End-of-chapter quiz

Test what you learned in this chapter!

1. The emotion dataset contains Twitter messages labeled with emotions. Search for it in the Hub, and read the dataset card. Which of these is not one of its basic emotions?

2. Search for the ar_sarcasm dataset in the Hub. Which task does it support?

3. How does the BERT model expect a pair of sentences to be processed?

4. What are the benefits of the Dataset.map() method?

5. What does dynamic padding mean?

6. What is the purpose of a collate function?

7. What happens when you instantiate one of the AutoModelForXxx classes with a pretrained language model (such as bert-base-uncased) that corresponds to a different task than the one for which it was trained?

8. What’s the purpose of TrainingArguments?

9. Why should you use the πŸ€— Accelerate library?