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"A shelf would fit in what part of a room?"
[ "cupboard", "corner", "refrigerator" ]
"this is the only logical place to put a shelf"
"a shelf"
"If I have a sponge and a spill, how can it be used?"
[ "hold water", "collect water", "wet surface" ]
"collect water"
"sponges absorb water just as paper towels do."
"sponge and a spill"
"Dreaming scary things is likely to lead to waking up with a sense of this?"
[ "sleepwalking", "might awaken", "fear" ]
"nightmares induce fear and anxiety that could remain when woken up"
"dreaming scary things"
"Sam was a student at Elmhurst elementary . She was late when the bell rang so she ran in the hall trying to do what?"
[ "go to high school", "try to get", "go to class" ]
"go to class"
"she'd most likely be running trying to get to class."
"sam was a student at elmhurst elementary . she was late when the bell rang so she ran in the hall trying to do what?"
"The shark was feeling cold, what did it decide to look for?"
[ "great oceans", "tropical waters", "tomales bay" ]
"tropical waters"
"tropical waters are warmer."
"feeling cold"
"What can large amounts of water do over long periods of time?"
[ "thin blood", "move mountains", "take several forms" ]
"move mountains"
"large amounts of water is one way that mountains get moved"
"large amounts of water do over long periods of time"
"The cars were all fully loaded, and had spacious whats?"
[ "trunks", "seat belts", "windows" ]
"trunks are usually what's spacious in a car."
"spacious whats"
"The boy was very tepid, meaning he was not?"
[ "enthusiastic", "hot", "cold" ]
"enthusiastic is the opposite of tepid."
"What do a string of words with a proper noun and verb form?"
[ "language", "dictionary", "sentence" ]
"a sentence is words put together."
"string of words"
"Where might someone find many varieties of ficus?"
[ "front yard", "california", "conservatory" ]
"many varieties of the same species of plant can often be found together only in a conservatory, which is a collection of plant species."
"many varieties"
"Modesty is an important virtue. An insufficient amount of it in the face of individuals of greater station may be interpreted as what?"
[ "extravagance", "lack", "impudence" ]
"the opposite of modesty is impudence"
"Bill noticed that his hands could do many things. He was thirsty, so he used his hands to do what?"
[ "cup water", "articulate", "soft" ]
"cup water"
"hands can be cupped to hold some water to quench bill's thirst."
"he was thirsty,so he used his hands"
"If there is a pond with tall building around it, where is it unlikely to be?"
[ "countryside", "forest", "rural area" ]
"rural area"
"rural areas do not typically have tall buildings so it"
"a pond with tall building around it"
"What does there need to be for a shadow to appear?"
[ "bright light", "bridge", "ground" ]
"bright light"
"the only thing that is irreplaceable for a shadow to appear is light."
"a shadow to appear"
"She was found guilty of neglect, the judge taking away the child was a serious what?"
[ "consideration", "notice", "regard" ]
"the judge has the responsibility to act according to laws written and for the best interest of a child; if someone is guilty of neglect, the judge has to take in consideration that the child should be removed for their safety from that situation."
"guilty of neglect"
"What do you need to be to learn hard concepts?"
[ "empowering", "intelligent", "have more knowledge" ]
"intelligent is the only thing related to learning which you can be"
"need to be"
"What corner areas have lots of windows?"
[ "office", "wall", "front door" ]
"an office has a lot of windows, not a wall or front door"
"orner areas have lots of windows"
"Light is what when trying to read?"
[ "crucial", "cumbersome", "heavy" ]
"light is crucial to reading because if there was poor lighting you wouldn't be able to read at all."
"trying to read"
"James thought that analyzing all the data would help him learn more, but it did not. It only gave him what?"
[ "headache", "better understanding", "enlightened" ]
"it did not give him a better understanding or be enlightened, as both are signs of learning, therefore he must have gotten a headache"
"it did not"
"What is the large-sclae general result of waging war?"
[ "people die", "killing people", "death and destruction" ]
"death and destruction"
"the result of war is both death and destruction."
"waging war"
"Dave put his beer where he could get to it, but it would be off the floor. Where did he put it?"
[ "soccer game", "can", "shelf" ]
"a shelf has appropriate height, probably at arm lenght"
"he could get to it"
"There is a hard substance that must take on different forms, what are these forms?"
[ "formed into cubes", "chipped", "found in artic" ]
"formed into cubes"
"a cube is the only form listed"
"Their boss informed them they can't just be chatting with friends on the clock, it was okay if they were doing what though?"
[ "will laugh", "social approval", "exchanging information" ]
"exchanging information"
"the boss made it clear that social activity was not permitted, so the obvious choice is the exchange of info?"
"can't just be chatting with friends"
"If you see cars with a light blinking on the driver's side what does that indicate they will do?"
[ "get to town", "turn left", "turn right" ]
"turn left"
"the drivers side is the left side of the car"
"ight blinking on the driver's side"
"He had to take oath that he would be what?"
[ "think", "truthful", "not lie" ]
"an oath is a sworn statement that truth will be told."
"The picture was clear,. Obviously, there had been a what?"
[ "invisible", "confusing", "misunderstood" ]
"misunderstood would be what someone would do if they perceived a picture not be clear that was clear."
"picture was clear"
"The only place you'd find a marmoset in what gold rush region would be in a zoo?"
[ "in wild", "national park", "american west" ]
"american west"
"the gold rush happened in the american west"
"gold rush region"
"What feature can a river flow through?"
[ "bridge", "valley", "waterfall" ]
"a river flowing through a valley and hills is the common thing to be seen"
"Where can someone find many a finger?"
[ "hand", "nose", "glove" ]
"you are most likely to find many fingers on a hand"
"If I am playing a xylophone with a large, amateur ensemble of young people, what am I a member of?"
[ "high school band", "museum", "orchestra" ]
"high school band"
"high school bands are generally made up of non-professional musicians."
"amateur ensemble of young people"
"When I have rest, what does that mean happened earlier?"
[ "exhausted", "were very tired", "worked all day" ]
"worked all day"
"working all day makes you rest because you get mentally and physically tired."
"have rest"
"Why might people go to a party?"
[ "face each other", "group together", "enjoy themselves" ]
"enjoy themselves"
"people normally have or go to parties to enjoy themselves, so that option makes the most sense."
"Where must you go for a blood transfusion?"
[ "person", "hospital", "vein" ]
"the hospital is a location where transfusions take place."
"blood transfusion"
"The bird flies up in what?"
[ "sky", "forest", "nest" ]
"a sky is up."
"flies up"
"If I want to maximize my number of potential customers, where should I build a new department store?"
[ "idaho", "big city", "shopping mall" ]
"big city"
"a big city has the most people out of the choices given"
"maximize my number of potential customers"
"What is a negative external consequence for someone who takes part in a killing?"
[ "feeling of guilt", "being imprisoned", "bloody mess" ]
"being imprisoned"
"being imprisoned is an external consequence as opposed to being an inconvenience"
"external consequence"
"When you are finished drinking out of a cup and want it clean you use this."
[ "dishwasher", "table", "shelf" ]
"the table and shelf would be the places you would put it after it is clean."
"want it clean"
"The exercise involved long and deep breathing, this slowed the heart and led to what?"
[ "living", "warm air", "relaxation" ]
"long and deep breathing can lead to relaxation"
"long and deep breathing"
"She knew his story was untrue, she just hoped he had remained what?"
[ "veracious", "faithful", "TRUE" ]
"he was lying about something and what he said was untrue"
"She needed help from a friend to over tighten the strap on her fancy what?"
[ "golf bag", "chemise", "brassiere" ]
"she asked a friend to help tighten something which implies it is private"
"tighten the strap on her fancy"
"Marmot's can be found in high places. They have hands that they can use to get to the top of what?"
[ "outside", "rocky hillside", "tree" ]
"a tree is the only thing that is high up."
"high places"
"What would a cat want if it is not hungry but it is bored?"
[ "nothing to do with", "milk to drink", "stroked" ]
"a cat that is not hungry and is bored will want to interact with their owner through stroking."
"not hungry but it is bored"
"A person tickling someone else knows they are getting close to a very ticklish spot when they start to hear what sound?"
[ "giggling", "laughing", "nausea" ]
"giggling leads to laughing"
"getting close to a very ticklish spot"
"Where would you sit in a chair to watch four-legged animals complete?"
[ "friend's house", "race track", "bookstore" ]
"race track"
"a race track is the only normal place where you would go to watch animals like dogs or horses race. the other answers are not suitable for that type of event."
"watch four-legged animals complete"
"John thought that using television is different from listening to radio. How is television different from radio?"
[ "visual", "entertained", "conformity" ]
"televisions give visuals while radio only gives audio"
"john thought that using television is different from listening to radio. how is television different from radio?"
"The cow would come outside even after the storm had passed, it wouldn't leave the what?"
[ "meat grinder", "red barn", "green field" ]
"red barn"
"if the cow has to come outside, it should be alive and in a sheltered place. hence it could not have been in the meat grinder where it would have been dead or a green field which is an open place."
"come outside"
"A person who is successful at bringing people to the table probably makes what?"
[ "acquire wealth", "delicious food", "self esteem" ]
"delicious food"
"the best reason to come to a table is good food."
"bringing people to the table"
"Sam tried to go to sleep, but he couldn't. He suffered from what?"
[ "being awake", "wakefulness", "stay awake" ]
""tried" meant he wants to sleep, rather than voluntarily stay up. thus answer b is more suitable."
"tried to go to sleep"
"Where would you find a container full of rice?"
[ "kitchens", "pantry", "refrigerator" ]
"rice is a dry staple good that does not need to be refrigerated"
"container full of rice"
"What is needed mentally to ready one's self to begin detailed work?"
[ "shower", "concentrate", "apply for job" ]
"detailed work requires focus and concentration"
"begin detailed work"
"What is someone likely hoping to gain from learning?"
[ "know more", "dysfunction", "more knowledge" ]
"more knowledge"
"people gain knowledge by learning so their goal of learning would be to increase their knowledge."
"gain from learning"
"She curled up under a blanket to get warm, this made her what on the couch as they started movie?"
[ "feel more comfortable", "sleep", "sweating" ]
"feel more comfortable"
"it is comfortable to be under a blanket nice and warm."
"she curled up under a blanket to get warm"
"What would someone be if he or she did not see a sharp object falling in front of him or her?"
[ "dull", "above board", "unobservant" ]
"being unobservant means you do not notice things, even when they're in front of you"
"did not see"
"What will happen to your clothes if you are full?"
[ "close fitting", "incomplete", "partial" ]
"close fitting"
"meaning that your belly would protrude more outward so that your clothes are more close fitting. the other two choices don't make sense"
"you are full"
"James felt himself losing consciousness. He was frightened. He didn't want this. He was scared of what?"
[ "death", "coma", "forgetfulness" ]
"he randomly started losing consciousness without any reason therefore he was scared he was going to die"
"losing consciousness"
"Where is a blanket useful to cover a horse?"
[ "hospital", "bedroom", "michigan" ]
"a blanker is used to cover a horse in michigan due to the extreme cold temperatures."
"where is a blanket useful"
"The building could accommodate many people. The entrance hall alone was impressive, being wide enough to admit a hundred shoulder to shoulder. But the building was owned by a billionaire and used only for his personal entertainment. How would you describe this place?"
[ "public building", "large building", "convention center" ]
"large building"
"the building is privately owned, and used for personal entertainment, and not for conventions."
"the building was owned by a billionaire and used only for his personal entertainment"
"It was important precious cargo, so it was delivered as quickly as possible by means of what?"
[ "aeroplane", "ship's hold", "boat" ]
"this is the quickest form of transportation"
"as quickly as possible"
"Seeing the desired results of doing housework left her what?"
[ "getting good grades", "house clean", "feeling satisfied" ]
"feeling satisfied"
"holds items for organization"
"Talking to others can make you feel better, but when the people you talk to are mean, then can cause what?"
[ "communicating with others", "hurt feelings", "changing behavior" ]
"hurt feelings"
"when someone talks to you in a mean way, it usually hurts people."
"but when the people you talk to are mean,then can cause what"
"He was practicing deep breathing techniques, he had to have great control of his what?"
[ "oxygen", "abdominal muscles", "air" ]
"abdominal muscles"
"deep breathing requires strong control of the muscles you use to breath, which would be abdominal"
"deep breathing techniques"
"Though he believed in the underdog the odds were not good enough, he instead pointed his money towards the what?"
[ "sure bet", "favourite", "safe bet" ]
"the favorite is more likely to win than the underdog."
"not good enough"
"What type of people get books written about them?"
[ "entertaining", "engaging", "important" ]
"only important people get books written about them"
"what type of people"
"If you want to set a romantic atmosphere you might light a candle where?"
[ "bedroom", "synagogue", "dimly lit room" ]
"bedrooms are romantic places"
"set a romantic atmospher"
"Some people will only have sex for the first time if they what?"
[ "love another", "eat breakfast", "wait for" ]
"love another"
"loving another is most likely when people will have sex for the first time if they choose to."
"some people will only have sex for the first time if they what?"
"A lighter was his only light source after the power went out, he left his room and tried to navigate down the what?"
[ "lamp", "hallway", "candle" ]
"it is the only answer that is not anther light source, which were not available."
"lighter was his only light source"
"The company didn't have any local stores. How did they sell things?"
[ "own resources", "ship goods", "mail order" ]
"mail order"
"a company without stores will sale by mail order."
"didn't have any local stores"
"What would you need to do to start work if you do not work in your house?"
[ "go somewhere", "rest", "sleep at night" ]
"go somewhere"
"if you work outside the house you will have to leave the house."
"do not work in your house"
"If a person wants to sort a pile of stuff, they must start by what?"
[ "go on vacation", "control computer", "separate things" ]
"separate things"
"to sort means to put in order, therefore separating things would be the first process in sorting a pile."
"sort a pile of stuff"
"Some people like to get things from as close to the source as possible, to achieve this for a potato you'd have to go where?"
[ "farmer's field", "soil", "food market" ]
"farmer's field"
"a farmer's field is a direct source of potatoes. moreso than a food market, and all soil doesn't have potatoes."
"as close to the source as possible"
"The bird took flight by moving its what?"
[ "feathers", "two legs", "two wings" ]
"two wings"
"two wings is the only option that makes sense for a bird to fly"
"took flight"
"Where are not many people allowed to go?"
[ "space shuttle", "street corner", "public place" ]
"space shuttle"
"a space shuttle is the only place on the list not many people are allowed to go."
"not many people allowed to go"
"Where would you put stationery if you want to be able to see it?"
[ "desk", "drawer", "post office" ]
"the only place you could see it would be on the desk."
"able to see it"
"The hippy wanted peace with all humans, he had strong what for them all?"
[ "names", "bladders", "feelings" ]
"hippy was wanted a peace in all nature and humans"
"hippy wanted peac"
"James found two abandoned garbage cans behind an old building. Where might they have been concealed?"
[ "alley", "street", "garage" ]
"an alley is usually behind an old building"
"behind an old building"
"James's parents felt that he was wasting his money, but they still let him put a coin where every weekend?"
[ "piggy bank", "parking meter", "wishing well" ]
"wishing well"
"a wishing well is basically throwing money away."
"wasting his money"
"Where is a dish usually used?"
[ "kitchen cabinet", "table", "pantry" ]
"a dish is kept in the kitchen cabinet or pantry, but is only used on the table when there is food"
"dish usually used"
"Where is gruber exacavation from?"
[ "work area", "montana", "quarry" ]
"its an excavating contractor located in montanna"
"gruber exacavation"
"You can read a magazine where while waiting for your transportation on rails to arrive?"
[ "bookstore", "train station", "waiting room" ]
"train station"
"a train station is where you wait for your transportation."
"waiting for your transportation"
"What happens to kids when visiting museums of old dinosaur bones?"
[ "amazement", "crowding", "retrospection" ]
"kids enjoy visiting museums of old dinosaur bones."
"visiting museums of old dinosaur bones"
"What does someone do while going jogging?"
[ "getting tired", "heavy breathing", "lose weight" ]
"heavy breathing"
"because we use more oxygen while jogging, the body has to breathe harder."
"while going jogging"
"Where is one able to find amusement without traveling too far?"
[ "circus", "disneyland", "movies" ]
"people typically have movie theaters closer to them than amusement parks or circuses."
"without traveling too far"
"The woman called herself the Joy. She married a man called what?"
[ "bad time", "sadness", "sorrow" ]
"the opposite of joy is sorrow"
"How does a police officer report his work?"
[ "direct traffic", "case", "retire" ]
"you don't direct traffic to report work and you don't retire either"
"report his work"
"An attempt to confirm an applicant's reference would fail if the reference does what?"
[ "deny", "question", "dispute" ]
"if the reference denies then there can not be a confirmation."
"attempt to confirm"
"Joe wanted to know the truth because he was an academic and south to learn as much as possible. He would do anything in pursuit of what?"
[ "further knowledge", "matter to", "free mind" ]
"further knowledge"
"joe seeks more information as a student who is learning."
"he was an academic and south to learn as much as possible"
"The children had been using television all Saturday morning, their parents made them go outside and play before they all suffered what?"
[ "visual", "entertained", "eye strain" ]
"eye strain"
"eye strain is the only option that relates to suffering."
"Billy first used a spa when he had a torn ankle and his doctor recommended that he go where?"
[ "health centre", "country club", "backyard" ]
"health centre"
"people usually go to a health center when they have an injury"
"torn ankle"
"Bill did not abandon the fight, but did what to the enemy?"
[ "engage", "embrace", "arrogate" ]
"he was not willing to walk away, therefore he would engage in a fight."
"did not abandon"
"The child pounded his mitt in excitement while enjoying his first game in the bleachers where?"
[ "baseball stadium", "soccer game", "football stadium" ]
"baseball stadium"
"baseball is a sport where a mitt is required to catch the ball."
"Where is a tree hugger likely to reside?"
[ "san francisco", "university", "state park" ]
"san francisco"
"san francisco is know for its trees."
"tree hugger likely to reside"
"He put in a mighty effort to his solution, but a better one was discovered making his what?"
[ "unimportant", "helpless", "insignificant" ]
"a solution is unimportant if a better one is found"
"better one was discovered"
"If people major in computer science, what is a logical career path for them?"
[ "choose life", "play outside", "write programs" ]
"write programs"
"writing programs is what computer science students study and practice. and out of the choices, that is the only career."
"computer science,what is a logical career path"
"Going to bed would help someone to do what?"
[ "falling asleep", "rest", "dreaming of" ]
"beds are used to sleep which is also know as rest"
"going to bed"
"Where is quiet conversation likely to take place?"
[ "party", "friend's house", "dinner" ]
"parties and friends home are much too loud for quiet conversation"
"The best thing a person can do for their health is to exercise and what?"
[ "perfect world", "eat well", "live comfortably" ]
"eat well"
"eating well goes with exercise"
"best thing a person can do for their health"
"What part of a property may be next to a driveway?"
[ "suburb", "yard", "neighborhood" ]
"the suburb is the only thing that is a part of a property"
"part of a property"
"I want to make new friends when I socialize at the party, what should I do?"
[ "with people", "see people", "mix" ]
"in order to meet new people it is necessary to mix."
"want to make new friends"
"The teacher took great pride in her work, she loved getting kids to what?"
[ "learn things", "play with toys", "play games" ]
"learn things"
"a teacher teaches, so she wants kids to learn"
"teacher took great pride in her work"
"Where do a lot of people store their extra toilet paper?"
[ "bathroom", "grocery store", "cabinet" ]
"a cabinet would the the most likely place to find extra toilet paper"
"store their extra toilet paper"