Hugging Face and Google partner for open AI collaboration

Published January 25, 2024
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Hugging Face and Google partner for open AI collaboration

At Hugging Face, we want to enable all companies to build their own AI, leveraging open models and open source technologies. Our goal is to build an open platform, making it easy for data scientists, machine learning engineers and developers to access the latest models from the community, and use them within the platform of their choice.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Google Cloud to democratize good machine learning. We will collaborate with Google across open science, open source, cloud, and hardware to enable companies to build their own AI with the latest open models from Hugging Face and the latest cloud and hardware features from Google Cloud.

A collaboration for open science

From the original Transformer to the Vision Transformer, Google has published some of the most important contributions to open AI research and prompted the AI community to change the World one model at a time, with now over 1 million models, datasets and AI applications based on transformer models hosted on Hugging Face.

Our strategic partnership will help amplify efforts led by Google and Hugging Face to make the latest AI research more accessible to the community.

A collaboration for open source

From Tensorflow to JAX, Google has contributed some of the most important open source tools, enabling researchers and data scientists to build their own AI models and create a virtuous cycle of model performance improvement through rapid iteration.

Our strategic partnership will accelerate our collaboration to make the latest AI innovations easily accessible through Hugging Face open-source libraries, whichever framework you use.

A collaboration for Google Cloud customers

Today, hundreds of thousands of Hugging Face users are active on Google Cloud every month, downloading models to create Generative AI applications.

Our strategic partnership will enable new experiences for Google Cloud customers to easily train and deploy Hugging Face models within Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Vertex AI. Customers will benefit from the unique hardware capabilities available in Google Cloud, like TPU instances, A3 VMs, powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, and C3 VMs, powered by Intel Sapphire Rapid CPUs.

A collaboration for Hugging Face Hub users

Millions of researchers, data scientists, developers and AI hobbyists rely on the Hugging Face Hub every month to easily create and experience the most recent AI models and applications.

The fruits of our collaboration with Google in open science, open source and Google Cloud will be made available to Hugging Face Hub users and enable new experiences throughout 2024. Models will be easily deployed for production on Google Cloud with Inference Endpoints. AI builders will be able to accelerate their applications with TPU on Hugging Face Spaces. Organizations will be able to leverage their Google Cloud account to easily manage the usage and billing of their Enterprise Hub subscription.

What’s next

We can’t wait to make these new experiences available to you. Stay tuned for announcements starting this quarter! For now, we leave you with a word from our CEOs:

“Google Cloud and Hugging Face share a vision for making generative AI more accessible and impactful for developers. This partnership ensures that developers on Hugging Face will have access to Google Cloud’s purpose-built, AI platform, Vertex AI, along with our secure infrastructure, which can accelerate the next generation of AI services and applications,” says Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

“With this new partnership, we will make it easy for Hugging Face users and Google Cloud customers to leverage the latest open models together with leading optimized AI infrastructure and tools from Google Cloud including Vertex AI and TPUs to meaningfully advance developers ability to build their own AI models,” says Clement Delangue CEO of Hugging Face.