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{"eng":"from their camp. Caesar having sent forward his cavalry, to annoy and","engyay":"om-fray eir-thay amp-cay. aesar-Cay aving-hay ent-say orward-fay is-hay avalry-cay, o-tay annoy-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"expectation, and almost all the higher places were seen already covered","engyay":"expectation-ay, and-ay almost-ay all-ay e-thay igher-hay aces-play ere-way een-say already-ay overed-cay"}
{"eng":"possessed of effects, to a considerable amount, and that if they","engyay":"ossessed-pay of-ay effects-ay, o-tay a-ay onsiderable-cay amount-ay, and-ay at-thay if-ay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"suitable and concealed place, two miles from the camp, waited for the","engyay":"uitable-say and-ay oncealed-cay ace-play, o-tway iles-may om-fray e-thay amp-cay, aited-way or-fay e-thay"}
{"eng":"being informed by frequent embassies from the Remi, that the Bellovaci","engyay":"eing-bay informed-ay y-bay equent-fray embassies-ay om-fray e-thay emi-Ray, at-thay e-thay ellovaci-Bay"}
{"eng":"completed so important a matter without blows; and Caesar, in every","engyay":"ompleted-cay o-say important-ay a-ay atter-may ithout-way ows-blay; and-ay aesar-Cay, in-ay every-ay"}
{"eng":"Lusitanians, light-armed troops, C. i. 48","engyay":"usitanians-Lay, ight-armed-lay oops-tray, C-ay. i-ay. 48"}
{"eng":"Having completed his works, he drew up his legions before the rampart","engyay":"aving-Hay ompleted-cay is-hay orks-way, e-hay ew-dray up-ay is-hay egions-lay efore-bay e-thay ampart-ray"}
{"eng":"used to demand the king's favourites to be put to death, pillage the","engyay":"used-ay o-tay emand-day e-thay ing's-kay avourites-fay o-tay e-bay ut-pay o-tay eath-day, illage-pay e-thay"}
{"eng":"joining the wall and town, at the gate called Bellica, well fortified by","engyay":"oining-jay e-thay all-way and-ay own-tay, at-ay e-thay ate-gay alled-cay ellica-Bay, ell-way ortified-fay y-bay"}
{"eng":"from the number of trees, nor corn, with which the lands abounded.","engyay":"om-fray e-thay umber-nay of-ay ees-tray, or-nay orn-cay, ith-way ich-whay e-thay ands-lay abounded-ay."}
{"eng":"waves, and encounter the enemy; whereas they, either on dry ground, or","engyay":"aves-way, and-ay encounter-ay e-thay enemy-ay; ereas-whay ey-thay, either-ay on-ay y-dray ound-gray, or-ay"}
{"eng":"XXXIV.--But judgment was not wanting to the barbarians; for their","engyay":"ut-XXXIV.--Bay udgment-jay as-way ot-nay anting-way o-tay e-thay arbarians-bay; or-fay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"Phocaeans, in the time of Tarquinius, king of Rome","engyay":"ocaeans-Phay, in-ay e-thay ime-tay of-ay arquinius-Tay, ing-kay of-ay ome-Ray"}
{"eng":"ordered Domitius's soldiers to take the oath to himself, and that day","engyay":"ordered-ay omitius's-Day oldiers-say o-tay ake-tay e-thay oath-ay o-tay imself-hay, and-ay at-thay ay-day"}
{"eng":"Leaving two cohorts to guard the baggage, he leads the rest of his army","engyay":"eaving-Lay o-tway ohorts-cay o-tay uard-gay e-thay aggage-bay, e-hay eads-lay e-thay est-ray of-ay is-hay army-ay"}
{"eng":"the ambassadors return to him, as had been arranged; who meeting him on","engyay":"e-thay ambassadors-ay eturn-ray o-tay im-hay, as-ay ad-hay een-bay arranged-ay; o-whay eeting-may im-hay on-ay"}
{"eng":"rivers of France, said to receive one hundred and twelve rivers in its","engyay":"ivers-ray of-ay ance-Fray, aid-say o-tay eceive-ray one-ay undred-hay and-ay elve-tway ivers-ray in-ay its-ay"}
{"eng":"XXVIII.--The night following, Fabius sent his horse before him, with","engyay":"e-XXVIII.--Thay ight-nay ollowing-fay, abius-Fay ent-say is-hay orse-hay efore-bay im-hay, ith-way"}
{"eng":"Th[=u]r[=i]i, or T[=u]r[=i]i, an ancient people of Italy, _Torre","engyay":"u]r[=i]i-Th[=ay, or-ay u]r[=i]i-T[=ay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aly-Itay, orre-_Tay"}
{"eng":"because they need any commodity to be imported to them. Moreover, even","engyay":"ecause-bay ey-thay eed-nay any-ay ommodity-cay o-tay e-bay imported-ay o-tay em-thay. oreover-May, even-ay"}
{"eng":"grief from declaring what has taken place.\" Persons are brought forward","engyay":"ief-gray om-fray eclaring-day at-whay as-hay aken-tay ace-play.\" ersons-Pay are-ay ought-bray orward-fay"}
{"eng":"when they discovered that the army of the Roman people both could and","engyay":"en-whay ey-thay iscovered-day at-thay e-thay army-ay of-ay e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay oth-bay ould-cay and-ay"}
{"eng":"of the whole army, retired in safety to their camp.","engyay":"of-ay e-thay ole-whay army-ay, etired-ray in-ay afety-say o-tay eir-thay amp-cay."}
{"eng":"opposed a party of Pompey's troops, and were endeavouring to enclose","engyay":"opposed-ay a-ay arty-pay of-ay ompey's-Pay oops-tray, and-ay ere-way endeavouring-ay o-tay enclose-ay"}
{"eng":"because there are in their territories extensive iron mines, and","engyay":"ecause-bay ere-thay are-ay in-ay eir-thay erritories-tay extensive-ay iron-ay ines-may, and-ay"}
{"eng":"Cadav[)i]a, a country of Macedonia, _Canovia_","engyay":"adav[)i]a-Cay, a-ay ountry-cay of-ay acedonia-May, anovia_-_Cay"}
{"eng":"conducted matters as if he thought that the hopes of peace were not yet","engyay":"onducted-cay atters-may as-ay if-ay e-hay ought-thay at-thay e-thay opes-hay of-ay eace-pay ere-way ot-nay et-yay"}
{"eng":"be done to them, and nothing taken from them. Having used this","engyay":"e-bay one-day o-tay em-thay, and-ay othing-nay aken-tay om-fray em-thay. aving-Hay used-ay is-thay"}
{"eng":"Plutarch and Suetonius. We see in the early dawn the young patrician","engyay":"utarch-Play and-ay uetonius-Say. e-Way ee-say in-ay e-thay early-ay awn-day e-thay oung-yay atrician-pay"}
{"eng":"wine and other things tending to luxury to be imported; because they","engyay":"ine-way and-ay other-ay ings-thay ending-tay o-tay uxury-lay o-tay e-bay imported-ay; ecause-bay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"number is 64-6221541.  Its 501(c)(3) letter is posted at","engyay":"umber-nay is-ay 64-6221541.  Its-ay 501(c)(3-ay) etter-lay is-ay osted-pay at-ay"}
{"eng":"Morini with all his forces. He orders ships from all parts of the","engyay":"orini-May ith-way all-ay is-hay orces-fay. e-Hay orders-ay ips-shay om-fray all-ay arts-pay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"the higher ground into the river; and following them as they were","engyay":"e-thay igher-hay ound-gray into-ay e-thay iver-ray; and-ay ollowing-fay em-thay as-ay ey-thay ere-way"}
{"eng":"committed, if there be any dispute about an inheritance, if any about","engyay":"ommitted-cay, if-ay ere-thay e-bay any-ay ispute-day about-ay an-ay inheritance-ay, if-ay any-ay about-ay"}
{"eng":"in votes and interest, because he was united to Caesar, both by","engyay":"in-ay otes-vay and-ay interest-ay, ecause-bay e-hay as-way united-ay o-tay aesar-Cay, oth-bay y-bay"}
{"eng":"what you can do with this work.  Copyright laws in most countries are in","engyay":"at-whay ou-yay an-cay o-day ith-way is-thay ork-way.  opyright-Cay aws-lay in-ay ost-may ountries-cay are-ay in-ay"}
{"eng":"distance; the other, which was nearer the enemy, being stationed on the","engyay":"istance-day; e-thay other-ay, ich-whay as-way earer-nay e-thay enemy-ay, eing-bay ationed-stay on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"them thanks for rendering such service to Antonius by their presence in","engyay":"em-thay anks-thay or-fay endering-ray uch-say ervice-say o-tay onius-Antay y-bay eir-thay esence-pray in-ay"}
{"eng":"repulsed in every direction, an end was put to the fighting.","engyay":"epulsed-ray in-ay every-ay irection-day, an-ay end-ay as-way ut-pay o-tay e-thay ighting-fay."}
{"eng":"For as our camp, as already mentioned, was pitched between two rivers,","engyay":"or-Fay as-ay our-ay amp-cay, as-ay already-ay entioned-may, as-way itched-pay etween-bay o-tway ivers-ray,"}
{"eng":"danger by raising his shield to ward off the blow. Fabius was surrounded","engyay":"anger-day y-bay aising-ray is-hay ield-shay o-tay ard-way off-ay e-thay ow-blay. abius-Fay as-way urrounded-say"}
{"eng":"same time a shout was raised along the entire wall, and a sally was made","engyay":"ame-say ime-tay a-ay out-shay as-way aised-ray along-ay e-thay entire-ay all-way, and-ay a-ay ally-say as-way ade-may"}
{"eng":"defeat, and for that he reserved his consolations. He bade her fear","engyay":"efeat-day, and-ay or-fay at-thay e-hay eserved-ray is-hay onsolations-cay. e-Hay ade-bay er-hay ear-fay"}
{"eng":"formed an opinion of his own; and to what he had heard from others,","engyay":"ormed-fay an-ay opinion-ay of-ay is-hay own-ay; and-ay o-tay at-whay e-hay ad-hay eard-hay om-fray others-ay,"}
{"eng":"the night as many as 120 towers are raised with incredible despatch out","engyay":"e-thay ight-nay as-ay any-may as-ay 120 owers-tay are-ay aised-ray ith-way incredible-ay espatch-day out-ay"}
{"eng":"him, and sent him to Thurinum to tamper with the shepherds. When he","engyay":"im-hay, and-ay ent-say im-hay o-tay urinum-Thay o-tay amper-tay ith-way e-thay epherds-shay. en-Whay e-hay"}
{"eng":"more effectually have fulfilled that purpose, nor in fewer words, than","engyay":"ore-may effectually-ay ave-hay ulfilled-fay at-thay urpose-pay, or-nay in-ay ewer-fay ords-way, an-thay"}
{"eng":"contrary to their expectation, they saw those whom they believed to be","engyay":"ontrary-cay o-tay eir-thay expectation-ay, ey-thay aw-say ose-thay om-whay ey-thay elieved-bay o-tay e-bay"}
{"eng":"to be shut, lest the camp should be left undefended. The Germans","engyay":"o-tay e-bay ut-shay, est-lay e-thay amp-cay ould-shay e-bay eft-lay undefended-ay. e-Thay ermans-Gay"}
{"eng":"XCII.--There was so much space left between the two lines, as sufficed","engyay":"ere-XCII.--Thay as-way o-say uch-may ace-spay eft-lay etween-bay e-thay o-tway ines-lay, as-ay ufficed-say"}
{"eng":"in a valley, with a small plain annexed to it, is bounded on all sides","engyay":"in-ay a-ay alley-vay, ith-way a-ay all-smay ain-play annexed-ay o-tay it-ay, is-ay ounded-bay on-ay all-ay ides-say"}
{"eng":"submission, and, laying down their arms, to deprecate death. Litavicus,","engyay":"ubmission-say, and-ay, aying-lay own-day eir-thay arms-ay, o-tay eprecate-day eath-day. itavicus-Lay,"}
{"eng":"proved [against them]. His integrity had been seen throughout his whole","engyay":"oved-pray [against-ay em-thay]. is-Hay integrity-ay ad-hay een-bay een-say oughout-thray is-hay ole-whay"}
{"eng":"confidence of success, contributed much to confirm this resolution.","engyay":"onfidence-cay of-ay uccess-say, ontributed-cay uch-may o-tay onfirm-cay is-thay esolution-ray."}
{"eng":"time kept his army in camp: but engaged daily in cavalry skirmishes. The","engyay":"ime-tay ept-kay is-hay army-ay in-ay amp-cay: ut-bay engaged-ay aily-day in-ay avalry-cay irmishes-skay. e-Thay"}
{"eng":"room, than they had sustained from the enemy. In fine, they did not","engyay":"oom-ray, an-thay ey-thay ad-hay ustained-say om-fray e-thay enemy-ay. In-ay ine-fay, ey-thay id-day ot-nay"}
{"eng":"work which he had begun, and returned to his camp determined, as it","engyay":"ork-way ich-whay e-hay ad-hay egun-bay, and-ay eturned-ray o-tay is-hay amp-cay etermined-day, as-ay it-ay"}
{"eng":"propose. Caesar having discovered his intention, after spending several","engyay":"opose-pray. aesar-Cay aving-hay iscovered-day is-hay intention-ay, after-ay ending-spay everal-say"}
{"eng":"he had raised last on the other side of the Po, and five cohorts, he","engyay":"e-hay ad-hay aised-ray ast-lay on-ay e-thay other-ay ide-say of-ay e-thay o-Pay, and-ay ive-fay ohorts-cay, e-hay"}
{"eng":"commenced action with the cavalry of the enemy. While they from","engyay":"ommenced-cay action-ay ith-way e-thay avalry-cay of-ay e-thay enemy-ay. ile-Whay ey-thay om-fray"}
{"eng":"occasioned by an attempt to assassinate him, viii. 23; harasses the","engyay":"occasioned-ay y-bay an-ay attempt-ay o-tay assassinate-ay im-hay, iii-vay. 23; arasses-hay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Such a revolution at such a price was not less Pompey's object than","engyay":"uch-Say a-ay evolution-ray at-ay uch-say a-ay ice-pray as-way ot-nay ess-lay ompey's-Pay object-ay an-thay"}
{"eng":"in a direct line, and on these they fastened down planks. These joists","engyay":"in-ay a-ay irect-day ine-lay, and-ay on-ay ese-thay ey-thay astened-fay own-day anks-play. ese-Thay oists-jay"}
{"eng":"being nearly completed over the Ebro, and a ford was found in the Segre.","engyay":"eing-bay early-nay ompleted-cay over-ay e-thay o-Ebray, and-ay a-ay ord-fay as-way ound-fay in-ay e-thay egre-Say."}
{"eng":"Having ordered these to advance as far as they could, when now, from the","engyay":"aving-Hay ordered-ay ese-thay o-tay advance-ay as-ay ar-fay as-ay ey-thay ould-cay, en-whay ow-nay, om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"times, that they joined battle and that our men were beaten back by a","engyay":"imes-tay, at-thay ey-thay oined-jay attle-bay and-ay at-thay our-ay en-may ere-way eaten-bay ack-bay y-bay a-ay"}
{"eng":"could be done them); [but] pursue them when betaking themselves to their","engyay":"ould-cay e-bay one-day em-thay); [ut-bay] ursue-pay em-thay en-whay etaking-bay emselves-thay o-tay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"had committed, in that the ambassadors (a character which had amongst","engyay":"ad-hay ommitted-cay, in-ay at-thay e-thay ambassadors-ay (a-ay aracter-chay ich-whay ad-hay amongst-ay"}
{"eng":"the Great, 330 years before Christ; Caesar pursues Pompey thither, C.","engyay":"e-thay eat-Gray, 330 ears-yay efore-bay ist-Chray; aesar-Cay ursues-pay ompey-Pay ither-thay, C-ay."}
{"eng":"the town.","engyay":"e-thay own-tay."}
{"eng":"positions along the banks of the Loire, and to display the cavalry on","engyay":"ositions-pay along-ay e-thay anks-bay of-ay e-thay oire-Lay, and-ay o-tay isplay-day e-thay avalry-cay on-ay"}
{"eng":"repaired the bridge over the river Allier, and led over his whole army.","engyay":"epaired-ray e-thay idge-bray over-ay e-thay iver-ray ier-Allay, and-ay ed-lay over-ay is-hay ole-whay army-ay."}
{"eng":"went in pursuit of them with two legions, lest great disgrace might be","engyay":"ent-way in-ay ursuit-pay of-ay em-thay ith-way o-tway egions-lay, est-lay eat-gray isgrace-day ight-may e-bay"}
{"eng":"antesignani and centurions, who had requested to be employed in that","engyay":"antesignani-ay and-ay enturions-cay, o-whay ad-hay equested-ray o-tay e-bay employed-ay in-ay at-thay"}
{"eng":"bravely sustained the attack of our soldiers; the van, because they","engyay":"avely-bray ustained-say e-thay attack-ay of-ay our-ay oldiers-say; e-thay an-vay, ecause-bay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"of the Aedui. The enemy not even then pursuing us, on the third day he","engyay":"of-ay e-thay edui-Aay. e-Thay enemy-ay ot-nay even-ay en-thay ursuing-pay us-ay, on-ay e-thay ird-thay ay-day e-hay"}
{"eng":"sword. Thus the safety of the whole army depended on a very short space","engyay":"ord-sway. us-Thay e-thay afety-say of-ay e-thay ole-whay army-ay epended-day on-ay a-ay ery-vay ort-shay ace-spay"}
{"eng":"G. i. 51","engyay":"G-ay. i-ay. 51"}
{"eng":"and returned with his fleet to Curio.","engyay":"and-ay eturned-ray ith-way is-hay eet-flay o-tay urio-Cay."}
{"eng":"cavalry, after a few days had them conveyed back to his camp by sea.","engyay":"avalry-cay, after-ay a-ay ew-fay ays-day ad-hay em-thay onveyed-cay ack-bay o-tay is-hay amp-cay y-bay ea-say."}
{"eng":"design of going to Syria, and having taken the public money from the","engyay":"esign-day of-ay oing-gay o-tay yria-Say, and-ay aving-hay aken-tay e-thay ublic-pay oney-may om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"they fix by decree their departure for the third year. Orgetorix is","engyay":"ey-thay ix-fay y-bay ecree-day eir-thay eparture-day or-fay e-thay ird-thay ear-yay. etorix-Orgay is-ay"}
{"eng":"LXXXVI.--Pompey also, as was afterward known, at the unanimous","engyay":"ompey-LXXXVI.--Pay also-ay, as-ay as-way afterward-ay own-knay, at-ay e-thay unanimous-ay"}
{"eng":"they wanted anything, they might return on the day before the ides of","engyay":"ey-thay anted-way anything-ay, ey-thay ight-may eturn-ray on-ay e-thay ay-day efore-bay e-thay ides-ay of-ay"}
{"eng":"kept firmly apart by beams two feet thick (the space which the binding","engyay":"ept-kay irmly-fay apart-ay y-bay eams-bay o-tway eet-fay ick-thay (e-thay ace-spay ich-whay e-thay inding-bay"}
{"eng":"least would keep watch less carefully, partly with those arms which they","engyay":"east-lay ould-way eep-kay atch-way ess-lay arefully-cay, artly-pay ith-way ose-thay arms-ay ich-whay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"injury\" (by which words and decree the Roman people were obliged to","engyay":"injury-ay\" (y-bay ich-whay ords-way and-ay ecree-day e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay ere-way obliged-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"Garumni, the Sibuzates, the Cocosates. A few [and those] most remote","engyay":"arumni-Gay, e-thay ibuzates-Say, e-thay ocosates-Cay. A-ay ew-fay [and-ay ose-thay] ost-may emote-ray"}
{"eng":"them from the use of the land and fresh water; and if they wished that","engyay":"em-thay om-fray e-thay use-ay of-ay e-thay and-lay and-ay esh-fray ater-way; and-ay if-ay ey-thay ished-way at-thay"}
{"eng":"soldiers \"not to be disheartened by the labour of the journey on such a","engyay":"oldiers-say \"ot-nay o-tay e-bay isheartened-day y-bay e-thay abour-lay of-ay e-thay ourney-jay on-ay uch-say a-ay"}
{"eng":"stand their ground. It added weight also to the advice of those who","engyay":"and-stay eir-thay ound-gray. It-ay added-ay eight-way also-ay o-tay e-thay advice-ay of-ay ose-thay o-whay"}
{"eng":"is situated","engyay":"is-ay ituated-say"}
{"eng":"in us, let us avenge the death of those who have perished in a most","engyay":"in-ay us-ay, et-lay us-ay avenge-ay e-thay eath-day of-ay ose-thay o-whay ave-hay erished-pay in-ay a-ay ost-may"}
{"eng":"XXX.--Caesar and Pompey received this intelligence almost at the same","engyay":"aesar-XXX.--Cay and-ay ompey-Pay eceived-ray is-thay intelligence-ay almost-ay at-ay e-thay ame-say"}
{"eng":"       *       *       *       *       *","engyay":"       *       *       *       *       *"}
{"eng":"have related, had escaped from the battle, having fallen into the hands","engyay":"ave-hay elated-ray, ad-hay escaped-ay om-fray e-thay attle-bay, aving-hay allen-fay into-ay e-thay ands-hay"}
{"eng":"XXXI.--Nor did Vercingetorix use less efforts than he had promised, to","engyay":"or-XXXI.--Nay id-day ercingetorix-Vay use-ay ess-lay efforts-ay an-thay e-hay ad-hay omised-pray, o-tay"}
{"eng":"brought to this issue: that those who had any settlement or possession","engyay":"ought-bray o-tay is-thay issue-ay: at-thay ose-thay o-whay ad-hay any-ay ettlement-say or-ay ossession-pay"}
{"eng":"around the _Adour_; they surrender to the Romans, G. iii. 27","engyay":"around-ay e-thay our_-_Aday; ey-thay urrender-say o-tay e-thay omans-Ray, G-ay. iii-ay. 27"}
{"eng":"locked in by rocks. To this was added, that whenever a storm began to","engyay":"ocked-lay in-ay y-bay ocks-ray. o-Tay is-thay as-way added-ay, at-thay enever-whay a-ay orm-stay egan-bay o-tay"}
{"eng":"XII.--There is a river [called] the Saone, which flows through the","engyay":"ere-XII.--Thay is-ay a-ay iver-ray [alled-cay] e-thay aone-Say, ich-whay ows-flay ough-thray e-thay"}
{"eng":"descended from a very illustrious family; whose grandfather had held the","engyay":"escended-day om-fray a-ay ery-vay illustrious-ay amily-fay; ose-whay andfather-gray ad-hay eld-hay e-thay"}
{"eng":"XXVII.--The enemy being thus vanquished in battle, as soon as they","engyay":"e-XXVII.--Thay enemy-ay eing-bay us-thay anquished-vay in-ay attle-bay, as-ay oon-say as-ay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"after their retreat, collect 2000 horse; they cross the Rhine in ships","engyay":"after-ay eir-thay etreat-ray, ollect-cay 2000 orse-hay; ey-thay oss-cray e-thay ine-Rhay in-ay ips-shay"}
{"eng":"town, are compelled to go forth with their wives and children. When","engyay":"own-tay, are-ay ompelled-cay o-tay o-gay orth-fay ith-way eir-thay ives-way and-ay ildren-chay. en-Whay"}
{"eng":"Constrained by these circumstances, the Menapii send ambassadors to him","engyay":"onstrained-Cay y-bay ese-thay ircumstances-cay, e-thay enapii-May end-say ambassadors-ay o-tay im-hay"}
{"eng":"the baggage whatever each thought valuable, and all parts were filled","engyay":"e-thay aggage-bay atever-whay each-ay ought-thay aluable-vay, and-ay all-ay arts-pay ere-way illed-fay"}
{"eng":"roof, nor have access to his children, parents, or wife, who shall not","engyay":"oof-ray, or-nay ave-hay access-ay o-tay is-hay ildren-chay, arents-pay, or-ay ife-way, o-whay all-shay ot-nay"}
{"eng":"alleged that all the dangers and losses incurred in that war, ought to","engyay":"alleged-ay at-thay all-ay e-thay angers-day and-ay osses-lay incurred-ay in-ay at-thay ar-way, ought-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"fifteen days in such a manner that there was not more than five or six","engyay":"ifteen-fay ays-day in-ay uch-say a-ay anner-may at-thay ere-thay as-way ot-nay ore-may an-thay ive-fay or-ay ix-say"}
{"eng":"XXIX.--However, a great and general fear spread through Curio's camp,","engyay":"owever-XXIX.--Hay, a-ay eat-gray and-ay eneral-gay ear-fay ead-spray ough-thray urio's-Cay amp-cay,"}
{"eng":"circumstances continued to be long remembered, and no doubt were","engyay":"ircumstances-cay ontinued-cay o-tay e-bay ong-lay emembered-ray, and-ay o-nay oubt-day ere-way"}
{"eng":"Caesar's kindness towards him he was very much indebted to him, inasmuch","engyay":"aesar's-Cay indness-kay owards-tay im-hay e-hay as-way ery-vay uch-may indebted-ay o-tay im-hay, inasmuch-ay"}
{"eng":"Otacilii, C. iii. 28","engyay":"acilii-Otay, C-ay. iii-ay. 28"}
{"eng":"increasing the number of public domain and licensed works that can be","engyay":"increasing-ay e-thay umber-nay of-ay ublic-pay omain-day and-ay icensed-lay orks-way at-thay an-cay e-bay"}
{"eng":"and retire a little from the road, and conceal himself in intricate and","engyay":"and-ay etire-ray a-ay ittle-lay om-fray e-thay oad-ray, and-ay onceal-cay imself-hay in-ay intricate-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"that place, and was defended by woods and morasses, and a very large","engyay":"at-thay ace-play, and-ay as-way efended-day y-bay oods-way and-ay orasses-may, and-ay a-ay ery-vay arge-lay"}
{"eng":"XLIII.--Caesar, on being informed of these transactions, pursued","engyay":"aesar-XLIII.--Cay, on-ay eing-bay informed-ay of-ay ese-thay ansactions-tray, ursued-pay"}
{"eng":"bring into uncertainty his own and the army's fortunes, and the next day","engyay":"ing-bray into-ay uncertainty-ay is-hay own-ay and-ay e-thay army's-ay ortunes-fay, and-ay e-thay ext-nay ay-day"}
{"eng":"Pharus, an isle facing the port of Alexandria in ancient Egypt; _Farion_","engyay":"arus-Phay, an-ay isle-ay acing-fay e-thay ort-pay of-ay exandria-Alay in-ay ancient-ay ypt-Egay; arion_-_Fay"}
{"eng":"Carn[=u]tes, an ancient people of France, inhabiting the territory now","engyay":"arn[=u]tes-Cay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay ance-Fray, inhabiting-ay e-thay erritory-tay ow-nay"}
{"eng":"the Lingones; and, having received a branch of the Rhine, which is","engyay":"e-thay ingones-Lay; and-ay, aving-hay eceived-ray a-ay anch-bray of-ay e-thay ine-Rhay, ich-whay is-ay"}
{"eng":"by an incursion, G. viii. 24","engyay":"y-bay an-ay incursion-ay, G-ay. iii-vay. 24"}
{"eng":"the troops of horse, leap from their chariots and engage on foot. The","engyay":"e-thay oops-tray of-ay orse-hay, eap-lay om-fray eir-thay ariots-chay and-ay engage-ay on-ay oot-fay. e-Thay"}
{"eng":"and by these methods support their cavalry. But when not only the barley","engyay":"and-ay y-bay ese-thay ethods-may upport-say eir-thay avalry-cay. ut-Bay en-whay ot-nay only-ay e-thay arley-bay"}
{"eng":"the promoters of the revolt, accompanying them, quitted their own state","engyay":"e-thay omoters-pray of-ay e-thay evolt-ray, accompanying-ay em-thay, uitted-qay eir-thay own-ay ate-stay"}
{"eng":"they might the more easily obstruct the cavalry of their neighbours if","engyay":"ey-thay ight-may e-thay ore-may easily-ay obstruct-ay e-thay avalry-cay of-ay eir-thay eighbours-nay if-ay"}
{"eng":"never fought in close order, but in small parties and at great","engyay":"ever-nay ought-fay in-ay ose-clay order-ay, ut-bay in-ay all-smay arties-pay and-ay at-ay eat-gray"}
{"eng":"farthest from the civilisation and refinement of [our] Province, and","engyay":"arthest-fay om-fray e-thay ivilisation-cay and-ay efinement-ray of-ay [our-ay] ovince-Pray, and-ay"}
{"eng":"of Pannonia. They are the same as the Pyraci of Pliny (H. N. iii. 22),","engyay":"of-ay annonia-Pay. ey-Thay are-ay e-thay ame-say as-ay e-thay yraci-Pay of-ay iny-Play (H-ay. N-ay. iii-ay. 22),"}
{"eng":"periods of Caesar's life; for it is probable enough that these","engyay":"eriods-pay of-ay aesar's-Cay ife-lay; or-fay it-ay is-ay obable-pray enough-ay at-thay ese-thay"}
{"eng":"whole multitude thought an infringement of the king's dignity. Though","engyay":"ole-whay ultitude-may ought-thay an-ay infringement-ay of-ay e-thay ing's-kay ignity-day. ough-Thay"}
{"eng":"these, so that the guards of the fortifications could not be surrounded","engyay":"ese-thay, o-say at-thay e-thay uards-gay of-ay e-thay ortifications-fay ould-cay ot-nay e-bay urrounded-say"}
{"eng":"handed over to him most faithfully whatever money he had, and told him","engyay":"anded-hay over-ay o-tay im-hay ost-may aithfully-fay atever-whay oney-may e-hay ad-hay, and-ay old-tay im-hay"}
{"eng":"legion which he commanded. He sends to him Sextus Caesar, and orders him","engyay":"egion-lay ich-whay e-hay ommanded-cay. e-Hay ends-say o-tay im-hay extus-Say aesar-Cay, and-ay orders-ay im-hay"}
{"eng":"VI.--Caesar, being aware of their custom, in order that he might not","engyay":"aesar-VI.--Cay, eing-bay aware-ay of-ay eir-thay ustom-cay, in-ay order-ay at-thay e-hay ight-may ot-nay"}
{"eng":"state, in one case by alarming them, since he declared that he knew what","engyay":"ate-stay, in-ay one-ay ase-cay y-bay alarming-ay em-thay, ince-say e-hay eclared-day at-thay e-hay ew-knay at-whay"}
{"eng":"submissive and humble language.","engyay":"ubmissive-say and-ay umble-hay anguage-lay."}
{"eng":"is obliged to submit, and accept Caesar's terms, 22","engyay":"is-ay obliged-ay o-tay ubmit-say, and-ay accept-ay aesar's-Cay erms-tay, 22"}
{"eng":"the slaves of the districts of Campania, to keep guard there.","engyay":"e-thay aves-slay of-ay e-thay istricts-day of-ay ampania-Cay, o-tay eep-kay uard-gay ere-thay."}
{"eng":"fastened with four anchors at the four corners, that they might not be","engyay":"astened-fay ith-way our-fay anchors-ay at-ay e-thay our-fay orners-cay, at-thay ey-thay ight-may ot-nay e-bay"}
{"eng":"between Spain and Africa, by the straits of Gibraltar, or Hercules'","engyay":"etween-bay ain-Spay and-ay ica-Afray, y-bay e-thay aits-stray of-ay ibraltar-Gay, or-ay ercules-Hay'"}
{"eng":"_Garonne_, G. iii. 27","engyay":"aronne_-_Gay, G-ay. iii-ay. 27"}
{"eng":"was hastening with his legions, and that they already saw the dust","engyay":"as-way astening-hay ith-way is-hay egions-lay, and-ay at-thay ey-thay already-ay aw-say e-thay ust-day"}
{"eng":"the camp at the first watch, and having almost completed his march a","engyay":"e-thay amp-cay at-ay e-thay irst-fay atch-way, and-ay aving-hay almost-ay ompleted-cay is-hay arch-may a-ay"}
{"eng":"for the bag gage, he places the rest of the horse on the wings. Our men,","engyay":"or-fay e-thay ag-bay age-gay, e-hay aces-play e-thay est-ray of-ay e-thay orse-hay on-ay e-thay ings-way. ur-Oay en-may,"}
{"eng":"Gallic ships, he left at Lissus with this object, that if Pompey,","engyay":"allic-Gay ips-shay, e-hay eft-lay at-ay issus-Lay ith-way is-thay object-ay, at-thay if-ay ompey-Pay,"}
{"eng":"the loss of his baggage, he perceived that no ordinary care must be used","engyay":"e-thay oss-lay of-ay is-hay aggage-bay, e-hay erceived-pay at-thay o-nay ordinary-ay are-cay ust-may e-bay used-ay"}
{"eng":"man faced the weapons of the enemy and the flames in as conspicuous a","engyay":"an-may aced-fay e-thay eapons-way of-ay e-thay enemy-ay and-ay e-thay ames-flay in-ay as-ay onspicuous-cay a-ay"}
{"eng":"strictly, but to fight in small scattered parties: if hard pressed they","engyay":"ictly-stray, ut-bay o-tay ight-fay in-ay all-smay attered-scay arties-pay: if-ay ard-hay essed-pray ey-thay"}
{"eng":"justice there, the Bituriges send ambassadors to him, to entreat his aid","engyay":"ustice-jay ere-thay, e-thay ituriges-Bay end-say ambassadors-ay o-tay im-hay, o-tay entreat-ay is-hay aid-ay"}
{"eng":"discipline turn their faces to the military tribune and the centurions;","engyay":"iscipline-day urn-tay eir-thay aces-fay o-tay e-thay ilitary-may ibune-tray and-ay e-thay enturions-cay;"}
{"eng":"Dumnorix began to take his departure from the camp homewards with the","engyay":"umnorix-Day egan-bay o-tay ake-tay is-hay eparture-day om-fray e-thay amp-cay omewards-hay ith-way e-thay"}
{"eng":"G. viii. 53; could not bear an equal his authority, power, and","engyay":"G-ay. iii-vay. 53; ould-cay ot-nay ear-bay an-ay equal-ay is-hay authority-ay, ower-pay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"once, and every expedient is adopted. They flocked to whatever part of","engyay":"once-ay, and-ay every-ay expedient-ay is-ay adopted-ay. ey-Thay ocked-flay o-tay atever-whay art-pay of-ay"}
{"eng":"Statius Marcus, one of Caesar's lieutenants, C. iii. i 5","engyay":"atius-Stay arcus-May, one-ay of-ay aesar's-Cay ieutenants-lay, C-ay. iii-ay. i-ay 5"}
{"eng":"Caesar, hastens towards Gaul, C. i. 7; refuses the Helvetians a passage","engyay":"aesar-Cay, astens-hay owards-tay aul-Gay, C-ay. i-ay. 7; efuses-ray e-thay elvetians-Hay a-ay assage-pay"}
{"eng":"plans should be divulged. That this was easy, because neither would the","engyay":"ans-play ould-shay e-bay ivulged-day. at-Thay is-thay as-way easy-ay, ecause-bay either-nay ould-way e-thay"}
{"eng":"Laelius having chosen a more convenient season of the year for his","engyay":"aelius-Lay aving-hay osen-chay a-ay ore-may onvenient-cay eason-say of-ay e-thay ear-yay or-fay is-hay"}
{"eng":"materials as even yet remain, may satisfy himself that the scheme of","engyay":"aterials-may as-ay even-ay et-yay emain-ray, ay-may atisfy-say imself-hay at-thay e-thay eme-schay of-ay"}
{"eng":"disregarded his command even when present. He, however, when recalled,","engyay":"isregarded-day is-hay ommand-cay even-ay en-whay esent-pray. e-Hay, owever-hay, en-whay ecalled-ray,"}
{"eng":"to Africa. Cato was in Sicily, repairing the old ships of war, and","engyay":"o-tay ica-Afray. ato-Cay as-way in-ay icily-Say, epairing-ray e-thay old-ay ips-shay of-ay ar-way, and-ay"}
{"eng":"account of the number of forts, the extent and greatness of the works,","engyay":"account-ay of-ay e-thay umber-nay of-ay orts-fay, e-thay extent-ay and-ay eatness-gray of-ay e-thay orks-way,"}
{"eng":"circuit round by the bridge, having found a convenient place, began to","engyay":"ircuit-cay ound-ray y-bay e-thay idge-bray, aving-hay ound-fay a-ay onvenient-cay ace-play, egan-bay o-tay"}
{"eng":"consulting for his own state, because it would be relieved from the","engyay":"onsulting-cay or-fay is-hay own-ay ate-stay, ecause-bay it-ay ould-way e-bay elieved-ray om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"weighed, he advanced about seven miles from that place, and stationed","engyay":"eighed-way, e-hay advanced-ay about-ay even-say iles-may om-fray at-thay ace-play, and-ay ationed-stay"}
{"eng":"divided; the name seems to have been originally applied by the Romans to","engyay":"ivided-day; e-thay ame-nay eems-say o-tay ave-hay een-bay originally-ay applied-ay y-bay e-thay omans-Ray o-tay"}
{"eng":"having been speedily executed, he again led his legions back into","engyay":"aving-hay een-bay eedily-spay executed-ay, e-hay again-ay ed-lay is-hay egions-lay ack-bay into-ay"}
{"eng":"there was not any reserve which could be brought up; having therefore","engyay":"ere-thay as-way ot-nay any-ay eserve-ray ich-whay ould-cay e-bay ought-bray up-ay; aving-hay erefore-thay"}
{"eng":"CVI.--After a few days' delay in Asia, Caesar, having heard that Pompey","engyay":"er-CVI.--Aftay a-ay ew-fay ays-day' elay-day in-ay ia-Asay, aesar-Cay, aving-hay eard-hay at-thay ompey-Pay"}
{"eng":"villages, and gets possession of a large number of cattle and men.","engyay":"illages-vay, and-ay ets-gay ossession-pay of-ay a-ay arge-lay umber-nay of-ay attle-cay and-ay en-may."}
{"eng":"ambition. In some cases ambition is a hopeful virtue; in others (as in","engyay":"ambition-ay. In-ay ome-say ases-cay ambition-ay is-ay a-ay opeful-hay irtue-vay; in-ay others-ay (as-ay in-ay"}
{"eng":"field with equal advantage, and neither were beaten (in consequence of","engyay":"ield-fay ith-way equal-ay advantage-ay, and-ay either-nay ere-way eaten-bay (in-ay onsequence-cay of-ay"}
{"eng":"surrounded by the enemy's cavalry. Therefore, despairing of their own","engyay":"urrounded-say y-bay e-thay enemy's-ay avalry-cay. erefore-Thay, espairing-day of-ay eir-thay own-ay"}
{"eng":"who were put on board to defend it, who, however, made their escape in","engyay":"o-whay ere-way ut-pay on-ay oard-bay o-tay efend-day it-ay, o-whay, owever-hay, ade-may eir-thay escape-ay in-ay"}
{"eng":"Fabius was detached with twenty-five cohorts into the remotest part of","engyay":"abius-Fay as-way etached-day ith-way enty-five-tway ohorts-cay into-ay e-thay emotest-ray art-pay of-ay"}
{"eng":"that the upper part of the trees may appear to be left standing. When","engyay":"at-thay e-thay upper-ay art-pay of-ay e-thay ees-tray ay-may appear-ay o-tay e-bay eft-lay anding-stay. en-Whay"}
{"eng":"should be sent by Pompey, and another by Caesar, to the Parthian war.","engyay":"ould-shay e-bay ent-say y-bay ompey-Pay, and-ay another-ay y-bay aesar-Cay, o-tay e-thay arthian-Pay ar-way."}
{"eng":"in Alexandria, to the end, not indeed of the civil broils, to which we","engyay":"in-ay exandria-Alay, o-tay e-thay end-ay, ot-nay indeed-ay of-ay e-thay ivil-cay oils-bray, o-tay ich-whay e-way"}
{"eng":"whatever loss had been sustained, ought to be attributed rather to her","engyay":"atever-whay oss-lay ad-hay een-bay ustained-say, ought-ay o-tay e-bay attributed-ay ather-ray o-tay er-hay"}
{"eng":"admitted to it by his bounty: that he might neither appear ungrateful in","engyay":"admitted-ay o-tay it-ay y-bay is-hay ounty-bay: at-thay e-hay ight-may either-nay appear-ay ungrateful-ay in-ay"}
{"eng":"XXXVI.--After this success, Caninius learnt from some prisoners, that a","engyay":"er-XXXVI.--Aftay is-thay uccess-say, aninius-Cay earnt-lay om-fray ome-say isoners-pray, at-thay a-ay"}
{"eng":"congratulations ran high: several went out of Italy to Cneius Pompey;","engyay":"ongratulations-cay an-ray igh-hay: everal-say ent-way out-ay of-ay aly-Itay o-tay eius-Cnay ompey-Pay;"}
{"eng":"singular and detestable cruelty. He sprung from the noblest family among","engyay":"ingular-say and-ay etestable-day uelty-cray. e-Hay ung-spray om-fray e-thay oblest-nay amily-fay among-ay"}
{"eng":"it the most expedient method of conducting the war, to decamp from that","engyay":"it-ay e-thay ost-may expedient-ay ethod-may of-ay onducting-cay e-thay ar-way, o-tay ecamp-day om-fray at-thay"}
{"eng":"when they have fortified the intricate woods, in which they are wont to","engyay":"en-whay ey-thay ave-hay ortified-fay e-thay intricate-ay oods-way, in-ay ich-whay ey-thay are-ay ont-way o-tay"}
{"eng":"higher grounds, from which there was a near prospect of the sea, were","engyay":"igher-hay ounds-gray, om-fray ich-whay ere-thay as-way a-ay ear-nay ospect-pray of-ay e-thay ea-say, ere-way"}
{"eng":"between him and Curio, because he, when a tribune of the people, had","engyay":"etween-bay im-hay and-ay urio-Cay, ecause-bay e-hay, en-whay a-ay ibune-tray of-ay e-thay eople-pay, ad-hay"}
{"eng":"by our horse: upon which information, they dispose several parties of","engyay":"y-bay our-ay orse-hay: upon-ay ich-whay information-ay, ey-thay ispose-day everal-say arties-pay of-ay"}
{"eng":"action, they first attempted to assassinate Caius Volusenus, general of","engyay":"action-ay, ey-thay irst-fay attempted-ay o-tay assassinate-ay aius-Cay olusenus-Vay, eneral-gay of-ay"}
{"eng":"fallen twice into Caesar's power; first at Corfinium, and afterwards in","engyay":"allen-fay ice-tway into-ay aesar's-Cay ower-pay; irst-fay at-ay orfinium-Cay, and-ay afterwards-ay in-ay"}
{"eng":"immediately surrenders to Caesar, 28; Libo blocks up the port with a","engyay":"immediately-ay urrenders-say o-tay aesar-Cay, 28; ibo-Lay ocks-blay up-ay e-thay ort-pay ith-way a-ay"}
{"eng":"advantageous situation and time, that all things tending to a peace","engyay":"advantageous-ay ituation-say and-ay ime-tay, at-thay all-ay ings-thay ending-tay o-tay a-ay eace-pay"}
{"eng":"notion was spread among the common people), Caesar might have some means","engyay":"otion-nay as-way ead-spray among-ay e-thay ommon-cay eople-pay), aesar-Cay ight-may ave-hay ome-say eans-may"}
{"eng":"great many ships having been wrecked, inasmuch as the rest, having lost","engyay":"eat-gray any-may ips-shay aving-hay een-bay ecked-wray, inasmuch-ay as-ay e-thay est-ray, aving-hay ost-lay"}
{"eng":"Velocasses, an ancient people of Normandy, about _Rouen_, G. ii. 4","engyay":"elocasses-Vay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay ormandy-Nay, about-ay ouen_-_Ray, G-ay. ii-ay. 4"}
{"eng":"to the lowest ebb for want of corn, conquered in two engagements at sea,","engyay":"o-tay e-thay owest-lay ebb-ay or-fay ant-way of-ay orn-cay, onquered-cay in-ay o-tway engagements-ay at-ay ea-say,"}
{"eng":"thorough knowledge of the method of conveying his ideas. But I had not","engyay":"orough-thay owledge-knay of-ay e-thay ethod-may of-ay onveying-cay is-hay ideas-ay. ut-Bay I-ay ad-hay ot-nay"}
{"eng":"License terms from this work, or any files containing a part of this","engyay":"icense-Lay erms-tay om-fray is-thay ork-way, or-ay any-ay iles-fay ontaining-cay a-ay art-pay of-ay is-thay"}
{"eng":"After various opinions had been expressed among them, some of which","engyay":"er-Aftay arious-vay opinions-ay ad-hay een-bay expressed-ay among-ay em-thay, ome-say of-ay ich-whay"}
{"eng":"rising ground and drew up his army. Caesar refreshed his army on the","engyay":"ising-ray ound-gray and-ay ew-dray up-ay is-hay army-ay. aesar-Cay efreshed-ray is-hay army-ay on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"XLII.--He, on his return, being well aware of the casualties of war,","engyay":"e-XLII.--Hay, on-ay is-hay eturn-ray, eing-bay ell-way aware-ay of-ay e-thay asualties-cay of-ay ar-way,"}
{"eng":"whose exertions you see so powerful and victorious an army almost","engyay":"ose-whay exertions-ay ou-yay ee-say o-say owerful-pay and-ay ictorious-vay an-ay army-ay almost-ay"}
{"eng":"killed in the sight of the whole assembly after being racked with every","engyay":"illed-kay in-ay e-thay ight-say of-ay e-thay ole-whay assembly-ay after-ay eing-bay acked-ray ith-way every-ay"}
{"eng":"friendship subsisting between his [Juba's] father and Pompey, and a feud","engyay":"iendship-fray ubsisting-say etween-bay is-hay [uba's-Jay] ather-fay and-ay ompey-Pay, and-ay a-ay eud-fay"}
{"eng":"were the two legions delivered over by Caesar at the beginning of the","engyay":"ere-way e-thay o-tway egions-lay elivered-day over-ay y-bay aesar-Cay at-ay e-thay eginning-bay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"convenient places to cover our men in their retreat. These things being","engyay":"onvenient-cay aces-play o-tay over-cay our-ay en-may in-ay eir-thay etreat-ray. ese-Thay ings-thay eing-bay"}
{"eng":"the enemy: the more so on this account because they saw the coverings of","engyay":"e-thay enemy-ay: e-thay ore-may o-say on-ay is-thay account-ay ecause-bay ey-thay aw-say e-thay overings-cay of-ay"}
{"eng":"XXXII.--But Crapes in conjunction with Literius, knowing that Caninius","engyay":"ut-XXXII.--Bay apes-Cray in-ay onjunction-cay ith-way iterius-Lay, owing-knay at-thay aninius-Cay"}
{"eng":"their constant spring was suddenly dried up, which reduced them to such","engyay":"eir-thay onstant-cay ing-spray as-way uddenly-say ied-dray up-ay, ich-whay educed-ray em-thay o-tay uch-say"}
{"eng":"communicating that information, G. v. 49","engyay":"ommunicating-cay at-thay information-ay, G-ay. v-ay. 49"}
{"eng":"Accordingly, they slew several, and forced the rest to retreat into the","engyay":"ordingly-Accay, ey-thay ew-slay everal-say, and-ay orced-fay e-thay est-ray o-tay etreat-ray into-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"could not obtain [their object] from those nearest them, they try those","engyay":"ould-cay ot-nay obtain-ay [eir-thay object-ay] om-fray ose-thay earest-nay em-thay, ey-thay y-tray ose-thay"}
{"eng":"with so large a number at one time. [He asserts] that this might be","engyay":"ith-way o-say arge-lay a-ay umber-nay at-ay one-ay ime-tay. [e-Hay asserts-ay] at-thay is-thay ight-may e-bay"}
{"eng":"supply of corn; and diverted his march from the Helvetii, and advanced","engyay":"upply-say of-ay orn-cay; and-ay iverted-day is-hay arch-may om-fray e-thay elvetii-Hay, and-ay advanced-ay"}
{"eng":"contest was not decided by a vigorous attack, nor a regular battle; and","engyay":"ontest-cay as-way ot-nay ecided-day y-bay a-ay igorous-vay attack-ay, or-nay a-ay egular-ray attle-bay; and-ay"}
{"eng":"hundred of which, Deiotarus had brought from Gaul; Ariobarzanes, five","engyay":"undred-hay of-ay ich-whay, eiotarus-Day ad-hay ought-bray om-fray aul-Gay; iobarzanes-Aray, ive-fay"}
{"eng":"before Corfinium, and marched into Apulia through the country of the","engyay":"efore-bay orfinium-Cay, and-ay arched-may into-ay ulia-Apay ough-thray e-thay ountry-cay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"foreseen what would happen, and some days before had plundered the","engyay":"oreseen-fay at-whay ould-way appen-hay, and-ay ome-say ays-day efore-bay ad-hay undered-play e-thay"}
{"eng":"to it that a dart could be thrown from their summit upon the shore.","engyay":"o-tay it-ay at-thay a-ay art-day ould-cay e-bay own-thray om-fray eir-thay ummit-say upon-ay e-thay ore-shay."}
{"eng":"readier for a march, they killed all their baggage cattle.","engyay":"eadier-ray or-fay a-ay arch-may, ey-thay illed-kay all-ay eir-thay aggage-bay attle-cay."}
{"eng":"given way, and despairing of any aid, either from the provinces or their","engyay":"iven-gay ay-way, and-ay espairing-day of-ay any-ay aid-ay, either-ay om-fray e-thay ovinces-pray or-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"and cut off all access to the Ebro, fortified his camp as close to the","engyay":"and-ay ut-cay off-ay all-ay access-ay o-tay e-thay o-Ebray, ortified-fay is-hay amp-cay as-ay ose-clay o-tay e-thay"}
{"eng":"retreat without considerable loss from that ground into which they had","engyay":"etreat-ray ithout-way onsiderable-cay oss-lay om-fray at-thay ound-gray into-ay ich-whay ey-thay ad-hay"}
{"eng":"doubtful, but, as usually happens, our men, who stood the enemy's first","engyay":"oubtful-day, ut-bay, as-ay usually-ay appens-hay, our-ay en-may, o-whay ood-stay e-thay enemy's-ay irst-fay"}
{"eng":"they set fire to all their towns, in number about twelve--to their","engyay":"ey-thay et-say ire-fay o-tay all-ay eir-thay owns-tay, in-ay umber-nay about-ay elve--to-tway eir-thay"}
{"eng":"might be the more secret. An account of this was immediately carried to","engyay":"ight-may e-bay e-thay ore-may ecret-say. An-ay account-ay of-ay is-thay as-way immediately-ay arried-cay o-tay"}
{"eng":"brother, Divitiacus, restored to his former position of influence and","engyay":"other-bray, ivitiacus-Day, estored-ray o-tay is-hay ormer-fay osition-pay of-ay influence-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"XXII.--While Caesar remains in these parts for the purpose of procuring","engyay":"ile-XXII.--Whay aesar-Cay emains-ray in-ay ese-thay arts-pay or-fay e-thay urpose-pay of-ay ocuring-pray"}
{"eng":"the Germans were only 500, yet the barbarians were elated by their","engyay":"e-thay ermans-Gay ere-way only-ay 500, et-yay e-thay arbarians-bay ere-way elated-ay y-bay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"kept the post and the hill which had been the occasion of the dispute;","engyay":"ept-kay e-thay ost-pay and-ay e-thay ill-hay ich-whay ad-hay een-bay e-thay occasion-ay of-ay e-thay ispute-day;"}
{"eng":"having made the attack with the left wing, which he commanded in person,","engyay":"aving-hay ade-may e-thay attack-ay ith-way e-thay eft-lay ing-way, ich-whay e-hay ommanded-cay in-ay erson-pay,"}
{"eng":"the country of the Remi, when all the villages and buildings which they","engyay":"e-thay ountry-cay of-ay e-thay emi-Ray, en-whay all-ay e-thay illages-vay and-ay uildings-bay ich-whay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"III.--Having received these tidings, Galba, since the works of the","engyay":"aving-III.--Hay eceived-ray ese-thay idings-tay, alba-Gay, ince-say e-thay orks-way of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"soldiers and centurions, and those [the decurions] who were in command","engyay":"oldiers-say and-ay enturions-cay, and-ay ose-thay [e-thay ecurions-day] o-whay ere-way in-ay ommand-cay"}
{"eng":"the woods, to fetch the corn into the town. But their noise being heard","engyay":"e-thay oods-way, o-tay etch-fay e-thay orn-cay into-ay e-thay own-tay. ut-Bay eir-thay oise-nay eing-bay eard-hay"}
{"eng":"the country of the Vettones and Lusitania, with the like number of","engyay":"e-thay ountry-cay of-ay e-thay ettones-Vay and-ay usitania-Lay, ith-way e-thay ike-lay umber-nay of-ay"}
{"eng":"an unexpected turn of fortune, lay hold on such arms as they could find.","engyay":"an-ay unexpected-ay urn-tay of-ay ortune-fay, ay-lay old-hay on-ay uch-say arms-ay as-ay ey-thay ould-cay ind-fay."}
{"eng":"Nem[=e]tes, a people of ancient Germany, about the city of Spire, on the","engyay":"em[=e]tes-Nay, a-ay eople-pay of-ay ancient-ay ermany-Gay, about-ay e-thay ity-cay of-ay ire-Spay, on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"accustomed to receive, not to give, hostages; of that fact the Roman","engyay":"accustomed-ay o-tay eceive-ray, ot-nay o-tay ive-gay, ostages-hay; of-ay at-thay act-fay e-thay oman-Ray"}
{"eng":"engaged in so dishonourable an affair without effecting something, he","engyay":"engaged-ay in-ay o-say ishonourable-day an-ay affair-ay ithout-way effecting-ay omething-say, e-hay"}
{"eng":"having reconnoitred the country by their scouts, select from the entire","engyay":"aving-hay econnoitred-ray e-thay ountry-cay y-bay eir-thay outs-scay, elect-say om-fray e-thay entire-ay"}
{"eng":"trial, he was ready to encounter them again; but if they chose to enjoy","engyay":"ial-tray, e-hay as-way eady-ray o-tay encounter-ay em-thay again-ay; ut-bay if-ay ey-thay ose-chay o-tay enjoy-ay"}
{"eng":"the hope of plundering and the love of fighting had called away from","engyay":"e-thay ope-hay of-ay undering-play and-ay e-thay ove-lay of-ay ighting-fay ad-hay alled-cay away-ay om-fray"}
{"eng":"single competitor; and there is no doubt whatsoever that even amongst","engyay":"ingle-say ompetitor-cay; and-ay ere-thay is-ay o-nay oubt-day atsoever-whay at-thay even-ay amongst-ay"}
{"eng":"them off from a supply of provisions. In which expectation they were","engyay":"em-thay off-ay om-fray a-ay upply-say of-ay ovisions-pray. In-ay ich-whay expectation-ay ey-thay ere-way"}
{"eng":"LIII.--Thus six engagements having happened in one day, three at","engyay":"us-LIII.--Thay ix-say engagements-ay aving-hay appened-hay in-ay one-ay ay-day, ee-thray at-ay"}
{"eng":"assistance. That Caesar could be easily enclosed by the two armies,","engyay":"assistance-ay. at-Thay aesar-Cay ould-cay e-bay easily-ay enclosed-ay y-bay e-thay o-tway armies-ay,"}
{"eng":"Aulerci reduced by P. Crassus, G, ii. 34; massacre their senate, and","engyay":"ulerci-Aay educed-ray y-bay P-ay. assus-Cray, G-ay, ii-ay. 34; assacre-may eir-thay enate-say, and-ay"}
{"eng":"which were riding at anchor against each other; nor was any means","engyay":"ich-whay ere-way iding-ray at-ay anchor-ay against-ay each-ay other-ay; or-nay as-way any-ay eans-may"}
{"eng":"legions, among the Unelli, the Curiosolitae, and the Lexovii, to take","engyay":"egions-lay, among-ay e-thay elli-Unay, e-thay uriosolitae-Cay, and-ay e-thay exovii-Lay, o-tay ake-tay"}
{"eng":"oars; other things, considering the nature of the place [and] the","engyay":"oars-ay; other-ay ings-thay, onsidering-cay e-thay ature-nay of-ay e-thay ace-play [and-ay] e-thay"}
{"eng":"move the crates and vineae to the source of the fountain. This was the","engyay":"ove-may e-thay ates-cray and-ay ineae-vay o-tay e-thay ource-say of-ay e-thay ountain-fay. is-Thay as-way e-thay"}
{"eng":"night being now spent, and fresh hopes of victory always arose before","engyay":"ight-nay eing-bay ow-nay ent-spay, and-ay esh-fray opes-hay of-ay ictory-vay always-ay arose-ay efore-bay"}
{"eng":"must comply with both paragraphs 1.E.1 through 1.E.7 and any additional","engyay":"ust-may omply-cay ith-way oth-bay aragraphs-pay 1.E.1-ay ough-thray 1.E.7-ay and-ay any-ay additional-ay"}
{"eng":"or with what object. That Ariovistus, during his [Caesar's] consulship,","engyay":"or-ay ith-way at-whay object-ay. at-Thay iovistus-Aray, uring-day is-hay [aesar's-Cay] onsulship-cay,"}
{"eng":"retired, after the defeat and death of their leader, to the mountainous","engyay":"etired-ray, after-ay e-thay efeat-day and-ay eath-day of-ay eir-thay eader-lay, o-tay e-thay ountainous-may"}
{"eng":"and what we think ourselves, we hope is the opinion of other men),","engyay":"and-ay at-whay e-way ink-thay ourselves-ay, e-way ope-hay is-ay e-thay opinion-ay of-ay other-ay en-may),"}
{"eng":"deter the rest. Having accomplished this affair, he filled all the","engyay":"eter-day e-thay est-ray. aving-Hay accomplished-ay is-thay affair-ay, e-hay illed-fay all-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"arrangement among themselves, no weapons were thrown during their","engyay":"arrangement-ay among-ay emselves-thay, o-nay eapons-way ere-way own-thray uring-day eir-thay"}
{"eng":"surrendered themselves to him. When these affairs were accomplished,","engyay":"urrendered-say emselves-thay o-tay im-hay. en-Whay ese-thay affairs-ay ere-way accomplished-ay,"}
{"eng":"of the seventh legion, they faced about their legion to the enemy's rear","engyay":"of-ay e-thay eventh-say egion-lay, ey-thay aced-fay about-ay eir-thay egion-lay o-tay e-thay enemy's-ay ear-ray"}
{"eng":"victory, which was now assured to himself and to all the Gauls; nay,","engyay":"ictory-vay, ich-whay as-way ow-nay assured-ay o-tay imself-hay and-ay o-tay all-ay e-thay auls-Gay; ay-nay,"}
{"eng":"and the Rhine, whose country is now a part of the duchy of _Gueldes_","engyay":"and-ay e-thay ine-Rhay, ose-whay ountry-cay is-ay ow-nay a-ay art-pay of-ay e-thay uchy-day of-ay ueldes_-_Gay"}
{"eng":"Celtae, an ancient people of Gaul, in that part called Gallia Comata,","engyay":"eltae-Cay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, in-ay at-thay art-pay alled-cay allia-Gay omata-Cay,"}
{"eng":"legionary cohorts and a great number of the cavalry, lest auxiliaries","engyay":"egionary-lay ohorts-cay and-ay a-ay eat-gray umber-nay of-ay e-thay avalry-cay, est-lay auxiliaries-ay"}
{"eng":"legions which were said to be on their march, with Pompey at their head,","engyay":"egions-lay ich-whay ere-way aid-say o-tay e-bay on-ay eir-thay arch-may, ith-way ompey-Pay at-ay eir-thay ead-hay,"}
{"eng":"works, or what appeared to the best judges of military matters to be","engyay":"orks-way, or-ay at-whay appeared-ay o-tay e-thay est-bay udges-jay of-ay ilitary-may atters-may o-tay e-bay"}
{"eng":"of great skill and valour, hasten to Galba, and assure him that the only","engyay":"of-ay eat-gray ill-skay and-ay alour-vay, asten-hay o-tay alba-Gay, and-ay assure-ay im-hay at-thay e-thay only-ay"}
{"eng":"the night, during the winter, is said to be a month long, G. v. 13","engyay":"e-thay ight-nay, uring-day e-thay inter-way, is-ay aid-say o-tay e-bay a-ay onth-may ong-lay, G-ay. v-ay. 13"}
{"eng":"legion while under baggage, which being routed, and the baggage-train","engyay":"egion-lay ile-whay under-ay aggage-bay, ich-whay eing-bay outed-ray, and-ay e-thay aggage-train-bay"}
{"eng":"induced by the messages of Indutiomarus, one of the Treviri,","engyay":"induced-ay y-bay e-thay essages-may of-ay utiomarus-Inday, one-ay of-ay e-thay eviri-Tray,"}
{"eng":"about a surrender through the mediation of Commius the Atrebatian.","engyay":"about-ay a-ay urrender-say ough-thray e-thay ediation-may of-ay ommius-Cay e-thay ebatian-Atray."}
{"eng":"XI.--Vibullius, having received this commission from Caesar, thought it","engyay":"ibullius-XI.--Vay, aving-hay eceived-ray is-thay ommission-cay om-fray aesar-Cay, ought-thay it-ay"}
{"eng":"away from the outposts and garrison [duty], and pointed out that room","engyay":"away-ay om-fray e-thay outposts-ay and-ay arrison-gay [uty-day], and-ay ointed-pay out-ay at-thay oom-ray"}
{"eng":"of the Aedui were slain because they were said to have held conferences","engyay":"of-ay e-thay edui-Aay ere-way ain-slay ecause-bay ey-thay ere-way aid-say o-tay ave-hay eld-hay onferences-cay"}
{"eng":"properly so called, may be described as consisting of the long and","engyay":"operly-pray o-say alled-cay, ay-may e-bay escribed-day as-ay onsisting-cay of-ay e-thay ong-lay and-ay"}
{"eng":"legions, and fearing a siege like that of Alesia, send off by night all","engyay":"egions-lay, and-ay earing-fay a-ay iege-say ike-lay at-thay of-ay esia-Alay, end-say off-ay y-bay ight-nay all-ay"}
{"eng":"the distance of four miles from each other. He sent foraging parties","engyay":"e-thay istance-day of-ay our-fay iles-may om-fray each-ay other-ay. e-Hay ent-say oraging-fay arties-pay"}
{"eng":"that they could not wait the whole night, or continue longer in the same","engyay":"at-thay ey-thay ould-cay ot-nay ait-way e-thay ole-whay ight-nay, or-ay ontinue-cay onger-lay in-ay e-thay ame-say"}
{"eng":"XXXVIII.--On the arrival of Vibullius Rufus, whom, we have already","engyay":"XXXVIII.--On-ay e-thay arrival-ay of-ay ibullius-Vay ufus-Ray, om-whay, e-way ave-hay already-ay"}
{"eng":"proconsuls in the city should take care that the state received no","engyay":"oconsuls-pray in-ay e-thay ity-cay ould-shay ake-tay are-cay at-thay e-thay ate-stay eceived-ray o-nay"}
{"eng":"called _Castro el Rio_","engyay":"alled-cay astro-_Cay el-ay io_-Ray"}
{"eng":"at the port: where the contest was maintained with the greatest","engyay":"at-ay e-thay ort-pay: ere-whay e-thay ontest-cay as-way aintained-may ith-way e-thay eatest-gray"}
{"eng":"his seamen dispersed, come up in time: for Caesar was seen at the","engyay":"is-hay eamen-say ispersed-day, ome-cay up-ay in-ay ime-tay: or-fay aesar-Cay as-way een-say at-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Picenum, and the straits of Gibraltar. But this, on account of the","engyay":"icenum-Pay, and-ay e-thay aits-stray of-ay ibraltar-Gay. ut-Bay is-thay, on-ay account-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"they have leant upon them, according to their habit, they knock down by","engyay":"ey-thay ave-hay eant-lay upon-ay em-thay, according-ay o-tay eir-thay abit-hay, ey-thay ock-knay own-day y-bay"}
{"eng":"declivity, exercises a momentous influence. Some are casting missiles,","engyay":"eclivity-day, exercises-ay a-ay omentous-may influence-ay. ome-Say are-ay asting-cay issiles-may,"}
{"eng":"might obtain their request from the Sequani. Dumnorix, by his popularity","engyay":"ight-may obtain-ay eir-thay equest-ray om-fray e-thay equani-Say. umnorix-Day, y-bay is-hay opularity-pay"}
{"eng":"in three different places, and that the entire army, being terrified by","engyay":"in-ay ee-thray ifferent-day aces-play, and-ay at-thay e-thay entire-ay army-ay, eing-bay errified-tay y-bay"}
{"eng":"complain that the Harudes, who had lately been brought over into Gaul,","engyay":"omplain-cay at-thay e-thay arudes-Hay, o-whay ad-hay ately-lay een-bay ought-bray over-ay into-ay aul-Gay,"}
{"eng":"he declared when marching to battle: for Caesar entertained the highest","engyay":"e-hay eclared-day en-whay arching-may o-tay attle-bay: or-fay aesar-Cay entertained-ay e-thay ighest-hay"}
{"eng":"explains what his plan is. He himself during the fourth watch, hastens","engyay":"explains-ay at-whay is-hay an-play is-ay. e-Hay imself-hay uring-day e-thay ourth-fay atch-way, astens-hay"}
{"eng":"XXXIV.--At the same time he was informed by P. Crassus, whom he had sent","engyay":"XXXIV.--At-ay e-thay ame-say ime-tay e-hay as-way informed-ay y-bay P-ay. assus-Cray, om-whay e-hay ad-hay ent-say"}
{"eng":"Salluvii, _Sallyes_, a people of Gallia Narbonensis, about where _Aix_","engyay":"alluvii-Say, allyes_-_Say, a-ay eople-pay of-ay allia-Gay arbonensis-Nay, about-ay ere-whay ix_-_Aay"}
{"eng":"banks to guard them.","engyay":"anks-bay o-tay uard-gay em-thay."}
{"eng":"that the strength of his works, and his [apparent] fears would raise","engyay":"at-thay e-thay ength-stray of-ay is-hay orks-way, and-ay is-hay [apparent-ay] ears-fay ould-way aise-ray"}
{"eng":"which forces were to intimidate our men, and hinder them in their","engyay":"ich-whay orces-fay ere-way o-tay intimidate-ay our-ay en-may, and-ay inder-hay em-thay in-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"account of your safety; nor by your folly, rashness, and cowardice,","engyay":"account-ay of-ay our-yay afety-say; or-nay y-bay our-yay olly-fay, ashness-ray, and-ay owardice-cay,"}
{"eng":"amongst the neighbouring states, for the purpose of procuring corn and","engyay":"amongst-ay e-thay eighbouring-nay ates-stay, or-fay e-thay urpose-pay of-ay ocuring-pray orn-cay and-ay"}
{"eng":"command of it to two of his lieutenants, Q. Pedius, and L. Aurunculeius","engyay":"ommand-cay of-ay it-ay o-tay o-tway of-ay is-hay ieutenants-lay, Q-ay. edius-Pay, and-ay L-ay. urunculeius-Aay"}
{"eng":"make a demonstration in front of the camp.","engyay":"ake-may a-ay emonstration-day in-ay ont-fray of-ay e-thay amp-cay."}
{"eng":"allegiance, lest on the departure of all the nobility the commonalty","engyay":"allegiance-ay, est-lay on-ay e-thay eparture-day of-ay all-ay e-thay obility-nay e-thay ommonalty-cay"}
{"eng":"the preceding day, they had made every preparation for a defence.","engyay":"e-thay eceding-pray ay-day, ey-thay ad-hay ade-may every-ay eparation-pray or-fay a-ay efence-day."}
{"eng":"prevented from strengthening his redoubts, and surrounding the enemy","engyay":"evented-pray om-fray engthening-stray is-hay edoubts-ray, and-ay urrounding-say e-thay enemy-ay"}
{"eng":"of all, and that the presence of the tribunes and centurions had the","engyay":"of-ay all-ay, and-ay at-thay e-thay esence-pray of-ay e-thay ibunes-tray and-ay enturions-cay ad-hay e-thay"}
{"eng":"soon got themselves in readiness, and attacked them. Though but few,","engyay":"oon-say ot-gay emselves-thay in-ay eadiness-ray, and-ay attacked-ay em-thay. ough-Thay ut-bay ew-fay,"}
{"eng":"willing to hazard any engagement when the legions were at their back. On","engyay":"illing-way o-tay azard-hay any-ay engagement-ay en-whay e-thay egions-lay ere-way at-ay eir-thay ack-bay. On-ay"}
{"eng":"[would be] dangerous to the Roman people, and judged that wild and","engyay":"[ould-way e-bay] angerous-day o-tay e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay, and-ay udged-jay at-thay ild-way and-ay"}
{"eng":"the sovereignty. The Remi succeeded to their place, and, as it was","engyay":"e-thay overeignty-say. e-Thay emi-Ray ucceeded-say o-tay eir-thay ace-play, and-ay, as-ay it-ay as-way"}
{"eng":"cohorts, which were on guard.","engyay":"ohorts-cay, ich-whay ere-way on-ay uard-gay."}
{"eng":"the same day for Oricum: when he arrived there, Lucius Torquatus, who","engyay":"e-thay ame-say ay-day or-fay icum-Oray: en-whay e-hay arrived-ay ere-thay, ucius-Lay orquatus-Tay, o-whay"}
{"eng":"Caesar, having received an account of this, and relying on the","engyay":"aesar-Cay, aving-hay eceived-ray an-ay account-ay of-ay is-thay, and-ay elying-ray on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"XXXV.--Although Caesar anticipated that the same thing which had","engyay":"ough-XXXV.--Althay aesar-Cay anticipated-ay at-thay e-thay ame-say ing-thay ich-whay ad-hay"}
{"eng":"persuades the noblemen of Gaul not to go with Caesar into Britain, v. 5;","engyay":"ersuades-pay e-thay oblemen-nay of-ay aul-Gay ot-nay o-tay o-gay ith-way aesar-Cay into-ay itain-Bray, v-ay. 5;"}
{"eng":"Milo, who had murdered Clodius, and had been condemned for it; and","engyay":"ilo-May, o-whay ad-hay urdered-may odius-Clay, and-ay ad-hay een-bay ondemned-cay or-fay it-ay; and-ay"}
{"eng":"fifteen. Perhaps it was an advantage also to his father that he died","engyay":"ifteen-fay. erhaps-Pay it-ay as-way an-ay advantage-ay also-ay o-tay is-hay ather-fay at-thay e-hay ied-day"}
{"eng":"throw open their gates, to do whatever he should order, and to deliver","engyay":"ow-thray open-ay eir-thay ates-gay, o-tay o-day atever-whay e-hay ould-shay order-ay, and-ay o-tay eliver-day"}
{"eng":"across the Ebro without danger or apprehension. This it was their","engyay":"across-ay e-thay o-Ebray ithout-way anger-day or-ay apprehension-ay. is-Thay it-ay as-way eir-thay"}
{"eng":"secondary resource against want, had been removed by the states to a","engyay":"econdary-say esource-ray against-ay ant-way, ad-hay een-bay emoved-ray y-bay e-thay ates-stay o-tay a-ay"}
{"eng":"When he had advanced some little way from the camp, he saw that his men","engyay":"en-Whay e-hay ad-hay advanced-ay ome-say ittle-lay ay-way om-fray e-thay amp-cay, e-hay aw-say at-thay is-hay en-may"}
{"eng":"alienated himself from Caesar's friendship, and procured a","engyay":"alienated-ay imself-hay om-fray aesar's-Cay iendship-fray, and-ay ocured-pray a-ay"}
{"eng":"many changes. Their design having met with approbation, they set out","engyay":"any-may anges-chay. eir-Thay esign-day aving-hay et-may ith-way approbation-ay, ey-thay et-say out-ay"}
{"eng":"place, and arrived in a few days at Mitylene. Here he was detained two","engyay":"ace-play, and-ay arrived-ay in-ay a-ay ew-fay ays-day at-ay itylene-May. ere-Hay e-hay as-way etained-day o-tway"}
{"eng":"determined to surround the town with a rampart and turrets during the","engyay":"etermined-day o-tay urround-say e-thay own-tay ith-way a-ay ampart-ray and-ay urrets-tay uring-day e-thay"}
{"eng":"LXXII.-Pompey's party were so elated with confidence and spirit at this","engyay":"ompey's-LXXII.-Pay arty-pay ere-way o-say elated-ay ith-way onfidence-cay and-ay irit-spay at-ay is-thay"}
{"eng":"animosity. When the fight was going on most vigorously before the","engyay":"animosity-ay. en-Whay e-thay ight-fay as-way oing-gay on-ay ost-may igorously-vay efore-bay e-thay"}
{"eng":"of what he intended to do. Caesar hastens to share in the action.","engyay":"of-ay at-whay e-hay intended-ay o-tay o-day. aesar-Cay astens-hay o-tay are-shay in-ay e-thay action-ay."}
{"eng":"horse. When the battle was begun by the horse, there were observed at a","engyay":"orse-hay. en-Whay e-thay attle-bay as-way egun-bay y-bay e-thay orse-hay, ere-thay ere-way observed-ay at-ay a-ay"}
{"eng":"winter with the army himself. For the disaster respecting the death of","engyay":"inter-way ith-way e-thay army-ay imself-hay. or-Fay e-thay isaster-day especting-ray e-thay eath-day of-ay"}
{"eng":"Germans, habituated from their infancy to arms, G. i. 36; their manner","engyay":"ermans-Gay, abituated-hay om-fray eir-thay infancy-ay o-tay arms-ay, G-ay. i-ay. 36; eir-thay anner-may"}
{"eng":"they had been unwilling that the Germans should remain any longer in","engyay":"ey-thay ad-hay een-bay unwilling-ay at-thay e-thay ermans-Gay ould-shay emain-ray any-ay onger-lay in-ay"}
{"eng":"distribute copies of a Project Gutenberg-tm work in a format other than","engyay":"istribute-day opies-cay of-ay a-ay oject-Pray utenberg-tm-Gay ork-way in-ay a-ay ormat-fay other-ay an-thay"}
{"eng":"its height; and two trenches, each fifteen feet broad, with","engyay":"its-ay eight-hay; and-ay o-tway enches-tray, each-ay ifteen-fay eet-fay oad-bray, ith-way"}
{"eng":"Ph[)i]lippi, a city of Macedonia, on the confines of Thrace, _Filippo_","engyay":"i]lippi-Ph[)ay, a-ay ity-cay of-ay acedonia-May, on-ay e-thay onfines-cay of-ay ace-Thray, ilippo_-_Fay"}
{"eng":"cavalry to advance no further before the legions, than that they could","engyay":"avalry-cay o-tay advance-ay o-nay urther-fay efore-bay e-thay egions-lay, an-thay at-thay ey-thay ould-cay"}
{"eng":"Segovia, a city of Hispania Baetica, _Sagovia la Menos_","engyay":"egovia-Say, a-ay ity-cay of-ay ispania-Hay aetica-Bay, agovia-_Say a-lay enos_-May"}
{"eng":"suitable enough considering the emergency, of such depth that their arms","engyay":"uitable-say enough-ay onsidering-cay e-thay emergency-ay, of-ay uch-say epth-day at-thay eir-thay arms-ay"}
{"eng":"redressing it. Such a policy would have resembled the last desperate","engyay":"edressing-ray it-ay. uch-Say a-ay olicy-pay ould-way ave-hay esembled-ray e-thay ast-lay esperate-day"}
{"eng":"saw that our men had taken up their position on the fortifications,","engyay":"aw-say at-thay our-ay en-may ad-hay aken-tay up-ay eir-thay osition-pay on-ay e-thay ortifications-fay,"}
{"eng":"war, not only could it be repaired in a short time, but likewise be","engyay":"ar-way, ot-nay only-ay ould-cay it-ay e-bay epaired-ray in-ay a-ay ort-shay ime-tay, ut-bay ikewise-lay e-bay"}
{"eng":"while he was endeavouring to render assistance to his brother who was","engyay":"ile-whay e-hay as-way endeavouring-ay o-tay ender-ray assistance-ay o-tay is-hay other-bray o-whay as-way"}
{"eng":"diminution of rank. But I suppose, although you are pleased with Caesar,","engyay":"iminution-day of-ay ank-ray. ut-Bay I-ay uppose-say, although-ay ou-yay are-ay eased-play ith-way aesar-Cay,"}
{"eng":"out his forces, gave him an opportunity of fighting; so that Sabinus had","engyay":"out-ay is-hay orces-fay, ave-gay im-hay an-ay opportunity-ay of-ay ighting-fay; o-say at-thay abinus-Say ad-hay"}
{"eng":"diverted their march from the Saone. The Aedui kept deferring from day","engyay":"iverted-day eir-thay arch-may om-fray e-thay aone-Say. e-Thay edui-Aay ept-kay eferring-day om-fray ay-day"}
{"eng":"were retarded from pursuing, because the passes and gates were in","engyay":"ere-way etarded-ray om-fray ursuing-pay, ecause-bay e-thay asses-pay and-ay ates-gay ere-way in-ay"}
{"eng":"himself of an island opposite the harbour of Brundisium. In like manner,","engyay":"imself-hay of-ay an-ay island-ay opposite-ay e-thay arbour-hay of-ay undisium-Bray. In-ay ike-lay anner-may,"}
{"eng":"P[)e]l[)o]ponn[=e]sus, the _Morea_, a famous, large, and fruitful","engyay":"e]l[)o]ponn[=e]sus-P[)ay, e-thay orea_-_May, a-ay amous-fay, arge-lay, and-ay uitful-fray"}
{"eng":"about the third hour, he advances twenty miles that day. He appoints","engyay":"about-ay e-thay ird-thay our-hay, e-hay advances-ay enty-tway iles-may at-thay ay-day. e-Hay appoints-ay"}
{"eng":"Creating the works from public domain print editions means that no","engyay":"eating-Cray e-thay orks-way om-fray ublic-pay omain-day int-pray editions-ay eans-may at-thay o-nay"}
{"eng":"struck, it was observed that shortly before, contrary to his daily","engyay":"uck-stray, it-ay as-way observed-ay at-thay ortly-shay efore-bay, ontrary-cay o-tay is-hay aily-day"}
{"eng":"G. iii. 20","engyay":"G-ay. iii-ay. 20"}
{"eng":"of conversing with each other, came out in great numbers, and inquired","engyay":"of-ay onversing-cay ith-way each-ay other-ay, ame-cay out-ay in-ay eat-gray umbers-nay, and-ay inquired-ay"}
{"eng":"trust himself to barbarians, returns to Caesar on the fifth day, and","engyay":"ust-tray imself-hay o-tay arbarians-bay, eturns-ray o-tay aesar-Cay on-ay e-thay ifth-fay ay-day, and-ay"}
{"eng":"of this mode of battle, Caesar most seasonably brought assistance; for","engyay":"of-ay is-thay ode-may of-ay attle-bay, aesar-Cay ost-may easonably-say ought-bray assistance-ay; or-fay"}
{"eng":"Gauls held at Samarobriva, because the corn that year had not prospered","engyay":"auls-Gay eld-hay at-ay amarobriva-Say, ecause-bay e-thay orn-cay at-thay ear-yay ad-hay ot-nay ospered-pray"}
{"eng":"his own discretion. Vibullius, as soon as the alarm, which Caesar's","engyay":"is-hay own-ay iscretion-day. ibullius-Vay, as-ay oon-say as-ay e-thay alarm-ay, ich-whay aesar's-Cay"}
{"eng":"additional assistance was sent, was infected by the fears of the","engyay":"additional-ay assistance-ay as-way ent-say, as-way infected-ay y-bay e-thay ears-fay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"city was in danger of being set on fire, or when the public safety was","engyay":"ity-cay as-way in-ay anger-day of-ay eing-bay et-say on-ay ire-fay, or-ay en-whay e-thay ublic-pay afety-say as-way"}
{"eng":"forces and openly to prepare for war; Then Labienus, as the change in","engyay":"orces-fay and-ay openly-ay o-tay epare-pray or-fay ar-way; en-Thay abienus-Lay, as-ay e-thay ange-chay in-ay"}
{"eng":"harassed by the Suevi, they were constantly engaged in war, and hindered","engyay":"arassed-hay y-bay e-thay uevi-Say, ey-thay ere-way onstantly-cay engaged-ay in-ay ar-way, and-ay indered-hay"}
{"eng":"a great number of baggage-trains passed between the several legions, and","engyay":"a-ay eat-gray umber-nay of-ay aggage-trains-bay assed-pay etween-bay e-thay everal-say egions-lay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"about thirty horse, which Commius the Atrebatian, of whom mention has","engyay":"about-ay irty-thay orse-hay, ich-whay ommius-Cay e-thay ebatian-Atray, of-ay om-whay ention-may as-hay"}
{"eng":"were forced back into the town. The day after, Caesar, after breaking","engyay":"ere-way orced-fay ack-bay into-ay e-thay own-tay. e-Thay ay-day after-ay, aesar-Cay, after-ay eaking-bray"}
{"eng":"to the Gauls. For neither does any one except merchants generally go","engyay":"o-tay e-thay auls-Gay. or-Fay either-nay oes-day any-ay one-ay except-ay erchants-may enerally-gay o-gay"}
{"eng":"though compelled by necessity, he had disclosed the matter to Caesar, at","engyay":"ough-thay ompelled-cay y-bay ecessity-nay, e-hay ad-hay isclosed-day e-thay atter-may o-tay aesar-Cay, at-ay"}
{"eng":"dependants, who were ascertained to have been beloved by them, were,","engyay":"ependants-day, o-whay ere-way ascertained-ay o-tay ave-hay een-bay eloved-bay y-bay em-thay, ere-way,"}
{"eng":"Rhine, the Danube and the Neckar; who settled, however, under","engyay":"ine-Rhay, e-thay anube-Day and-ay e-thay eckar-Nay; o-whay ettled-say, owever-hay, under-ay"}
{"eng":"quaestor, who was left behind in the camp by Curio, having got","engyay":"uaestor-qay, o-whay as-way eft-lay ehind-bay in-ay e-thay amp-cay y-bay urio-Cay, aving-hay ot-gay"}
{"eng":"had conquered in war.","engyay":"ad-hay onquered-cay in-ay ar-way."}
{"eng":"tardy, our horse threw their darts at them from the rising grounds with","engyay":"ardy-tay, our-ay orse-hay ew-thray eir-thay arts-day at-ay em-thay om-fray e-thay ising-ray ounds-gray ith-way"}
{"eng":"XXXV.--Drapes and Luterius, having laid in a large supply of corn,","engyay":"apes-XXXV.--Dray and-ay uterius-Lay, aving-hay aid-lay in-ay a-ay arge-lay upply-say of-ay orn-cay,"}
{"eng":"them that the generals of the enemy were drawing their troops out of the","engyay":"em-thay at-thay e-thay enerals-gay of-ay e-thay enemy-ay ere-way awing-dray eir-thay oops-tray out-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"they would be almost surrounded, and cut off from all egress and","engyay":"ey-thay ould-way e-bay almost-ay urrounded-say, and-ay ut-cay off-ay om-fray all-ay egress-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"army? For neither ought the obedient to suspect that they are","engyay":"army-ay? or-Fay either-nay ought-ay e-thay obedient-ay o-tay uspect-say at-thay ey-thay are-ay"}
{"eng":"march to Utica, and at the same time a cloud of dust was observed, and","engyay":"arch-may o-tay ica-Utay, and-ay at-ay e-thay ame-say ime-tay a-ay oud-clay of-ay ust-day as-way observed-ay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"Cleopatra, engaged in a war with her brother Ptolemy, C. iii. 103","engyay":"eopatra-Clay, engaged-ay in-ay a-ay ar-way ith-way er-hay other-bray olemy-Ptay, C-ay. iii-ay. 103"}
{"eng":"Lucretius Vespillo, one of Pompey's followers, C. iii. 7","engyay":"ucretius-Lay espillo-Vay, one-ay of-ay ompey's-Pay ollowers-fay, C-ay. iii-ay. 7"}
{"eng":"XIV.--Having marshalled his army in three lines, and in a short time","engyay":"aving-XIV.--Hay arshalled-may is-hay army-ay in-ay ee-thray ines-lay, and-ay in-ay a-ay ort-shay ime-tay"}
{"eng":"should be sent into Gaul by these states, and such great nations be","engyay":"ould-shay e-bay ent-say into-ay aul-Gay y-bay ese-thay ates-stay, and-ay uch-say eat-gray ations-nay e-bay"}
{"eng":"the Romans, G. i. 6; complain to Caesar of the ravages of the","engyay":"e-thay omans-Ray, G-ay. i-ay. 6; omplain-cay o-tay aesar-Cay of-ay e-thay avages-ray of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Hirtius, 1655, 1670, 1695 folio with commendatory verses by Camden,","engyay":"irtius-Hay, 1655, 1670, 1695 olio-fay ith-way ommendatory-cay erses-vay y-bay amden-Cay,"}
{"eng":"those parts of Germany which are the most fruitful [and lie] around the","engyay":"ose-thay arts-pay of-ay ermany-Gay ich-whay are-ay e-thay ost-may uitful-fray [and-ay ie-lay] around-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"LXXI.--Vercingetorix adopts the design of sending away all his cavalry","engyay":"ercingetorix-LXXI.--Vay adopts-ay e-thay esign-day of-ay ending-say away-ay all-ay is-hay avalry-cay"}
{"eng":"other--the Sequani not to obstruct the Helvetii in their march--the","engyay":"other--the-ay equani-Say ot-nay o-tay obstruct-ay e-thay elvetii-Hay in-ay eir-thay arch--the-may"}
{"eng":"Gallia Cisalpina, Tonsa, or Togata, now _Lombardy_, between the Alps and","engyay":"allia-Gay isalpina-Cay, onsa-Tay, or-ay ogata-Tay, ow-nay ombardy_-_Lay, etween-bay e-thay Alps-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"bands of gladiators, kept in the pay of the more ambitious or turbulent","engyay":"ands-bay of-ay adiators-glay, ept-kay in-ay e-thay ay-pay of-ay e-thay ore-may ambitious-ay or-ay urbulent-tay"}
{"eng":"common] with themselves, from uniting with them.","engyay":"ommon-cay] ith-way emselves-thay, om-fray uniting-ay ith-way em-thay."}
{"eng":"the force of the current, were stopped by the horse and taken up, and","engyay":"e-thay orce-fay of-ay e-thay urrent-cay, ere-way opped-stay y-bay e-thay orse-hay and-ay aken-tay up-ay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"considerable loss near the river Sa[^o]ne, 12; vanquished and obliged to","engyay":"onsiderable-cay oss-lay ear-nay e-thay iver-ray a[^o]ne-Say, 12; anquished-vay and-ay obliged-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"great a number return safe to their camp. The besieged, beholding from","engyay":"eat-gray a-ay umber-nay eturn-ray afe-say o-tay eir-thay amp-cay. e-Thay esieged-bay, eholding-bay om-fray"}
{"eng":"to his first intention: Caesar not to hazard a battle, unless forced to","engyay":"o-tay is-hay irst-fay intention-ay: aesar-Cay ot-nay o-tay azard-hay a-ay attle-bay, unless-ay orced-fay o-tay"}
{"eng":"the expedition on the legions by turns, without any intermission to his","engyay":"e-thay expedition-ay on-ay e-thay egions-lay y-bay urns-tay, ithout-way any-ay intermission-ay o-tay is-hay"}
{"eng":"extinguishes the lights. But Julius, the one sole patriot of Rome, could","engyay":"extinguishes-ay e-thay ights-lay. ut-Bay ulius-Jay, e-thay one-ay ole-say atriot-pay of-ay ome-Ray, ould-cay"}
{"eng":"were those who commanded Pompey's fleet to guard the coast, and were","engyay":"ere-way ose-thay o-whay ommanded-cay ompey's-Pay eet-flay o-tay uard-gay e-thay oast-cay, and-ay ere-way"}
{"eng":"XXV.--Caesar proceeded, after encouraging the tenth legion, to the right","engyay":"aesar-XXV.--Cay oceeded-pray, after-ay encouraging-ay e-thay enth-tay egion-lay, o-tay e-thay ight-ray"}
{"eng":"which were to cover the musculus. The roof being thus sloped and laid","engyay":"ich-whay ere-way o-tay over-cay e-thay usculus-may. e-Thay oof-ray eing-bay us-thay oped-slay and-ay aid-lay"}
{"eng":"thoroughly, and their employment of the memory. They wish to inculcate","engyay":"oroughly-thay, and-ay eir-thay employment-ay of-ay e-thay emory-may. ey-Thay ish-way o-tay inculcate-ay"}
{"eng":"Some rush from the camp; an attack is made on the enemy: but they were","engyay":"ome-Say ush-ray om-fray e-thay amp-cay; an-ay attack-ay is-ay ade-may on-ay e-thay enemy-ay: ut-bay ey-thay ere-way"}
{"eng":"informed by some deserters from the town that Juba had stayed behind in","engyay":"informed-ay y-bay ome-say eserters-day om-fray e-thay own-tay at-thay uba-Jay ad-hay ayed-stay ehind-bay in-ay"}
{"eng":"retire, vi. 36","engyay":"etire-ray, i-vay. 36"}
{"eng":"Massilia, began to raise a mound, vineae, and turrets against the town,","engyay":"assilia-May, egan-bay o-tay aise-ray a-ay ound-may, ineae-vay, and-ay urrets-tay against-ay e-thay own-tay,"}
{"eng":"recourse to the oblation of even the innocent.","engyay":"ecourse-ray o-tay e-thay oblation-ay of-ay even-ay e-thay innocent-ay."}
{"eng":"marches in the direction in which he had sent Labienus, drafts four","engyay":"arches-may in-ay e-thay irection-day in-ay ich-whay e-hay ad-hay ent-say abienus-Lay, afts-dray our-fay"}
{"eng":"and agency, hostilities should be ended. Libo, having parted from the","engyay":"and-ay agency-ay, ostilities-hay ould-shay e-bay ended-ay. ibo-Lay, aving-hay arted-pay om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"thought nothing so difficult that their bravery could not accomplish it;","engyay":"ought-thay othing-nay o-say ifficult-day at-thay eir-thay avery-bray ould-cay ot-nay accomplish-ay it-ay;"}
{"eng":"by chance, they [the Gauls] should feel grateful to fortune; if invited","engyay":"y-bay ance-chay, ey-thay [e-thay auls-Gay] ould-shay eel-fay ateful-gray o-tay ortune-fay; if-ay invited-ay"}
{"eng":"54; their law concerning magistrates, _ibid_. 33; their clients, i. 31;","engyay":"54; eir-thay aw-lay oncerning-cay agistrates-may, ibid_-_ay. 33; eir-thay ients-clay, i-ay. 31;"}
{"eng":"Arles, see _Arelate_","engyay":"es-Arlay, ee-say elate_-_Aray"}
{"eng":"manner. Caesar, finding the road to Dyrrachium already in the possession","engyay":"anner-may. aesar-Cay, inding-fay e-thay oad-ray o-tay yrrachium-Day already-ay in-ay e-thay ossession-pay"}
{"eng":"rest, perish either by the sword or by famine.\"","engyay":"est-ray, erish-pay either-ay y-bay e-thay ord-sway or-ay y-bay amine-fay.\""}
{"eng":"directions that a great number should be built in every other place. He","engyay":"irections-day at-thay a-ay eat-gray umber-nay ould-shay e-bay uilt-bay in-ay every-ay other-ay ace-play. e-Hay"}
{"eng":"Vercingetorix had taken care should be broken down, the next day he","engyay":"ercingetorix-Vay ad-hay aken-tay are-cay ould-shay e-bay oken-bray own-day, e-thay ext-nay ay-day e-hay"}
{"eng":"34; returns to Gaul, 36; gives orders for building a navy, v. 1; his","engyay":"34; eturns-ray o-tay aul-Gay, 36; ives-gay orders-ay or-fay uilding-bay a-ay avy-nay, v-ay. 1; is-hay"}
{"eng":"the states at a distance on the road, he took precautions that they","engyay":"e-thay ates-stay at-ay a-ay istance-day on-ay e-thay oad-ray, e-hay ook-tay ecautions-pray at-thay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"ambassador [to sue] for a peace, sends messengers to him, [to report]","engyay":"ambassador-ay [o-tay ue-say] or-fay a-ay eace-pay, ends-say essengers-may o-tay im-hay, [o-tay eport-ray]"}
{"eng":"IV.--Acco, who had been the author of that enterprise, on being informed","engyay":"o-IV.--Accay, o-whay ad-hay een-bay e-thay author-ay of-ay at-thay enterprise-ay, on-ay eing-bay informed-ay"}
{"eng":"port, received a letter from Caesar, in which he was informed, that all","engyay":"ort-pay, eceived-ray a-ay etter-lay om-fray aesar-Cay, in-ay ich-whay e-hay as-way informed-ay, at-thay all-ay"}
{"eng":"he sent Caius Fabius one of his lieutenants into Spain with three","engyay":"e-hay ent-say aius-Cay abius-Fay one-ay of-ay is-hay ieutenants-lay into-ay ain-Spay ith-way ee-thray"}
{"eng":"them the day before, when they were greatly terrified, and acknowledged","engyay":"em-thay e-thay ay-day efore-bay, en-whay ey-thay ere-way eatly-gray errified-tay, and-ay acknowledged-ay"}
{"eng":"after the revolt of Litavicus, and Eporedorix, under whose command the","engyay":"after-ay e-thay evolt-ray of-ay itavicus-Lay, and-ay oredorix-Epay, under-ay ose-whay ommand-cay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Ravenna, awaiting an answer to his moderate demands; [to see] if matters","engyay":"avenna-Ray, awaiting-ay an-ay answer-ay o-tay is-hay oderate-may emands-day; [o-tay ee-say] if-ay atters-may"}
{"eng":"Project Gutenberg-tm depends upon and cannot survive without wide","engyay":"oject-Pray utenberg-tm-Gay epends-day upon-ay and-ay annot-cay urvive-say ithout-way ide-way"}
{"eng":"deserving of his approbation. Of Pompey's army, there fell about fifteen","engyay":"eserving-day of-ay is-hay approbation-ay. Of-ay ompey's-Pay army-ay, ere-thay ell-fay about-ay ifteen-fay"}
{"eng":"granted, they appointed a day for the assembly, and ordained by an oath","engyay":"anted-gray, ey-thay appointed-ay a-ay ay-day or-fay e-thay assembly-ay, and-ay ordained-ay y-bay an-ay oath-ay"}
{"eng":"through the territories of the Sequani; that he had provided that","engyay":"ough-thray e-thay erritories-tay of-ay e-thay equani-Say; at-thay e-hay ad-hay ovided-pray at-thay"}
{"eng":"determination the management of all affairs and measures depends. And","engyay":"etermination-day e-thay anagement-may of-ay all-ay affairs-ay and-ay easures-may epends-day. And-ay"}
{"eng":"custom of the Germans handed down to them from their forefathers, to","engyay":"ustom-cay of-ay e-thay ermans-Gay anded-hay own-day o-tay em-thay om-fray eir-thay orefathers-fay, o-tay"}
{"eng":"were within the gates. The matrons begin to cast their clothes and","engyay":"ere-way ithin-way e-thay ates-gay. e-Thay atrons-may egin-bay o-tay ast-cay eir-thay othes-clay and-ay"}
{"eng":"he himself could effect a very great deal by his influence at home and","engyay":"e-hay imself-hay ould-cay effect-ay a-ay ery-vay eat-gray eal-day y-bay is-hay influence-ay at-ay ome-hay and-ay"}
{"eng":"request, had obtained these honours through the kindness and munificence","engyay":"equest-ray, ad-hay obtained-ay ese-thay onours-hay ough-thray e-thay indness-kay and-ay unificence-may"}
{"eng":"CVIL--Having observed this, he ordered other legions to be brought to","engyay":"aving-CVIL--Hay observed-ay is-thay, e-hay ordered-ay other-ay egions-lay o-tay e-bay ought-bray o-tay"}
{"eng":"distant about three miles from Lissus, _Alessio_, C. iii. 26","engyay":"istant-day about-ay ee-thray iles-may om-fray issus-Lay, essio_-_Alay, C-ay. iii-ay. 26"}
{"eng":"this--that, soon after his first entrance upon his government in Gaul,","engyay":"is--that-thay, oon-say after-ay is-hay irst-fay entrance-ay upon-ay is-hay overnment-gay in-ay aul-Gay,"}
{"eng":"within the rampart, but respecting the high opinion of all, follows","engyay":"ithin-way e-thay ampart-ray, ut-bay especting-ray e-thay igh-hay opinion-ay of-ay all-ay, ollows-fay"}
{"eng":"controversy arises among them. L. Aurunculeius, and several tribunes of","engyay":"ontroversy-cay arises-ay among-ay em-thay. L-ay. urunculeius-Aay, and-ay everal-say ibunes-tray of-ay"}
{"eng":"they had nothing remaining, except the soil of their land. Caesar,","engyay":"ey-thay ad-hay othing-nay emaining-ray, except-ay e-thay oil-say of-ay eir-thay and-lay. aesar-Cay,"}
{"eng":"being offered [to the messengers] if they carried them through. All the","engyay":"eing-bay offered-ay [o-tay e-thay essengers-may] if-ay ey-thay arried-cay em-thay ough-thray. All-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"from the towns and convey their children, wives, and all their","engyay":"om-fray e-thay owns-tay and-ay onvey-cay eir-thay ildren-chay, ives-way, and-ay all-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"conduct retarded the enemy in the pursuit, and encouraged our men by the","engyay":"onduct-cay etarded-ray e-thay enemy-ay in-ay e-thay ursuit-pay, and-ay encouraged-ay our-ay en-may y-bay e-thay"}
{"eng":"lower position with sufficient effect, and those cast by the Gauls fell","engyay":"ower-lay osition-pay ith-way ufficient-say effect-ay, and-ay ose-thay ast-cay y-bay e-thay auls-Gay ell-fay"}
{"eng":"another dwelling place, other settlements remote from the Germans, and","engyay":"another-ay elling-dway ace-play, other-ay ettlements-say emote-ray om-fray e-thay ermans-Gay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"turf with their swords, and to empty out the earth with their hands and","engyay":"urf-tay ith-way eir-thay ords-sway, and-ay o-tay empty-ay out-ay e-thay earth-ay ith-way eir-thay ands-hay and-ay"}
{"eng":"they intended to attack them while encumbered in their march and","engyay":"ey-thay intended-ay o-tay attack-ay em-thay ile-whay encumbered-ay in-ay eir-thay arch-may and-ay"}
{"eng":"into Britain for the purpose of making war. Therefore, again entering","engyay":"into-ay itain-Bray or-fay e-thay urpose-pay of-ay aking-may ar-way. erefore-Thay, again-ay entering-ay"}
{"eng":"with _Picardy_; divided by Augustus into Belgica and Germania__ and the","engyay":"ith-way icardy_-_Pay; ivided-day y-bay ugustus-Aay into-ay elgica-Bay and-ay ermania__-Gay and-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"the Gauls, G. i. 31; Caesar sends ambassadors to him demanding an","engyay":"e-thay auls-Gay, G-ay. i-ay. 31; aesar-Cay ends-say ambassadors-ay o-tay im-hay emanding-day an-ay"}
{"eng":"Eusubii, corrupted from _Unelli_, or _Lexovii_, properly the people of","engyay":"usubii-Eay, orrupted-cay om-fray elli_-_Unay, or-ay exovii_-_Lay, operly-pray e-thay eople-pay of-ay"}
{"eng":"he, however, undertakes to attack it in two directions. The enemy,","engyay":"e-hay, owever-hay, undertakes-ay o-tay attack-ay it-ay in-ay o-tway irections-day. e-Thay enemy-ay,"}
{"eng":"order to visit the free towns and colonies, that he might recommend to","engyay":"order-ay o-tay isit-vay e-thay ee-fray owns-tay and-ay olonies-cay, at-thay e-hay ight-may ecommend-ray o-tay"}
{"eng":"disconcerted by this alarm, the belief of the barbarians is strengthened","engyay":"isconcerted-day y-bay is-thay alarm-ay, e-thay elief-bay of-ay e-thay arbarians-bay is-ay engthened-stray"}
{"eng":"and several more under pretext of their wounds, but in fact through","engyay":"and-ay everal-say ore-may under-ay etext-pray of-ay eir-thay ounds-way, ut-bay in-ay act-fay ough-thray"}
{"eng":"Eb[=u]r[)o]v[=i]ces, a people of Gaul, inhabiting the country of","engyay":"u]r[)o]v[=i]ces-Eb[=ay, a-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, inhabiting-ay e-thay ountry-cay of-ay"}
{"eng":"Our horse, with the slingers and archers, having passed the river,","engyay":"ur-Oay orse-hay, ith-way e-thay ingers-slay and-ay archers-ay, aving-hay assed-pay e-thay iver-ray,"}
{"eng":"XXVI.--The Gauls having tried every expedient, as nothing had succeeded,","engyay":"e-XXVI.--Thay auls-Gay aving-hay ied-tray every-ay expedient-ay, as-ay othing-nay ad-hay ucceeded-say,"}
{"eng":"several days successively, by which means he was enabled to effect his","engyay":"everal-say ays-day uccessively-say, y-bay ich-whay eans-may e-hay as-way enabled-ay o-tay effect-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"they were produced, they put them to death publicly in the praetorium,","engyay":"ey-thay ere-way oduced-pray, ey-thay ut-pay em-thay o-tay eath-day ublicly-pay in-ay e-thay aetorium-pray,"}
{"eng":"and whose numbers were countless: that the Bellovaci had come to a","engyay":"and-ay ose-whay umbers-nay ere-way ountless-cay: at-thay e-thay ellovaci-Bay ad-hay ome-cay o-tay a-ay"}
{"eng":"receiving some intelligence respecting the meetings and commotions of","engyay":"eceiving-ray ome-say intelligence-ay especting-ray e-thay eetings-may and-ay ommotions-cay of-ay"}
{"eng":"on three sides by the sea, the remaining fourth part is the only side","engyay":"on-ay ee-thray ides-say y-bay e-thay ea-say, e-thay emaining-ray ourth-fay art-pay is-ay e-thay only-ay ide-say"}
{"eng":"whole train of baggage.","engyay":"ole-whay ain-tray of-ay aggage-bay."}
{"eng":"legion to Sardinia; Curio, the proprietor, to Sicily with three legions;","engyay":"egion-lay o-tay ardinia-Say; urio-Cay, e-thay oprietor-pray, o-tay icily-Say ith-way ee-thray egions-lay;"}
{"eng":"perpetrators to death by fire and every sort of tortures; for a slighter","engyay":"erpetrators-pay o-tay eath-day y-bay ire-fay and-ay every-ay ort-say of-ay ortures-tay; or-fay a-ay ighter-slay"}
{"eng":"fords and passages of that marsh with trusty guards, thus determined","engyay":"ords-fay and-ay assages-pay of-ay at-thay arsh-may ith-way usty-tray uards-gay, us-thay etermined-day"}
{"eng":"XLIII.--In the meantime, when intelligence was brought that all their","engyay":"XLIII.--In-ay e-thay eantime-may, en-whay intelligence-ay as-way ought-bray at-thay all-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"come to him daily at the dawn, whether any measure seemed to require","engyay":"ome-cay o-tay im-hay aily-day at-ay e-thay awn-day, ether-whay any-ay easure-may eemed-say o-tay equire-ray"}
{"eng":"camp, set out and marched the direct road to the Ebro.","engyay":"amp-cay, et-say out-ay and-ay arched-may e-thay irect-day oad-ray o-tay e-thay o-Ebray."}
{"eng":"Vercingetorix, nevertheless, would not descend to the level ground, a","engyay":"ercingetorix-Vay, evertheless-nay, ould-way ot-nay escend-day o-tay e-thay evel-lay ound-gray, a-ay"}
{"eng":"matter), but only that they should not have it to employ against him:","engyay":"atter-may), ut-bay only-ay at-thay ey-thay ould-shay ot-nay ave-hay it-ay o-tay employ-ay against-ay im-hay:"}
{"eng":"south-west point of Italy, formerly called the storehouse of the Roman","engyay":"outh-west-say oint-pay of-ay aly-Itay, ormerly-fay alled-cay e-thay orehouse-stay of-ay e-thay oman-Ray"}
{"eng":"crowds of those that fled, the gates of the camps were thronged and the","engyay":"owds-cray of-ay ose-thay at-thay ed-flay, e-thay ates-gay of-ay e-thay amps-cay ere-way onged-thray and-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"intervals, as was his practice before, but in one continued range of","engyay":"intervals-ay, as-ay as-way is-hay actice-pray efore-bay, ut-bay in-ay one-ay ontinued-cay ange-ray of-ay"}
{"eng":"stripped of their arms, [our men] betake themselves to their camp and","engyay":"ipped-stray of-ay eir-thay arms-ay, [our-ay en-may] etake-bay emselves-thay o-tay eir-thay amp-cay and-ay"}
{"eng":"leaving two thousand men in the garrison, marched out of the town with","engyay":"eaving-lay o-tway ousand-thay en-may in-ay e-thay arrison-gay, arched-may out-ay of-ay e-thay own-tay ith-way"}
{"eng":"travellers to stop, even against their inclination, and inquire what","engyay":"avellers-tray o-tay op-stay, even-ay against-ay eir-thay inclination-ay, and-ay inquire-ay at-whay"}
{"eng":"which he had given; and we are bound to believe his apology, in which he","engyay":"ich-whay e-hay ad-hay iven-gay; and-ay e-way are-ay ound-bay o-tay elieve-bay is-hay apology-ay, in-ay ich-whay e-hay"}
{"eng":"victorious soldiers. In this manner, mixed with their own fugitives,","engyay":"ictorious-vay oldiers-say. In-ay is-thay anner-may, ixed-may ith-way eir-thay own-ay ugitives-fay,"}
{"eng":"rampart by slings, arrows, and stones, and executed the other movements","engyay":"ampart-ray y-bay ings-slay, arrows-ay, and-ay ones-stay, and-ay executed-ay e-thay other-ay ovements-may"}
{"eng":"the wind abated, having come near a port, called Nymphaeum, about three","engyay":"e-thay ind-way abated-ay, aving-hay ome-cay ear-nay a-ay ort-pay, alled-cay ymphaeum-Nay, about-ay ee-thray"}
{"eng":"XXVIII.-There is a third kind, consisting of those animals which are","engyay":"ere-XXVIII.-Thay is-ay a-ay ird-thay ind-kay, onsisting-cay of-ay ose-thay animals-ay ich-whay are-ay"}
{"eng":"successful battles, and stormed several of their forts, upon ambassadors","engyay":"uccessful-say attles-bay, and-ay ormed-stay everal-say of-ay eir-thay orts-fay, upon-ay ambassadors-ay"}
{"eng":"Having in the meantime assembled the lieutenants and military tribunes,","engyay":"aving-Hay in-ay e-thay eantime-may assembled-ay e-thay ieutenants-lay and-ay ilitary-may ibunes-tray,"}
{"eng":"continuing its flight, and by the aid of the wind got out of sight: the","engyay":"ontinuing-cay its-ay ight-flay, and-ay y-bay e-thay aid-ay of-ay e-thay ind-way ot-gay out-ay of-ay ight-say: e-thay"}
{"eng":"built out of the products of his last campaign, by way of a present to","engyay":"uilt-bay out-ay of-ay e-thay oducts-pray of-ay is-hay ast-lay ampaign-cay, y-bay ay-way of-ay a-ay esent-pray o-tay"}
{"eng":"sides and after receiving many wounds, and his brother, who had then","engyay":"ides-say and-ay after-ay eceiving-ray any-may ounds-way, and-ay is-hay other-bray, o-whay ad-hay en-thay"}
{"eng":"partisans, both in Rome and elsewhere. Whosoever indeed will take the","engyay":"artisans-pay, oth-bay in-ay ome-Ray and-ay elsewhere-ay. osoever-Whay indeed-ay ill-way ake-tay e-thay"}
{"eng":"the fortification, obliged them to flee.","engyay":"e-thay ortification-fay, obliged-ay em-thay o-tay ee-flay."}
{"eng":"misfortunes, collected all the people, both slaves and freemen, from the","engyay":"isfortunes-may, ollected-cay all-ay e-thay eople-pay, oth-bay aves-slay and-ay eemen-fray, om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"river, both armies kept in their own positions: the Gauls, because they","engyay":"iver-ray, oth-bay armies-ay ept-kay in-ay eir-thay own-ay ositions-pay: e-thay auls-Gay, ecause-bay ey-thay"}
{"eng":"fight as to effect an escape, our men believing that Comius had received","engyay":"ight-fay as-ay o-tay effect-ay an-ay escape-ay, our-ay en-may elieving-bay at-thay omius-Cay ad-hay eceived-ray"}
{"eng":"purpose of concluding a peace, when he ordered all their senate to come","engyay":"urpose-pay of-ay oncluding-cay a-ay eace-pay, en-whay e-hay ordered-ay all-ay eir-thay enate-say o-tay ome-cay"}
{"eng":"This work, with respect to appearance and variety, is not unsightly,","engyay":"is-Thay ork-way, ith-way espect-ray o-tay appearance-ay and-ay ariety-vay, is-ay ot-nay unsightly-ay,"}
{"eng":"was vigorously maintained on both sides till the evening. At sunset,","engyay":"as-way igorously-vay aintained-may on-ay oth-bay ides-say ill-tay e-thay evening-ay. At-ay unset-say,"}
{"eng":"VIII.--Having made himself acquainted with the disposition of his","engyay":"aving-VIII.--Hay ade-may imself-hay acquainted-ay ith-way e-thay isposition-day of-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"so that fighting as it were from an eminence, and sending fresh men","engyay":"o-say at-thay ighting-fay as-ay it-ay ere-way om-fray an-ay eminence-ay, and-ay ending-say esh-fray en-may"}
{"eng":"for them to depart, they requested that by his consent they might be","engyay":"or-fay em-thay o-tay epart-day, ey-thay equested-ray at-thay y-bay is-hay onsent-cay ey-thay ight-may e-bay"}
{"eng":"Os[=i]sm[)i]i, an ancient people of Gaul, one of the Gentes Armoricae.","engyay":"i]sm[)i]i-Os[=ay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, one-ay of-ay e-thay entes-Gay oricae-Armay."}
{"eng":"Hence we see, in noble families, the merest boys put forward to","engyay":"ence-Hay e-way ee-say, in-ay oble-nay amilies-fay, e-thay erest-may oys-bay ut-pay orward-fay o-tay"}
{"eng":"of, G. iii. 10; the incitement to, G. vii. 76; C. i. 47","engyay":"of-ay, G-ay. iii-ay. 10; e-thay incitement-ay o-tay, G-ay. ii-vay. 76; C-ay. i-ay. 47"}
{"eng":"countrymen, if fortune suffered any to survive, he might be excluded","engyay":"ountrymen-cay, if-ay ortune-fay uffered-say any-ay o-tay urvive-say, e-hay ight-may e-bay excluded-ay"}
{"eng":"they first began to take courage and to rally, and determined to raise","engyay":"ey-thay irst-fay egan-bay o-tay ake-tay ourage-cay and-ay o-tay ally-ray, and-ay etermined-day o-tay aise-ray"}
{"eng":"receive a refund of the money (if any) you paid for it by sending a","engyay":"eceive-ray a-ay efund-ray of-ay e-thay oney-may (if-ay any-ay) ou-yay aid-pay or-fay it-ay y-bay ending-say a-ay"}
{"eng":"they fled. They retired to their walls, and there, without fear, set the","engyay":"ey-thay ed-flay. ey-Thay etired-ray o-tay eir-thay alls-way, and-ay ere-thay, ithout-way ear-fay, et-say e-thay"}
{"eng":"covered up, they sallied out from the gates, and, the wind being high","engyay":"overed-cay up-ay, ey-thay allied-say out-ay om-fray e-thay ates-gay, and-ay, e-thay ind-way eing-bay igh-hay"}
{"eng":"every day: and so great an alteration was wrought in a few days, and","engyay":"every-ay ay-day: and-ay o-say eat-gray an-ay alteration-ay as-way ought-wray in-ay a-ay ew-fay ays-day, and-ay"}
{"eng":"first line. Three more from each legion followed them, as reserves: and","engyay":"irst-fay ine-lay. ee-Thray ore-may om-fray each-ay egion-lay ollowed-fay em-thay, as-ay eserves-ray: and-ay"}
{"eng":"and the cohort on the outpost scarcely sustains the first attack. The","engyay":"and-ay e-thay ohort-cay on-ay e-thay outpost-ay arcely-scay ustains-say e-thay irst-fay attack-ay. e-Thay"}
{"eng":"their extensive lines, and with difficulty meets the enemy in every","engyay":"eir-thay extensive-ay ines-lay, and-ay ith-way ifficulty-day eets-may e-thay enemy-ay in-ay every-ay"}
{"eng":"revolutionizing the Republic, and placing himself at its head, was no","engyay":"evolutionizing-ray e-thay epublic-Ray, and-ay acing-play imself-hay at-ay its-ay ead-hay, as-way o-nay"}
{"eng":"Convictolitanis, the Aeduan, to whom we have observed the magistracy was","engyay":"onvictolitanis-Cay, e-thay eduan-Aay, o-tay om-whay e-way ave-hay observed-ay e-thay agistracy-may as-way"}
{"eng":"general of the enemy, was present and encouraged his troops. But when","engyay":"eneral-gay of-ay e-thay enemy-ay, as-way esent-pray and-ay encouraged-ay is-hay oops-tray. ut-Bay en-whay"}
{"eng":"want of common necessaries. Pompey, as soon as our men had forced the","engyay":"ant-way of-ay ommon-cay ecessaries-nay. ompey-Pay, as-ay oon-say as-ay our-ay en-may ad-hay orced-fay e-thay"}
{"eng":"and also if they could by any means obtain a truce by deceiving him.","engyay":"and-ay also-ay if-ay ey-thay ould-cay y-bay any-ay eans-may obtain-ay a-ay uce-tray y-bay eceiving-day im-hay."}
{"eng":"part of Gaul in its allegiance. The Senones, however, which is a state","engyay":"art-pay of-ay aul-Gay in-ay its-ay allegiance-ay. e-Thay enones-Say, owever-hay, ich-whay is-ay a-ay ate-stay"}
{"eng":"inferred; for in less than three hours they completed a fortification of","engyay":"inferred-ay; or-fay in-ay ess-lay an-thay ee-thray ours-hay ey-thay ompleted-cay a-ay ortification-fay of-ay"}
{"eng":"and had sustained a great calamity--had lost all their nobility, all","engyay":"and-ay ad-hay ustained-say a-ay eat-gray alamity--had-cay ost-lay all-ay eir-thay obility-nay, all-ay"}
{"eng":"what legions he had. These matters being settled, reinforcements of","engyay":"at-whay egions-lay e-hay ad-hay. ese-Thay atters-may eing-bay ettled-say, einforcements-ray of-ay"}
{"eng":"15; _ibid_. 35; iv. 38","engyay":"15; ibid_-_ay. 35; iv-ay. 38"}
{"eng":"of the Audi are taken and brought to Caesar: Cotus, the commander of the","engyay":"of-ay e-thay udi-Aay are-ay aken-tay and-ay ought-bray o-tay aesar-Cay: otus-Cay, e-thay ommander-cay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Their country occupied part of Neodron Brittany; capital Vorganium,","engyay":"eir-Thay ountry-cay occupied-ay art-pay of-ay eodron-Nay ittany-Bray; apital-cay organium-Vay,"}
{"eng":"Bosph[)o]rus, two straits of the sea so called, one Bosphorus Thracius,","engyay":"osph[)o]rus-Bay, o-tway aits-stray of-ay e-thay ea-say o-say alled-cay, one-ay osphorus-Bay acius-Thray,"}
{"eng":"circle round the whole fortification; he ordered the tribunes and","engyay":"ircle-cay ound-ray e-thay ole-whay ortification-fay; e-hay ordered-ay e-thay ibunes-tray and-ay"}
{"eng":"the Hyreanian Sea","engyay":"e-thay yreanian-Hay ea-Say"}
{"eng":"business, they had protracted the battle almost till night. Taking","engyay":"usiness-bay, ey-thay ad-hay otracted-pray e-thay attle-bay almost-ay ill-tay ight-nay. aking-Tay"}
{"eng":"have already spoken, was the commander. But the king was coming after","engyay":"ave-hay already-ay oken-spay, as-way e-thay ommander-cay. ut-Bay e-thay ing-kay as-way oming-cay after-ay"}
{"eng":"he detached to the Aedui, knowing them to have a very powerful influence","engyay":"e-hay etached-day o-tay e-thay edui-Aay, owing-knay em-thay o-tay ave-hay a-ay ery-vay owerful-pay influence-ay"}
{"eng":"begins his march, 41; his speech to Ariovistus, 43; totally routs the","engyay":"egins-bay is-hay arch-may, 41; is-hay eech-spay o-tay iovistus-Aray, 43; otally-tay outs-ray e-thay"}
{"eng":"thus laid and cemented together, another row is added above, in such a","engyay":"us-thay aid-lay and-ay emented-cay ogether-tay, another-ay ow-ray is-ay added-ay above-ay, in-ay uch-say a-ay"}
{"eng":"Roman people was wrested from him by the injurious reports of his","engyay":"oman-Ray eople-pay as-way ested-wray om-fray im-hay y-bay e-thay injurious-ay eports-ray of-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"orders; but being animated by the prospect of speedy victory, and the","engyay":"orders-ay; ut-bay eing-bay animated-ay y-bay e-thay ospect-pray of-ay eedy-spay ictory-vay, and-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"violence, Dumnacus drew out his army in such a manner, that the foot","engyay":"iolence-vay, umnacus-Day ew-dray out-ay is-hay army-ay in-ay uch-say a-ay anner-may, at-thay e-thay oot-fay"}
{"eng":"XLIX.--Caesar, whilst in winter quarters in the country of the Belgae,","engyay":"aesar-XLIX.--Cay, ilst-whay in-ay inter-way uarters-qay in-ay e-thay ountry-cay of-ay e-thay elgae-Bay,"}
{"eng":"built for the war with the Veneti, to assemble in this place. In the","engyay":"uilt-bay or-fay e-thay ar-way ith-way e-thay eneti-Vay, o-tay assemble-ay in-ay is-thay ace-play. In-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"stand on their own fortifications, because our works were built almost","engyay":"and-stay on-ay eir-thay own-ay ortifications-fay, ecause-bay our-ay orks-way ere-way uilt-bay almost-ay"}
{"eng":"because the following year, in which Lucius Paulus and Caius Marcellus","engyay":"ecause-bay e-thay ollowing-fay ear-yay, in-ay ich-whay ucius-Lay aulus-Pay and-ay aius-Cay arcellus-May"}
{"eng":"Corduba shut the gates of their own accord against Varro, and posted","engyay":"orduba-Cay ut-shay e-thay ates-gay of-ay eir-thay own-ay accord-ay against-ay arro-Vay, and-ay osted-pay"}
{"eng":"from their state; whose speech was as follows:--\"That the Germans","engyay":"om-fray eir-thay ate-stay; ose-whay eech-spay as-way as-ay ollows:--\"That-fay e-thay ermans-Gay"}
{"eng":"XLVI.--The town wall was 1200 paces distant from the plain and foot of","engyay":"e-XLVI.--Thay own-tay all-way as-way 1200 aces-pay istant-day om-fray e-thay ain-play and-ay oot-fay of-ay"}
{"eng":"detached with a small party to explore the nature of the country. Each","engyay":"etached-day ith-way a-ay all-smay arty-pay o-tay explore-ay e-thay ature-nay of-ay e-thay ountry-cay. ach-Eay"}
{"eng":"the port with several ships, on which he had raised very high turrets,","engyay":"e-thay ort-pay ith-way everal-say ips-shay, on-ay ich-whay e-hay ad-hay aised-ray ery-vay igh-hay urrets-tay,"}
{"eng":"for one of his two legions. Thus, as far as the convenience of the","engyay":"or-fay one-ay of-ay is-hay o-tway egions-lay. us-Thay, as-ay ar-fay as-ay e-thay onvenience-cay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"imagined that the enemy were running away, and led his army from the","engyay":"imagined-ay at-thay e-thay enemy-ay ere-way unning-ray away-ay, and-ay ed-lay is-hay army-ay om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"ground, yet bravely struggled up to the top of the hill, and, riding","engyay":"ound-gray, et-yay avely-bray uggled-stray up-ay o-tay e-thay op-tay of-ay e-thay ill-hay, and-ay, iding-ray"}
{"eng":"camp, and drew up his army in order of battle in a suitable place. When","engyay":"amp-cay, and-ay ew-dray up-ay is-hay army-ay in-ay order-ay of-ay attle-bay in-ay a-ay uitable-say ace-play. en-Whay"}
{"eng":"defeated, and increased the terror and danger. For retreat was prevented","engyay":"efeated-day, and-ay increased-ay e-thay error-tay and-ay anger-day. or-Fay etreat-ray as-way evented-pray"}
{"eng":"come up. That his orders might be faithfully performed, Quintus Atius","engyay":"ome-cay up-ay. at-Thay is-hay orders-ay ight-may e-bay aithfully-fay erformed-pay, uintus-Qay ius-Atay"}
{"eng":"opinion, that such an enterprise ought not to be hazarded: he did not","engyay":"opinion-ay, at-thay uch-say an-ay enterprise-ay ought-ay ot-nay o-tay e-bay azarded-hay: e-hay id-day ot-nay"}
{"eng":"lighter, he easily kept Gaul (already exhausted by so many unsuccessful","engyay":"ighter-lay, e-hay easily-ay ept-kay aul-Gay (already-ay exhausted-ay y-bay o-say any-may unsuccessful-ay"}
{"eng":"leaders the same valour you have ofttimes displayed to your general:","engyay":"eaders-lay e-thay ame-say alour-vay ou-yay ave-hay ofttimes-ay isplayed-day o-tay our-yay eneral-gay:"}
{"eng":"body of the army.\" This opinion prevailed in the council, and the next","engyay":"ody-bay of-ay e-thay army-ay.\" is-Thay opinion-ay evailed-pray in-ay e-thay ouncil-cay, and-ay e-thay ext-nay"}
{"eng":"safety, unless they should succeed in forcing the lines: the Romans","engyay":"afety-say, unless-ay ey-thay ould-shay ucceed-say in-ay orcing-fay e-thay ines-lay: e-thay omans-Ray"}
{"eng":"long practice, now spoke fluently; and because in his case the Germans","engyay":"ong-lay actice-pray, ow-nay oke-spay uently-flay; and-ay ecause-bay in-ay is-hay ase-cay e-thay ermans-Gay"}
{"eng":"meantime, Indutiomarus, with all his cavalry, nearly every day used to","engyay":"eantime-may, utiomarus-Inday, ith-way all-ay is-hay avalry-cay, early-nay every-ay ay-day used-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"inspired his army every day with fresh courage. However he adhered to","engyay":"inspired-ay is-hay army-ay every-ay ay-day ith-way esh-fray ourage-cay. owever-Hay e-hay adhered-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"effect, what opinion he himself had entertained at Avaricum, when having","engyay":"effect-ay, at-whay opinion-ay e-hay imself-hay ad-hay entertained-ay at-ay aricum-Avay, en-whay aving-hay"}
{"eng":"sustaining such considerable losses, withdrew to Pompey, to Dyrrachium.","engyay":"ustaining-say uch-say onsiderable-cay osses-lay, ithdrew-way o-tay ompey-Pay, o-tay yrrachium-Day."}
{"eng":"greatly contributed to relieve their want. They made it into a sort of","engyay":"eatly-gray ontributed-cay o-tay elieve-ray eir-thay ant-way. ey-Thay ade-may it-ay into-ay a-ay ort-say of-ay"}
{"eng":"at first dissuades them from it, but afterwards concedes the point,","engyay":"at-ay irst-fay issuades-day em-thay om-fray it-ay, ut-bay afterwards-ay oncedes-cay e-thay oint-pay,"}
{"eng":"concluded, determined to station two cohorts among the Nantuates, and to","engyay":"oncluded-cay, etermined-day o-tay ation-stay o-tway ohorts-cay among-ay e-thay antuates-Nay, and-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"horse; the rest of the army he delivered to Q. Titurius Sabinus and L.","engyay":"orse-hay; e-thay est-ray of-ay e-thay army-ay e-hay elivered-day o-tay Q-ay. iturius-Tay abinus-Say and-ay L-ay."}
{"eng":"account more limited than ordinary because Caesar had conveyed over his","engyay":"account-ay ore-may imited-lay an-thay ordinary-ay ecause-bay aesar-Cay ad-hay onveyed-cay over-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"people.\" The matter being reported to their countrymen, they said that","engyay":"eople-pay.\" e-Thay atter-may eing-bay eported-ray o-tay eir-thay ountrymen-cay, ey-thay aid-say at-thay"}
{"eng":"days in winter quarters, he draws the fourteenth and sixth legion out of","engyay":"ays-day in-ay inter-way uarters-qay, e-hay aws-dray e-thay ourteenth-fay and-ay ixth-say egion-lay out-ay of-ay"}
{"eng":"camp: such of them as could readily get their arms for a short time","engyay":"amp-cay: uch-say of-ay em-thay as-ay ould-cay eadily-ray et-gay eir-thay arms-ay or-fay a-ay ort-shay ime-tay"}
{"eng":"Pompey's men would sally out from some part, and attack us in the rear;","engyay":"ompey's-Pay en-may ould-way ally-say out-ay om-fray ome-say art-pay, and-ay attack-ay us-ay in-ay e-thay ear-ray;"}
{"eng":"head, from the resemblance which its different harbours and creeks bore","engyay":"ead-hay, om-fray e-thay esemblance-ray ich-whay its-ay ifferent-day arbours-hay and-ay eeks-cray ore-bay"}
{"eng":"might be less easily withstood. Having, therefore, as quickly as he","engyay":"ight-may e-bay ess-lay easily-ay ithstood-way. aving-Hay, erefore-thay, as-ay uickly-qay as-ay e-hay"}
{"eng":"their want, as they were confident of having abundance in a short time.","engyay":"eir-thay ant-way, as-ay ey-thay ere-way onfident-cay of-ay aving-hay abundance-ay in-ay a-ay ort-shay ime-tay."}
{"eng":"For even on one of those days he was successful in a cavalry action, and","engyay":"or-Fay even-ay on-ay one-ay of-ay ose-thay ays-day e-hay as-way uccessful-say in-ay a-ay avalry-cay action-ay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"patiently and without repining, and thought they ought not to leave the","engyay":"atiently-pay and-ay ithout-way epining-ray, and-ay ought-thay ey-thay ought-ay ot-nay o-tay eave-lay e-thay"}
{"eng":"_Picardy_ and _Artois_, because Caesar observes that from their country","engyay":"icardy_-_Pay and-ay ois_-_Artay, ecause-bay aesar-Cay observes-ay at-thay om-fray eir-thay ountry-cay"}
{"eng":"themselves on his protection and power, nor would contend in arms","engyay":"emselves-thay on-ay is-hay otection-pray and-ay ower-pay, or-nay ould-way ontend-cay in-ay arms-ay"}
{"eng":"III.--When the appointed day came, the Carnutes, under the command of","engyay":"en-III.--Whay e-thay appointed-ay ay-day ame-cay, e-thay arnutes-Cay, under-ay e-thay ommand-cay of-ay"}
{"eng":"forced, for want of necessary subsistence, to run away, and return to","engyay":"orced-fay, or-fay ant-way of-ay ecessary-nay ubsistence-say, o-tay un-ray away-ay, and-ay eturn-ray o-tay"}
{"eng":"capitulating, and promised them their lives if they would surrender. One","engyay":"apitulating-cay, and-ay omised-pray em-thay eir-thay ives-lay if-ay ey-thay ould-way urrender-say. e-Onay"}
{"eng":"Act[)i]us, a Pelignian, one of Pompey's followers, taken by Caesar, and","engyay":"i]us-Act[)ay, a-ay elignian-Pay, one-ay of-ay ompey's-Pay ollowers-fay, aken-tay y-bay aesar-Cay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"hesitate to cross the river and give battle in a disadvantageous","engyay":"esitate-hay o-tay oss-cray e-thay iver-ray and-ay ive-gay attle-bay in-ay a-ay isadvantageous-day"}
{"eng":"themselves, a large portion of their dependants and received from them","engyay":"emselves-thay, a-ay arge-lay ortion-pay of-ay eir-thay ependants-day and-ay eceived-ray om-fray em-thay"}
{"eng":"pressed, thither they ran, and brought assistance. But they were","engyay":"essed-pray, ither-thay ey-thay an-ray, and-ay ought-bray assistance-ay. ut-Bay ey-thay ere-way"}
{"eng":"to Rome as respected the thing, but only as respected the person, Caesar","engyay":"o-tay ome-Ray as-ay espected-ray e-thay ing-thay, ut-bay only-ay as-ay espected-ray e-thay erson-pay, aesar-Cay"}
{"eng":"to collect the arms and horses, the enemy's cavalry, which had","engyay":"o-tay ollect-cay e-thay arms-ay and-ay orses-hay, e-thay enemy's-ay avalry-cay, ich-whay ad-hay"}
{"eng":"signal to be given by the trumpet; the soldiers to be called off from","engyay":"ignal-say o-tay e-bay iven-gay y-bay e-thay umpet-tray; e-thay oldiers-say o-tay e-bay alled-cay off-ay om-fray"}
{"eng":"had got several fishing-smacks, and covered them over, that the seamen","engyay":"ad-hay ot-gay everal-say ishing-smacks-fay, and-ay overed-cay em-thay over-ay, at-thay e-thay eamen-say"}
{"eng":"musculus and brick tower on fire. Thus, by the perfidy of the enemy and","engyay":"usculus-may and-ay ick-bray ower-tay on-ay ire-fay. us-Thay, y-bay e-thay erfidy-pay of-ay e-thay enemy-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"design of renewing the war and cutting off that legion. First, because","engyay":"esign-day of-ay enewing-ray e-thay ar-way and-ay utting-cay off-ay at-thay egion-lay. irst-Fay, ecause-bay"}
{"eng":"bridge raises towers of four stories, and stations a guard of twelve","engyay":"idge-bray aises-ray owers-tay of-ay our-fay ories-stay, and-ay ations-stay a-ay uard-gay of-ay elve-tway"}
{"eng":"after they came nearer, they either unawares empaled themselves on the","engyay":"after-ay ey-thay ame-cay earer-nay, ey-thay either-ay unawares-ay empaled-ay emselves-thay on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"remained in the camp, permission being granted, follow them.","engyay":"emained-ray in-ay e-thay amp-cay, ermission-pay eing-bay anted-gray, ollow-fay em-thay."}
{"eng":"stations a garrison there.","engyay":"ations-stay a-ay arrison-gay ere-thay."}
{"eng":"P[=e]l[=u]s[)i]um, an ancient and celebrated city of Egypt, _Belbais_;","engyay":"e]l[=u]s[)i]um-P[=ay, an-ay ancient-ay and-ay elebrated-cay ity-cay of-ay ypt-Egay, elbais_-_Bay;"}
{"eng":"Illurgis, a town of Hispania Baetica, _Illera_","engyay":"urgis-Illay, a-ay own-tay of-ay ispania-Hay aetica-Bay, era_-_Illay"}
{"eng":"1911; Books IV. and V. translated by C.H. Prichard, Cambridge, 1912. For","engyay":"1911; ooks-Bay IV-ay. and-ay V-ay. anslated-tray y-bay C.H-ay. ichard-Pray, ambridge-Cay, 1912. or-Fay"}
{"eng":"be under arms; the third to fortify the camp. This place was distant","engyay":"e-bay under-ay arms-ay; e-thay ird-thay o-tay ortify-fay e-thay amp-cay. is-Thay ace-play as-way istant-day"}
{"eng":"were slain; among them, Piso, an Aquitanian, a most valiant man, and","engyay":"ere-way ain-slay; among-ay em-thay, iso-Pay, an-ay uitanian-Aqay, a-ay ost-may aliant-vay an-may, and-ay"}
{"eng":"disputes in compliance with the senate's decree, one of which was called","engyay":"isputes-day in-ay ompliance-cay ith-way e-thay enate's-say ecree-day, one-ay of-ay ich-whay as-way alled-cay"}
{"eng":"of the contest gives it a further interest. It was the youthful wife of","engyay":"of-ay e-thay ontest-cay ives-gay it-ay a-ay urther-fay interest-ay. It-ay as-way e-thay outhful-yay ife-way of-ay"}
{"eng":"space under the wall, comprising the part of the hill which looked to","engyay":"ace-spay under-ay e-thay all-way, omprising-cay e-thay art-pay of-ay e-thay ill-hay ich-whay ooked-lay o-tay"}
{"eng":"Aulerci Diablintes, a people of Gaul, _le Perche_","engyay":"ulerci-Aay iablintes-Day, a-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, e-_lay erche_-Pay"}
{"eng":"the ocean; the other two he placed in the territories of the Lemovices,","engyay":"e-thay ocean-ay; e-thay other-ay o-tway e-hay aced-play in-ay e-thay erritories-tay of-ay e-thay emovices-Lay,"}
{"eng":"victory. Nor was there a single person who did not imagine that his","engyay":"ictory-vay. or-Nay as-way ere-thay a-ay ingle-say erson-pay o-whay id-day ot-nay imagine-ay at-thay is-hay"}
{"eng":"hasten forward and seize the eminence. Upon intelligence of this the","engyay":"asten-hay orward-fay and-ay eize-say e-thay eminence-ay. on-Upay intelligence-ay of-ay is-thay e-thay"}
{"eng":"could not be withheld from forcing into the town and sacking it, in","engyay":"ould-cay ot-nay e-bay ithheld-way om-fray orcing-fay into-ay e-thay own-tay and-ay acking-say it-ay, in-ay"}
{"eng":"Scipio presuming on his alliance with Pompey. Attius Rufus charged","engyay":"ipio-Scay esuming-pray on-ay is-hay alliance-ay ith-way ompey-Pay. ius-Attay ufus-Ray arged-chay"}
{"eng":"XXXVI.--Cicero, who during all the foregoing days had kept his soldiers","engyay":"icero-XXXVI.--Cay, o-whay uring-day all-ay e-thay oregoing-fay ays-day ad-hay ept-kay is-hay oldiers-say"}
{"eng":"cohorts, and begin to throw up a rampart from the camp to the water,","engyay":"ohorts-cay, and-ay egin-bay o-tay ow-thray up-ay a-ay ampart-ray om-fray e-thay amp-cay o-tay e-thay ater-way,"}
{"eng":"the Romans, and that a strong force was marching up the river, and that","engyay":"e-thay omans-Ray, and-ay at-thay a-ay ong-stray orce-fay as-way arching-may up-ay e-thay iver-ray, and-ay at-thay"}
{"eng":"distance from it, all the Nervii, in a very close body, with","engyay":"istance-day om-fray it-ay, all-ay e-thay ervii-Nay, in-ay a-ay ery-vay ose-clay ody-bay, ith-way"}
{"eng":"endure fatigue any longer. That, if the Romans in the meantime came up","engyay":"endure-ay atigue-fay any-ay onger-lay. at-Thay, if-ay e-thay omans-Ray in-ay e-thay eantime-may ame-cay up-ay"}
{"eng":"that this affair ought to be considered and taken up by him; especially","engyay":"at-thay is-thay affair-ay ought-ay o-tay e-bay onsidered-cay and-ay aken-tay up-ay y-bay im-hay; especially-ay"}
{"eng":"XLI.--As soon as Caesar heard that Pompey was at Asparagium, he set out","engyay":"XLI.--As-ay oon-say as-ay aesar-Cay eard-hay at-thay ompey-Pay as-way at-ay aragium-Aspay, e-hay et-say out-ay"}
{"eng":"commands. Which embassies Caesar, because he was hastening into Italy","engyay":"ommands-cay. ich-Whay embassies-ay aesar-Cay, ecause-bay e-hay as-way astening-hay into-ay aly-Itay"}
{"eng":"P[)a]ris[)i]i, an ancient people of Gaul, inhabiting the country now","engyay":"a]ris[)i]i-P[)ay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, inhabiting-ay e-thay ountry-cay ow-nay"}
{"eng":"Caesar's friendship, and elated with the arrogance natural to a foolish","engyay":"aesar's-Cay iendship-fray, and-ay elated-ay ith-way e-thay arrogance-ay atural-nay o-tay a-ay oolish-fay"}
{"eng":"designs. However he ordered his soldiers to repair to their arms; and","engyay":"esigns-day. owever-Hay e-hay ordered-ay is-hay oldiers-say o-tay epair-ray o-tay eir-thay arms-ay; and-ay"}
{"eng":"into the city; had opened armouries in the city: and were repairing the","engyay":"into-ay e-thay ity-cay; ad-hay opened-ay armouries-ay in-ay e-thay ity-cay: and-ay ere-way epairing-ray e-thay"}
{"eng":"first forced the greater camp, and after that the fort which was","engyay":"irst-fay orced-fay e-thay eater-gray amp-cay, and-ay after-ay at-thay e-thay ort-fay ich-whay as-way"}
{"eng":"Tur[=o]nes, an ancient people of Gaul, inhabiting about _Tours_","engyay":"ur[=o]nes-Tay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, inhabiting-ay about-ay ours_-_Tay"}
{"eng":"provisions, and drew a line of circumvallation around it in two days: on","engyay":"ovisions-pray, and-ay ew-dray a-ay ine-lay of-ay ircumvallation-cay around-ay it-ay in-ay o-tway ays-day: on-ay"}
{"eng":"which had taken place a few days before, that the commencement of that","engyay":"ich-whay ad-hay aken-tay ace-play a-ay ew-fay ays-day efore-bay, at-thay e-thay ommencement-cay of-ay at-thay"}
{"eng":"lieutenant, with six cohorts. He orders him to fortify a camp with a","engyay":"ieutenant-lay, ith-way ix-say ohorts-cay. e-Hay orders-ay im-hay o-tay ortify-fay a-ay amp-cay ith-way a-ay"}
{"eng":"[to state] that a hundred cantons of the Suevi had encamped on the banks","engyay":"[o-tay ate-stay] at-thay a-ay undred-hay antons-cay of-ay e-thay uevi-Say ad-hay encamped-ay on-ay e-thay anks-bay"}
{"eng":"spoke thus: \"That Caesar ought not to be displeased either with him or","engyay":"oke-spay us-thay: \"at-Thay aesar-Cay ought-ay ot-nay o-tay e-bay ispleased-day either-ay ith-way im-hay or-ay"}
{"eng":"XXVII.--The next day Caesar, the tower being advanced, and the works","engyay":"e-XXVII.--Thay ext-nay ay-day aesar-Cay, e-thay ower-tay eing-bay advanced-ay, and-ay e-thay orks-way"}
{"eng":"fairness of the terms considered, he would reject neither his nor the","engyay":"airness-fay of-ay e-thay erms-tay onsidered-cay, e-hay ould-way eject-ray either-nay is-hay or-nay e-thay"}
{"eng":"left their country and crossed the Rhine with all their families), began","engyay":"eft-lay eir-thay ountry-cay and-ay ossed-cray e-thay ine-Rhay ith-way all-ay eir-thay amilies-fay), egan-bay"}
{"eng":"towards himself; he detached Curio with three cohorts, which he had at","engyay":"owards-tay imself-hay; e-hay etached-day urio-Cay ith-way ee-thray ohorts-cay, ich-whay e-hay ad-hay at-ay"}
{"eng":"armies, he did not obtain even that request; that levies were made","engyay":"armies-ay, e-hay id-day ot-nay obtain-ay even-ay at-thay equest-ray; at-thay evies-lay ere-way ade-may"}
{"eng":"fresh sods, the tents of Lucius Lentulus and others shaded with ivy, and","engyay":"esh-fray ods-say, e-thay ents-tay of-ay ucius-Lay entulus-Lay and-ay others-ay aded-shay ith-way ivy-ay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"of conferring with or of intimidating him. Labienus confined his men","engyay":"of-ay onferring-cay ith-way or-ay of-ay intimidating-ay im-hay. abienus-Lay onfined-cay is-hay en-may"}
{"eng":"_ibid_. 15; and surrender, _ibid_. 16","engyay":"ibid_-_ay. 15; and-ay urrender-say, ibid_-_ay. 16"}
{"eng":"the twelfth legion held, although the first ranks fell transfixed by the","engyay":"e-thay elfth-tway egion-lay eld-hay, although-ay e-thay irst-fay anks-ray ell-fay ansfixed-tray y-bay e-thay"}
{"eng":"the ready-armed cohorts from the nearest turrets made an attack on the","engyay":"e-thay eady-armed-ray ohorts-cay om-fray e-thay earest-nay urrets-tay ade-may an-ay attack-ay on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"several states should attempt to rebel in like manner and in different","engyay":"everal-say ates-stay ould-shay attempt-ay o-tay ebel-ray in-ay ike-lay anner-may and-ay in-ay ifferent-day"}
{"eng":"upon some mismanagement of an affair, fortune had deserted them, or,","engyay":"upon-ay ome-say ismanagement-may of-ay an-ay affair-ay, ortune-fay ad-hay eserted-day em-thay, or-ay,"}
{"eng":"disturbances, when he heard of the circumstances which took place in","engyay":"isturbances-day, en-whay e-hay eard-hay of-ay e-thay ircumstances-cay ich-whay ook-tay ace-play in-ay"}
{"eng":"to others, _Monte della Strella_","engyay":"o-tay others-ay, onte-_May ella-day ella_-Stray"}
{"eng":"THE WAR IN GAUL","engyay":"THE-ay WAR-ay IN-ay GAUL-ay"}
{"eng":"drawn out, the enemy [still] kept themselves in their camp. Crassus","engyay":"awn-dray out-ay, e-thay enemy-ay [ill-stay] ept-kay emselves-thay in-ay eir-thay amp-cay. assus-Cray"}
{"eng":"reluctantly to Vercingetorix.","engyay":"eluctantly-ray o-tay ercingetorix-Vay."}
{"eng":"sustained, they counted to Caesar about thirty thousand arrows which had","engyay":"ustained-say, ey-thay ounted-cay o-tay aesar-Cay about-ay irty-thay ousand-thay arrows-ay ich-whay ad-hay"}
{"eng":"characteristic valour of the Helvetii. As to his having attacked one","engyay":"aracteristic-chay alour-vay of-ay e-thay elvetii-Hay. As-ay o-tay is-hay aving-hay attacked-ay one-ay"}
{"eng":"retreated to the next hill.","engyay":"etreated-ray o-tay e-thay ext-nay ill-hay."}
{"eng":"themselves in Gaul. The name Belgae belongs to the Cymric language, in","engyay":"emselves-thay in-ay aul-Gay. e-Thay ame-nay elgae-Bay elongs-bay o-tay e-thay ymric-Cay anguage-lay, in-ay"}
{"eng":"which he showed in turning adverse omens to his own advantage, as when,","engyay":"ich-whay e-hay owed-shay in-ay urning-tay adverse-ay omens-ay o-tay is-hay own-ay advantage-ay, as-ay en-whay,"}
{"eng":"by very high mountains. As this village was divided into two parts by a","engyay":"y-bay ery-vay igh-hay ountains-may. As-ay is-thay illage-vay as-way ivided-day into-ay o-tway arts-pay y-bay a-ay"}
{"eng":"However, in a little time, by messengers sent from one side to the","engyay":"owever-Hay, in-ay a-ay ittle-lay ime-tay, y-bay essengers-may ent-say om-fray one-ay ide-say o-tay e-thay"}
{"eng":"days to no purpose, left the city, in order that he might not lose any","engyay":"ays-day o-tay o-nay urpose-pay, eft-lay e-thay ity-cay, in-ay order-ay at-thay e-hay ight-may ot-nay ose-lay any-ay"}
{"eng":"Atreb[)a]tes, an ancient people of Gaul, who lived in that part of the","engyay":"eb[)a]tes-Atray, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, o-whay ived-lay in-ay at-thay art-pay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"very difficult of access, he despaired of taking it by storm, and","engyay":"ery-vay ifficult-day of-ay access-ay, e-hay espaired-day of-ay aking-tay it-ay y-bay orm-stay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"copying and distributing Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works to","engyay":"opying-cay and-ay istributing-day oject-Pray utenberg-tm-Gay electronic-ay orks-way o-tay"}
{"eng":"out for Illyricum, as he wished to visit those nations, and acquire a","engyay":"out-ay or-fay yricum-Illay, as-ay e-hay ished-way o-tay isit-vay ose-thay ations-nay, and-ay acquire-ay a-ay"}
{"eng":"Bibrax, a town of Rheims, _Braine_, or _Bresne_; attacked with great","engyay":"ibrax-Bay, a-ay own-tay of-ay eims-Rhay, aine_-_Bray, or-ay esne_-_Bray; attacked-ay ith-way eat-gray"}
{"eng":"carefully concealed as the wounds in our bodies, lest we should increase","engyay":"arefully-cay oncealed-cay as-ay e-thay ounds-way in-ay our-ay odies-bay, est-lay e-way ould-shay increase-ay"}
{"eng":"XXXVIII.--After these transactions, Domitius, hoping to allure Scipio to","engyay":"er-XXXVIII.--Aftay ese-thay ansactions-tray, omitius-Day, oping-hay o-tay allure-ay ipio-Scay o-tay"}
{"eng":"approved of the same thing, whether they remain or depart; on the other","engyay":"approved-ay of-ay e-thay ame-say ing-thay, ether-whay ey-thay emain-ray or-ay epart-day; on-ay e-thay other-ay"}
{"eng":"altogether eighteen days beyond the Rhine, and thinking he had advanced","engyay":"altogether-ay eighteen-ay ays-day eyond-bay e-thay ine-Rhay, and-ay inking-thay e-hay ad-hay advanced-ay"}
{"eng":"certain wood, and was not above four hundred paces distant from the sea.","engyay":"ertain-cay ood-way, and-ay as-way ot-nay above-ay our-fay undred-hay aces-pay istant-day om-fray e-thay ea-say."}
{"eng":"him from the continent. And thus, since that business was executed by","engyay":"im-hay om-fray e-thay ontinent-cay. And-ay us-thay, ince-say at-thay usiness-bay as-way executed-ay y-bay"}
{"eng":"Caesar noticed that the Sequani were the only people of all who did none","engyay":"aesar-Cay oticed-nay at-thay e-thay equani-Say ere-way e-thay only-ay eople-pay of-ay all-ay o-whay id-day one-nay"}
{"eng":"had most anxiously sought after the friendship of the Roman people; why","engyay":"ad-hay ost-may anxiously-ay ought-say after-ay e-thay iendship-fray of-ay e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay; y-whay"}
{"eng":"assured Caesar that they would accept such conditions as might be","engyay":"assured-ay aesar-Cay at-thay ey-thay ould-way accept-ay uch-say onditions-cay as-ay ight-may e-bay"}
{"eng":"carried over land, into the inner part of the harbour, four galleys, by","engyay":"arried-cay over-ay and-lay, into-ay e-thay inner-ay art-pay of-ay e-thay arbour-hay, our-fay alleys-gay, y-bay"}
{"eng":"did you desert Lucius Domitius, or did Lucius Domitius desert you? Did","engyay":"id-day ou-yay esert-day ucius-Lay omitius-Day, or-ay id-day ucius-Lay omitius-Day esert-day ou-yay? id-Day"}
{"eng":"them] a little broader than those which we use in other seas. All these","engyay":"em-thay] a-ay ittle-lay oader-bray an-thay ose-thay ich-whay e-way use-ay in-ay other-ay eas-say. All-ay ese-thay"}
{"eng":"reduced in number, since they used to advance to some distance from the","engyay":"educed-ray in-ay umber-nay, ince-say ey-thay used-ay o-tay advance-ay o-tay ome-say istance-day om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"their position, with the loss of forty-six centurions; but the tenth","engyay":"eir-thay osition-pay, ith-way e-thay oss-lay of-ay orty-six-fay enturions-cay; ut-bay e-thay enth-tay"}
{"eng":"clients in the Hither province.","engyay":"ients-clay in-ay e-thay ither-Hay ovince-pray."}
{"eng":"by this expressive passage, _\"Gaudensque viam fecisse ruina.\"_ Such a","engyay":"y-bay is-thay expressive-ay assage-pay, audensque-_\"Gay iam-vay ecisse-fay uina.\"_-ray uch-Say a-ay"}
{"eng":"reputation for valour: daily, however, in cavalry actions, he strove to","engyay":"eputation-ray or-fay alour-vay: aily-day, owever-hay, in-ay avalry-cay actions-ay, e-hay ove-stray o-tay"}
{"eng":"frontiers of the province of Gaul. What [said he] does [Caesar] desire?","engyay":"ontiers-fray of-ay e-thay ovince-pray of-ay aul-Gay. at-Whay [aid-say e-hay] oes-day [aesar-Cay] esire-day?"}
{"eng":"ordered them to be seized and put to death. One of them, after receiving","engyay":"ordered-ay em-thay o-tay e-bay eized-say and-ay ut-pay o-tay eath-day. e-Onay of-ay em-thay, after-ay eceiving-ray"}
{"eng":"And there were frequently heard declarations of the soldiers on guard,","engyay":"And-ay ere-thay ere-way equently-fray eard-hay eclarations-day of-ay e-thay oldiers-say on-ay uard-gay,"}
{"eng":"his purpose, took a new resolution, and entrenched himself strongly on a","engyay":"is-hay urpose-pay, ook-tay a-ay ew-nay esolution-ray, and-ay entrenched-ay imself-hay ongly-stray on-ay a-ay"}
{"eng":"expeditious, he left the baggage of his legions behind him at the river","engyay":"expeditious-ay, e-hay eft-lay e-thay aggage-bay of-ay is-hay egions-lay ehind-bay im-hay at-ay e-thay iver-ray"}
{"eng":"because he had deposited there all his provisions and mat['e]riel of","engyay":"ecause-bay e-hay ad-hay eposited-day ere-thay all-ay is-hay ovisions-pray and-ay at['e]riel-may of-ay"}
{"eng":"finished in a single day, one judge hearing the merits, and another","engyay":"inished-fay in-ay a-ay ingle-say ay-day, one-ay udge-jay earing-hay e-thay erits-may, and-ay another-ay"}
{"eng":"own accord, and making levies, had raised two legions. From his","engyay":"own-ay accord-ay, and-ay aking-may evies-lay, ad-hay aised-ray o-tway egions-lay. om-Fray is-hay"}
{"eng":"Upon this last topic it is the just remark of Casaubon that some","engyay":"on-Upay is-thay ast-lay opic-tay it-ay is-ay e-thay ust-jay emark-ray of-ay asaubon-Cay at-thay ome-say"}
{"eng":"drawn up in tribes according to their respective states, held all the","engyay":"awn-dray up-ay in-ay ibes-tray according-ay o-tay eir-thay espective-ray ates-stay, eld-hay all-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"should they despair either of their own valour or of his zeal? Of that","engyay":"ould-shay ey-thay espair-day either-ay of-ay eir-thay own-ay alour-vay or-ay of-ay is-hay eal-zay? Of-ay at-thay"}
{"eng":"XXXVI.--The next day Curio resolved to besiege Utica, and to draw lines","engyay":"e-XXXVI.--Thay ext-nay ay-day urio-Cay esolved-ray o-tay esiege-bay ica-Utay, and-ay o-tay aw-dray ines-lay"}
{"eng":"whom he had been expelled a short time previously. He is saluted king by","engyay":"om-whay e-hay ad-hay een-bay expelled-ay a-ay ort-shay ime-tay eviously-pray. e-Hay is-ay aluted-say ing-kay y-bay"}
{"eng":"XX.--At the same time in Rome, Marcus Caelius Rufus, one of the","engyay":"XX.--At-ay e-thay ame-say ime-tay in-ay ome-Ray, arcus-May aelius-Cay ufus-Ray, one-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"pass that the place, where they were standing, should acquire a name,","engyay":"ass-pay at-thay e-thay ace-play, ere-whay ey-thay ere-way anding-stay, ould-shay acquire-ay a-ay ame-nay,"}
{"eng":"Perche_; al. _Diableres_, in Bretagne; al. _Lintes_ of Brabant; al.","engyay":"erche_-Pay; al-ay. iableres_-_Day, in-ay etagne-Bray; al-ay. intes_-_Lay of-ay abant-Bray; al-ay."}
{"eng":"CX.--The forces under Achillas did not seem despicable, either for","engyay":"e-CX.--Thay orces-fay under-ay illas-Achay id-day ot-nay eem-say espicable-day, either-ay or-fay"}
{"eng":"departure that he had previously had, he led forth the legions from the","engyay":"eparture-day at-thay e-hay ad-hay eviously-pray ad-hay, e-hay ed-lay orth-fay e-thay egions-lay om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"marches in pursuit of the Carnutes.","engyay":"arches-may in-ay ursuit-pay of-ay e-thay arnutes-Cay."}
{"eng":"thither, C. iii. 36","engyay":"ither-thay, C-ay. iii-ay. 36"}
{"eng":"he sent to all the neighbouring countries, to demand supplies. In other","engyay":"e-hay ent-say o-tay all-ay e-thay eighbouring-nay ountries-cay, o-tay emand-day upplies-say. In-ay other-ay"}
{"eng":"camp [and] fill up the ditch. Resistance is made by our men in the same","engyay":"amp-cay [and-ay] ill-fay up-ay e-thay itch-day. esistance-Ray is-ay ade-may y-bay our-ay en-may in-ay e-thay ame-say"}
{"eng":"there one who was anxious for the plunder. Thus, being excited by the","engyay":"ere-thay one-ay o-whay as-way anxious-ay or-fay e-thay under-play. us-Thay, eing-bay excited-ay y-bay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Caesar). \"The Bellovaci had at all times been in the alliance and","engyay":"aesar-Cay). \"e-Thay ellovaci-Bay ad-hay at-ay all-ay imes-tay een-bay in-ay e-thay alliance-ay and-ay"}
{"eng":"completed, he ordered his legions to file off. Pompey's men insultingly","engyay":"ompleted-cay, e-hay ordered-ay is-hay egions-lay o-tay ile-fay off-ay. ompey's-Pay en-may insultingly-ay"}
{"eng":"which Cassius being alarmed, and having received information of Scipio's","engyay":"ich-whay assius-Cay eing-bay alarmed-ay, and-ay aving-hay eceived-ray information-ay of-ay ipio's-Scay"}
{"eng":"other plan. Accordingly, the day following, he set out with all his","engyay":"other-ay an-play. ordingly-Accay, e-thay ay-day ollowing-fay, e-hay et-say out-ay ith-way all-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"council, having been made known [to him] by Cingetorix and his allies,","engyay":"ouncil-cay, aving-hay een-bay ade-may own-knay [o-tay im-hay] y-bay ingetorix-Cay and-ay is-hay allies-ay,"}
{"eng":"though they had seized on the higher grounds, they had not joined","engyay":"ough-thay ey-thay ad-hay eized-say on-ay e-thay igher-hay ounds-gray, ey-thay ad-hay ot-nay oined-jay"}
{"eng":"having remarked this circumstance, since the enemy, intimidated by their","engyay":"aving-hay emarked-ray is-thay ircumstance-cay, ince-say e-thay enemy-ay, intimidated-ay y-bay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"sesterces, twenty thousand pounds weight of silver, and a hundred and","engyay":"esterces-say, enty-tway ousand-thay ounds-pay eight-way of-ay ilver-say, and-ay a-ay undred-hay and-ay"}
{"eng":"enemy in an encumbered and disadvantageous position: display to us your","engyay":"enemy-ay in-ay an-ay encumbered-ay and-ay isadvantageous-day osition-pay: isplay-day o-tay us-ay our-yay"}
{"eng":"that the revolt of the entire state would be hastened by their","engyay":"at-thay e-thay evolt-ray of-ay e-thay entire-ay ate-stay ould-way e-bay astened-hay y-bay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"thousand in number, to quickly assemble here; he says that he will be","engyay":"ousand-thay in-ay umber-nay, o-tay uickly-qay assemble-ay ere-hay; e-hay ays-say at-thay e-hay ill-way e-bay"}
{"eng":"fortifications, stones have begun to be cast against the wall on all","engyay":"ortifications-fay, ones-stay ave-hay egun-bay o-tay e-bay ast-cay against-ay e-thay all-way on-ay all-ay"}
{"eng":"Brundusium. Pompey, either frightened at Caesar's works or determined","engyay":"undusium-Bray. ompey-Pay, either-ay ightened-fray at-ay aesar's-Cay orks-way or-ay etermined-day"}
{"eng":"appointed: and that they should make an estimate of the possessions and","engyay":"appointed-ay: and-ay at-thay ey-thay ould-shay ake-may an-ay estimate-ay of-ay e-thay ossessions-pay and-ay"}
{"eng":"Trebonius to send with all despatch for the thirteenth legion which was","engyay":"ebonius-Tray o-tay end-say ith-way all-ay espatch-day or-fay e-thay irteenth-thay egion-lay ich-whay as-way"}
{"eng":"to have very great influence over the acquisition of gain and mercantile","engyay":"o-tay ave-hay ery-vay eat-gray influence-ay over-ay e-thay acquisition-ay of-ay ain-gay and-ay ercantile-may"}
{"eng":"debate, whether Lucius Hirrus, who had been sent by Pompey against the","engyay":"ebate-day, ether-whay ucius-Lay irrus-Hay, o-whay ad-hay een-bay ent-say y-bay ompey-Pay against-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"when they thought proper, depart towards evening in a disorderly and","engyay":"en-whay ey-thay ought-thay oper-pray, epart-day owards-tay evening-ay in-ay a-ay isorderly-day and-ay"}
{"eng":"if he should be under the necessity of risking an engagement, he might","engyay":"if-ay e-hay ould-shay e-bay under-ay e-thay ecessity-nay of-ay isking-ray an-ay engagement-ay, e-hay ight-may"}
{"eng":"from the pursuits of agriculture. The nation of the Suevi is by far the","engyay":"om-fray e-thay ursuits-pay of-ay agriculture-ay. e-Thay ation-nay of-ay e-thay uevi-Say is-ay y-bay ar-fay e-thay"}
{"eng":"dissension, a soldier once daunted is more apt to consult his fears than","engyay":"issension-day, a-ay oldier-say once-ay aunted-day is-ay ore-may apt-ay o-tay onsult-cay is-hay ears-fay an-thay"}
{"eng":"setting out in pursuit of Ambiorix, G. vi. 32; the Germans unexpectedly","engyay":"etting-say out-ay in-ay ursuit-pay of-ay iorix-Ambay, G-ay. i-vay. 32; e-thay ermans-Gay unexpectedly-ay"}
{"eng":"Domitius, and acquaints him with his wishes on the subject: and having","engyay":"omitius-Day, and-ay acquaints-ay im-hay ith-way is-hay ishes-way on-ay e-thay ubject-say: and-ay aving-hay"}
{"eng":"began to ripen, having set forth for the war with 40 Ambiorix (through","engyay":"egan-bay o-tay ipen-ray, aving-hay et-say orth-fay or-fay e-thay ar-way ith-way 40 iorix-Ambay (ough-thray"}
{"eng":"knights and burgesses, whom Domitius had summoned from the municipal","engyay":"ights-knay and-ay urgesses-bay, om-whay omitius-Day ad-hay ummoned-say om-fray e-thay unicipal-may"}
{"eng":"through fatigue; and those who had been wounded could neither quit the","engyay":"ough-thray atigue-fay; and-ay ose-thay o-whay ad-hay een-bay ounded-way ould-cay either-nay uit-qay e-thay"}
{"eng":"It had been made lately, too, in Italy; during the rebellion of the","engyay":"It-ay ad-hay een-bay ade-may ately-lay, oo-tay, in-ay aly-Itay; uring-day e-thay ebellion-ray of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Ilerda.\" For our route was different from what we proposed, and we","engyay":"erda-Ilay.\" or-Fay our-ay oute-ray as-way ifferent-day om-fray at-whay e-way oposed-pray, and-ay e-way"}
{"eng":"Viridomarus came to this place, and received information of the","engyay":"iridomarus-Vay ame-cay o-tay is-thay ace-play, and-ay eceived-ray information-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"credit to it; for they had hitherto believed it a fiction of Caesar's","engyay":"edit-cray o-tay it-ay; or-fay ey-thay ad-hay itherto-hay elieved-bay it-ay a-ay iction-fay of-ay aesar's-Cay"}
{"eng":"they could not be restrained by _him_: nay more, he was well aware that,","engyay":"ey-thay ould-cay ot-nay e-bay estrained-ray y-bay im_-_hay: ay-nay ore-may, e-hay as-way ell-way aware-ay at-thay,"}
{"eng":"such feelings towards Cicero and the Roman people that they deny them","engyay":"uch-say eelings-fay owards-tay icero-Cay and-ay e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay at-thay ey-thay eny-day em-thay"}
{"eng":"saved, drawn away by the hands of the soldiers. This space having","engyay":"aved-say, awn-dray away-ay y-bay e-thay ands-hay of-ay e-thay oldiers-say. is-Thay ace-spay aving-hay"}
{"eng":"Bagrada, and there left Caius Caninius Rebilus, the lieutenant, with the","engyay":"agrada-Bay, and-ay ere-thay eft-lay aius-Cay aninius-Cay ebilus-Ray, e-thay ieutenant-lay, ith-way e-thay"}
{"eng":"parts, and pitched three camps on very high ground, with the intention","engyay":"arts-pay, and-ay itched-pay ee-thray amps-cay on-ay ery-vay igh-hay ound-gray, ith-way e-thay intention-ay"}
{"eng":"days, it could scarcely be seen on account of the numbers on it. Being","engyay":"ays-day, it-ay ould-cay arcely-scay e-bay een-say on-ay account-ay of-ay e-thay umbers-nay on-ay it-ay. eing-Bay"}
{"eng":"Cremona, engineer-general to Pompey, was taken prisoner on the road and","engyay":"emona-Cray, engineer-general-ay o-tay ompey-Pay, as-way aken-tay isoner-pray on-ay e-thay oad-ray and-ay"}
{"eng":"since they had crowded beneath the very rampart, and the hindmost did","engyay":"ince-say ey-thay ad-hay owded-cray eneath-bay e-thay ery-vay ampart-ray, and-ay e-thay indmost-hay id-day"}
{"eng":"likewise Lucius Roscius, the praetor, to inform him of these affairs,","engyay":"ikewise-lay ucius-Lay oscius-Ray, e-thay aetor-pray, o-tay inform-ay im-hay of-ay ese-thay affairs-ay,"}
{"eng":"XV.--The Germans when, upon hearing a noise behind them, [they looked","engyay":"e-XV.--Thay ermans-Gay en-whay, upon-ay earing-hay a-ay oise-nay ehind-bay em-thay, [ey-thay ooked-lay"}
{"eng":"stature, of incredible valour and practice in arms, that ofttimes they,","engyay":"ature-stay, of-ay incredible-ay alour-vay and-ay actice-pray in-ay arms-ay, at-thay ofttimes-ay ey-thay,"}
{"eng":"IX.--Caesar, having disembarked his army and chosen a convenient place","engyay":"aesar-IX.--Cay, aving-hay isembarked-day is-hay army-ay and-ay osen-chay a-ay onvenient-cay ace-play"}
{"eng":"the two armies have met, to attack Caesar's right wing on the flank, and","engyay":"e-thay o-tway armies-ay ave-hay et-may, o-tay attack-ay aesar's-Cay ight-ray ing-way on-ay e-thay ank-flay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"presented to him two hundred thousand pieces of copper money, and","engyay":"esented-pray o-tay im-hay o-tway undred-hay ousand-thay ieces-pay of-ay opper-cay oney-may, and-ay"}
{"eng":"the prince and general of the Remi; and our men were taught by this","engyay":"e-thay ince-pray and-ay eneral-gay of-ay e-thay emi-Ray; and-ay our-ay en-may ere-way aught-tay y-bay is-thay"}
{"eng":"individually the centurions and the tribunes of the soldiers, whose","engyay":"individually-ay e-thay enturions-cay and-ay e-thay ibunes-tray of-ay e-thay oldiers-say, ose-whay"}
{"eng":"it was but the more necessary to draw forth any special or exceptional","engyay":"it-ay as-way ut-bay e-thay ore-may ecessary-nay o-tay aw-dray orth-fay any-ay ecial-spay or-ay exceptional-ay"}
{"eng":"by the activity of Lentulus. Besides he had distributed among his","engyay":"y-bay e-thay activity-ay of-ay entulus-Lay. esides-Bay e-hay ad-hay istributed-day among-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"Thebes; it is now called _Stramulipa_","engyay":"ebes-Thay; it-ay is-ay ow-nay alled-cay amulipa_-_Stray"}
{"eng":"under the pretext of keeping the seamen in exercise, he ordered two","engyay":"under-ay e-thay etext-pray of-ay eeping-kay e-thay eamen-say in-ay exercise-ay, e-hay ordered-ay o-tway"}
{"eng":"identical to the filename).  The path to the file is made up of single","engyay":"identical-ay o-tay e-thay ilename-fay).  e-Thay ath-pay o-tay e-thay ile-fay is-ay ade-may up-ay of-ay ingle-say"}
{"eng":"distribute the legions among several states: one of them he gave to C.","engyay":"istribute-day e-thay egions-lay among-ay everal-say ates-stay: one-ay of-ay em-thay e-hay ave-gay o-tay C-ay."}
{"eng":"taking or _not_ taking the shape of triumvirates. He relied, it seems,","engyay":"aking-tay or-ay ot_-_nay aking-tay e-thay ape-shay of-ay iumvirates-tray. e-Hay elied-ray, it-ay eems-say,"}
{"eng":"Volcae, a powerful Gallic tribe, divided into two branches, the","engyay":"olcae-Vay, a-ay owerful-pay allic-Gay ibe-tray, ivided-day into-ay o-tway anches-bray, e-thay"}
{"eng":"people he considered very disgraceful to himself and the republic. That,","engyay":"eople-pay e-hay onsidered-cay ery-vay isgraceful-day o-tay imself-hay and-ay e-thay epublic-ray. at-Thay,"}
{"eng":"was much to be dreaded by our ships.","engyay":"as-way uch-may o-tay e-bay eaded-dray y-bay our-ay ips-shay."}
{"eng":"turrets: they fill the ditches with clay and hurdles, then clear the","engyay":"urrets-tay: ey-thay ill-fay e-thay itches-day ith-way ay-clay and-ay urdles-hay, en-thay ear-clay e-thay"}
{"eng":"the same advantages of situation. They did this the more easily during a","engyay":"e-thay ame-say advantages-ay of-ay ituation-say. ey-Thay id-day is-thay e-thay ore-may easily-ay uring-day a-ay"}
{"eng":"the dread of Caesar's arms rendered any apprehensive, as Pompey's","engyay":"e-thay ead-dray of-ay aesar's-Cay arms-ay endered-ray any-ay apprehensive-ay, as-ay ompey's-Pay"}
{"eng":"deprived of the chief command; they lament the change of fortune, and","engyay":"eprived-day of-ay e-thay ief-chay ommand-cay; ey-thay ament-lay e-thay ange-chay of-ay ortune-fay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"casting stones and darts, no one was able to maintain his position upon","engyay":"asting-cay ones-stay and-ay arts-day, o-nay one-ay as-way able-ay o-tay aintain-may is-hay osition-pay upon-ay"}
{"eng":"that the Germans had passed the Rhine, that the winter-quarters of","engyay":"at-thay e-thay ermans-Gay ad-hay assed-pay e-thay ine-Rhay, at-thay e-thay inter-quarters-way of-ay"}
{"eng":"convenient situation.","engyay":"onvenient-cay ituation-say."}
{"eng":"XVII.--Then at length Liscus, moved by Caesar's speech, discloses what","engyay":"en-XVII.--Thay at-ay ength-lay iscus-Lay, oved-may y-bay aesar's-Cay eech-spay, iscloses-day at-whay"}
{"eng":"not brought to a proper way of thinking by the submission of the rest;","engyay":"ot-nay ought-bray o-tay a-ay oper-pray ay-way of-ay inking-thay y-bay e-thay ubmission-say of-ay e-thay est-ray;"}
{"eng":"they should march to it. Whilst they were deliberating on these matters,","engyay":"ey-thay ould-shay arch-may o-tay it-ay. ilst-Whay ey-thay ere-way eliberating-day on-ay ese-thay atters-may,"}
{"eng":"having faced about, advanced to the attack in two divisions; the first","engyay":"aving-hay aced-fay about-ay, advanced-ay o-tay e-thay attack-ay in-ay o-tway ivisions-day; e-thay irst-fay"}
{"eng":"indiscretion. Caesar, complaining that after they had sued for peace,","engyay":"indiscretion-ay. aesar-Cay, omplaining-cay at-thay after-ay ey-thay ad-hay ued-say or-fay eace-pay,"}
{"eng":"the supreme command had been intrusted, came with all their forces to","engyay":"e-thay upreme-say ommand-cay ad-hay een-bay intrusted-ay, ame-cay ith-way all-ay eir-thay orces-fay o-tay"}
{"eng":"requested that he would be contented with that punishment of his enemy,","engyay":"equested-ray at-thay e-hay ould-way e-bay ontented-cay ith-way at-thay unishment-pay of-ay is-hay enemy-ay,"}
{"eng":"first rank as deputies to treat with Caesar about a peace. In the","engyay":"irst-fay ank-ray as-ay eputies-day o-tay eat-tray ith-way aesar-Cay about-ay a-ay eace-pay. In-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"lest they should be thrown into disorder by being dispersed, and","engyay":"est-lay ey-thay ould-shay e-bay own-thray into-ay isorder-day y-bay eing-bay ispersed-day, and-ay"}
{"eng":"had an influence over Pompey. This was the substance of his proposals:","engyay":"ad-hay an-ay influence-ay over-ay ompey-Pay. is-Thay as-way e-thay ubstance-say of-ay is-hay oposals-pray:"}
{"eng":"_Villeneuve_ in Lorraine, others _Veron_. It surrenders, G. vii. 11","engyay":"illeneuve_-_Vay in-ay orraine-Lay, others-ay eron_-_Vay. It-ay urrenders-say, G-ay. ii-vay. 11"}
{"eng":"orders twelve galleys to be built there, C. i. 36","engyay":"orders-ay elve-tway alleys-gay o-tay e-bay uilt-bay ere-thay, C-ay. i-ay. 36"}
{"eng":"from the place where they were stationed, and carried their colours with","engyay":"om-fray e-thay ace-play ere-whay ey-thay ere-way ationed-stay, and-ay arried-cay eir-thay olours-cay ith-way"}
{"eng":"escape; that they ought to provide for their own safety.\" At first the","engyay":"escape-ay; at-thay ey-thay ought-ay o-tay ovide-pray or-fay eir-thay own-ay afety-say.\" At-ay irst-fay e-thay"}
{"eng":"He gave the command of the left wing to Antonius, of the right to P.","engyay":"e-Hay ave-gay e-thay ommand-cay of-ay e-thay eft-lay ing-way o-tay onius-Antay, of-ay e-thay ight-ray o-tay P-ay."}
{"eng":"of the Roman people in Gaul most just: if the decree of the senate was","engyay":"of-ay e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay in-ay aul-Gay ost-may ust-jay: if-ay e-thay ecree-day of-ay e-thay enate-say as-way"}
{"eng":"raised in both provinces. Caesar had sent his legions into Spain, with","engyay":"aised-ray in-ay oth-bay ovinces-pray. aesar-Cay ad-hay ent-say is-hay egions-lay into-ay ain-Spay, ith-way"}
{"eng":"knowing that he had great experience in military matters, cried out,","engyay":"owing-knay at-thay e-hay ad-hay eat-gray experience-ay in-ay ilitary-may atters-may, ied-cray out-ay,"}
{"eng":"Phr[)y]g[)i]a, two countries in Asia Minor, one called Major, the other","engyay":"y]g[)i]a-Phr[)ay, o-tway ountries-cay in-ay ia-Asay inor-May, one-ay alled-cay ajor-May, e-thay other-ay"}
{"eng":"XXVI.--About fifteen days after they had come into winter-quarters, the","engyay":"out-XXVI.--Abay ifteen-fay ays-day after-ay ey-thay ad-hay ome-cay into-ay inter-quarters-way, e-thay"}
{"eng":"on milk and flesh, and are clad with skins. All the Britons, indeed, dye","engyay":"on-ay ilk-may and-ay esh-flay, and-ay are-ay ad-clay ith-way ins-skay. All-ay e-thay itons-Bray, indeed-ay, ye-day"}
{"eng":"it, should face about again on the next hill. For so far were they from","engyay":"it-ay, ould-shay ace-fay about-ay again-ay on-ay e-thay ext-nay ill-hay. or-Fay o-say ar-fay ere-way ey-thay om-fray"}
{"eng":"considerable region of Italy, anciently called Tyrrh[=e]nia, and Etruria","engyay":"onsiderable-cay egion-ray of-ay aly-Itay, anciently-ay alled-cay yrrh[=e]nia-Tay, and-ay uria-Etray"}
{"eng":"unnecessary war, without making any preparation, and when questioned by","engyay":"unnecessary-ay ar-way, ithout-way aking-may any-ay eparation-pray, and-ay en-whay uestioned-qay y-bay"}
{"eng":"right side observed, from the frequent sallies of the enemy, that it","engyay":"ight-ray ide-say observed-ay, om-fray e-thay equent-fray allies-say of-ay e-thay enemy-ay, at-thay it-ay"}
{"eng":"the soldiers, drove our men from the camp, and put to death as many as","engyay":"e-thay oldiers-say, ove-dray our-ay en-may om-fray e-thay amp-cay, and-ay ut-pay o-tay eath-day as-ay any-may as-ay"}
{"eng":"influence with his subjects, and to give the war the appearance of the","engyay":"influence-ay ith-way is-hay ubjects-say, and-ay o-tay ive-gay e-thay ar-way e-thay appearance-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"with corn. They demand thirty-five thousand men from the Aedui and their","engyay":"ith-way orn-cay. ey-Thay emand-day irty-five-thay ousand-thay en-may om-fray e-thay edui-Aay and-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"LXXIII.--Caesar, disappointed in his first intentions, resolved to","engyay":"aesar-LXXIII.--Cay, isappointed-day in-ay is-hay irst-fay intentions-ay, esolved-ray o-tay"}
{"eng":"of the republic. Upon this decree, the consul forbade him the senate;","engyay":"of-ay e-thay epublic-ray. on-Upay is-thay ecree-day, e-thay onsul-cay orbade-fay im-hay e-thay enate-say;"}
{"eng":"their present behaviour was calculated to confirm his former hopes,","engyay":"eir-thay esent-pray ehaviour-bay as-way alculated-cay o-tay onfirm-cay is-hay ormer-fay opes-hay,"}
{"eng":"without any loss or injury to them. This resolution of Caesar was not","engyay":"ithout-way any-ay oss-lay or-ay injury-ay o-tay em-thay. is-Thay esolution-ray of-ay aesar-Cay as-way ot-nay"}
{"eng":"upbraided and condemned the rest of the Belgae who had surrendered","engyay":"upbraided-ay and-ay ondemned-cay e-thay est-ray of-ay e-thay elgae-Bay o-whay ad-hay urrendered-say"}
{"eng":"following, is doubtful; but certainly, despatching messengers through","engyay":"ollowing-fay, is-ay oubtful-day; ut-bay ertainly-cay, espatching-day essengers-may ough-thray"}
{"eng":"that, in consequence of such great difficulties being thrown in his way,","engyay":"at-thay, in-ay onsequence-cay of-ay uch-say eat-gray ifficulties-day eing-bay own-thray in-ay is-hay ay-way,"}
{"eng":"conquered all the rest. The name appears to be derived from _wer_, war,","engyay":"onquered-cay all-ay e-thay est-ray. e-Thay ame-nay appears-ay o-tay e-bay erived-day om-fray er_-_way, ar-way,"}
{"eng":"v. 22","engyay":"v-ay. 22"}
{"eng":"legion was posted in the right wing, and the seventh at no great","engyay":"egion-lay as-way osted-pay in-ay e-thay ight-ray ing-way, and-ay e-thay eventh-say at-ay o-nay eat-gray"}
{"eng":"further from his wishes than to be under the necessity of engaging in","engyay":"urther-fay om-fray is-hay ishes-way an-thay o-tay e-bay under-ay e-thay ecessity-nay of-ay engaging-ay in-ay"}
{"eng":"for the purpose of clearing themselves. They do all this with a view to","engyay":"or-fay e-thay urpose-pay of-ay earing-clay emselves-thay. ey-Thay o-day all-ay is-thay ith-way a-ay iew-vay o-tay"}
{"eng":"the people on their appointment, nor to make them take the usual oath,","engyay":"e-thay eople-pay on-ay eir-thay appointment-ay, or-nay o-tay ake-may em-thay ake-tay e-thay usual-ay oath-ay,"}
{"eng":"hundred elephants. Such being the case, let me hear no more of","engyay":"undred-hay elephants-ay. uch-Say eing-bay e-thay ase-cay, et-lay e-may ear-hay o-nay ore-may of-ay"}
{"eng":"he would marshal all their forces before the camp, and intimidate the","engyay":"e-hay ould-way arshal-may all-ay eir-thay orces-fay efore-bay e-thay amp-cay, and-ay intimidate-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"_Works_: Latin folio, Rome, 1469; Venice, 1471; Florence, 1514; London,","engyay":"orks_-_Way: atin-Lay olio-fay, ome-Ray, 1469; enice-Vay, 1471; orence-Flay, 1514; ondon-Lay,"}
{"eng":"attack that day with great difficulty, since the enemy placed all their","engyay":"attack-ay at-thay ay-day ith-way eat-gray ifficulty-day, ince-say e-thay enemy-ay aced-play all-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"the wall for a fort and place of refuge, which they at first built low","engyay":"e-thay all-way or-fay a-ay ort-fay and-ay ace-play of-ay efuge-ray, ich-whay ey-thay at-ay irst-fay uilt-bay ow-lay"}
{"eng":"Aedui, consigned themselves in clientship to the Remi. The latter","engyay":"edui-Aay, onsigned-cay emselves-thay in-ay ientship-clay o-tay e-thay emi-Ray. e-Thay atter-lay"}
{"eng":"fierce battle had been fought there, was driven back into the town, yet","engyay":"ierce-fay attle-bay ad-hay een-bay ought-fay ere-thay, as-way iven-dray ack-bay into-ay e-thay own-tay, et-yay"}
{"eng":"their rest; when the huntsmen have discovered from the footsteps of","engyay":"eir-thay est-ray; en-whay e-thay untsmen-hay ave-hay iscovered-day om-fray e-thay ootsteps-fay of-ay"}
{"eng":"to Adrumetum. Caius Considius Longus, with a garrison of one legion,","engyay":"o-tay umetum-Adray. aius-Cay onsidius-Cay ongus-Lay, ith-way a-ay arrison-gay of-ay one-ay egion-lay,"}
{"eng":"satisfied with the punishment which they had drawn upon themselves.","engyay":"atisfied-say ith-way e-thay unishment-pay ich-whay ey-thay ad-hay awn-dray upon-ay emselves-thay."}
{"eng":"the Gauls, pleaded his age in excuse for not accepting the command, nor","engyay":"e-thay auls-Gay, eaded-play is-hay age-ay in-ay excuse-ay or-fay ot-nay accepting-ay e-thay ommand-cay, or-nay"}
{"eng":"themselves slain; the evils which must necessarily befall the conquered.","engyay":"emselves-thay ain-slay; e-thay evils-ay ich-whay ust-may ecessarily-nay efall-bay e-thay onquered-cay."}
{"eng":"the death of Clodius; and, being informed of the decree of the senate","engyay":"e-thay eath-day of-ay odius-Clay; and-ay, eing-bay informed-ay of-ay e-thay ecree-day of-ay e-thay enate-say"}
{"eng":"liberty and hate the condition of slavery, he thought he ought to divide","engyay":"iberty-lay and-ay ate-hay e-thay ondition-cay of-ay avery-slay, e-hay ought-thay e-hay ought-ay o-tay ivide-day"}
{"eng":"iii. 23","engyay":"iii-ay. 23"}
{"eng":"go out of the camp, since he might expect no disaster, whereby he could","engyay":"o-gay out-ay of-ay e-thay amp-cay, ince-say e-hay ight-may expect-ay o-nay isaster-day, ereby-whay e-hay ould-cay"}
{"eng":"they shall receive within their territories either Ambiorix or his","engyay":"ey-thay all-shay eceive-ray ithin-way eir-thay erritories-tay either-ay iorix-Ambay or-ay is-hay"}
{"eng":"the] Nantuates, thence into [that of] the Allobroges, and there","engyay":"e-thay] antuates-Nay, ence-thay into-ay [at-thay of-ay] e-thay obroges-Allay, and-ay ere-thay"}
{"eng":"those of the Treviri, resolved for two reasons to cross the Rhine; one","engyay":"ose-thay of-ay e-thay eviri-Tray, esolved-ray or-fay o-tway easons-ray o-tay oss-cray e-thay ine-Rhay; one-ay"}
{"eng":"the camp, and the other legions were at a great distance, to attack that","engyay":"e-thay amp-cay, and-ay e-thay other-ay egions-lay ere-way at-ay a-ay eat-gray istance-day, o-tay attack-ay at-thay"}
{"eng":"Maese; the German cavalry sent to forage among them, G. iv. 9","engyay":"aese-May; e-thay erman-Gay avalry-cay ent-say o-tay orage-fay among-ay em-thay, G-ay. iv-ay. 9"}
{"eng":"joy, and in imagination anticipated victory; because they thought that","engyay":"oy-jay, and-ay in-ay imagination-ay anticipated-ay ictory-vay; ecause-bay ey-thay ought-thay at-thay"}
{"eng":"about the tenth hour of the night, he set out by narrow paths through","engyay":"about-ay e-thay enth-tay our-hay of-ay e-thay ight-nay, e-hay et-say out-ay y-bay arrow-nay aths-pay ough-thray"}
{"eng":"Ig[)u]v[)i]um, a city of Umbria in Italy, _Gubio;_ it forsakes Pompey,","engyay":"u]v[)i]um-Ig[)ay, a-ay ity-cay of-ay ia-Umbray in-ay aly-Itay, ubio;_-_Gay it-ay orsakes-fay ompey-Pay,"}
{"eng":"them, because the design of marching being adopted in a hurry, they had","engyay":"em-thay, ecause-bay e-thay esign-day of-ay arching-may eing-bay adopted-ay in-ay a-ay urry-hay, ey-thay ad-hay"}
{"eng":"his injuries, yet having got proper persons by whom he could communicate","engyay":"is-hay injuries-ay, et-yay aving-hay ot-gay oper-pray ersons-pay y-bay om-whay e-hay ould-cay ommunicate-cay"}
{"eng":"that all parts of the town were secured by very craggy rocks, which it","engyay":"at-thay all-ay arts-pay of-ay e-thay own-tay ere-way ecured-say y-bay ery-vay aggy-cray ocks-ray, ich-whay it-ay"}
{"eng":"long, for levelling the ground, made also of very strong timber, and","engyay":"ong-lay, or-fay evelling-lay e-thay ound-gray, ade-may also-ay of-ay ery-vay ong-stray imber-tay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"consent that the prisoners should be delivered up to him, had them all","engyay":"onsent-cay at-thay e-thay isoners-pray ould-shay e-bay elivered-day up-ay o-tay im-hay, ad-hay em-thay all-ay"}
{"eng":"and made an apology for Bibulus, \"that he was a man of strong passion,","engyay":"and-ay ade-may an-ay apology-ay or-fay ibulus-Bay, \"at-thay e-hay as-way a-ay an-may of-ay ong-stray assion-pay,"}
{"eng":"require, [namely] that Caesar was detained by commotions in the city,","engyay":"equire-ray, [amely-nay] at-thay aesar-Cay as-way etained-day y-bay ommotions-cay in-ay e-thay ity-cay,"}
{"eng":"G. vii. 4; the Romans attacking it eagerly, are repulsed with great","engyay":"G-ay. ii-vay. 4; e-thay omans-Ray attacking-ay it-ay eagerly-ay, are-ay epulsed-ray ith-way eat-gray"}
{"eng":"and overcome, and as they possessed continuous ranges of forests and","engyay":"and-ay overcome-ay, and-ay as-ay ey-thay ossessed-pay ontinuous-cay anges-ray of-ay orests-fay and-ay"}
{"eng":"horse, he said to them, \"This eagle have I defended with the greatest","engyay":"orse-hay, e-hay aid-say o-tay em-thay, \"is-Thay eagle-ay ave-hay I-ay efended-day ith-way e-thay eatest-gray"}
{"eng":"stating these particulars, he gives the signal for action, and detaches","engyay":"ating-stay ese-thay articulars-pay, e-hay ives-gay e-thay ignal-say or-fay action-ay, and-ay etaches-day"}
{"eng":"turned the scale even more prodigiously in his favour. At one time of","engyay":"urned-tay e-thay ale-scay even-ay ore-may odigiously-pray in-ay is-hay avour-fay. At-ay one-ay ime-tay of-ay"}
{"eng":"Eburones, and the seventh day was drawing near, by which day Caesar had","engyay":"urones-Ebay, and-ay e-thay eventh-say ay-day as-way awing-dray ear-nay, y-bay ich-whay ay-day aesar-Cay ad-hay"}
{"eng":"Bretagne; they surrender to the Romans, G. ii. 34","engyay":"etagne-Bray; ey-thay urrender-say o-tay e-thay omans-Ray, G-ay. ii-ay. 34"}
{"eng":"should not be able to support the attack of the enemy, particularly","engyay":"ould-shay ot-nay e-bay able-ay o-tay upport-say e-thay attack-ay of-ay e-thay enemy-ay, articularly-pay"}
{"eng":"encounters, 15-21; grants them a peace, on their giving hostages, and","engyay":"encounters-ay, 15-21; ants-gray em-thay a-ay eace-pay, on-ay eir-thay iving-gay ostages-hay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"their arms on equal terms; that a great share of the glory and","engyay":"eir-thay arms-ay on-ay equal-ay erms-tay; at-thay a-ay eat-gray are-shay of-ay e-thay ory-glay and-ay"}
{"eng":"oppressed and defrauded, and if he do otherwise, he has no influence","engyay":"oppressed-ay and-ay efrauded-day, and-ay if-ay e-hay o-day otherwise-ay, e-hay as-hay o-nay influence-ay"}
{"eng":"that reputation as to submit to commands from the Roman people.","engyay":"at-thay eputation-ray as-ay o-tay ubmit-say o-tay ommands-cay om-fray e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay."}
{"eng":"ought to reap the reward of your services? For they say that they have","engyay":"ought-ay o-tay eap-ray e-thay eward-ray of-ay our-yay ervices-say? or-Fay ey-thay ay-say at-thay ey-thay ave-hay"}
{"eng":"XXIV.--The ships having been drawn up and a general assembly of the","engyay":"e-XXIV.--Thay ips-shay aving-hay een-bay awn-dray up-ay and-ay a-ay eneral-gay assembly-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Croatia, Bosnia, Servia, and the Adriatic Gulf","engyay":"oatia-Cray, osnia-Bay, ervia-Say, and-ay e-thay iatic-Adray ulf-Gay"}
{"eng":"That having agreed on the design they had sent notice to Gallonius, to","engyay":"at-Thay aving-hay agreed-ay on-ay e-thay esign-day ey-thay ad-hay ent-say otice-nay o-tay allonius-Gay, o-tay"}
{"eng":"the Roman people and their former victories. Moreover, when Caesar","engyay":"e-thay oman-Ray eople-pay and-ay eir-thay ormer-fay ictories-vay. oreover-May, en-whay aesar-Cay"}
{"eng":"designed against Caesar, yet he resolved to submit to any thing, as long","engyay":"esigned-day against-ay aesar-Cay, et-yay e-hay esolved-ray o-tay ubmit-say o-tay any-ay ing-thay, as-ay ong-lay"}
{"eng":"and put to death, 38; marches to besiege Uxellodunum, 39; cuts off the","engyay":"and-ay ut-pay o-tay eath-day, 38; arches-may o-tay esiege-bay ellodunum-Uxay, 39; uts-cay off-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"forgives both the injuries of the republic and his private wrongs, at","engyay":"orgives-fay oth-bay e-thay injuries-ay of-ay e-thay epublic-ray and-ay is-hay ivate-pray ongs-wray, at-ay"}
{"eng":"be [honoured with the title of] friend and ally. But Marcellus said that","engyay":"e-bay [onoured-hay ith-way e-thay itle-tay of-ay] iend-fray and-ay ally-ay. ut-Bay arcellus-May aid-say at-thay"}
{"eng":"Caesar that it was not easy for them, now that their fields had been","engyay":"aesar-Cay at-thay it-ay as-way ot-nay easy-ay or-fay em-thay, ow-nay at-thay eir-thay ields-fay ad-hay een-bay"}
{"eng":"day, at the dawn, they resolved to set forward.","engyay":"ay-day, at-ay e-thay awn-day, ey-thay esolved-ray o-tay et-say orward-fay."}
{"eng":"Marcellus, Caesar's enemy, G. viii 53","engyay":"arcellus-May, aesar's-Cay enemy-ay, G-ay. iii-vay 53"}
{"eng":"VI-.-When the battle was begun, no effort of valour was wanting to the","engyay":"en-VI-.-Whay e-thay attle-bay as-way egun-bay, o-nay effort-ay of-ay alour-vay as-way anting-way o-tay e-thay"}
{"eng":"himself escaped death. But it was effected owing to this circumstance,","engyay":"imself-hay escaped-ay eath-day. ut-Bay it-ay as-way effected-ay owing-ay o-tay is-thay ircumstance-cay,"}
{"eng":"two legions, when these had taken up their position at a very small","engyay":"o-tway egions-lay, en-whay ese-thay ad-hay aken-tay up-ay eir-thay osition-pay at-ay a-ay ery-vay all-smay"}
{"eng":"part of the enemy to be the least strong. Accordingly our men, upon the","engyay":"art-pay of-ay e-thay enemy-ay o-tay e-bay e-thay east-lay ong-stray. ordingly-Accay our-ay en-may, upon-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"punishment. And though the latter did not dare to trust his life even to","engyay":"unishment-pay. And-ay ough-thay e-thay atter-lay id-day ot-nay are-day o-tay ust-tray is-hay ife-lay even-ay o-tay"}
{"eng":"they were sent for from remote places. In the meantime they ordered","engyay":"ey-thay ere-way ent-say or-fay om-fray emote-ray aces-play. In-ay e-thay eantime-may ey-thay ordered-ay"}
{"eng":"the camp, and orders all the archers, of whom there was a very great","engyay":"e-thay amp-cay, and-ay orders-ay all-ay e-thay archers-ay, of-ay om-whay ere-thay as-way a-ay ery-vay eat-gray"}
{"eng":"attack it, _ibid_. 35","engyay":"attack-ay it-ay, ibid_-_ay. 35"}
{"eng":"legion, who had also struggled, not only with the inclemency of the","engyay":"egion-lay, o-whay ad-hay also-ay uggled-stray, ot-nay only-ay ith-way e-thay inclemency-ay of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"the start of him, on the fourth day desisted from the pursuit, and","engyay":"e-thay art-stay of-ay im-hay, on-ay e-thay ourth-fay ay-day esisted-day om-fray e-thay ursuit-pay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"January; therefore, in the first five days, on which the senate could","engyay":"anuary-Jay; erefore-thay, in-ay e-thay irst-fay ive-fay ays-day, on-ay ich-whay e-thay enate-say ould-cay"}
{"eng":"conclusion, yet he dreaded the delay and length of time necessary to","engyay":"onclusion-cay, et-yay e-hay eaded-dray e-thay elay-day and-ay ength-lay of-ay ime-tay ecessary-nay o-tay"}
{"eng":"into which Attius had brought his cohorts, and of which he had taken","engyay":"into-ay ich-whay ius-Attay ad-hay ought-bray is-hay ohorts-cay, and-ay of-ay ich-whay e-hay ad-hay aken-tay"}
{"eng":"some armed men, who had followed them from the garrison, they made a","engyay":"ome-say armed-ay en-may, o-whay ad-hay ollowed-fay em-thay om-fray e-thay arrison-gay, ey-thay ade-may a-ay"}
{"eng":"chose a convenient situation, where he posted his forces; and kept his","engyay":"ose-chay a-ay onvenient-cay ituation-say, ere-whay e-hay osted-pay is-hay orces-fay; and-ay ept-kay is-hay"}
{"eng":"Massilia, and, having sent in a galley privately, acquaints Domitius and","engyay":"assilia-May, and-ay, aving-hay ent-say in-ay a-ay alley-gay ivately-pray, acquaints-ay omitius-Day and-ay"}
{"eng":"one, spurred on their horses, and attacked them while embarrassed; many","engyay":"one-ay, urred-spay on-ay eir-thay orses-hay, and-ay attacked-ay em-thay ile-whay embarrassed-ay; any-may"}
{"eng":"charge, became superior from this very circumstance that, though","engyay":"arge-chay, ecame-bay uperior-say om-fray is-thay ery-vay ircumstance-cay at-thay, ough-thay"}
{"eng":"confessed themselves vanquished: and begged and entreated, if there was","engyay":"onfessed-cay emselves-thay anquished-vay: and-ay egged-bay and-ay entreated-ay, if-ay ere-thay as-way"}
{"eng":"our army.","engyay":"our-ay army-ay."}
{"eng":"ships, which lay at anchor before Utica, in number about two hundred,","engyay":"ips-shay, ich-whay ay-lay at-ay anchor-ay efore-bay ica-Utay, in-ay umber-nay about-ay o-tway undred-hay,"}
{"eng":"time did the enemy ever engage with us in very large numbers.","engyay":"ime-tay id-day e-thay enemy-ay ever-ay engage-ay ith-way us-ay in-ay ery-vay arge-lay umbers-nay."}
{"eng":"brought out by centuries, and took the same oath. They gave orders, that","engyay":"ought-bray out-ay y-bay enturies-cay, and-ay ook-tay e-thay ame-say oath-ay. ey-Thay ave-gay orders-ay, at-thay"}
{"eng":"which he had obtained for himself might be an encouragement to the rest","engyay":"ich-whay e-hay ad-hay obtained-ay or-fay imself-hay ight-may e-bay an-ay encouragement-ay o-tay e-thay est-ray"}
{"eng":"Thessaly with his legion. As there were two factions there, he found the","engyay":"essaly-Thay ith-way is-hay egion-lay. As-ay ere-thay ere-way o-tway actions-fay ere-thay, e-hay ound-fay e-thay"}
{"eng":"invited and solicited, had gone on board the fleet, that if any adverse","engyay":"invited-ay and-ay olicited-say, ad-hay one-gay on-ay oard-bay e-thay eet-flay, at-thay if-ay any-ay adverse-ay"}
{"eng":"disregard our men, that the gates having been blocked up with single","engyay":"isregard-day our-ay en-may, at-thay e-thay ates-gay aving-hay een-bay ocked-blay up-ay ith-way ingle-say"}
{"eng":"might be spared.","engyay":"ight-may e-bay ared-spay."}
{"eng":"naturally unfavourable. But for the reasons already given, Caesar did","engyay":"aturally-nay unfavourable-ay. ut-Bay or-fay e-thay easons-ray already-ay iven-gay, aesar-Cay id-day"}
{"eng":"labour and patience had concluded a dangerous war. They recollected too","engyay":"abour-lay and-ay atience-pay ad-hay oncluded-cay a-ay angerous-day ar-way. ey-Thay ecollected-ray oo-tay"}
{"eng":"march over the deepest rivers, and through the most intricate roads","engyay":"arch-may over-ay e-thay eepest-day ivers-ray, and-ay ough-thray e-thay ost-may intricate-ay oads-ray"}
{"eng":"Caesar first accomplished the march, and having found a plain behind","engyay":"aesar-Cay irst-fay accomplished-ay e-thay arch-may, and-ay aving-hay ound-fay a-ay ain-play ehind-bay"}
{"eng":"they had defrauded: and having purchased a great number of horses, they","engyay":"ey-thay ad-hay efrauded-day: and-ay aving-hay urchased-pay a-ay eat-gray umber-nay of-ay orses-hay, ey-thay"}
{"eng":"and their territories ravaged by Caesar, G. vii. 8","engyay":"and-ay eir-thay erritories-tay avaged-ray y-bay aesar-Cay, G-ay. ii-vay. 8"}
{"eng":"whom a great number had been called out to the war, and obtains","engyay":"om-whay a-ay eat-gray umber-nay ad-hay een-bay alled-cay out-ay o-tay e-thay ar-way, and-ay obtains-ay"}
{"eng":"dexterity and fortitude of the soldiers. Gates for making sallies were","engyay":"exterity-day and-ay ortitude-fay of-ay e-thay oldiers-say. ates-Gay or-fay aking-may allies-say ere-way"}
{"eng":"surprising; and historians have sought their solution of the mystery in","engyay":"urprising-say; and-ay istorians-hay ave-hay ought-say eir-thay olution-say of-ay e-thay ystery-may in-ay"}
{"eng":"begun to be treated of between them, but had not been concluded\"; [and","engyay":"egun-bay o-tay e-bay eated-tray of-ay etween-bay em-thay, ut-bay ad-hay ot-nay een-bay oncluded-cay\"; [and-ay"}
{"eng":"were of great service in withstanding them; that Fabius, at their","engyay":"ere-way of-ay eat-gray ervice-say in-ay ithstanding-way em-thay; at-thay abius-Fay, at-ay eir-thay"}
{"eng":"a general of such experience.","engyay":"a-ay eneral-gay of-ay uch-say experience-ay."}
{"eng":"and observed from the higher ground what was going on in our camp, sent","engyay":"and-ay observed-ay om-fray e-thay igher-hay ound-gray at-whay as-way oing-gay on-ay in-ay our-ay amp-cay, ent-say"}
{"eng":"and giving hostages to one another; that the reasons of the confederacy","engyay":"and-ay iving-gay ostages-hay o-tay one-ay another-ay; at-thay e-thay easons-ray of-ay e-thay onfederacy-cay"}
{"eng":"who the year before had been first centurion of the tenth legion, a man","engyay":"o-whay e-thay ear-yay efore-bay ad-hay een-bay irst-fay enturion-cay of-ay e-thay enth-tay egion-lay, a-ay an-may"}
{"eng":"their elegant proportions. His eyes were black and piercing. These","engyay":"eir-thay elegant-ay oportions-pray. is-Hay eyes-ay ere-way ack-blay and-ay iercing-pay. ese-Thay"}
{"eng":"XLVI.--While these things are being transacted in the conference, it was","engyay":"ile-XLVI.--Whay ese-thay ings-thay are-ay eing-bay ansacted-tray in-ay e-thay onference-cay, it-ay as-way"}
{"eng":"Issa (an island of the Adriatic Sea, _Lissa_), revolts from Caesar at","engyay":"a-Issay (an-ay island-ay of-ay e-thay iatic-Adray ea-Say, issa_-_Lay), evolts-ray om-fray aesar-Cay at-ay"}
{"eng":"people was the first to pay the penalty. In this Caesar avenged not only","engyay":"eople-pay as-way e-thay irst-fay o-tay ay-pay e-thay enalty-pay. In-ay is-thay aesar-Cay avenged-ay ot-nay only-ay"}
{"eng":"after having long tossed their arm about, chose rather to cast away the","engyay":"after-ay aving-hay ong-lay ossed-tay eir-thay arm-ay about-ay, ose-chay ather-ray o-tay ast-cay away-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"fortification, and passing over it, make themselves masters of the","engyay":"ortification-fay, and-ay assing-pay over-ay it-ay, ake-may emselves-thay asters-may of-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"accept any condition from an armed enemy: if they are willing to lay","engyay":"accept-ay any-ay ondition-cay om-fray an-ay armed-ay enemy-ay: if-ay ey-thay are-ay illing-way o-tay ay-lay"}
{"eng":"Caesar demands forty hostages from them, and corn for his army, and","engyay":"aesar-Cay emands-day orty-fay ostages-hay om-fray em-thay, and-ay orn-cay or-fay is-hay army-ay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"and dividing Lombardy into two parts, falls into the Adriatic Sea, by","engyay":"and-ay ividing-day ombardy-Lay into-ay o-tway arts-pay, alls-fay into-ay e-thay iatic-Adray ea-Say, y-bay"}
{"eng":"them select soldiers; and disposed them separately along the shore: and","engyay":"em-thay elect-say oldiers-say; and-ay isposed-day em-thay eparately-say along-ay e-thay ore-shay: and-ay"}
{"eng":"fainting under misfortunes, 19; their manners, chiefs, druids,","engyay":"ainting-fay under-ay isfortunes-may, 19; eir-thay anners-may, iefs-chay, uids-dray,"}
{"eng":"under the pretence of the Parthian war, were kept at home, and that the","engyay":"under-ay e-thay etence-pray of-ay e-thay arthian-Pay ar-way, ere-way ept-kay at-ay ome-hay, and-ay at-thay e-thay"}
{"eng":"Gutenberg-tm eBooks with only a loose network of volunteer support.","engyay":"utenberg-tm-Gay eBooks-ay ith-way only-ay a-ay oose-lay etwork-nay of-ay olunteer-vay upport-say."}
{"eng":"about the town of _Ansestaet_, or _Amslim_","engyay":"about-ay e-thay own-tay of-ay estaet_-_Ansay, or-ay im_-_Amslay"}
{"eng":"who having received favours from him in former wars, flocked to his","engyay":"o-whay aving-hay eceived-ray avours-fay om-fray im-hay in-ay ormer-fay ars-way, ocked-flay o-tay is-hay"}
{"eng":"Rhine to the city of Tournay, in the low countries; Indutiom[)a]rus","engyay":"ine-Rhay o-tay e-thay ity-cay of-ay ournay-Tay, in-ay e-thay ow-lay ountries-cay; utiom[)a]rus-Inday"}
{"eng":"close by him, was also hard pressed by the enemy, directed the tribunes","engyay":"ose-clay y-bay im-hay, as-way also-ay ard-hay essed-pray y-bay e-thay enemy-ay, irected-day e-thay ibunes-tray"}
{"eng":"and guards from the walls, that he desired to have an interview with","engyay":"and-ay uards-gay om-fray e-thay alls-way, at-thay e-hay esired-day o-tay ave-hay an-ay interview-ay ith-way"}
{"eng":"from the fields into the woods; and, when our cavalry, for the sake of","engyay":"om-fray e-thay ields-fay into-ay e-thay oods-way; and-ay, en-whay our-ay avalry-cay, or-fay e-thay ake-say of-ay"}
{"eng":"require to be kept unknown; and they disclose to the people whatever","engyay":"equire-ray o-tay e-bay ept-kay unknown-ay; and-ay ey-thay isclose-day o-tay e-thay eople-pay atever-whay"}
{"eng":"diligence, if any danger should threaten it; I will visit the other","engyay":"iligence-day, if-ay any-ay anger-day ould-shay eaten-thray it-ay; I-ay ill-way isit-vay e-thay other-ay"}
{"eng":"severe from Caesar should befall him [Dumnorix], no one would think that","engyay":"evere-say om-fray aesar-Cay ould-shay efall-bay im-hay [umnorix-Day], o-nay one-ay ould-way ink-thay at-thay"}
{"eng":"diligence, he ordered the legions in his camp to come and meet him, and","engyay":"iligence-day, e-hay ordered-ay e-thay egions-lay in-ay is-hay amp-cay o-tay ome-cay and-ay eet-may im-hay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"remember with what success they had been all transported safe through","engyay":"emember-ray ith-way at-whay uccess-say ey-thay ad-hay een-bay all-ay ansported-tray afe-say ough-thray"}
{"eng":"--why come into his [Ariovistus's] domains?--that this was his province","engyay":"--y-whay ome-cay into-ay is-hay [iovistus's-Aray] omains?--that-day is-thay as-way is-hay ovince-pray"}
{"eng":"spoken of, of the battle at Dyrrachium, which it had exaggerated in many","engyay":"oken-spay of-ay, of-ay e-thay attle-bay at-ay yrrachium-Day, ich-whay it-ay ad-hay exaggerated-ay in-ay any-may"}
{"eng":"going out for the purposes of plundering, they looked back and saw the","engyay":"oing-gay out-ay or-fay e-thay urposes-pay of-ay undering-play, ey-thay ooked-lay ack-bay and-ay aw-say e-thay"}
{"eng":"that by this the growth is promoted, by this the physical powers are","engyay":"at-thay y-bay is-thay e-thay owth-gray is-ay omoted-pray, y-bay is-thay e-thay ysical-phay owers-pay are-ay"}
{"eng":"many other things which were proofs of excessive luxury, and a","engyay":"any-may other-ay ings-thay ich-whay ere-way oofs-pray of-ay excessive-ay uxury-lay, and-ay a-ay"}
{"eng":"heirs, and for the more effectual performance of his intention, in the","engyay":"eirs-hay, and-ay or-fay e-thay ore-may effectual-ay erformance-pay of-ay is-hay intention-ay, in-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"that when invited to a conference he demurs, and does not think that it","engyay":"at-thay en-whay invited-ay o-tay a-ay onference-cay e-hay emurs-day, and-ay oes-day ot-nay ink-thay at-thay it-ay"}
{"eng":"Morini, the Diablintes, and the Menapii; and send for auxiliaries from","engyay":"orini-May, e-thay iablintes-Day, and-ay e-thay enapii-May; and-ay end-say or-fay auxiliaries-ay om-fray"}
{"eng":"he was soon brought to our camp. Caesar was forced to punish him, by the","engyay":"e-hay as-way oon-say ought-bray o-tay our-ay amp-cay. aesar-Cay as-way orced-fay o-tay unish-pay im-hay, y-bay e-thay"}
{"eng":"their party; in that they had not quitted the hill; in that they did not","engyay":"eir-thay arty-pay; in-ay at-thay ey-thay ad-hay ot-nay uitted-qay e-thay ill-hay; in-ay at-thay ey-thay id-day ot-nay"}
{"eng":"each other; and in them were fastened small pillars, five feet high,","engyay":"each-ay other-ay; and-ay in-ay em-thay ere-way astened-fay all-smay illars-pay, ive-fay eet-fay igh-hay,"}
{"eng":"full vigour of his faculties, in the very meridian of his glory, and on","engyay":"ull-fay igour-vay of-ay is-hay aculties-fay, in-ay e-thay ery-vay eridian-may of-ay is-hay ory-glay, and-ay on-ay"}
{"eng":"Britain. Him they had seized upon when leaving his ship, although in the","engyay":"itain-Bray. im-Hay ey-thay ad-hay eized-say upon-ay en-whay eaving-lay is-hay ip-shay, although-ay in-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"their chariots again.","engyay":"eir-thay ariots-chay again-ay."}
{"eng":"from the work, desist from the assault, and leave sentinels on the","engyay":"om-fray e-thay ork-way, esist-day om-fray e-thay assault-ay, and-ay eave-lay entinels-say on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"decide that it should be burnt or defended. The Bituriges threw","engyay":"ecide-day at-thay it-ay ould-shay e-bay urnt-bay or-ay efended-day. e-Thay ituriges-Bay ew-thray"}
{"eng":"but few opportunities of procuring any, and their bodies were not","engyay":"ut-bay ew-fay opportunities-ay of-ay ocuring-pray any-ay, and-ay eir-thay odies-bay ere-way ot-nay"}
{"eng":"cantons. This single canton having left their country, within the","engyay":"antons-cay. is-Thay ingle-say anton-cay aving-hay eft-lay eir-thay ountry-cay, ithin-way e-thay"}
{"eng":"IV.--Caesar, though he discerned from what motive these things were","engyay":"aesar-IV.--Cay, ough-thay e-hay iscerned-day om-fray at-whay otive-may ese-thay ings-thay ere-way"}
{"eng":"He charges them when departing \"that each of them should go to his","engyay":"e-Hay arges-chay em-thay en-whay eparting-day \"at-thay each-ay of-ay em-thay ould-shay o-gay o-tay is-hay"}
{"eng":"in the next place, that he restore the hostages which he has from the","engyay":"in-ay e-thay ext-nay ace-play, at-thay e-hay estore-ray e-thay ostages-hay ich-whay e-hay as-hay om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"Nantz, G. iii. 5","engyay":"antz-Nay, G-ay. iii-ay. 5"}
{"eng":"meet the immediate necessity, in which they lived to shelter themselves","engyay":"eet-may e-thay immediate-ay ecessity-nay, in-ay ich-whay ey-thay ived-lay o-tay elter-shay emselves-thay"}
{"eng":"would not consent to be promoters of the war, shut their gates [against","engyay":"ould-way ot-nay onsent-cay o-tay e-bay omoters-pray of-ay e-thay ar-way, ut-shay eir-thay ates-gay [against-ay"}
{"eng":"come up with us, in consequence of the breeze dying away, the south wind","engyay":"ome-cay up-ay ith-way us-ay, in-ay onsequence-cay of-ay e-thay eeze-bray ying-day away-ay, e-thay outh-say ind-way"}
{"eng":"because they were afraid to carry his proposals to Pompey at an improper","engyay":"ecause-bay ey-thay ere-way afraid-ay o-tay arry-cay is-hay oposals-pray o-tay ompey-Pay at-ay an-ay improper-ay"}
{"eng":"Their example was followed by the inhabitants of Bullis, Amantia, and","engyay":"eir-Thay example-ay as-way ollowed-fay y-bay e-thay inhabitants-ay of-ay ullis-Bay, antia-Amay, and-ay"}
{"eng":"they had advanced, they were surrounded both by those who had retreated","engyay":"ey-thay ad-hay advanced-ay, ey-thay ere-way urrounded-say oth-bay y-bay ose-thay o-whay ad-hay etreated-ray"}
{"eng":"A great part of these arrangements was prevented by the shortness of","engyay":"A-ay eat-gray art-pay of-ay ese-thay arrangements-ay as-way evented-pray y-bay e-thay ortness-shay of-ay"}
{"eng":"they enter into a compact with them by a mutual oath, and give hostages","engyay":"ey-thay enter-ay into-ay a-ay ompact-cay ith-way em-thay y-bay a-ay utual-may oath-ay, and-ay ive-gay ostages-hay"}
{"eng":"fortifications, in order that, if occasion should arise, each should","engyay":"ortifications-fay, in-ay order-ay at-thay, if-ay occasion-ay ould-shay arise-ay, each-ay ould-shay"}
{"eng":"XXXIII.--Then at length Titurius, as one who had provided nothing","engyay":"en-XXXIII.--Thay at-ay ength-lay iturius-Tay, as-ay one-ay o-whay ad-hay ovided-pray othing-nay"}
{"eng":"Alesia, and having occupied the entire hill, encamp not more than a mile","engyay":"esia-Alay, and-ay aving-hay occupied-ay e-thay entire-ay ill-hay, encamp-ay ot-nay ore-may an-thay a-ay ile-may"}
{"eng":"Gallia Celt[)i]ca, now _France_ properly so called, divided by Augustus","engyay":"allia-Gay elt[)i]ca-Cay, ow-nay ance_-_Fray operly-pray o-say alled-cay, ivided-day y-bay ugustus-Aay"}
{"eng":"Gaul and Germany; I was present at all those battles and do not speak at","engyay":"aul-Gay and-ay ermany-Gay; I-ay as-way esent-pray at-ay all-ay ose-thay attles-bay and-ay o-day ot-nay eak-spay at-ay"}
{"eng":"empire. That he was the only one out of all the state of the Aedui who","engyay":"empire-ay. at-Thay e-hay as-way e-thay only-ay one-ay out-ay of-ay all-ay e-thay ate-stay of-ay e-thay edui-Aay o-whay"}
{"eng":"Catur[)i]ges, an ancient people of Gaul, inhabiting the country of","engyay":"atur[)i]ges-Cay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, inhabiting-ay e-thay ountry-cay of-ay"}
{"eng":"with the permission of the copyright holder, your use and distribution","engyay":"ith-way e-thay ermission-pay of-ay e-thay opyright-cay older-hay, our-yay use-ay and-ay istribution-day"}
{"eng":"a mortal stroke; and the Gauls, from the treachery which they had seen,","engyay":"a-ay ortal-may oke-stray; and-ay e-thay auls-Gay, om-fray e-thay eachery-tray ich-whay ey-thay ad-hay een-say,"}
{"eng":"part of Ambiorix's dominions, and wasted the whole country by sword,","engyay":"art-pay of-ay iorix's-Ambay ominions-day, and-ay asted-way e-thay ole-whay ountry-cay y-bay ord-sway,"}
{"eng":"XVI.--The nation of all the Gauls is extremely devoted to superstitious","engyay":"e-XVI.--Thay ation-nay of-ay all-ay e-thay auls-Gay is-ay extremely-ay evoted-day o-tay uperstitious-say"}
{"eng":"everything; at the same time he reminds him of what was said about","engyay":"everything-ay; at-ay e-thay ame-say ime-tay e-hay eminds-ray im-hay of-ay at-whay as-way aid-say about-ay"}
{"eng":"cavalry and ten thousand infantry, which he might place in different","engyay":"avalry-cay and-ay en-tay ousand-thay infantry-ay, ich-whay e-hay ight-may ace-play in-ay ifferent-day"}
{"eng":"he orders two legions to keep watch under arms. The people of Genabum","engyay":"e-hay orders-ay o-tway egions-lay o-tay eep-kay atch-way under-ay arms-ay. e-Thay eople-pay of-ay enabum-Gay"}
{"eng":"these were brought, he received them to his protection. Having collected","engyay":"ese-thay ere-way ought-bray, e-hay eceived-ray em-thay o-tay is-hay otection-pray. aving-Hay ollected-cay"}
{"eng":"out his men, that, if any occasion should offer, either to tamper with","engyay":"out-ay is-hay en-may, at-thay, if-ay any-ay occasion-ay ould-shay offer-ay, either-ay o-tay amper-tay ith-way"}
{"eng":"P[=i]ct[)o]nes, an ancient people of Gaul, along the southern bank of","engyay":"i]ct[)o]nes-P[=ay, an-ay ancient-ay eople-pay of-ay aul-Gay, along-ay e-thay outhern-say ank-bay of-ay"}
{"eng":"from Melodunum to Roman knights, one to each, and orders them to fall","engyay":"om-fray elodunum-May o-tay oman-Ray ights-knay, one-ay o-tay each-ay, and-ay orders-ay em-thay o-tay all-fay"}
{"eng":"call his soldiers to witness the earnestness with which he had sought","engyay":"all-cay is-hay oldiers-say o-tay itness-way e-thay earnestness-ay ith-way ich-whay e-hay ad-hay ought-say"}
{"eng":"did not run to meet their charge, having acquired experience by custom,","engyay":"id-day ot-nay un-ray o-tay eet-may eir-thay arge-chay, aving-hay acquired-ay experience-ay y-bay ustom-cay,"}
{"eng":"with the phrase \"Project Gutenberg\" associated with or appearing on the","engyay":"ith-way e-thay ase-phray \"oject-Pray utenberg-Gay\" associated-ay ith-way or-ay appearing-ay on-ay e-thay"}
{"eng":"he were to make an attack upon our territories; so, likewise, that we","engyay":"e-hay ere-way o-tay ake-may an-ay attack-ay upon-ay our-ay erritories-tay; o-say, ikewise-lay, at-thay e-way"}
{"eng":"states, which lie in the remotest parts of Gaul, adjoining the ocean,","engyay":"ates-stay, ich-whay ie-lay in-ay e-thay emotest-ray arts-pay of-ay aul-Gay, adjoining-ay e-thay ocean-ay,"}
{"eng":"--19; his expedition into Britain described, 22; refits his navy, 31;","engyay":"--19; is-hay expedition-ay into-ay itain-Bray escribed-day, 22; efits-ray is-hay avy-nay, 31;"}
{"eng":"reward of a dismissal. For when a debate was introduced about the place","engyay":"eward-ray of-ay a-ay ismissal-day. or-Fay en-whay a-ay ebate-day as-way introduced-ay about-ay e-thay ace-play"}
{"eng":"river Rhine, and stretches towards the north. The Belgae rise from the","engyay":"iver-ray ine-Rhay, and-ay etches-stray owards-tay e-thay orth-nay. e-Thay elgae-Bay ise-ray om-fray e-thay"}
{"eng":"Batavia, or Batavorum Insula, _Holland_, a part of which still retains","engyay":"atavia-Bay, or-ay atavorum-Bay ula-Insay, olland_-_Hay, a-ay art-pay of-ay ich-whay ill-stay etains-ray"}
{"eng":"and the same laws, and who have one government and one magistracy [in","engyay":"and-ay e-thay ame-say aws-lay, and-ay o-whay ave-hay one-ay overnment-gay and-ay one-ay agistracy-may [in-ay"}
{"eng":"submit to Crassus and send hostages, G. iii. 27","engyay":"ubmit-say o-tay assus-Cray and-ay end-say ostages-hay, G-ay. iii-ay. 27"}
{"eng":"his tent unarmed; he sees that the enemy are close at hand and that the","engyay":"is-hay ent-tay unarmed-ay; e-hay ees-say at-thay e-thay enemy-ay are-ay ose-clay at-ay and-hay and-ay at-thay e-thay"}
{"eng":"sacred obligations are made binding), that they should not be deserted","engyay":"acred-say obligations-ay are-ay ade-may inding-bay), at-thay ey-thay ould-shay ot-nay e-bay eserted-day"}
{"eng":"of peace? a concession which had been made even to fugitives on the","engyay":"of-ay eace-pay? a-ay oncession-cay ich-whay ad-hay een-bay ade-may even-ay o-tay ugitives-fay on-ay e-thay"}