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{"aps--wmt-image": {"description": "Translate dataset based on the data from statmt.org.\n\nVersions exists for the different years using a combination of multiple data\nsources. The base `wmt_translate` allows you to create your own config to choose\nyour own data/language pair by creating a custom `datasets.translate.wmt.WmtConfig`.\n\n```\nconfig = datasets.wmt.WmtConfig(\n version=\"0.0.1\",\n language_pair=(\"fr\", \"de\"),\n subsets={\n datasets.Split.TRAIN: [\"commoncrawl_frde\"],\n datasets.Split.VALIDATION: [\"euelections_dev2019\"],\n },\n)\nbuilder = datasets.builder(\"wmt_translate\", config=config)\n```", "citation": "@InProceedings{bojar-EtAl:2014:W14-33,\n author = {Bojar, Ondrej and Buck, Christian and Federmann, Christian and Haddow, Barry and Koehn, Philipp and Leveling, Johannes and Monz, Christof and Pecina, Pavel and Post, Matt and Saint-Amand, Herve and Soricut, Radu and Specia, Lucia and Tamchyna, Ale\u000b{s}},\n title = {Findings of the 2014 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation},\n booktitle = {Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation},\n month = {June},\n year = {2014},\n address = {Baltimore, Maryland, USA},\n publisher = {Association for Computational Linguistics},\n pages = {12--58},\n url = {http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/W/W14/W14-3302}\n}", "homepage": "http://www.statmt.org/wmt14/translation-task.html", "license": "", "features": {"translation": {"languages": ["de", "en"], "id": null, "_type": "Translation"}, "image": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}, "sentence": {"dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value"}}, "post_processed": null, "supervised_keys": null, "task_templates": null, "builder_name": null, "config_name": null, "version": null, "splits": {"train": {"name": "train", "num_bytes": 2158846403, "num_examples": 4508785, "dataset_name": "wmt-image"}, "validation": {"name": "validation", "num_bytes": 1189730, "num_examples": 3000, "dataset_name": "wmt-image"}}, "download_checksums": null, "download_size": 1259865767, "post_processing_size": null, "dataset_size": 2160036133, "size_in_bytes": 3419901900}}