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{ "en": "Last week, the broadcast of period drama “Beauty Private Kitchen” was temporarily halted, and accidentally triggered heated debate about faked ratings of locally produced dramas.", "zh": "上周,古装剧《美人私房菜》临时停播,意外引发了关于国产剧收视率造假的热烈讨论。" }
{ "en": "Civil rights group issues travel warning for Missouri", "zh": "民权团体针对密苏里州发出旅行警告" }
{ "en": "The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has put out an alert for people of color traveling to Missouri because of the state's discriminatory policies and racist attacks.", "zh": "由于密苏里州的歧视性政策和种族主义袭击,美国有色人种促进协会 (NAACP) 向准备前往密苏里州出游的有色人群发出旅行警告。" }
{ "en": "\"The NAACP Travel Advisory for the state of Missouri, effective through August 28th, 2017, calls for African American travelers, visitors and Missourians to pay special attention and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the state given the series of questionable, race-based incidents occurring statewide recently, and noted therein,\" the group's statement reads.", "zh": "“2017 年 8 月 28 日生效的 NAACP 密苏里州旅行咨询中呼吁,因近期密苏里州发生了一系列可疑的种族性事件,所有非裔美籍旅行者、游客以及密苏里州人在密苏里州旅行时应特别注意并采取极其谨慎的态度,特此告知,”该团体的声明宣称。" }
{ "en": "A recent Missouri law making it harder for people to win discrimination lawsuits, as well as the state's law enforcement disproportionately targeting minorities prompted the group to issue the travel alert, the NAACP said.", "zh": "NAACP 指出,最近通过的一项密苏里州法律使得人们更难赢得歧视诉讼,该州执法也一定程度上针对少数群体,这些现象促使该组织发布了旅行警告。" }
{ "en": "\"You have violations of civil rights that are happening to people.", "zh": "侵犯公民权利的行为正发生在人们身上。" }
{ "en": "They're being pulled over because of their skin color, they're being beaten up or killed,\" the president of the Missouri NAACP, Rod Chapel, told The Kansas City Star.", "zh": "他们因肤色被停车盘问,被殴打或被杀害,”密苏里州 NAACP 主席罗德·查培尔告诉堪萨斯城星报 (The Kansas City Star)。" }
{ "en": "\"We are hearing complaints at a rate we haven't heard before.\"", "zh": "“我们收到了许多投诉,数量前所未有。”" }
{ "en": "It is the first such warning that the organization has issued for a state in the US.", "zh": "这是该组织在美国针对某个州发布的第一个此类警告。" }
{ "en": "The group cited incidents such as racial slurs against black students at the University of Missouri and the death of Tory Sanders, 28, a black man from Tennessee.", "zh": "该组织援引了密苏里大学对黑人学生的种族诽谤以及 28 岁田纳西州黑人男性托利·桑德斯的死亡事件。" }
{ "en": "Sanders died under questionable circumstances earlier this year after he ran out of gas while traveling through the state, and was taken into custody by Missouri police without being accused of a crime.", "zh": "今年早些时候,桑德斯在可疑情况下死亡。他在密苏里州旅行时燃油耗尽,被密苏里州警方在无指控犯罪的情况下拘留。" }
{ "en": "The advisory also points to a recent report by the Missouri Attorney General's Office showing that black drivers in the state were 75 percent more likely to be pulled over than whites.", "zh": "咨询中还指出,密苏里州总检察长办公室最近的一份报告显示,“与白人相比,该州的黑人司机被停车盘查的可能性要高出 75%”。" }
{ "en": "\"The advisory is for people to be aware, and warn their families and friends and co-workers of what could happen in Missouri,\" Chapel said.", "zh": "查培尔说:“该份咨询是为了提高人们的意识,警告他们的家人、朋友和同事在密苏里州可能发生的情况。”" }
{ "en": "\"People need to be ready, whether it's bringing bail money with them, or letting relatives know they are traveling through the state.\"", "zh": "“人们需要做好准备,无论是携带保释金前往密苏里州,还是让亲属知道自己在州内旅行”。" }
{ "en": "Missouri recorded 100 hate crimes in 2015, according to the latest figures from the FBI's hate crime reporting program, ranking the state at 16th in the country in terms of the number of such violations.", "zh": "根据联邦调查局仇恨犯罪报告计划的最新数据,密苏里州在 2015 年记录了 100 起仇恨罪行;根据罪行量,该州在全国排名第 16 位。" }
{ "en": "The travel warning is also a response to a new Missouri law that would make it more difficult to sue a business for housing or employment discrimination.", "zh": "旅行警告也是对密苏里州新法律的回应,该法律将使起诉住房或就业歧视企业变得更加困难。" }
{ "en": "Previously, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had issued travel advisories for Texas and Arizona after the states passed immigration enforcement laws requiring local law enforcement to detain people on immigration violations which the ACLU said would increase racial profiling.", "zh": "此前,美国各州通过了移民执法法律,要求当地执法部门拘留移民违规人员,美国公民自由联盟 (ACLU) 表示此举会增加种族诉讼数量,并发布了针对德克萨斯州和亚利桑那州的旅行咨询。" }
{ "en": "Travel warnings are usually issued by the State Department for other countries, but lately, advocacy groups have resorted to the measure in response to certain laws and trends inside the US.", "zh": "旅行警告通常是由美国政府针对其他国家发布的,但最近,咨询团体采取这一方式以应对美国境内的某些法律和趋势。" }
{ "en": "After experiencing the “golden era” of a soaring box office in 2015, the film market retreated into a cooling-off period in 2016. Whether box office takings could surpass last year’s total of RMB44.069 billion is questionable.", "zh": "经历2015年票房猛增的“黄金时代”后,2016年整体电影市场进入了冷静期,能否突破去年440.69亿元的总票房成绩都成为一个悬念。" }
{ "en": "Data from the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that in October, prices of new and second-hand residential properties cooled, up 0.6% and 1.1% month-on-month, respectively.", "zh": "从国家统计局公布的数据看,10月,北京新房和二手房价格双双降温,环比仅上涨0.6%和1.1%。" }
{ "en": "Lupekscu, the current Chief Technology Officer of UEFA, made a technical report on the 2016 UEFA Euro and the last season of European Champions League at the meeting.", "zh": "现任欧足联首席技术官的卢佩斯库在本次大会上做了一份关于2016年欧锦赛以及上赛季欧冠联赛的技术报告。" }
{ "en": "BBC claims that Beijing has become the most exciting city: making foreigners feel like “living in a new age”", "zh": "BBC称北京成最激动人心城市:让老外感觉“生活在新时代”" }
{ "en": "Reference News Network reported on January 18 that the British media organization has noticed that Beijing is rapidly transforming into a glamorous modern city in spite of the fact that it is 3000 years old.", "zh": "参考消息网1月18日报道英媒称,北京或许有三千年的悠久历史,但它也在迅速变身为今天的现代魅力都市。" }
{ "en": "The Chinese capital is interconnected by amazingly high-speed Internet and has implemented cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition. It has invested heavily in artificial intelligence and has an unmatched capacity of internationalization. It is one of the most exciting cities for foreigners who are eager to explore the world.", "zh": "这座中国首都拥有速度高得惊人的互联网,有人脸识别软件等尖端技术,在人工智能方面投入了巨资并且拥有无可匹敌的国际化能量,它对富于探索精神的外国人而言是最激动人心的城市之一。" }
{ "en": "According to a report on the BBC website on January 16, the German expatriate Clemens Sage said: 'If I can succeed there, I can succeed anywhere.' He quoted a song written by singer Frank Sinatra to praise New York City.", "zh": "据英国广播公司网站1月16日报道,德国侨民克莱门斯·塞希说:“如果我能在那儿成功,我以后在任何地方都能成功。”他引用的是歌手弗兰克·西纳特拉歌颂纽约市的歌词。" }
{ "en": "Sage, who served as Creative Director of Traveler Archives, said: \"If Sinatra lives today, he is likely to sing a song for Beijing.\" He said that living in this city will make you feel like “living in a new age”, which means that you can always keep up with the trends.", "zh": "在《旅行者档案》杂志担任创意总监的塞希说:“如果西纳特拉活到今天,他很可能会歌唱北京这样的城市。”他说,生活在这座城市会让你感觉“生活在新时代”,总是能跟上潮流。" }
{ "en": "Simon Norton, who originates from England had been living in Beijing in recent years, published an article on personal blog site 4Corners7Seas saying: “People generally have a feeling of being at the center of something grand. Although this feeling is hard to describe clearly, it is the reason why so many foreigners stay there for a long time. They want to see what it will become and hope to witness it. ”", "zh": "老家位于英格兰、但最近生活在北京的西蒙·诺顿在个人博客网站4Corners7Seas上发表文章说:“人们总体上有一种处于某种宏大事物中心的感觉,这种感觉很难说清楚,但它让许多外国人长久留在那里。他们想看看它会变成什么样,并且希望亲眼见证。”" }
{ "en": "According to reports, the city's high-quality, high-speed Internet and technology-friendly environment make everyday life easier than ever before.", "zh": "报道称,这座城市优质高速的互联网和对技术友好的环境使日常生活比以往任何时候都更容易。" }
{ "en": "Andy Peñafuerte, who originates from Manila and is currently the deputy editor-in-chief of the website Beijing Children, said: \"Beijing is rapidly transforming into a cashless society. The Internet integrates the functions of traditional wallets into smart phones, making it easier for everyone to conduct various transactions.\"", "zh": "来自马尼拉、目前在“北京儿童”网站担任副总编的安迪·佩尼亚富埃尔特说:“北京正在迅速转变为一个无现金社会,互联网把传统钱包的功能整合到智能手机上,使每个人都能更容易地进行许多交易。”" }
{ "en": "According to reports, smart phones are just the beginning of Beijing's technical ambitions. Face recognition technology is being widely used across the city. Many mobile phone applications use this technology to facilitate bank transfers and payments, grant people access apartments and offices, and even use it to verify identity of the drivers providing car-hailing service.", "zh": "报道表示,但智能手机只是北京技术雄心的开始,面部识别软件已经十分普及,许多手机应用都使用这种技术来进行银行转账和支付、让人们进入公寓和办公室,甚至用它来核实网约车司机的身份。" }
{ "en": "Beijing recently announced plans to invest 13.8 billion yuan in the construction of an artificial intelligence technology park. When it is completed, more than 400 companies will settle there. They will focus on the development of artificial intelligence technologies ranging from biometrics to self-driving cars.", "zh": "北京最近还宣布计划斥资138亿元人民币修建一个人工智能科技园,建成后将有逾400家企业在那里落户,它们将专注于开发从生物测定到自动驾驶汽车的各种人工智能技术。" }
{ "en": "Food plays a central role in China’s many major traditional festivals. Foreigners are enthusiastic about these festivals. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in both social and economic sense, and it is also one of the most enjoyable festivals for foreigners.", "zh": "食品也是中国历年诸多重大节日的核心,参加这些庆祝活动受到外国人的推崇,春节是最重要的社会和经济节日,也是外国人最容易参与的节日之一。" }
{ "en": "Sage said: “It's a pleasure for me to help Chinese friends prepare for the New Year. It is equally important to clean the apartment and paste the red spring couplets with blessing words on the door. On New Year’s eve, all family members must gather together to have a good meal and stay until midnight, and finally to celebrate the New Year with fireworks. For foreigners, spending the night with friends and their family is indeed an opportunity for blending. ”", "zh": "塞希说:“我建议帮助中国朋友为过年做准备,打扫公寓和在家门贴上写有新年祝福语的红色春联同等重要,在除夕那一天,所有的家庭成员都要齐集一堂吃一顿丰盛的大餐,然后守岁到午夜,用绚丽响亮的焰火迎接新年。对外国人而言,与朋友和家人共度这个夜晚的确是一个融入的机会。”" }
{ "en": "According to reports, a large number of foreigners are living in Beijing and the number is growing. However, the language barrier and the convenience of exchanges between the expatriates can easily become excuses for not fully integrating into the local culture.", "zh": "报道称,北京的外国人数量众多而且在不断增长,但中国的语言障碍以及侨民之间交流的便利很容易成为他们不完全融入当地文化的借口。" }
{ "en": "Sage said: 'Some foreigners have lived in China for many years, but they have little experience with their host country. If your initial attempt to interact with the Chinese is not successful, then it is easy for you to feel more comfortable with other foreigners.", "zh": "塞希说:“一些外国人已经在中国生活多年,但对他们的东道国几乎没有什么体验。如果你最初接触中国人的尝试不算成功,那么你很容易有还是与其他外国人相处更容易的感觉。" }
{ "en": "In these so-called 'foreign bubbles' ('Laowai bubble' refers to circles in which foreigners only mixed in with foreigners, without touching local people and local culture -- translator's note), foreigners mingle with each other in their own communities, eat in Western restaurants, and only make friends with foreigners.", "zh": "”在这些所谓的“老外泡泡”中(“老外泡泡”是指外国人只在外国人中间混,而不接触当地人和当地文化——译者注),外国人在自己的社区里抱团,在西方餐馆吃饭,并且朋友中只有外国人。" }
{ "en": "The easiest way to overcome problem is to learn a little bit of Mandarin – something easier than one might think.", "zh": "克服这一点最简单的办法就是学习一点普通话——这比人们可能想象的要简单。" }
{ "en": "Sage said: “One or two hours of private lessons in Chinese every week or learning entry-level radio dramas should suit everyone’s busy schedule.”", "zh": "塞希说:“每周上一两个小时的中文私教课或者学习入门级的广播剧应该会适合每个人的忙碌日程。”" }
{ "en": "Even learning a few classic phrases will help with shopping, ordering a meal in a restaurant, or chatting on a taxi.", "zh": "哪怕学几句经典的短句也会对购物、在餐馆订餐或是在出租车上闲聊有帮助。" }
{ "en": "According to reports, persistent air pollution is also a fact of daily life, but the government has tried to curb pollution in recent years.", "zh": "报道称,顽固的空气污染也是日常生活中的一个事实,不过近年来的政府努力遏制了一些问题。" }
{ "en": "Residents emphasize that outdoor activities are very important in warm months when pollution is often light. It is important to consider those blue sky days as opportunities for rambling in ancient encryptors or exploring the popular Ritan Park.", "zh": "居民们强调,在污染往往较轻的温暖月份里到户外活动很重要,要把那些蓝天日当作在历史悠久的胡同里徜徉或是探索备受欢迎的日坛公园的机会。" }
{ "en": "Norton said: \"Beijing is a Chinese city that one can find most things below the surface. You can find very good arts and music activities, indulgent nightlife, historical wonders, ultra-modern business districts and ancient hutong areas.\"", "zh": "诺顿说:“北京是能在表面以下发现最多东西的中国城市,你能发现很不错的艺术和音乐活动、纵情的夜生活、历史奇观、超现代的商业区和古老的胡同区。”" }
{ "en": "The report believed that the hindrance to growth in human capital as a result of aging has become increasingly apparent. This was particularly the case in the Northeast, where the annual average contribution of aging to human capital growth was -1.28%.", "zh": "报告认为,老龄化对人力资本增长的阻碍作用日益明显,尤其在东北地区,老龄化对人力资本增长的年均贡献率为-1.28%。" }
{ "en": "Pan Gongsheng said that the present of risk of cross-border capital flows can be controlled. The fundamental factors underpinning international balance of payments will still exist over the longer term.", "zh": "潘功胜指出,目前跨境资本流动风险可控,支撑国际收支平衡的根本性因素仍然长期存在。" }
{ "en": "China News Service Beijing December 17 wire (Reporter: Gao Kai) Heritage makes the world resplendent - The opening ceremony of the 2016 International Summit for the Authentication, Restoration and Protection of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy and Painting was held at Renmin University of China on December 17.", "zh": "中新网北京12月17日电 (记者 高凯)世界因遗产而璀璨——2016中国古书画鉴定修复与保护国际高峰论坛于12月17日在中国人民大学开幕。" }
{ "en": "In April this year, the European Commission accused Google of coercing mobile phone manufacturers into installing software such as the Google search engine and Chrome web browser, or they would not be allowed to use other Google applications.", "zh": "欧盟委员会今年4月指控谷歌强迫手机厂商预装谷歌搜索和Chrome浏览器等软件,否则便不允许其使用其他谷歌应用。" }
{ "en": "The European Commission believed that this harmed consumer interests and hindered competition.", "zh": "欧盟委员会认为此举有损消费者的利益,并且阻碍了竞争。" }
{ "en": "EU regulators initially requested that Google make a response prior to July 27.", "zh": "欧盟监管者最初要求谷歌在7月27日之前作出回应。" }
{ "en": "If found guilty of violating antitrust rules, Google could face a maximum fine of 10% of its global turnover, or approximately US$7.4 billion.", "zh": "倘若反垄断罪名成立,谷歌最高面临其全球营收10%的罚款,约为74亿美元。" }
{ "en": "Google has not made immediate comment on this.", "zh": "谷歌尚未立刻对此置评。" }
{ "en": "Google also faced EU investigations over giving prominent placement to its own shopping services in search results.", "zh": "谷歌还因为在搜索结果中偏向自家购物服务而面临欧盟的调查。" }
{ "en": "Zhang Yuning's stay-abroad is a real one. It can be said that his achievement of “jumping level” from the national youth to the national Olympics is by no means accidental, and his leap-forward growth is still surprising.", "zh": "张玉宁的留洋是实打实的,可以说他实现从国青到国奥的“跳级”并不是偶然的,而他飞跃成长的幅度依然令人惊讶。" }
{ "en": "Understand through a picture: Bitcoin's legal status around the world", "zh": "一张图看懂:比特币在世界各地的法律地位" }
{ "en": "Abstract: A part from the price correction which is natural in speculation, the current round of digital currency tumble has also to do with the 'sworn enemy'—regulation.", "zh": "摘要:除了投机属性天然引发的价格回调,本轮数字货币惨跌也与“宿敌”——监管风险不无关系。" }
{ "en": "From the visualized maps, the attitude of the eastern countries towards Bitcoin is more conservative than that of the West. Most countries in the world are still indecisive about the legitimacy of digital currencies, indicating that the “risk of the black swan” is still looming large.", "zh": "从可视化地图看,东方国家对比特币的态度比西方更为保守,占全球主体的国家仍在观望数字货币合法性,代表“黑天鹅风险”依旧很大。" }
{ "en": "*This article is taken from Wallstreetcn (WeChat ID: wallstreetcn), editor Wang Mu. For more exciting information, visit or download the Wallstreetcn APP. *", "zh": "*本文来自华尔街见闻(微信ID:wallstreetcn),编辑王穆。更多精彩资讯请登陆,或下载华尔街见闻APP。*" }
{ "en": "As the authorities in major markets of Bitcoin -- such as China, South Korea and the European Union -- take decisive regulatory measures, the digital currency market dominated by Bitcoin has experienced major bloodshed this week. The price of Bitcoin has fallen below 10,000 dollar, recording the biggest one-day drop.", "zh": "随着中国、韩国和欧盟等比特币主要市场的监管风暴迭起,以比特币为首的全球数字货币本周以来惨遭血洗,比特币价格周二起跌破1万美元心理整数位,并创三年以来最大单日跌幅。" }
{ "en": "A part from the price correction which is natural in speculation, the current round of digital currency tumble has also to do with the 'sworn enemy'—regulation.", "zh": "除了投机属性天然引发的价格回调,本轮数字货币惨跌也与一直以来的“宿敌”——监管风险不无关系。" }
{ "en": "At this important juncture,, a visualization big data website, produced a map showing the legitimacy of Bitcoin and regulation measure in place in countries around the world.", "zh": "在这个重要的关口,可视化大数据网站HowMuch.net制作了一份图谱,展现比特币在全球各国的合法性地位和受监管程度。" }
{ "en": "As shown in the figure below, green represents the legal market for Bitcoin, and orange represents the neutral market. Although there is no place where Bitcoin is acknowledged a legal currency, there are no major restrictions on the use it. The pale pink represents the restricted market, i.e. the local government tries to the use of the digital currency pass by drawing a red line or taking regulatory measures. The deep pink represents countries where Bitcoin is declared as illegal. The gray represents countries that have not yet been rated.", "zh": "如下图所示,绿色代表比特币的合法市场;橘黄色代表中性市场,虽尚未公开合法化比特币地位,但也没有主要的使用限制;淡粉色代表受限制的市场,即当地政府尝试通过红线政策或监管来方法数字货币的使用;深粉色代表比特币被定义为非法的国家;灰色是尚未置评的国家。" }
{ "en": "(The above figure was drawn by the HowMuch.Net visualization team on January 15th)", "zh": "(上图来自HowMuch.Net可视化团队在1月15日制图)" }
{ "en": "The article points out that from the distribution of non-green color patches in the graph, it can be seen that the oriental countries in the traditional sense are more conservative towards Bitcoin than the West.", "zh": "文章指出,从图中非绿色的色块分布可以看出,传统意义上的东方国家对比特币的态度比西方更为保守。" }
{ "en": "Russia is currently the largest country that defines Bitcoin as illegal. China is one of the largest restricted markets for Bitcoin. India is one of the largest countries that have not commented on Bitcoin and have not made relevant policies.", "zh": "俄罗斯是目前定义比特币为非法的最大国家,中国是比特币最大的受限市场之一,印度是对比特币尚不予置评、还没有出台相关政策的最大国家之一。" }
{ "en": "North America and Western Europe are the regions that have highest level of tolerance to Bitcoin i.e. where green patches are concentrated.", "zh": "北美和西欧是对比特币接受程度最高的地区,即绿色块的分布更为集中。" }
{ "en": "The views of the countries in the Middle East and Latin America on Bitcoin are clearly divided, so, the distribution of color patches in these areas is more mixed.", "zh": "中东和拉丁美洲各国对比特币的看法呈现明显分化,上述地区的色块分布更为混杂。" }
{ "en": "Among them, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Brazil are all legitimate Bitcoin markets. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bolivia have some restrictions on the trading and use of Bitcoin. Most Latin American countries have not made any comments about Bitcoin.", "zh": "其中伊拉克、伊朗、土耳其、巴西都是合法的比特币市场,阿富汗、巴基斯坦、沙特、埃及、玻利维亚等对其交易和使用有一定程度的限制,更多的拉美国家对比特币还没有发声。" }
{ "en": "From the above data, it can be seen that of the 246 countries that have been rated, a total of 99 countries (or 40% of the total) haven't imposed any restrictions on the transactions and use of Bitcoin. They are represented by green and orange patches.", "zh": "综合上述数据可知,在全球受统计的246个国家中,共有99个国家(或占比40%)对比特币的交易和使用不施加限制,即绿色和橘黄色的地区。" }
{ "en": "Seven countries (or 3%) are restricted markets (pale pink), 10 countries (or 4%) have defined Bitcoin as illegal (dark pink), and 130 countries (or 53) %) haven't given comments on digital currency (grey).", "zh": "有7个国家(或占比3%)是受限市场(淡粉色),有10个国家(或占比4%)定义比特币为非法(深粉色),有130个国家(或占比53%)还没有更多的对待数字货币信息(灰色)。" }
{ "en": "This shows that countries that account for the global majority (53%, more than half) are still indecisive about the legitimacy of digital currencies represented by Bitcoin. This means that the “black swan risk” is still very large for Bitcoin, because some of these countries may ultimately make legislation that restrict the use of digital currencies.", "zh": "这说明,占全球主体(53%,超过半数)的国家仍在观望以比特币为首的数字货币在境内的合法性,也代表了比特币的“黑天鹅风险”依旧很大,因为其中一部分国家最终可能会作出限制数字货币的立法决定。" }
{ "en": "The article believes that global regulators have not fully understood the digital currency as a new type of currency. This may be the main reason why most countries have not chosen a stance.", "zh": "文章认为,全球监管机构对数字货币这个新兴类别还没有完全理解,可能是大部分国家还没有作出表态的主要原因。" }
{ "en": "Although Bitcoin’s popularity has grown exponentially since last year, it does not necessarily mean that all countries are interested in it. It's probably that some countries are concerned that the local currency may be undermined by digital currencies or that digital currencies are used by criminal organizations.", "zh": "尽管比特币的“人气”自去年以来呈指数级增长,并不代表所有国家都感兴趣,可能有些国家担心当地法币因此受到威胁,或更担心数字货币被犯罪组织利用。" }
{ "en": "Wallstreetcn has published an article summarizing the news related to regulation measures against Bitcoin across the world since last week, including: China starts to crackdown on online platforms and mobile APPs of over-the-counter exchanges; South Korea is still considering to close the digital currency exchanges; the European Union holds the view that Bitcoin has not yet been widely accepted and warns investors of the risk of “losing everything”.", "zh": "华尔街见闻曾撰文详细总结了上周以来针对比特币的国际监管新闻,包括中国开始打击场外类交易所的集中服务在线平台和移动App、韩国仍在考虑关闭数字货币交易所、欧盟认为比特币还没有被广泛接受并警告投资者“赔到血本无归”的风险等。" }
{ "en": "Wallstreetcn Editor's selection: Reading News | 2018: Global Central Banks Are Ushering Digital Currency? One article points out that 2018 is destined to be the first year of digital currency for central banks across the world, viewing from the perspectives of supervision, acceptance/criticism and adoption.", "zh": "华尔街见闻主编精选《读要闻|2018:全球央妈开启数字货币元年?》曾提到,从监管、接受/批判、采纳的任一角度来看,2018年都将成为全球央行的数字货币元年。" }
{ "en": "The act of questioning the legal status of Bitcoin by big countries such as Russia is actually meant to make way for the official issuance of digital currencies.", "zh": "俄罗斯等大国批评比特币合法性地位的做法,其实也是为了给官方发行数字货币让路。" }
{ "en": "On January 8th, the Barcelona new aid Philippe Coutinho showed up for the first time in Camp Nou with his Barcelona shirt, the Xinhua News Agency reported in Madrid by reporter Xie Yuzhi.", "zh": "新华社马德里1月8日电(报道员谢宇智)巴塞罗那新援库蒂尼奥8日在诺坎普首次身披巴萨球衣亮相。" }
{ "en": "Coutinho passed a physical examination of Barcelona early that morning and signed with Barcelona president Bartomeu a contract that will expire in the summer of 2023.", "zh": "库蒂尼奥当日上午通过了巴萨的体检,并与巴萨主席巴托梅乌在一份将于2023年夏天到期的合同上签了字。" }
{ "en": "Then he appeared in the face of nearly 7,000 Camp Nou fans as a Barcelona player.", "zh": "随后他作为巴萨球员,在诺坎普近7000名球迷面前亮相。" }
{ "en": "According to a Spanish media, Coutinho's transfer fee may amount to 160 million euros (1 euro≈ 1.77 Chinese yuan), being the highest paid player in the history of Barcelona and La Liga.", "zh": "据西班牙媒体透露,库蒂尼奥的转会费总额或达到1.6亿欧元(1欧元约合7.77元人民币),是巴萨俱乐部及西甲历史第一身价。" }
{ "en": "As Coutinho is still injured at the moment, he still need recuperate for nearly 20 days before ushering in his debut in the Barcelona shirt.", "zh": "由于眼下库蒂尼奥仍有伤在身,他还需休整近20日才能迎来自己身披巴萨球衣的处子秀。" }
{ "en": "Is nothing sacred?", "zh": "还有什么神圣的东西?" }
{ "en": "Now Trump's White House is targeting the Statue of Liberty", "zh": "现在特朗普的白宫正在瞄准自由女神像" }
{ "en": "The surest mark of regime change is when they start attacking the statues.", "zh": "政权更迭最确定的标志是他们开始攻击雕像之时。" }
{ "en": "Americans appreciate this as well as anyone - hence the carefully stage-manged toppling of Saddam Hussein in Firdos square in Baghdad in 2003.", "zh": "美国人和任何人一样都赞同这一点。 因此,2003 年巴格达天堂广场的萨达姆?侯赛因被精心策划地推倒了。" }
{ "en": "Stephen Miller, one of the key ideologues of the Trump regime, surely knew what he was doing when he took a symbolic axe to the Statue of Liberty in a heated argument with CNN's Jim Acosta over the president's proposals to drastically limit legal immigration.", "zh": "斯蒂芬?米勒 (Stephen Miller) 作为特朗普政府的关键智囊之一,在与美国有线电视新闻网 (CNN) 的吉姆?阿科斯塔 (Jim Acosta) 就总统关于严格限制合法移民的提议进行激烈争论时,他肯定知道自己对自由女神像砍出象征性的一斧会发生什么事情。" }
{ "en": "In fairness, Miller did not attack the statue itself.", "zh": "公平地说,米勒并没有攻击雕像本身。" }
{ "en": "A horde of boat-trip owners and Liberty impersonators would have lynched him if he did.", "zh": "如果他这样做了,那么一群游船业主和自由主义的追随者一定会将他生吞活剥。" }
{ "en": "But he did attack its meaning, and in particular the meaning ascribed to it when Emma Lazarus's famous poem was added to its base in 1903, 17 years after the monument itself was completed.", "zh": "但是他确实攻击了塑像的意义,尤其是在 1903 年埃玛?拉撒路的着名诗歌被刻在基座上时(这座纪念碑在此后17年方建成)而具有的意义。" }
{ "en": "As Miller scolded Acosta: \"I don't want to get off into a whole thing about history here, but the Statue of Liberty is ... a symbol of American liberty lighting the world.", "zh": "正如米勒斥责阿科斯塔所说:“我不想在这里谈论历史的全部事实,但自由女神像是美国自由照亮世界的象征......。" }
{ "en": "The poem that you're referring to, that was added later and is not part of the original Statue of Liberty.\"", "zh": "你所指的那首诗,那是后来又加上去的,不是原始自由女神像的一部分。”" }
{ "en": "Miller is factually correct, but as he put it himself, this is not really about history.", "zh": "事实上,米勒是正确的,但是正如他自己所说的,这不是真正关于历史。" }
{ "en": "It is about the contemporary resonance of Lazarus's startling words, the only ones in which a state has appeared to invite not just any old immigrants, but the poorest of the poor: \"Your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.\"", "zh": "这涉及到拉撒路惊世之语的现代回音,唯一一个国家似乎不仅邀请任何老移民,而且还邀请穷人中最贫穷的人:“你的疲惫、你的穷困、或者你的挤作一团的民众渴望自由呼吸,/苦难的人拒绝你拥挤的海滩。”" }
{ "en": "There has never been a time when the \"wretched refuse\" has been more visible on our screens.", "zh": "不存在“苦难的人拒绝”在我们的屏幕变得更刺眼的一刻。" }
{ "en": "Miller was not engaging in literary criticism - he was making it clear that these people are not welcome in Trump's USA.", "zh": "米勒并没有从事过文学评论工作,他清楚地表明,这些人在特朗普时代的美国不会受到欢迎。" }
{ "en": "This conflict about the meaning of a statue is part of a wider political and cultural war: it is really a conflict about the meaning of America.", "zh": "这种关于雕像意义的冲突是更广泛的政治和文化战争的一部分:这实际上是与美国精神相冲突。" }
{ "en": "Lazarus - and her friends who campaigned to place her words at the base after her death - knew very well that they were engaging in a highly political act.", "zh": "拉扎鲁斯 (Lazarus) ,以及她的、在她去世后举行活动将她的诗句铭刻在基座上的朋友们,很清楚他们正在参与的行为具有高度政治性。" }
{ "en": "The sculpture was intended to mark the connections between French and American republicanism by representing in a well-worn classical trope, the female embodiment of Liberty.", "zh": "该雕塑的目的是通过作为自由女神的女性化身的、古老的经典比喻来表达法国和美国共和主义之间的联系。" }
{ "en": "Lazarus changed that meaning: in her poem the female figure is no longer abstract - she has a voice.", "zh": "拉撒路改变了这个意思:在她的诗中,女性形象不再抽象,她要发声。" }
{ "en": "And she gives herself a very different name: Mother of Exiles.", "zh": "她给自己起了一个非常不同的名字:流放之母。" }
{ "en": "The marrying of the poem to the image is a brilliant feminist coup and a devastating attack on American nativism.", "zh": "这首诗与这幅画的结合是一场成功的女权主义政变,并且是对美国本土主义的毁灭性打击。" }
{ "en": "And just as Lazarus changed the meaning of the statue, rightwingers have long wanted to change it back.", "zh": "就像拉撒路改变雕像的意义一样,右翼者一直想要把它改回原意。" }
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