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Trained Pyramids agent upload
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library_name: ml-agents
# **ppo** Agent playing **Pyramids**
This is a trained model of a **ppo** agent playing **Pyramids** using the [Unity ML-Agents Library](
## Usage (with ML-Agents)
The Documentation:
We wrote a complete tutorial to learn to train your first agent using ML-Agents and publish it to the Hub:
### Resume the training
mlagents-learn <your_configuration_file_path.yaml> --run-id=<run_id> --resume
### Watch your Agent play
You can watch your agent **playing directly in your browser:**.
1. Go to
2. Step 1: Write your model_id: QuickSilver007/MLAgents-Pyramids
3. Step 2: Select your *.nn /*.onnx file
4. Click on Watch the agent play 👀