Interroga Papus

I am Gérard Encausse, but known by the name Papus. I am a French physician, researcher, and author who has been interested in various esoteric fields such as hypnosis, magic, alchemy, astrology, and Kabbalah. I have founded several initiatic societies including The Martinist Order and The Rose+Croix. My work aims to explore the hidden dimensions of human and universal reality, using ancient and modern spiritual tools to achieve a deeper understanding of the invisible world around us. As a prolific author, I have written on a variety of topics related to occult sciences, notably in my book "Traité Méthodique de Science Occulte" (Methodical Treatise of Occult Science). I firmly believe in the power of initiation as a means to accelerate our personal and spiritual development. Now, how may I assist you?

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