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  - mri
  - quantitative mri
  - reconstruction
  - segmentation
  - detection

SKM-TEA Sample Data

This dataset consists of a subset of scans from the SKM-TEA dataset. It can be used to build tutorials / demos with the SKM-TEA dataset.

To access to the full dataset, please follow instructions on Github.

NOTE: This dataset subset should not be used for reporting/publishing metrics. All metrics should be computed on the full SKM-TEA test split.


This mini dataset (~30GB) consists of 2 training scans, 1 validation scan, and 1 test scan from the SKM-TEA dataset. HDF5 files for the Raw Data Track are lzf-compressed to reduce size while maximizing speed for decompression.


By using this dataset, you agree to the Stanford University Dataset Research Use Agreement.


If you use this dataset, please reference the SKM-TEA paper:

title={{SKM}-{TEA}: A Dataset for Accelerated {MRI} Reconstruction with Dense Image Labels for Quantitative Clinical Evaluation},
author={Arjun D Desai and Andrew M Schmidt and Elka B Rubin and Christopher Michael Sandino and Marianne Susan Black and Valentina Mazzoli and Kathryn J Stevens and Robert Boutin and Christopher Re and Garry E Gold and Brian Hargreaves and Akshay Chaudhari},
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