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AloeVera's SimpMaker-3K1

SimpMaker3K1 is a highly versatile all-in-one mix that will allow you to try-out most of your prompts in different styles ranging from artworks, erotica, landscapes, portraits, photography, realism, CGI, 3D, and all of this without having to change models and with a high render quality.

What you must do

  • If you're using Auto1111's WebUI. Set your Clip Skip to 1.
  • If you don't have it already, download provided VAE, or download it from the original StabilityAI's huggingface link. It's the one with 840'000 steps.

Scroll Down for Samples

-language: en -license: Unknown


3K, tends to do more realism, and less fantasy/art. 3k3 is the most influenced by digital art and anime, etc. And 3k1 is my personal favourite balance.

You can also experiment with keywords because they sort of all shift in any direction but some take more efforts.

3K : Easier to produce photorealism 3k1: Easier to produce fantasy/photorealism 3k3: Easier to produce anime/fantasy with a hint of realism

Have fun! <3

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