cluewsc2020 label is wrong

by Doreamonzzz - opened

It seems that on line 359 of, the code should be

"label": datasets.features.ClassLabel(names=["false", "true"]),

instead of

"label": datasets.features.ClassLabel(names=["true", "false"]),

While on line 178, the label_classes are right:

label_classes=["false", "true"],

Thanks for reporting, @Doreamonzzz .
We are investigating it...

After investigation, we have checked that the data is coherent with "label": datasets.features.ClassLabel(names=["true", "false"]) (the order in label_classes=["false", "true"] is ignored)

  • When the source data is False, it is labeled as False and assigned the integer 1
  • When the source data is True, it is labeled as True and assigned the integer 0

Maybe we could align both definitions (or better, use only one), so that no other people get confused about a possible issue with the labels.

Thank you, my concern has been solved.

Doreamonzzz changed discussion status to closed

This PR defines class labels only once for cluewsc2020 config: #6

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