Mixed models: Counterfeit mixed with AbyssOrangeMix3 + CetusMix mixed with DosMix and then merged with Grapefruit mixed with MeinaMix + OrangeChillMix mixed with SunlightMix or SunshineMix(i forgor 💀) | all 0.5

just a random mix made by me, this thing can generate 3d anime, 2d anime, nsfw anime, or whatever you want, if you give a detailed prompt

I usually used 30-50 steps, DPM++ 2M Karras sampler and 8-9 CFG

you can use orangemix.vae.pt for the VAE

additional models

d1b4l4p + 0.35(realvis - dreamlike-anime-1.0).ckpt | generate more realistically, for example, realistic hair, body parts, face, clothes, etc.

0.5(dreamlike-anime-1.0) + 0.5(any) + 0.3(realvis - orange).ckpt | I think it's generated in a semi-realistic style, it was just a test mix, but I really liked the result.

Example Of CountAbyssCetusDos&GrapeMeinaOrangeSun

Example Of d1b4l4p + 0.35(realvis - dreamlike-anime-1.0)

Example Of 0.5(dreamlike-anime-1.0) + 0.5(any) + 0.3(realvis - orange)

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