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With the abundance of web content available, some of it can be useless or even harmful. Such examples include websites with explicit content, fraudulent activity, or malware that can infect your system. In a typical 8-hour day, how many hours do you spend actually being productive? If you’re anything like the average worker, it’s probably a lot less than you would like to admit.

Two separate studies – one carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US) and another by Voucher Cloud (UK) – both find the average worker spends just two hours and 53 minutes being productive during an 8-hour day.

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Even if we round this up to three hours per day, this still means most of us are spending more than five hours per day, over 25 per week and more than 100 hours every munch underachieving.

Most modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, let you restrict access to block web pages you want to avoid. To help you do this, we will go through six ways to block websites on Chrome. We will also look at ways to unblock a website on Chrome in case you change your mind. First, let’s discuss the advantages of blocking sites on your web browser.

Set-up requires Shortcuts – you create an automation that triggers One Sec when a named app is launched. If that sounds onerous, it isn’t. The process takes barely a minute and One Sec has a tutorial to lead you through it.

In One Sec itself, you’ll find a range of intervention types if you don’t like the default breathing exercise: following a dot; rotating your device; guilting you by turning your phone into a ‘mirror’ when you launch a naughty app. Scheduling allows you to define when One Sec asserts itself, one useful option being for a defined period after waking up. One Sec is effective, although be mindful much of its functionality (including handy options like intentional app switching) sits behind a subscription. But you can at least try the basics against one app for free.

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