Task Categories: token-classification
Languages: English
Multilinguality: monolingual
Size Categories: 10K<n<100K
Language Creators: found
Annotations Creators: expert-generated
Source Datasets: extended|conll2003
Licenses: unknown
File size: 3,352 Bytes
{"conllpp": {"description": "CoNLLpp is a corrected version of the CoNLL2003 NER dataset where labels of 5.38% of the sentences in the test set\nhave been manually corrected. The training set and development set are included for completeness.\nFor more details see and\n", "citation": "@inproceedings{wang2019crossweigh,\n  title={CrossWeigh: Training Named Entity Tagger from Imperfect Annotations},\n  author={Wang, Zihan and Shang, Jingbo and Liu, Liyuan and Lu, Lihao and Liu, Jiacheng and Han, Jiawei},\n  booktitle={Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and the 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (EMNLP-IJCNLP)},\n  pages={5157--5166},\n  year={2019}\n}\n", "homepage": "", "license": "", "features": {"id": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "tokens": {"feature": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "length": -1, "id": null, "_type": "Sequence"}, "pos_tags": {"feature": {"num_classes": 47, "names": ["\"", "''", "#", "$", "(", ")", ",", ".", ":", "``", "CC", "CD", "DT", "EX", "FW", "IN", "JJ", "JJR", "JJS", "LS", "MD", "NN", "NNP", "NNPS", "NNS", "NN|SYM", "PDT", "POS", "PRP", "PRP$", "RB", "RBR", "RBS", "RP", "SYM", "TO", "UH", "VB", "VBD", "VBG", "VBN", "VBP", "VBZ", "WDT", "WP", "WP$", "WRB"], "names_file": null, "id": null, "_type": "ClassLabel"}, "length": -1, "id": null, "_type": "Sequence"}, "chunk_tags": {"feature": {"num_classes": 23, "names": ["O", "B-ADJP", "I-ADJP", "B-ADVP", "I-ADVP", "B-CONJP", "I-CONJP", "B-INTJ", "I-INTJ", "B-LST", "I-LST", "B-NP", "I-NP", "B-PP", "I-PP", "B-PRT", "I-PRT", "B-SBAR", "I-SBAR", "B-UCP", "I-UCP", "B-VP", "I-VP"], "names_file": null, "id": null, "_type": "ClassLabel"}, "length": -1, "id": null, "_type": "Sequence"}, "ner_tags": {"feature": {"num_classes": 9, "names": ["O", "B-PER", "I-PER", "B-ORG", "I-ORG", "B-LOC", "I-LOC", "B-MISC", "I-MISC"], "names_file": null, "id": null, "_type": "ClassLabel"}, "length": -1, "id": null, "_type": "Sequence"}}, "post_processed": null, "supervised_keys": null, "builder_name": "conllpp", "config_name": "conllpp", "version": {"version_str": "1.0.0", "description": null, "major": 1, "minor": 0, "patch": 0}, "splits": {"train": {"name": "train", "num_bytes": 6931393, "num_examples": 14041, "dataset_name": "conllpp"}, "validation": {"name": "validation", "num_bytes": 1739247, "num_examples": 3250, "dataset_name": "conllpp"}, "test": {"name": "test", "num_bytes": 1582078, "num_examples": 3453, "dataset_name": "conllpp"}}, "download_checksums": {"": {"num_bytes": 3283420, "checksum": "213953b5522fb7924802d883e50f027b2c6ffb5d4d0e63368ed82909f9b60423"}, "": {"num_bytes": 827443, "checksum": "c02eb19809eafb83998326a0481942eb37d96f31826ae387cfe8773699969f5b"}, "": {"num_bytes": 748737, "checksum": "4eb3b5114787d0df24087e9c9dfc956abf4cfd5e201bc1056b48ff4f7b37c0e8"}}, "download_size": 4859600, "post_processing_size": null, "dataset_size": 10252718, "size_in_bytes": 15112318}}