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"The first PC computers appeared around 1975,"
"Sometimes it seems like the world is a cold, unforgiving place, but there are always good things if you look for them."
"I know it took all the courage I had to utter it."
"Yes! he might do that; so when he had got to the top, he saw a light shining from the north."
"They went together a long, long way, till they reached the palace of the King of the Snakes."
"Meaning set against or opposed."
"Okay. I have booked 2 tickets for you."
"Please try asking me another way."
"When bowling with ten pins, the score is 300."
"I need valet parking. Free breakfast is good, too."
"Okay, what are the dates you're planning on leaving?"
"Okay. And, what was the name of the theater?"
"He was a communist, the leader of Cuba, and friend of Che Guevarra."
"It's not great but it's much better than the last one. That's all I need. Thank you."
"I am always increasing my knowledge base."
"That sounds like a wonderful trip."
"So he got a pair of scissors, and snipped a hole in the neck, and went off with his three hundred dollars."
"Andrew Carnegie was a 19th century steel industrialist."
"Parasitology is the scientific study of parasites and parasitism."
"Fairmont has 4.5 star customer ratings and Four Seasons has 4.6 star customer ratings."
"The apparition of these faces in the crowd."
"Yeah, I like that. But how about something older?"
"They are playing on June 17th against NYC FC."
"In Southeastern Asia, it is an island in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia."
"You can scale me up to any number of computers and servers."
"I try to assume as little as possible."
"If I'd met you later, if I hadn't loved you so well-but that's all over, long ago."
"What's your favorite kind of dance?"
"what language do you speak."
""Would you say, once a week or more?""
"The peace of society and the stability of government depend absolutely on the efficacy of the precautions adopted on this head."
"Some people pronounce it “squeal.”"
"Do you spend a lot of time there?"
"'But what's come over your mother?' said the man, after they had chattered a while."
"Can you find the restaurants located near me?"
"He wrote thrilling stories about men and animals in the wilderness."
""And now there's this affair of the letter to me at the hotel."
"One more song, here it is Thunder On The Mountain."
"Here is your song, All through the night by Cyndi Lauper."
"Yeah, that's it. That's a classic Guns N' Roses song."
"Something unusual was going on around the Marinsky Palace, where the Council of the Russian Republic met."
"It prolongs stimulating effects."
"The Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus."
"It stands for I Seek You, an internet instant messaging protocol."
"I hope you are nice to your mother though."
"No, that's about it. Just as long as it's fairly recent, not anything old."
"Do you usually use a computer in bed?"
"A star and the planets orbiting it."
"The study of tissues."
"Autobahn is also a cool song by Kraftwerk."
"How does takeout from Cucina Venti Restaurant sound?"
"This means that my brain is being reloaded from disk."
"The persons or things previously mentioned."
"I don't think anything is a perfect rhyme with orange."
"My response is determined by what you say."
"United States of America."
"Hugelol Arana has scored zero goals."
"A dream is an unconscious experience that occurs while sleeping."
"Thank you so much. That was perfect, have a good day."
"It should be at least a four-star rating."
"Okay fantasy, there is Wonder Woman Pastor, The Caribbean, The Mummy, King Arthur Beauty and The Beast Smurfs."
"He scales his hat at the lot of them and roars down the hall to me, "Hey, Davey!"
"The delicate vases, the bronzes, and the silks are often made in humblest homes, the work of one or two laborers with rudest tools."
"No one would know that he had been kind to me and reward him for it."
"His hair was all his own, and he diligently powdered it each morning to give his hair its distinct look."
"I will take that as a compliment."
"I would like help finding a movie to go see in a theater."
"Which character did you like best?"
"Dinosaur fossils have been found on all seven continents."
"You’re welcome. Have a great evening. Goodbye."
"Matt Lampson is the goalkeeper for Chicago Fire."
"The opposite of heterogeneous."
"Troops were said to be marching against Petrograd-a delegation must be sent to tell them the truth."
"I'm willing to travel up to 20 miles."
"The hours of this night, wretched as they were, slipped away."
"I can play games with you if you would like?"
""She wants me to go into the stable," said Diamond to himself, "but the door is locked.""
"Here's one man to be dismissed already, and there'll be others, and one of them will be the favoured man."
"Thanks for the invitation."
"Maybe we should talk about something else."
"He reached out and placed Fuzzy gently in the Black Doctor's hand."
"I can do a lot of things."
"Asynchronous digital subscriber line."
"I like it because the story is so realistic."
"What is one of your favorite ghost stories about?"
"We've got to get Walt up here, even if I have to jump over after him," said Tad firmly."
"I was addicted to the hokey pokey, but thankfully, I turned myself around."
"Suez is a canal between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea."
"He is a former US president, supporter of Habitat for Humanity."
"I could go on talking for hours."
"Are you trying to get some insider secrets?"
"Thank you for your help."
"He says he's "stony" and doesn't know how he'll pull through.'"
"LA Galaxy is in fifth place in the western conference with six wins and five losses."
"The director for La La land is Damien Chazelle."
"The second is called "Marriott". It's also a 4-star hotel and costs $290 per night."
"Good question, I am still thinking about it."
"I told him I had spent some years at the Royal College of Science, and had done some researches in biology under Huxley."
"Please send a bug report to Dream Face Technologies."
"Okay. Fine. That will be fine with me. Thank you so much."
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Dataset Card for librispeech_asr

Dataset Summary

RyanSpeech is a speech corpus for research on automated text-to-speech (TTS) systems. Publicly available TTS corpora are often noisy, recorded with multiple speakers, or lack quality male speech data. In order to meet the need for a high-quality, publicly available male speech corpus within the field of speech recognition, we have designed and created RyanSpeech which contains textual materials from real-world conversational settings. These materials contain over 10 hours of a professional male voice actor's speech recorded at 44.1 kHz. This corpus's design and pipeline make RyanSpeech ideal for developing TTS systems in real-world applications. To provide a baseline for future research, protocols, and benchmarks, we trained 4 state-of-the-art speech models and a vocoder on RyanSpeech. The results show 3.36 in mean opinion scores (MOS) in our best model. We have made both the corpus and trained models for public use.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

  • speech-synthesis, automatic-speech-recognition: The dataset can be used to train a model for Speech Synthesis (TTS) or Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). We have trained 4 different models based on this dataset: tacotron, fastspeech, fastspeech2 and conformer all of which are available on 🤗 huggingface spaces.


The audio is in English.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

A typical data point comprises the 'id', the audio file and the path to the audio file 'audio' and its transcription, called text

{'id': 'RY0002-1498', 
'audio': {'path': '/home/downloads/extracted/95ae28dc9210201ceed4e37e4e7758eca933beb002f7291cbdeea0c61c586514/train/wavs/RY0002-1498.wav', 
'array': array([ 1.4025815e-06,  8.8169247e-05,  1.5270278e-04, ...,
       -1.5984153e-04, -7.7941244e-05,  0.0000000e+00], dtype=float32), 'sampling_rate': 22500},
'text': 'The first PC computers appeared around 1975,'}

Data Fields

  • id: unique id of the data sample.
  • audio: A dictionary containing the path to the downloaded audio file, the decoded audio array, and the sampling rate. Note that when accessing the audio column: dataset[0]["audio"] the audio file is automatically decoded and resampled to dataset.features["audio"].sampling_rate. Decoding and resampling of a large number of audio files might take a significant amount of time. Thus it is important to first query the sample index before the "audio" column, i.e. dataset[0]["audio"] should always be preferred over dataset["audio"][0].
  • text: the transcription of the audio file.

Data Splits

The data has been split into three parts: train (7895), test (2256), and validation(1123).

Dataset Creation

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

[Needs More Information]

Who are the source language producers?

[Needs More Information]


Annotation process

[Needs More Information]

Who are the annotators?

[Needs More Information]

Personal and Sensitive Information

The dataset consists of people who have donated their voice online. You agree to not attempt to determine the identity of speakers in this dataset.

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

[More Information Needed]

Discussion of Biases

[More Information Needed]

Other Known Limitations

[Needs More Information]

Licensing Information

CC by NC 4.0

Citation Information

  title={RyanSpeech: A Corpus for Conversational Text-to-Speech Synthesis},
  author={Rohola Zandie and Mohammad H. Mahoor and Julia Madsen and Eshrat S. Emamian},
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