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"What do most people hope to achieve when having sex?"
[ "bliss", "orgasm", "getting pregnant" ]
"most people hope to get an orgasm when having sex."
"hope to achieve when having sex"
"Sometimes things don't concern people themselves, this often leads them to what about the result?"
[ "care less", "play golf", "trip over" ]
"care less"
"lack of concern means care less"
"don't concern people themselves"
"He found it odd that while attending lecture the professor got preachy, and even weirder when his fellow students started to what?"
[ "learning", "applaud", "taking notes" ]
"it is not weird to learn or take notes in lecture, but is odd to applaud"
"even weirder"
"Where are you likely to find water underneath?"
[ "toilet", "bridge", "jar" ]
"bridges are almost always built above bodies of water."
"Where do I put a folding chair if I have more guests than expected in my house?"
[ "garage", "church", "room" ]
"question implies that chairs will be in use"
"more guests than expected in my house"
"One way to relieve your hunger if you live near the coast is to do what?"
[ "make bread", "go to market", "bring home fish" ]
"bring home fish"
"the only place that might have"
"If someone is looking at a ceiling for issues before putting down a rent deposit, where are they likely?"
[ "loft", "house", "classroom" ]
"most lofts are rented out"
"putting down a rent deposit"
"When a person is on trial for killing, what is a jury likely to decide?"
[ "punishment", "investigation", "retribution" ]
"a trial happens after an investigation so therefore a jury would be deciding on a punishment and would not have any reason to have retribution against the defendant on trial."
"rial for killing,"
"Where does a car belong?"
[ "race track", "road", "freeway" ]
"the road is meant for parked cars."
"What to living things do to continue their species?"
[ "perspiration", "palpitations", "reproducing" ]
"they have internal instincts"
"living things"
"He was applying for a job, what did he promise to do when he spoke with the manager?"
[ "frustration", "working hard", "stress" ]
"working hard"
"a promise is usually a good thing and a manager would find working hard to be a good thing"
"promise to do"
"What leads a company to get in trouble?"
[ "liquidated", "branch out", "commit crime" ]
"commit crime"
"crimes are a name you call an action you get in trouble for"
"get in trouble"
"WHat do cats get into when they are ripping things apart?"
[ "nature", "dog's mouth", "trouble" ]
"they destroy things and need to be disciplined"
"ripping things apar"
"What could you do if you want to get free stuff that is worth money?"
[ "stand in line", "apply for job", "take care of proposals" ]
"stand in line"
"everyone wants free stuff so you would have to stand in line"
"get free stuff"
"The comforter was used constantly and treaded upon by everyone, where should it be placed?"
[ "livingroom", "washing machine", "bedroom" ]
"washing machine"
"the comforter is dirty and now needs to be washed"
"used constantly and treaded upon by everyone"
"Bobby noticed that the silverware was plastic. This was a turn off for him because it was so cheap. Where might he have been?"
[ "table", "kitchen", "restaurant" ]
"i would assume this was not a very nice restaurant if they could not use metal eating utensils."
"the silverware was plastic"
"Where is one likely to keep a stylus?"
[ "palm pilot", "record player", "hand" ]
"palm pilot"
"only a palm pilot keeps a stylus in storage."
"where do families likely watch television?"
[ "bar", "living room", "house" ]
"living room"
"many families have a television in their living room."
"families likely watch television"
"The shrewd investor had a simple plan to fight inflation, and that was to make what?"
[ "save money", "more money", "pay less" ]
"more money"
"a shrewd investor would already be conscious of where money was going out, so the only their way would be to make more money."
"shrewd investor"
"While eating a hamburger with friends, what are people trying to do?"
[ "have fun", "tasty", "indigestion" ]
"have fun"
"usually a hamburger with friends indicates a good time."
"hamburger with friends"
"If you were in a aberdeen and had just left a tourist spot of four faces carved in a mountain, you'd probably be where?"
[ "south dakota", "washington", "scotland" ]
"south dakota"
"mt rushmore is a famous mountain sculpture in south dakota, usa"
"tourist spot of four faces carved in a mountain"
"After getting drunk people couldn't understand him, it was because of his what?"
[ "lower standards", "slurred speech", "falling down" ]
"slurred speech"
"people who are drunk have difficulty speaking."
"after getting drunk"
"Water is used as a mirror when designing a what?"
[ "sewage treatment plant", "reflecting pool", "fish tank" ]
"reflecting pool"
"reflecting pools are meant to mirror their surroundings."
"What would cooks do when they are almost finished cooking?"
[ "season with salt", "prepare meals", "better food" ]
"season with salt"
"seasoning is the only answer that can happen toward the end of food prep."
"would cooks do when they are almost finished"
"There are many dance clubs and higher rates of obesity where?"
[ "united states", "michigan", "ohio" ]
"united states"
"united states are commonly associated with obesity."
"higher rates of obesity"
"The elementary-age child was asked to describe a ball, what word did he likely use for it?"
[ "spherical", "round", "circular" ]
"most balls are round"
"describe a ball"
"What plastic item can you store dairy in?"
[ "fridge", "container", "refrigerator" ]
"a fridge/refridgerator is usually not all plastic, while a container could certainly be a wholly plastic item."
"plastic item"
"What are you hoping will happen when talking?"
[ "attempting to communicate", "people to listen", "making sound" ]
"people to listen"
"when you talk you hope people are listening"
"happen when talking"
"Why do manufacturers have many machines?"
[ "perform work", "produce products", "serve humanity" ]
"produce products"
"in order to produce products, manufacturers usually have many machines."
"Where does a beaver leave?"
[ "british columbia", "wooded area", "body of water" ]
"body of water"
"water is the most logical place a beaver would be found."
"beaver leave?"
"What are birds likely to do in the winter?"
[ "head south", "fly high", "spread wings" ]
"head south"
"most birds head south during winter time."
"birds likely to do in the winter"
"A water spout was seen in the ocean off the coast of what?"
[ "sink", "florida", "fountain" ]
"florida is the only option that is a location."
"off the coast"
"Choosing a cruise for traveling can have many benefits, socially you're in close proximity strangers and get to experience what more quickly?"
[ "disorientation", "meeting new people", "getting somewhere" ]
"meeting new people"
"strangers are new people to meet"
"close proximity strangers"
"Where can you learn about the anatomy of a blowfish in print?"
[ "fish market", "books", "france" ]
"printing implies a book or newspaper. something physical"
"in print"
"We do not have rest, so how are we feeling?"
[ "were very tired", "exhausted", "worked all day" ]
"were very tired"
"due to lack of rest we feel tired."
"When the farmer was reproducing sheep, what did one sheep give later?"
[ "larger family", "fun", "birth" ]
"birth is the output of reproducing process of sheep"
"Where do salmon fish spawn?"
[ "river", "aquarium", "ocean" ]
"salmon live in the river"
"salmon fish"
"Where would you send stationery to someone?"
[ "drawer", "post office", "desk" ]
"post office"
"stationery is writing paper used to write notes, letters, and similar."
"The person was trying to describe what makes a good movie, he liked all the little what?"
[ "witty", "go home", "details" ]
"details make movies unforgettable and amazing"
"describe what makes a good movie"
"Sam spent time chatting with friends about important things because he wanted to get what?"
[ "answers", "communication", "happiness" ]
"when we talk about things we learn about things"
"chatting with friends"
"He had planned to drive away normal, unfortunately the car was stuck in what?"
[ "tangential", "unconventional", "reverse" ]
"reverse is opposite of normally driving away."
"drive away normal"
"What kind of emotion does eating at your favorite restaurant bring about?"
[ "getting full", "satisfaction", "gaining weight" ]
"satisfaction is the only emotion that you would feel at your favorite restaurant."
"eating at your favorite restaurant"
"Light from the sun goes past earth and becomes weaker as it spreads out into the what/"
[ "ocean", "attic", "universe" ]
"water and attic are a part of earth. the only thing past earth is the universe."
"past earth"
"After being in space the astronaut was happy to be breathing fresh air, it left him what?"
[ "breathe deeply", "feeling good", "living" ]
"feeling good"
"nothing is giving fresh and healthy feeling then having fresh air since astronaut was used to breathe conditioned air for long time"
"Where might someone get beads on a balcony?"
[ "michigan", "theater", "new orleans" ]
"new orleans"
"new orleans is known for beads being thrown from a balcony."
"beads on a balcony"
"James was returning to work after a period of sickness. He was happy to be working because he had suffered from something during his illness. What did he suffer from?"
[ "malaise", "boredom", "painless" ]
"they have internal instincts"
"period of sickness"
"Why would you sit down in front of a tv?"
[ "drink", "fart", "relax" ]
"for many, watching television is relaxing."
"sit down in front of a tv"
"You can get off the road and relax on a couch at what roadside location?"
[ "apartment", "waiting room", "rest area" ]
"rest area"
"when you are driving you can get off the road and relax at a rest area.."
"off the road"
"The children gathered around the camp fire to do what?"
[ "play with toys", "play ball", "hear stories" ]
"hear stories"
"stories are often told around campfires."
"gathered around the camp fire"
"Bailey couldn't find a place to leave his vehicle because he couldn't find a parking lot anywhere. It was a very small what?"
[ "business district", "town", "car" ]
"in a small town, there usually aren't many parking lots."
"couldn't find a parking lo"
"If one sees a fox and is standing in a coastal, gulf state, where is this person?"
[ "louisiana", "south carolina", "arkansas" ]
"louisiana is the only coastal gulf state of the choices."
"coastal,gulf state"
"Living in a humid climate can be uncomfortable, it leads to a lot of what?"
[ "palpitations", "reproducing", "perspiration" ]
"humidity makes you feel hot and sweaty"
"humid climate"
"When you love someone, what will that person most likely do?"
[ "bring joy", "hurt", "last forever" ]
"bring joy"
"it is unlikely that a person that someone loves would bring hurt to them, they would most likely bring joy, and no one lasts forever."
"love someone"
"A battleship is a powerful vessel. If you need something similar but faster, what would you use?"
[ "corvette", "patrol boat", "aircraft carrier" ]
"corvettes are sleeker and faster than a conventional battleship."
"similar but faster"
"The obsessive man was always washing hands, he had even done it so much once that it caused a what?"
[ "thinking", "irritation", "use soap" ]
"washing hands excessively can cause your hands to be dry and irritated thats why irritation makes more sense."
"always washing hands"
"The agent of change had a loath feeling for the king, he would set for a plan to have him what?"
[ "inclined", "enthusiastic", "disposed" ]
"the loath feeling indicates a desire to be rid of the problem (the king), thus to have him disposed of."
"loath feeling"
"What would you open to find a bottle of glue?"
[ "desk drawer", "school", "classroom" ]
"desk drawer"
"people keep glue bottles in drawers,especially at a desk."
"bottle of glue"
"Where do people compete to see who is quicker?"
[ "race track", "classroom", "populated areas" ]
"race track"
"a race track is the only place you would be competing on speed."
"Where can birds clean themselves?"
[ "birdhouse", "nest", "water fountain" ]
"water fountain"
"only with water can birds clean themselves thoroughly. therefore, they can often be found at a water fountain."
"John finds that understanding the people around him better leads to deeper what?"
[ "satisfaction", "compassion", "friendships" ]
"friendship is build upon understanding."
"understanding the people"
"The roadway led away from town and towards what?"
[ "countryside", "neighborhood", "city" ]
"countryside is the only option that requires someone to take the roadway."
"If I am reading a letter and want to find an illogically spelled word, what might I look for?"
[ "answer", "though", "get news" ]
"the only place that might have"
"reading a letter"
"At the end of your meal what will a waiter do?"
[ "serve food", "present bill", "set table" ]
"present bill"
"presenting a bill is the only option for the end of a meal"
"end of your meal"
"What does a human need to do before a program will exist?"
[ "compile", "write code", "get frustrated" ]
"write code"
"there should be conception of the idea of the program and then it has to be created and at that point, it can come to life by using codes."
"before a program will exist?"
"Where are leaves likely to cause an accident?"
[ "roof", "street", "trees" ]
"leaves sitting on a roof or trees are normal and just sit there, but on the street can cause a car accident."
"What do people in a family typically do on the holidays?"
[ "facing each other", "get angry", "gather together" ]
"gather together"
"they usually gather together whether or not they get angry at each other. "facing each other" is too specific and doesn't make sense"
"the holidays"
"Where would you put a ficus if you do not want it to damage your floor?"
[ "middle east", "container", "dictionary" ]
"a countainer is the only place you would put a ficus to stop floor damage."
"If you wanted to cross this, you might want a canoe. What is this?"
[ "boat house", "mountain stream", "water" ]
"a canoe can cross anybody of water, not just a stream, boat house doesn't make sense."
"cross this"
"Where do nurses work with one doctor?"
[ "doctor's office", "nursing home", "hospital" ]
"doctor's office"
"both nursing homes and hospitals tend to employ more than one doctor."
"one doctor"
"Where could you find an armchair that is used by only a few people?"
[ "study", "furniture store", "hospital" ]
"an armchair in a study is most likely personally owned and is never used outside the select few that enter it."
"used by only a few people"
"Where do you visit a dentist?"
[ "dental office", "las vegas", "phone book" ]
"dental office"
"dentists are usually in dentists offices, and in a phone book or las vegas, unless your dentist is in a dentists' office in las vegas."
"a dentist"
"What is the closest place to eat when you are not out on the town?"
[ "own house", "downtown", "shopping center" ]
"own house"
"there's know place closer to eat than your own home."
"closest place to eat"
"What happens when you play games?"
[ "bored", "have fun", "challenge" ]
"have fun"
"people most often play games in order to have fun."
"play games"
"The scientists thought it was an impossibility, but with new evidence there was a chance it was a what?"
[ "certainty", "inevitability", "possibility" ]
"the opposite of impossible is possible"
"Where do you go when you're about to board a vehicle on railing?"
[ "porch", "railway station", "flight of stairs" ]
"railway station"
"railway station are a form of transportation where the trains are on rails."
"about to board"
"John went into the front garden of his palatial mansion. Where might his mansion be located?"
[ "urban area", "michigan", "front yard" ]
"michigan is the most logical choice for where john's mansion is located."
"mansion be located"
"Where would you find a lizard that is owned by someone with high income?"
[ "south america", "new hampshire", "encyclopedia" ]
"new hampshire"
"new hampshire has a higher income than south america. encyclopedia is not a place."
"someone with high income"
"He claimed the veracious nature of his accusations, and how they were proven to not be what?"
[ "untrue", "FALSE", "untruthful" ]
""veracious" means accurate and truthful, so to be not false is to be veracious, and one would most likely use "false" over "untruthful""
"veracious nature"
"What would be the result of going into a deep trance in order to purge the subconscious?"
[ "memory loss", "loss of control", "closed eyes" ]
"memory loss"
"subconscious implies a part of the brain we have no control over, so the correct answer should be loss of control, if anything, memory would come back after a deep trance"
"deep trance in order to purge the subconscious"
"When you're telling many people about something you will need to do what to address them?"
[ "yell", "shout", "speak" ]
"if you're telling many people one at a time about something, then you would just need to speak to them, rather than shout or yell at them."
"telling many people about something"
"The lizard lived at the base of the ancient longest wall, what country did it likely live in?"
[ "china", "forrest", "tropics" ]
"the great wall of china is the longest ancient wall so most likely that's where it would be."
"the lizard lived at the base of the ancient longest wall,what country did it likely live in?"
"The president is the highest office where?"
[ "government", "country", "white house" ]
"explanation: the white house contains the highest office in the country"
"the president is the highest office where?"
"What do airplanes do as they are beginning to take off?"
[ "carry people", "speed up", "slow down" ]
"speed up"
"an airplane must speed up in order to be able to take flight."
"beginning to take off"
"James spent a lot of time walking long distances. He walked not because he liked it, it made his feet sore, nut because it was his only means of what?"
[ "blisters", "locomotion", "lose weight" ]
"the process of aging in humans"
"walking long distances"
"Who do you give money to at a ticket booth?"
[ "movie theater", "clerk", "venue" ]
"traditionally you give clerks your money to buy tickets at the booth."
"who do you give money to at a ticket booth?"
"Where is a person doing housework likely to work?"
[ "low pay", "nice home", "become tired" ]
"nice home"
"nice homes require more housework to keep up."
"a person doing housework"
"If you were going public outing and heart was racing what are you feeling?"
[ "embarrassment", "sorrow", "panic" ]
"panic attacks happen like this"
"public outing and heart was racing"
"If you need to travel in the cold, you would be best to be what?"
[ "prepared", "amiable", "baking" ]
"when traveling you must pack for the expected weather"
"ravel in the cold"
"Oil can fix the squeak on the hinges on what that you open or close when you drive to the store?"
[ "exterior door", "french door", "car door" ]
"car door"
"you open and close your car door when you drive to the store"
"open or close when you drive to the store"
"James loved going down. He thought that the worst part of climbing was what?"
[ "ascending", "blisters", "loss of oxygen" ]
"by ascending you are exerting all your bodies energy."
"worst part of climbing"
"What is an effect of jumping rope?"
[ "look silly", "becoming tired", "ankle sprain" ]
"becoming tired"
"jumping rope takes up a lot of energy causing tiredness."
"effect of jumping rope"
"What is a good thing for farmers to have to start off?"
[ "supply food", "farm land", "grow corn" ]
"farm land"
"farmers need farm land to start."
"farmers to have"
"What is considered to be an outdated way to gain knowledge?"
[ "book", "head", "encyclopedia" ]
"encyclopedias are an old school way of learning"
"what is considered to be an outdated way to gain knowledge?"
"Computers have always been cutting edge technology, so they what?"
[ "do work", "teach", "cost money" ]
"cost money"
"new technology is usually more costly than old technology."
"cutting edge technology"
"Janet knew she was dying from her injuries because she could feel herself doing what?"
[ "death and decay", "getting cold", "stop breathing" ]
"getting cold"
"she would not be able to feel the other selections as she would already be dead."
"she could feel herself doing"
"When people get older what happens to their hair?"
[ "lightweight", "long or short", "very thin" ]
"very thin"
"a person's hair will typically get thinner as they age."
"get older"
"What is learning about the world and how it works likely to cause?"
[ "pleasure", "anger", "loss of innocence" ]
"loss of innocence"
"it is the only one that is not an emotion, which would be how would you feel about it."
"likely to cause"
"There aren't many anemone in what glove-shaped state?"
[ "nursery", "michigan", "atlantic ocean" ]
"michigan is the only state in the answer options"
"glove-shaped state"
"Mary looked though the chest that her grandfather brought with him. She could no longer return to his birthplace, because it was not gone. Now it's called what?"
[ "istanbul", "human being", "bedroom" ]
"istanbul is the only place among the choices."
"How would a human be feeling if they were smiling and whistling?"
[ "good mood", "greek tragedy", "shopping mall" ]
"good mood"
"humans smile and will sometimes whistle a tune when in a good mood."
"smiling and whistling"