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Nintendo itself has been hacked. The confirmation statement does say (machine translated from the original Japanese) that Nintendo will "strive to further strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur." Unfortunately, the Nintendo confirmation doesn't establish precisely how the accounts were breached, but there are some important clues to be had. By which I mean that because Nintendo has said that login ID and passwords were "obtained illegally from other than our service by some other means," and refers to "spoofed" logins occurring, it's likely we are talking about one of three alternatives.Credential stuffing, where attackers take usernames and passwords from other breaches and try them against assorted other services. If you reuse passwords between accounts, then you can fall victim to this attack methodology.Phishing, where attackers trick you into disclosing your login details by sending you to a cloned site, or some other means of deception. Nintendo mentions the use of the same password across both the Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo accounts. It warns that those who have done this could find their virtual coins balances, and linked PayPal account, misused at the Nintendo eShop. The good news is that Nintendo stated "less than 1%" of the potentially compromised accounts have been used to make fraudulent transactions. Nintendo has either refunded or is in the process of so doing, customers in this regard.

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