en_statistics / meta.json
Update spaCy pipeline
"description":"Text statistics including readability and formality.",
"author":"Chris Knowles",
"name":"OntoNotes 5",
"license":"commercial (licensed by Explosion)",
"author":"Ralph Weischedel, Martha Palmer, Mitchell Marcus, Eduard Hovy, Sameer Pradhan, Lance Ramshaw, Nianwen Xue, Ann Taylor, Jeff Kaufman, Michelle Franchini, Mohammed El-Bachouti, Robert Belvin, Ann Houston"
"name":"ClearNLP Constituent-to-Dependency Conversion",
"license":"Citation provided for reference, no code packaged with model",
"author":"Emory University"
"name":"WordNet 3.0",
"author":"Princeton University",
"license":"WordNet 3.0 License"
"name":"GloVe Common Crawl",
"license":"Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0",
"author":"Jeffrey Pennington, Richard Socher, and Christopher D. Manning"