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This is a PolyCoder model with **2.7B** parameters,
presented in the paper ["A Systematic Evaluation of Large Language Models of Code"](https://arxiv.org/pdf/2202.13169.pdf) (MAPS'2022 and ICLR'2022 Workshop Deep Learning 4 Code).
The model was trained on **249 GB** of code across **12** programming languages.
**Note** - this model requires `transformers` version of at least **4.23.0**:
pip install transformers==4.23.0
For more information, see: [https://github.com/VHellendoorn/Code-LMs](https://github.com/VHellendoorn/Code-LMs)
If you use this model, please cite:
title={A Systematic Evaluation of Large Language Models of Code},
author={Frank F. Xu and Uri Alon and Graham Neubig and Vincent Josua Hellendoorn},
booktitle={Deep Learning for Code Workshop},