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"If a lantern is not for sale, where is it likely to be?"
[ "antique shop", "house", "dark place" ]
"a house is the only place that is not likely to sell things"
"not for sale"
"Which group is the cover for tonight's musical program?"
[ "concert", "opera", "television" ]
"a group musical program suggests a concert"
"Where is the most likely place for more than one stadium?"
[ "rome", "college town", "large city" ]
"large city"
"a stadium require a lot of space"
"more than one stadium"
"When you drive and see someone walking across the street what do we do?"
[ "stop", "walking", "passenger" ]
"pedestrians always have right of way."
"see someone walking"
"Bob asked James to be an alibi witness for him but James is worried about committing perjury. He's afraid he'll be found out and he'll what?"
[ "go to jail", "embarrassment", "penalty" ]
"go to jail"
"perjury is a crime that leads to jail time"
"committing perjury"
"The weasel was sifting through garbage, where did it look for it?"
[ "hollow log", "backyards", "law office" ]
"the backyard most likely contains the garbage weasels look for."
"the weasel was sifting through garbage,where did it look for it?"
"What happens when someone is playing too aggressively?"
[ "injury", "get hungry", "feeling happy" ]
"when people get too aggressive it almost always results in injury."
"playing too aggressively"
"If I were to stand up and put my leg in front of the other leg repeatedly I would do what?"
[ "have to say", "start walking", "move around" ]
"start walking"
"walking is the only activity where you put one leg in front of the other"
"if i were to stand up and put my leg in front of the other leg repeatedly i would do what?"
"What is likely to happen from eating too much regularly?"
[ "getting full", "gas", "gaining weight" ]
"gaining weight"
"eating too much regularly we all heavy weight in all formats"
"eating too much"
"Where does a human likely not want to be?"
[ "park", "jail", "church" ]
"park is a place for relaxation while church is a place for prayer. jail is a place where people who commit crime are put and hence no one would like to stay in a small locked up room."
"not want to be"
"When you want to eat lunch, you need to have what for it?"
[ "have time for", "prepare food", "find food" ]
"have time for"
"first you need to find the time to eat your linch, then you can worry about what to eat"
"want to eat lunch"
"The woman was worried about environmental impact, what did she fret over while attempting to wash clothes?"
[ "use water", "use soap", "gather up" ]
"use water"
"the woman needs to use water to wash clothes."
"The cat saw animal control approaching her, what did she decide to do?"
[ "run away", "cast shadow", "see at night" ]
"run away"
"a cat can not choose to cast a shadow and the question has nothing to do with the time of day."
"animal control approaching her"
"Curiosity was high since it was a good tour guide, she explained things first then took the group to what?"
[ "see exhibits", "hear testimony", "surf net" ]
"see exhibits"
"typically you are given a look and explanation from tour guides about exhibits."
"tour guide"
"Emilio needed the exercise, but he didn't do it. He suffered from what?"
[ "sloth", "couch potato", "lazy" ]
"a sloth does not exercise"
"needed the exercise"
"Sitting to close while watching TV can cause what sort of pain?"
[ "laughter", "laziness", "headache" ]
"the process of aging in humans"
"sort of pain"
"Where do families tend to store a lot of boxes?"
[ "basement", "warehouse", "shoe store" ]
"families store their extra stuff in boxed in garages, attics, or basements"
"end to store a lot of boxes"
"The key to living life and not just existing is what?"
[ "happiness", "acquiring knowledge", "existing" ]
"acquiring knowledge and existing are just existing, happiness is thriving"
"not just existing"
"The monkey was hopping around, climbing things, and swinging around his habitat. What might he have been feeling?"
[ "brazil", "treetops", "playful mood" ]
"playful mood"
"the monkey was exchanging in activities that indicated he was wanting to play."
"hopping around,climbing things,and swinging around"
"After making contact the spy had to go somewhere to what?"
[ "meet", "arriving", "have fun" ]
"contact indicates he spoke with someone, the spy implies he's very serious and not looking for fun. logically it makes sense he would be meeting someone because of he contact."
"contact the spy"
"He could make even the average story dramatic, he had a knack for being what?"
[ "uncommon", "hyperbolic", "special" ]
"being uncommon or special aren't likely to mean you can make boring stories dramatic, but being hyperbolic does."
"make even the average story dramatic"
"From state to state gardeners appreciate the bee, it is a popular pollinator where?"
[ "apiary", "united states", "michigan" ]
"united states"
"this includes multiple states so united states would be the most likely choice."
"state to state"
"Opening business was a passionate dream of his, but he'd be lying if he didn't want to what too?"
[ "wealth", "busy", "get rich" ]
"get rich"
"opening business man dream is get rich"
"passionate dream"
"Where do you buy concessions at games from booths?"
[ "farmer's market", "sporting event", "fair" ]
"sporting event"
"a sporting event is the place people most likely buy concessions."
"buy concessions"
"While moving the antique a wooden rod fell out, but since it was just part of the chimes what was still functional?"
[ "hardware store", "old houses", "old clock" ]
"old clock"
"old clocks have chimes."
"part of the chimes"
"Where would you use a computer while gaining knowledge?"
[ "house", "school", "table" ]
"because school is more organised to give us knowledge."
"If you're caught buying beer for children what will happen?"
[ "relaxation", "losing money", "get arrested" ]
"get arrested"
"the most logical outcome for being caught committing a crime is to be arrested. while you might lose money you will get arrested."
"caught buying beer for children"
"If a person uses a computer at night to surf the internet, what feeling might they try to alleviate?"
[ "program created", "stress", "happiness" ]
"stress is the only thing that would need to be alleviated."
"If your opponents in a marathon is very fast it is easy to fall what?"
[ "behind", "slowly", "lightly" ]
"the phrase "falling behind" is commonly used in races."
"very fast it is easy to fall"
"Sometimes playing game means losing, he wasn't good at losing though and showed lots of what?"
[ "anger", "injury", "enjoying" ]
"the only logical reaction to losing."
"wasn't good at losing"
"Where is the best place to get a bicycle for a child?"
[ "street", "toy store", "garage" ]
"toy store"
"often, items for children are found in a toy store."
"for a child"
"If you there is glass in this you could possibly see dishes."
[ "window", "table", "cabinet" ]
"glass in this you could possibly see dishes cabinet"
"glass in this you could possibly see dishes"
"When chatting with friends you admire, what are you hoping to achieve?"
[ "feel close to", "social approval", "exchanging information" ]
"social approval"
"you try to gain the approval of people you admire."
"friends you admire"
"Where are you if you've received bbq after paying?"
[ "backyard", "restaurant", "louisiana" ]
"you pay at restaurants"
"after paying"
"My ficus isn't in my house, but it is protected from bugs, where did I place it?"
[ "shady places", "screened porch", "clay pot" ]
"screened porch"
"a clay pot and a shady place can be both in and out of house, so they are ambiguous with respect to the question. however, a porch is definitely outside the house, so that's the answer."
"isn't in my house"
"What state would have many Mexican restaurants?"
[ "southern california", "san diego", "mexico" ]
"southern california"
"the others are countries or cities"
"Where would a weasel go if it is hungry?"
[ "cherry tree", "natural history museum", "court room" ]
"cherry tree"
"that's the only logical place for a weasel to find food from those options"
"What might a friend throw a party for another friend?"
[ "rely on", "coming home", "keep secret" ]
"coming home"
"coming home is the only reason a friend would throw a party that's the most likely, since answers a and c aren't reasons that friends really throw parties."
"throw a party for another friend"
"What is a person dressed as a clown hoping to accomplish?"
[ "make others happy", "low crime", "good lover" ]
"make others happy"
"clowns are entertaining and make people laugh."
"clown hoping to accomplish"
"The dryer sheets were labelled wild flowers, they were very what?"
[ "red", "fragrant", "pink" ]
"wild flowers smell nice."
"wild flowers"
"What do lizards climb up?"
[ "great outdoors", "stream bed", "rock wall" ]
"rock wall"
"lizards are able to climb rock walls, and not stream beds, and "great outdoors" doesnt make any sense."
"If two groups of people want to vacation somewhere else for free, what can they do?"
[ "hurry along", "make lists", "trade places" ]
"trade places"
"trading places would give each group somewhere else to vacation."
"vacation somewhere else"
"What does a police officer in their sixities?"
[ "case", "retire", "direct traffic" ]
"many police officers retire in their sixities."
"When I was driving, I saw a lot of emergency vehicles up ahead. What might have happened?"
[ "tension headache", "traffic accident", "tunnel vision" ]
"traffic accident"
"a traffic accident will cause emergency vehicles to arrive at the scene."
"emergency vehicles up ahead"
"What happens to a person falling?"
[ "pain", "going down", "broken bones" ]
"going down"
"falling requires downward motion"
"person falling"
"People do what during their time off from work?"
[ "take trips", "grow shorter", "become hysterical" ]
"take trips"
"people usually do something relaxing, such as taking trips, when they don't need to work."
"time off from work"
"What can ignorance between groups cause?"
[ "bliss", "accidents", "hostility" ]
"hostility is most often the result of intergroup ignorance"
"what can ignorance between groups cause?"
"If a group of friends have gathered after reading a book they are likely about to have a what?"
[ "discussion", "learning", "learn things" ]
"it is a description of a book club or something similar in which a discussion takes place."
"friends have gathered after reading a book"
"A king or queen is a member of what class?"
[ "monarchy", "deck of cards", "beehive" ]
"monarchy is the only answer that denotes a class of people."
"Where is a bicycle likely to be stolen?"
[ "toy store", "street", "garage" ]
"the street is the only area a bicycle would be likely stolen"
"likely to be stolen"
"What do people try to avoid?"
[ "bank money", "suffer pain", "wait in line" ]
"suffer pain"
"pain is negative. people avoid it."
"The factory made all sorts of specialized toys; AK47's, MiGs, anything having to do with what?"
[ "workers", "free trade zones", "russia" ]
"the toy weapons are imitations that are specialized to russian military."
"It was the first time they had met their new niece, it was good to have everybody together at the annual what?"
[ "family tree", "family reunion", "brother's house" ]
"family reunion"
"the reason this is the correct choice is by matter of deduction, family tree and brothers house are not events and cant be annual so that leaves the family reunion as the only option"
"everybody together at the annua"
"What does someone want when having fun with their friends and trying to fit in?"
[ "being understood", "visiting friends", "hug" ]
"being understood"
"one hopes that they are being understood when they are doing the work to fit in with people."
"fit in"
"The people wanted to take the scenic route, they chose the highway that cut through the what?"
[ "atlas", "countryside", "united states" ]
"by taking the countryside, they would not be on busy roads like freeways or highways and would be able to enjoy the scenes that a country road would provide."
"wanted to take the scenic route"
"Some cars have racing lines on them called?"
[ "breaks to help stop", "stripes", "radios" ]
"stripes are the only answer that would be "on" the car."
"lines on"
"What device popular with children has two wheels?"
[ "vehicle", "car", "bicycle" ]
"a bicycle is the only option with 2 wheels."
"two wheels"
"Sally went to her office, which was on the 8th and top floor. Where does she probably work?"
[ "skyscraper", "tall building", "public building" ]
"tall building"
"a tall building has several floors, but not as many as a skyscraper."
"8th and top floor"
"What will happen to someone after you are answering questions that he or she asks?"
[ "better grade", "embarassment", "children will learn" ]
"children will learn"
"learning is the process of asking questions to receive answers."
"answering questions that he or she asks?"
"Talking to someone is pointless if they're doing what?"
[ "not listening", "eye contact", "being heard" ]
"not listening"
"if someone is not listening then it doesn't matter what you say"
"is pointless if they're doing what"
"If someone has a head they will also have the ability to what?"
[ "subordinate", "point", "base" ]
"if someone has a head they will most likely have eyes and arms and be able to point at something."
"have the ability to what"
"Humans have a number of body parts that serve multiple functions. Name something that they have an abundance of, and which serves a dual function."
[ "ten fingers", "two arms", "two eyes" ]
"ten fingers"
"abundance suggests a lot of, i.e. more than just 1 or 2."
"an abundance of"
"The couple had been copulating seemingly non stop, eventually they finally had a what?"
[ "period of rest", "intense pleasure", "skin irritation" ]
"period of rest"
"a period of rest would be the most typical action after doing something non-stop"
"non stop,eventually they finally had a"
"I framed the picture so I could look at it while I ate dinner, so where did I put it?"
[ "newspaper", "table", "desktop" ]
"a table is the usual place to eat dinner."
"while i ate dinner"
"What might help if my dog wants a drink but his bowl is empty?"
[ "cabinet", "can", "cup" ]
"a dog could drink from a cup if his bowl is empty."
"what might help if my dog wants a drink but his bowl is empty?"
"He was tuning out the business show in the background, they were yammering about how to fight inflation with a certain percentage to what?"
[ "lower prices", "raise interest rates", "have money" ]
"raise interest rates"
"inflation means something getting bigger, so a raise in interest rates is the only one that shows something growing."
"The lizard was at the zoo, the protester stole it and returned it to the what?"
[ "wild", "galapagos archipelago", "glass cage" ]
"explanation: more than likely they released it into the wild"
"the lizard was at the zoo,the protester stole it and returned it to the what?"
"There weren't potatoes but actually a snake in his what?"
[ "burlap sack", "deep grass", "hot country" ]
"burlap sack"
"a burlap sack is usually for potatoes, so it would be surprising and unusual for there to be a snake in one."
"there weren't potatoes but"
"It was time for a harvest, you could find potato after potato in the what?"
[ "soil", "farmer's field", "food market" ]
"food is grown in the fields, on the ground, into the earth"
"The people wanted to do a demonstration, where did they decide to do it?"
[ "roadblock", "public place", "space shuttle" ]
"public place"
"there would be more people at a public place"
"wanted to do a demonstration"
"What happens when someone is driving their car for a long time?"
[ "wheels turning", "lack of fuel", "tire wear" ]
"tire wear"
"the tires would more likely wear out after a while."
"what happens when someone is driving their car for a long time?"
"Where are spectators likely to ask for players autographs?"
[ "sporting event", "soccer game", "hockey game" ]
"sporting event"
"a soccer game and hockey game both fall under the realm of sporting events"
"players autographs"
"The therapist told him he had to communicate his problems, he said to just be willing to do what?"
[ "send email", "talk with people", "talk to people" ]
"talk with people"
"communication requires talking with others and working together"
"ommunicate his problems"
"Animals can be very primal, sometimes to prove themselves they what?"
[ "fight each other", "need to eat", "live lives" ]
"fight each other"
"they have internal instincts"
"very primal"
"Where is a good place to find a lot of fictional words?"
[ "newspaper", "books", "sentence" ]
"newspapers contain facts, and sentences are often factual."
"a lot of fictional words"
"Something that you need to have inside of you when opening a business is a lot of?"
[ "creativity", "determination", "funding" ]
"opening a business is tough so you need to have determination to see it though"
"need to have inside of you"
"Where are you likely to find an injured soldier?"
[ "white house", "war zone", "battlefield" ]
"war zone"
"war zone is the only place likely to find an injured soldier because that's where the soldiers are fighting one another."
"injured soldier"
"Daryl is 16 years old and he's on a football team. Where is his team's home football field most likely located?"
[ "college campus", "oklahoma", "school campus" ]
"school campus"
"school campus would be where a 16 year old would play his team's home football games."
"team's home football field"
"If a couple is having financial issues, buying products can lead to what?"
[ "economic boom", "disagreements", "being able to use" ]
"exacerbating difficulties can lead to disagreements"
"couple is having financial issues"
"John saw a pair of disembodied lips floating towards him. He was hypnotized by their what?"
[ "human face", "motion", "faces" ]
"the statement describes lips that are in motion from being detached from a person."
"disembodied lips floating towards him"
"Where would a loose weasel cause the most destruction?"
[ "great britain", "michigan", "hen house" ]
"hen house"
"it would kill the hens in the hen house."
"loose wease"
"The college student was actually quite selfish and image obsessed, he only spoke of helping others and his what kind of values"
[ "philanthropic", "selfless", "altruistic" ]
"altruism most closely correlates to the student's description."
"he only spoke of helping others"
"In the morning you return to work, in the evening you?"
[ "get out of bed", "leave work", "go to meeting" ]
"leave work"
"when the work day is done, it is time to leave work."
"morning you return to work"
"A person woke up in bed. Their spouse was sleeping beside them. They rolled over, did something, and stood. What did they do before standing?"
[ "converse", "sit up", "say love" ]
"sit up"
"the other options would require the spouse to be awake."
"their spouse was sleeping beside them"
"What do you need to do to get recognition at work?"
[ "purchase", "reach for", "work hard" ]
"work hard"
"the way you get recognition at work is to work hard so you can separate yourself from your coworkers and look good."
"recognition at work"
"What could you use a net as?"
[ "fishing gear", "fishing boat", "soccer game" ]
"fishing gear"
"there are different types of fishing, one being with a net."
"What is likely to have more than one level in a city?"
[ "carpenter's shop", "video game", "garage" ]
"cities are congested and there are more cars to be accommodated"
"more than one level"
"What happens to people playing games?"
[ "winning", "happiness", "entertainment" ]
"the only place that might have"
"playing games"
"Where might I re-home a well loved piece of furniture from college days?"
[ "room", "rug", "friend's house" ]
"friend's house"
"re-home means someone elses home so a new room or a rug would not work"
"re-home a well loved piece of furniture"
"They had heard it was a good movie, so even though it was going to be packed the still decided to what?"
[ "stand in line", "pretend", "wait in line" ]
"wait in line"
"they want to see a good movie despite the long wait in line that will ensure."
"even though it was going to be packed"
"The couple decided the new shades didn't match the old wall color, where did they go next?"
[ "windows", "house", "paint store" ]
"paint store"
"the couple must go to the paint store to buy a new color for their walls to match the shades."
"didn't match"
"Today was beautiful, clear blue skies are nice but there's nothing to look at up there if it isn't a little what?"
[ "cloudy", "grotesque", "hideous" ]
"clouds are usually what's in the air to look at."
"clear blue skies are nice"
"What type of door are canned good usually kept behind?"
[ "cupboard", "pantry", "cabinet" ]
"the only place that might have"
"canned good"
"If my friends are alcoholics, where can I find things that they'd want for a party?"
[ "bar", "fraternity house", "liquor store" ]
"liquor store"
"they can buy alcoholic drinks and bring them to a party only from liquor store."
"What does a person who is considered good known for?"
[ "ride horses", "green thumb", "contribution to society" ]
"contribution to society"
"a good person would do good things to those around, such as contribute to the community"
"considered good"
"When a stressed person is breathing fresh air, what are they often looking to do?"
[ "clear head", "exhilaration", "reviving" ]
"clear head"
"a stressed person needs to take breaths of fresh air to clear their head of what is causing their stress in hopes of reducing their stress."
"breathing fresh ai"
"The child had never seen a jellyfish in real life, he had only seen them in a what?"
[ "movie", "tank", "shore" ]
"the opposite of "in real life" is on tv or in a movie"
"in real life"
"A ruler is likely to hold court where?"
[ "palace", "gymnasium", "public building" ]
"the palace is traditionally the place from which rulers hold court."
"a ruler is likely to hold court where?"
"Where could you find many people standing inside?"
[ "space shuttle", "street corner", "public place" ]
"public place"
"public place is the only place people could stand inside."
"standing inside"
"Where does water in the sky come from?"
[ "rain cloud", "lake or river", "wishing well" ]
"rain cloud"
"a rain cloud produces rain, which falls from the sky."
"water in the sky"