To counter this, they dedicate 1 player out of 4 to crowd controlling the enemy by stunning, freezing, fearing etc. This Player will forgo the ability to cause damage in the attempt to prevent their team mates from taking damage. The builds that you are seeing are known as Zero Damage Per Second or ZDPS for short. If you were to look at the Crusader solo Greater Rift leader boards you would see very different set ups. This is the number 1 Crusader on the 4 player leader boards and this is the number 1 Crusader on the solo leader boards, notice that the 4 player Crusader has 3194 strength and 2768 dexterity whereas the solo Crusader has 13760 strength and only 77 dexterity. This is because 100% of your dexterity and strength is added to your Armor with every 10 points of intelligence adding 1 point to All Resistance. Since they are not doing any damage, their main stat (strength) is interchangeable with dexterity as it provides the same bonus. This means that the priority for an item is how well rolled the other attributes such as cooldown and resource reduction are and not on the type of main stat it has. Also since they will usually be in a group with high dps classes that have dexterity as their main stat (Demon Hunters, monks) there is a higher chance for an item to drop with dexterity. Their role is to keep the others alive, this is why they prioritise these stats."
"Can we do anything about a passage at the end of Haemar Shame"
"According to the UESP article about Haemar's Shame: [The shortcut exit] is blocked off by spears, with a chain on the right that lowers the spears."
"What are bonus sources? (of oil in my case)"
"The only possible explanation I can fathom is that you have revealed Oil but haven't improved it yet and are suzerain of Hattusa. Check it's unique bonus which will grant you two of each strategic resource you have revealed but not improved."
"Minecraft hopper mechanics"
"Hoppers will try to look to the block above it, and see if there is an item there. However, two conditions can prevent this from happening. If the block above it is solid (e.g. no slabs, stairs, etc.), and isn't a container (e.g. chests, furnaces, other hoppers), the hopper will not check for items. If the hopper is not close to spawn, and the player is far enough away from the hoppers, the chunks will despawn, and the hoppers will not be able to check. Just placing any normal block over the hoppers should work. Reference:"
"How often does Basil change his selection?"
"Check out this post. This guy's comment is useful: There are 109 five star equippable items in the game, not counting trinkets. Basil can have a recipe for nearly any of them, though there are a few that he doesn't carry. If he has five five star items in a typical tier 3 run, then your odds of finding the item you're looking for are around 5%. That's why it takes a while to find it. Basil rerolls what he has every time you get there in a separate group. You could write down what he has from one run to the next if you like. It's mostly different stuff each time, even if it's not the item you're after. If you're in a hurry, try the auction house."
"Is there an alternate way to obtain licenses other than NX cash?"
"Just go into town and see the markets. You can find in there licenses to buy for ingame money. Only thing, the permanent effect are not on all licenses and they dont come cheap."
"Do Ice Pops do anything?"
"They do not do anything but give you Win Sticks and Lose Sticks. A Win Stick will get you a free Ice Pop from the same vendor. But that is it."
"3DS XL Having trouble accessing Eshop"
"Switching back to your initial region helped your current case, but I still suggest updating the information if it's incorrect (I'm not entirely sure if you're actually located in the US or on Anguilla), as this might prevent more/other problems in the future. Guides to do so are available on for your Nintendo Account Profile, and for the Nintendo Network ID you might have created when getting your console. Both guides mention that what might be preventing you from changing your region is still having credit on your account. Spending it should fix that problem."
"What is the significance of other locked staff members?"
"It appears the padlock icon represents a unique character who is important to the main story. As you know, this is the case with Miller, Ocelot and Ziang. Silent Basilisk also appears to be a story-related character. If you rescue him in 6th main mission, he will appear in your base. He is a unique character, having the traits of a diplomat, despite being a mute."
"How to become a king of a friendly dynastic kingdom?"
"This one depends on the specifics on the situation, but: If (1) Chernigov is larger than your kingdom and (2) You are christian, you could ask the Pope for an invasion CB. If Chernigov is losing a war, you might be able to swoop in and claim a quick victory. If Chernigov is just one or two counties bigger, you could grant independence to a couple of counties so that you are smaller, take Chernigov, then reconquer the counties spun-off later."
"Can two players play GTA 5 on the same console at the same time?"
"GTA 5 doesn't have an offline multiplayer. This means you cannot play split screen with more than one player. I wish there was an easy way to fix this but really its how the game was designed. Its possible to play online multiplayer in the same house but you need 2 consoles and 2 screens and 2 copies of the game. Sorry for the bad news bears."
"Does it matter which orb I take in "Ghost in the Machine"?"
"It doesn't matter. If the experience is the same each time, the first two explode and the third one works fine. You pick one; it blows up and you need to pick from the remaining four. You pick a second; it blows up and you need to pick from the remaining three. (All the while being ridiculed from Kinzie.) The third pick will work out fine."
"Why didn't humanity end?"
"I found this forum post. Triffids are a reference to Triffids from The Day of the Triffids and more info can be found here. It sounds like an end of the world kind of book. But otherwise all they give are 1200 XP and no money. They do not end your game or reset anything."
"Runes for Support builds"
"Currently, the meta has supports as a highly mobile (+5 mobility boots) champion designated to provide wards everywhere past the laning phase. During the laning phase, you will be harassed constantly, and will require the extra armor to negate the ADC's poke damage, so flat runes are generally much better, as runes provide much more significant stats earlier in the game. For yellows i would reccomend Flat Defence runes for early laning defence against the opposing ADC. For blues i would reccomenD scaling CDR(Cooldown Reduction) runes, as the CDR will help immensely later into the game. As for reds, they would be your personal preference, as primary marks are all offensive, and offer little to no help in the current role of support. I personally use flat magic penetration for some lane harass, but past laning phase, these runes in general offer little bonus."
"What does Facebook Login do in MW3 Multiplayer?"
"A video was posted last week that describes Modern Warfare 3's Facebook integration. I believe mostly focuses on helping you to find games with your Facebook friends, but I'm not positive on that."
"How can I remove all the EVs from my Pokemon?"
"Feed him 11 Pomeg (lowering HP), Kelpsy (lowering Attack EV), Qualot (lowering Defense), Hondew (lowering Special Attack), Grepa (lowering Special Defense), and Tamato Berries (lowering Speed). If a Pokémon has over 100 EVs in a stat, the EV-lowering berry will reduce it to 100 no matter how high it is, and after that, each berry will decrease the stat by 10 EVs after that. Because of this, feeding a Pokémon 11 of a stat decreasing berry will always result in 0 EVs in that stat. This is assuming you can gain access to the EV berries. As far as I am aware, you can't find them in game yet. These berries are the only way you can decrease EVs."
"Are there different outcomes for the Dark Brotherhood questline?"
"No, this always happens regardless. There is nothing you can do to avoid that outcome."
"Would using a smaller screen help me play first-person shooters better?"
"Doesn't sound right to me...If you have a smaller screen, everything on it is smaller too. A character who may have been 10 pixels tall would be smaller, maybe too small to make out properly, especially given that everything around him would be smaller and less detailed as well. A larger screen does mean that there's more to keep track of, but your peripheral vision usually takes care of that anyway. 90% of the time you'll be concentrated on a fairly smallish area in the middle of your screen, because that's where you're pointing/looking/walking. A bigger screen doesn't really mean you'll miss things, either - you'll never be using a monitor that takes up your entire field of vision (if it does, you're probably far too close :P) and human eyes are very good at picking up small movement in the periphery of our range of vision. We notice movement (but not detail) very easily there."
"Minecraft inventory glitch?"
"If you mean moving multiple stacks of items from your inventory into a chest or back with one mouse movement: That was never in the game, only mods added that."
"Attack comparison Pokemon go"
"I only have personal experience to back this up, but it seems that the size of the special attack bar has little effect on the time it takes to charge a single segment. The main benefit of having an attack with several bars is that you can save up more special attacks to chain them together, doing a sort of rapid fire for special attacks. This can be useful if your special move is not super effective against the current opponent you're fighting, but will be against the next one in line once you beat the first."
"Are Vita TV and PlayStation TV compatible?"
"Yes. In fact the PlayStation TV is basically the PSVITA Chipset in a SetTopBox, with very little software customization. So, just like PSV, it is region free. To run all PS Vita games, you'll need to configure HiddenApplications though, but I'm not sure if I can explain this on this site."
"The Witcher 3 Heart of Stone Auction"
"In that auction, I bought all 3 of them. Simply because I'm damn rich and I wanted to show that to everyone. The glasses are simply glasses. You can destroy them for some materials, but as far as I know, there is nothing valuable inside. The picture is quite valuable, you can sell it in Novigrad for a good amount of money. The statue is worth it, but to be honest, I can't remember what it was inside, I'll check my save file once I'm at home. But I do know that it was definitely worth it, so buy it and let a smith destroy it. Edit - Contents of the statue: The statue contains a key and a letter which will unlock a new quest after reading it. You will also discover a new location where you will have to travel. Inside are a few enemies (mainly wolves) and a recipe of a steel sword called Black Unicorn."
"How can I change the weather?"
"Note: for this question I am ignoring the ORAS weathers. There are four weather conditions in Pokémon, which I will refer to by the move used to summon them: Rain Dance Sunny Day Sandstorm Hail All four moves can be taught by TM, with some Pokémon learning them naturally by level up. All four are purchased at the Royal Avenue Poké Mart, and will last 5 turns after use. All weather effects can override each other. Rain Dance boosts the power of Water-type moves by 50%, while reducing the power of Fire-type moves by 50%. During Rain Dance, Thunder and Hurricane always hit their target, Solar Beam has its Base Power reduced to 60, and Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight only recover 25% of the user's max HP. Sunny Day boosts the power of Fire-type moves by 50%, while reducing the power of Water-type moves by 50%. During Sunny Day, Thunder and Hurricane have their accuracy lowered to 50, Growth boosts Attack and Special Attack by 2 stages, Solar Beam and Solar Blade require no charge turn, and Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight recover 66% of the user's max HP. Sandstorm deals damage at the end of each turn to every non-Rock- , Ground-, or Steel-type Pokémon, and boosts the Special Defense of Rock-type Pokémon by 50%. During a Sandstorm, Solar Beam has its Base Power reduced to 60, and Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight only recover 25% of the user's max HP. Hail deals damage at the end of each turn to every non-Ice-type Pokémon. During Hail, Blizzard always hits its target, Solar Beam has its Base Power reduced to 60, and Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight only recover 25% of the user's max HP. Many Abilities are activated during one of the four weather conditions. Additionally, the Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning will respectively trigger the effects of Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, and Hail when a Pokémon with the Ability is switched in."
"What is the optimal Weapon + Perk combo for Damage Per Second + Cheap Ammo in Fallout 76?"
"As of now - on Fallout 76 Patch 11 - the current meta is to use weapons with the bloodied legendary effect. I am particularly partial to a bloodied Handmade Rifle, as are many other players. Refer to this post and this special build for a general guide of what to use. Lone Wanderer is critical if playing alone, any other perks to boost gun damage are important too. As a general guide though, the gun alone isn't what gets you to the optimal build, the legendary effect on it is. Anything bloodied is going to be good. Two-shot and explosive has been recently nerfed, but a two-shot explosive handmade is now much cheaper due to the nerf and still very effective. As I said in the comments, you can farm springs from clipboards in the National Isolated Radio Array. Clipboards are abundant there, I'd recommend setting up camp nearby."
"Why would I want to use Worldclay?"
"Two kinds of loot are found on specific stages: paint and relics. Beyond mode can be used to try to get those specific loot drops by using the corresponding relics. With Worldclay, 3 stages of a specific type can be created using just one relic."
"How do I get functions to work in Minecraft"
"I don't know why, but functions only work in prerelease 1. They don't even work in the finished update. You'll have to switch to prerelease 1 to use them."
"Minecraft Recording doesn't work"
"I've used XSplit successfully in the recent past. There were some issues with sound from other things (mumble specifically, I was playing multiplayer), but I believe that was due to my setup (I have speakers and headset with sounds going to each; XSplit doesn't seem to mux audio streams by default at least) rather than something to do with the program itself."
"What did he just say?"
"The Diablo 3 Database has very extensive and complete entries for every bit of quest dialog in the game. For example, here's the entry for the first quest in Act 1 - you can follow the various links to view whatever quest dialog you're interested in. Sadly, if you want to read the lore entries or NPC dialog options, you'll have to know what quest phase they first unlock in, as that's the way the data is organized. I also found this hubpage which has several of the characters' complete dialog listings. For example, Deckard Cain's dialog."
"Can Ender Pearls teleport players between dimensions?"
"[1.11.2] So using a method from this post i kept about five chunks loaded. I can't prove if this make's sure that the chunks stay loaded but this is my method anyway: I loaded a super-flat world and used the /setblock command to make an end portal and used the method above to make sure the chunks stay loaded. I then threw the ender pearl and jumped in to the portal. Nothing happened but please be aware that the chunks may not load as I'm not one hundred percent sure that SkylinerW's method is 100% accurate. I tried this method five times in a row with the same results. Also sometimes during the commandblockoutput there would be an error but it's moving too fast for me to read it. My Opinion is that it does not work, but may have worked in previous version's. I'm going to research this more. But technically a player can teleport between dimensions simply by throwing one into an end portal."
"Does the Trueshot Aura ( Pristress of the Moon) effect huntress?"
"Yes, Trueshot Aura gives bonus damage to huntress', as seen on this picture It also says so on the Warcraft 3"
"How does durability work in Breath of the Wild?"
"No, there's no way to know exactly how many hits you have left in a weapon through a percentage, durability bar, or other exact indicator. The game gives you 3 signals for durability before a weapon breaks: Completely unused, which is denoted by a yellow flashing star in the upper right corner of the weapon slot in your inventory: Used, but not close to breaking, which is denoted by the yellow flashing star disappearing from the corner of the weapon slot in your inventory. Damaged and close to breaking, which is denoted by a red flashing background in the weapon slot in your inventory."
"How many command blocks can you power with a single redstone block?"
"With chain command blocks, infinitely many, since you can just set them up back-to-back, and powering the first one triggers the whole chain (assuming the rest are set to not need redstone). Without chain command blocks, still infinitely many, because you can invert a redstone signal twice to refresh its power. This is more or less that a repeater does, if you think about it - it's crafted from two RS torches. Without a repeater, you can cheat and just put down two NOT gates :P Without those, you still have a lot of options for extending a redstone signal like probably using hoppers and comparators or something silly like that; I'm not too sure, but the above definitely works. For what you want to do, chain command blocks are... probably what you want?"
"Objectives not showing up on the map"
"This is quite a common error in assassins creed. Your best choice would be to do the side missions that appear on the map because sometimes the system actually forgets the fact that you've done the side missions to activate the assassination target mission. So you need to just run through a couple of side missions. If that doesn't work it could possibly be corrupted data."
"What should I do to get into competitive?"
"You can freely join leagues (like the UGC) to get yourself noticed. You may also be able to network with other players and build your own team. Another option is to pug for competitive teams. Idle on IRC (like gamesurge) and offer your services."
"Are there any benefits in levelling up a spawn before evolving?"
"The spawn will still get the same amount from the seed so in other words No you do not need to max out the lvl of the spawn to get max stats from seed"
"Specific strategy for Order decks when playing the "Death from Above" trial"
"Short answer - Just wait, stack cards and wait. They may put down 1 or 2 guys that can damage your relics but they will fill all the other lanes with structures that cant attack your idols. I literally went about 40-50 rounds (can't recall exactly) getting about 30+ resources. When I finally had all the cards I wanted, I had the following units: Blessing of Haste x2 Focus x3 Skirmishers x4 (there are 2 types of skirmishers) General x1 Vanguard x1 Plate Armor x2 Frost Wind x1 Haboinks x2 Decimate x3 (Not in the starter deck) The scary part comes next, you will play your General and Vangaurd in a row together pop Plate armor on them and use Frost wind on the enemies in direct line with them to make sure they dont hit you. wait one turn, Hope your General and Vangaurd survive 1 health or more doesn't matter you win if they survive. Put down all four of your Skirmishers adjacent to your General then use both blessing of hastes on your General to bring it's Cooldown to 0 which at the same time will bring all your skirmishers and vangaurds Cooldown to 0. Now you play everything you got to increase damage so that you destroy everything in the three rows. Make sure you place spells wisely so as to not waste damage on idols your goal is to destroy everything so that 3 turns later you win. It takes patience but it feels o so good after putting them in the dirt. This has worked on 2 occasions in the trials against Energy decks. A serious flaw in AI in my opinion."
"How can I stitch Minecraft worlds together?"
"My 1.8 plan is to allow players to select limited above ground areas that they would like to keep and then move those by hand to a fresh 1.8 map using mcedit. In addition I'll set up a portal between worlds to allow them to move their other items like rails, torches, chests, etc by hand themselves if they want to. I don't know of any "automated" stitching tools. Most people I've heard either do what I'm going to do, or just start with a fresh map and let their users move their own buildings. edit There is now a stiching tool."
"Can I get some recommendations of efficient sentry gun placements?"
"Check the heat maps in your recent games section to locate the high traffic choke points which are the prime locations for your sentry gun. If you have access to the Call of Duty Elite beta, that site lists all of the maps including spawn points and objective locations (depending on game type) so you can further plot your automated mayhem."
"Is a demo available for the Mac version of Arkham Asylum?"
"A demo is in the works, but has not yet been released. On the Media page of the developer's website, there is a "Demo" link, which currently brings up the message "Coming Soon..." I will update this answer once the demo has been released."
"What happens to the item level/heat when used to craft a new item?"
"All newly crafted items start at level 1. So yeah, the level and heat on any weapons needed in the crafting is lost. You can keep your unique variants though, or try for new ones."
"Where is the Putrid Grove?"
"Enter the city from glory gate take the left on the main road and circle around the "block". Before the intersection you should see a door (as in the picture) on the right, knock and you're in "putrid grove"! Below image of the Door, and an image of the map facing the door."
"Is it possible to kill enemies using the Sparrow hover bike?"
"It is possible to run over enemies with the Sparrow, but it is difficult. Here is a video of it being done in a Crucible match: Note: This functionality is no limited to the Crucible. I've run over enemies while patrolling as well as during missions."
"How do you select your starter Pokemon before a match?"
"You can change Pokemon Trainer's starter from the character select screen by clicking the Pokemon in the top-right corner of the trainer's portrait. Alternatively, as scohe001 mentioned, you can also press Y to swap pokemon. As for your second question, there is unfortunately no way to disable Pokemon cycling on death. It will always cycle between Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard when you respawn. That being said, the longer you wait on the floating platform after you respawn, the shorter your invincibility period will be. So if you're trying to switch back to your previous Pokemon, I'd strongly suggest getting back into the game as soon as possible to make use of a longer invincibility period to switch. Via scohe001"
"Parachute activates on launch problem"
"It is likely that you have your parachutes set to activate on the first stage. The confusing thing here is that stage 0 is the last stage to be activated. Whereas the highest number will be activated first. When setting your stages for your rocket, when you push space to activate the next stage, the stage at the bottom will activated first. In the example below this would be stage 8. Ensure that your parachutes are on different stages to your rockets and that your parachutes are the last stage to activate, (the stage highest on the screen ie. stage zero)."
"Shader mod in 1.8 with without black chests, signs, mobs, and player armor"
"Reinstall it and it is supposed to fix it! It worked for me at least"
"How many bananas can a farmer collect at once?"
"The monkey farmer does not collect bananas based on where they originate from. He automatically collects bananas based on where the bananas land. It looks like he's collecting them immediately, but really he's collecting them the second they spawn because they are going to land within his range."
"Nepha-what now? What the hell is a Nephalem and why does everyone keep calling me that?"
"The Nephalem are the first generation of humans on Sanctuary. They are also known as Sanctuary's Children in the Sin War books. The Nephalem are the direct offspring of angels and demons, with the potential to be even greater than both. It is believed that such beings as Bul-Kathos, Rathma, and Esu, to name a few, are the first Nephalem to be born, and that their children are the current barbarians, necromancers, and sorceresses whom we know today in the Diablo universe. Due to the Worldstone, the Nephalem's power has been slowly drained with each generation, therefore making any new offspring weaker and weaker. This was thwarted by the hero Uldyssian, who changed the essence of the Worldstone, allowing the Nephalem to tap into their powers. This is why the current Barbarians, Wizards, Demon Hunters, Monks, and Witch Doctors can tap into their powers. With the Worldstone destroyed though, no one yet knows how its disappearance may affect the warriors of the land. Known Nephalem: Rathma Bul-Kathos Fiacla-Géar Esu Zoltun Kulle And of course our heroes from Diablo 3. As mentioned in the above quote, the Sin War books cover the early days that show humans unlocking their Nephalem powers. As mentioned in the comments, Uldyssian is the first Nephalem to unlock the immense power. Source: Diablo 3 Wiki"
"How do I defeat the Gatekeeper as a Tank? (The 'Fortitudo' option?)"
"Here is a video that shows the Gatekeeper fight as a tank; As you mention you need to ensure that 'A friend' (the green dude) is behind the Gatekeeper, so that when he performs his 'Burning Light' attack your friend isn't destroyed. I think the ability you have been one shot by is the 'Gaia Core' ability which can be seen in the above video being cast at approximately 1 minute 3 seconds - this ability seemingly hits for far more health than you'll ever have (1099681 in some combat logs) as filth damage, and needs to be interrupted. As the fight progresses the Gatekeeper will spawn minions, which also need to be tanked, but don't need killing."
"No Subtle Essence or Fallen Tooth in the Gold Auction House"
"Nacho, I ran some tests and chances are, you were in the Real Money Auction House instead of the Gold Auction House. Here is a screenshot of me searching for Subtle Essence at the Gold Auction House. Now, here is a screenshot of me searching for Fallen Tooth at the Gold Auction House. As you can see, both of these searches showed the items. So Blizzard did not forbid it due to how non-profitable it is. Next, I'm going to see if I can see my auctions for these items after putting it on sale at the Gold Auction House. Below, you can see that they do show up. Finally, I'm going to switch to the Real Money Auction House to see if Fallen Tooth and Subtle Essence show up. So hopefully you were just searching for those items in the wrong place. If you were in the Gold Auction House, then I would have to do some additional research to see what is wrong. TL;DR Switch to the Gold Auction House."
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